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Lord Jesus, we seem to be surrounded by enemies who want to crush our liberty. But You, Lord, are the author of our freedom, so we are not discouraged. Instead, we are emboldened to share the message of the gospel all the more and to take it to the darkest corners of this world.
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Analysis. When the Coronavirus pandemic first took center stage in 2020, many of us became suddenly aware of an international organization called the World Economic Forum. Over time, more and more information about this organization’s global agenda began surfacing, in news articles and interviews and on alternative-media platforms. The WEF’s annual meetings, in Davos, Switzerland, became top news for those wanting to peek into the minds of the globalists. But there is one key piece of information that has never gotten widespread coverage: Though it is fairly well known that Chinese leaders have attended the WEF’s yearly meetings in Davos, many do not realize that China has also hosted WEF meetings on its own soil. This yearly event, called the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, is part of the Summer Davos forum. These meetings have been taking place for some 15 years and are infused with the principles of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is characterized by aims to merge the physical, digital and biological worlds through artificial intelligence. Klaus Schwab, chairman of the WEF, has written and spoken extensively about this topic and says he believes it will even redefine what it means to be human.

Pray for your fellow intercessor.


But how did China become a premier location for these summer meetings of the WEF? Look no further than Schwab himself, because since 1978 he has taken a keen interest in that country, making visits there year after year and extending invitations to its leaders in hopes that they would become part of his utopian vision for a sustainable planet. As an article in the Global Times notes: “Dr. Schwab is deeply drawn to Chinese culture. He has sent congratulations to the Chinese people on several Spring Festivals to wish the country prosperity and the people happiness. He is also an antique collector with a sizable collection of ancient books from the 13th to the 17th century.” Additionally, he says he believes that China’s rapid growth makes it a champion in the future of globalization.

Schwab first proposed the idea of holding Summer Davos in China in 2005, and this became a reality in 2007. Since then, the event has alternated between the cities of Tianjin and Dalian. Now, with meetings in both Switzerland and China, the WEF has essentially formed two pillars to support its global foundation. The WEF website states that New Champions’ companies are “dynamic high-growth companies that are championing new business models, emerging technologies, and sustainable growth strategies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. New Champions are mindful of their impact on society and aspire to participate in building a better future.” A list of currently participating companies can be found here.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Schwab’s efforts to welcome China and to help it advance as a world power have earned him high accolades there. In 2018 he was awarded the China Reform Friendship Medal at a gathering in Beijing to celebrate China’s 40th anniversary of reform. An article in China Daily praises Schwab by declaring that “the World Economic Forum has been a key backer of China’s efforts to re-engineer the global economic order to make it more open and multilateral, and able to better address concerns arising from resistance to globalization.” Additionally, Schwab has commented that “the WEF takes pride in cooperation with China over the past 40 years” and that he expects to see years of “long-term cooperation.” In fact, he is confident that China is a responsible major country that can shoulder more global responsibilities. As a result, Schwab says, the WEF will continue to strengthen China as it strives to “realize the shared dream of world peace, happiness, justice, equality and love triumphing over poverty.”

That last line in the quote above is hard to swallow, given China’s track record on human rights and environmental violations, as well as its blatant war on energy, trade, and even the health of billions of people around the world. During the COVID lockdowns, it was China’s governmental authorities that worked to separate families and to enforce draconian measures, effectively causing the opposite of peace and happiness. Even as China’s ties to the Coronavirus outbreak became apparent, the WEF did not bat an eye (no pun intended). But this is not surprising when one considers that the main goal of the Great Reset (supported by both the WEF and China) is to usher in a society of complete surveillance.

To truly understand what the WEF and China are accomplishing at their New Champion meetings, one must delve into their forums of the past few years. Perhaps one of the most revealing is the meeting that took place in the summer of 2019, mere months before COVID-19 was unleashed upon the world. That meeting was held in Dalian on July 1–3. Of particular interest there was the announcement of the WEF’S technology pioneers — which featured 56 companies that have launched technologies and innovations in support of WEF initiatives. In the area of cyber security and digital identity was the company called BigID. That company’s innovations are intended to organize, classify and profile data in order to provide an in-depth picture of a person’s identity. Another company, Callsign, promises to create seamless digital identity validation of customers by analyzing data, behavior, biometrics, and even “the styles and flourishes of every user on any device they are using.” Yet another highlighted company was Bitfury, which offers ways to integrate blockchain into everyday operations.

Two other technologies showcased there were collaborative telepresence and DNA data storage: The former calls for widespread adoption of augmented and virtual reality, as well as robotic avatars and remote environments; the latter explores automated systems that can read, write, and store data encoded in DNA — and this includes DNA bar coding for both chemical engineering and nanotechnology. The WEF Insight Report is available here.

When one looks back at the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to see that many of these technologies gained prominence through the rise of vaccine passports, COVID tracking and testing apps, remote learning/work environments, and the widespread use of mRNA vaccines containing lipid nanoparticles.

Since the pandemic, the New Champions have continued to meet and to share their visions for a post-COVID world. They met virtually in July 2022 (due to COVID restrictions) to tackle a wide range of issues, from supply chains and renewable energy to health data and digital currencies. The theme for 2022 was Navigating Uncertainty, as participants discussed a possible food crisis, climate emergencies, biodiversity, and ideas to help stakeholders devise policies for avoiding ecological disasters. Of particular interest was a session titled Innovation for Impact: Frontiers of Health Innovation, in which participants discussed the future of medical care. One speaker described the use of digital avatars containing layers of medical data — from one’s genome to the data retrieved from wearable devices, such as hormone levels, blood pressure, food consumption, and sleep cycles. All this and more would be analyzed by an algorithm so that the proper medical treatment can then be provided. Dan Brindle, president of Novartis China, praised the use of mRNA technology for its ability to transform health care by creating medicines and vaccines in record time.

One session, titled Unlocking the Power of Nature Financing, stressed decarbonization and the preservation of biodiversity through the use of central banks and financial regulators. Another, Frontiers of the Metaverse, sang the praises of the Metaverse and other digital environments that will function with the help of wearable devices and sensors. Additionally, remote work spaces were hailed as the way for the future, as companies are increasingly encouraged to create jobs that allow people to work from home.

WEF Managing Director Jeremy Jurgens spoke in one session that focused on rebuilding supply chains while citing COVID, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and climate change as disruptive factors. At the Energizing a Sustainable Transition session, Xiang Wenbo, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry Co., explained that the Chinese government “attaches great importance to the cause of carbon reduction and has made ambitious commitments to the world.”

Looking at these sessions through a magnifying glass reveals something amiss: Even the WEF cites China as the planet’s largest greenhouse gas emitter as it continues building up its domestic fossil fuel production capacity. All the while, the WEF also claims that China is accelerating its renewable power and strengthening its commitment to tackling climate change. Additionally, while the Metaverse, digital avatars, wearable devices, and digital currencies are all touted as emerging technologies essential to a post-COVID world, they can also be used as a means of tracking, monitoring, and controlling the population.

The WEF meetings in China are part of larger plan in which leaders collaborate to make globalization and complete control over the planet’s resources a reality. In some ways, China has become a testing ground for the WEF’s latest policies — from health care, trade, and finance, to powers of total 24-hour surveillance.

At the WEF meeting in Davos in 2017, President Xi Jinping of China gave a speech on globalization in which he focused on China’s economic role. Afterward, Schwab could hardly contain his excitement, insisting that any fair, open, and inclusive society must be built upon the tenets mentioned in Xi’s speech. Furthermore, he emphasized that the Chinese dream is connected with the global dream.

Schwab’s words are preposterous, unless that global dream includes perpetual draconian lockdowns, forced abortions, constant surveillance, total censorship, and the destruction of capitalism. Yet, these ideas are right in line with the Great Reset, so the quote is simply a reiteration of the value system the WEF and its proteges espouse. After all, Schwab has publicly stated that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will “compel us to redefine our moral and ethical boundaries.”

The bond that has formed between the WEF and China is strong, but this does not mean we have to throw our hands up and surrender. The truth is that the hand and arm of the Lord are much stronger and mightier than anything globalism can throw our way. Though we don’t know exactly how or when the Lord will act, we do know that He is sovereign over all earthly rulers, kingdoms and agendas. We also know what Romans 8:31 declares: … If God is for us, who can be against us?

Through all this, we should set our eyes on Jesus, remembering to pray not only for ourselves and our nation, but also for the people of China and other countries, people who struggle under the crushing hand of oppressive pharaohs and dictators. Lord, we ask You to deliver by Your mighty outstretched hand all those who are suffering oppression; display Your great signs and wonders along the way.

We know that the rulers and principalities of this dark world are living on borrowed time, but the global government of Jesus Christ is eternal. Brace yourself with this truth in the midst of the great battle that rages before our eyes. Above all, intercede, fast, and look up — because our help comes from the Lord.

How are you praying about China, the WEF, and the rise of globalism?

Angela Rodriguez is an author, blogger and home-schooling mom who studies the historical and biblical connections between Israel and the U.S. You can visit her blogs at 67owls.com and 100trumpets.com.Her latest book, Psalm 91: Under the Wings of Jesus, was released in June 2021Photo Credit: Canva.

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Victoria Z
October 1, 2022

Father in the name of Jesus, as I seek your Holy Spirit on how to pray i remember the verse, “be angry and sin not”…Reading about Klaus Schwab and his globalist ideas, goals, and visions angers me righteously, i do not judge him, and even Jesus came to save, not to judge, yet I pray that your Holy Spirit would deal with him and his colleagues, those he mentors, all he associates with, and those who listen to and read and agree with his ideals and visions. Father greatly convict them regarding right and wrong, convict them for pride in thinking their ideals, visions, morals, and technology is what is best for the world which is full of people who would disagree and who vastly outnumber them, and all of the good angels of the armies of heaven which outnumber them as well, Father may we partner with you to bring them and their ideas to a hault, while you show them that they are just men who are vastly outnumbered by Humanity and Heaven who oppose them. Father raise up an army of intecessors who will continually oppose them and i ask that even as you made the chariot wheels and axils to fail for Egypt as they pursued your people, may Schwab’s and his colleagues ideas. ideals, and inventions fail, Father we dont have to tell you how to do your work, your ways are higher than ours, you helped Israel miraclously and showed the world in that day that Israel’s God WAS God, the almighty, Jericho was shaking in their boots as Rahab revealed, and we pray you do the same level of exploits today to convince the modern world that YOU are the only answer to humanity’s problems, not technology, not globalism, not communism. In Jesus name we thank you for hearing and answering our prayers for these people and thwarting their plans.

Priscilla Meyenburg
September 29, 2022

Father God as I see the rise of globalism and the Pieces that are fitting together as a puzzle , I understand that the prayer for our America is essential. As I study the word it’s like a paste on version of what is happening now. It is said many times in the scriptures that Satan is a copy cat. We know that the rulers and principalities of this dark world are living on borrowed time, but the global government of Jesus Christ is eternal. God as I read Gods words then WEF, or NWO it sounded like a futuristic story being told. Jesus explain to me how can these people have any correct minds you gave them, they don’t, they sound like manufactured toys. Satan the evil principality and his demonic demons are copying all of these Saying’s and writing books of mind controlling reset options. Yes, Father I understand why this is happening to our children and younger adults, God forgive us for not seeing the brainwashing that has come from radical university professors and now what the 1 thru 12 grade teachers are teaching these ideas to children. God we need you and your wisdom how to establish their love to walk with you again. I pray a spark will light a fire and bring back memories and reminders you are God the creator and deliver, not WEF or a professor who taught lies based on Satans evil agenda. God we need alter calls back in our churches, but first we need pastors who will preach the True Words about Sin, salvation, Gods love and Grace. WEF and any connections with China and their prosperous agenda will fail, now that God is exposing their boldness sick dark evil agenda’s. God they never knew you and your love for Israel, America and your children not how they will pray and fight to save your America. Gods words were our life line we evidently let go of as our anchors for freedom and life. An army is rising up to help you Father of our Nation, we ask you to guide us and direct us as we go forward not forgetting your warnings, we will not compromise and fall back into backsliding as we once did. Our victory & help comes from you God. I thank you for your deep love you show us even though we have failed you. I see as long as their is resistant to sin there is An opportunity for Grace and Mercy to be released upon us!! My daily prayers upon all Nations. America will be saved 🇺🇸

September 27, 2022

In reality US government is working hand in hand with the globalist. Chy-na is an issue, but I’m more frightened of what the USA has been doing. Every President since Reagan (besides our wonderful Trump) has sold out to
Chy-na. They’re all traitors. TRUTH.
The current establishment are all pedophiles! Look up John Podesta – he’s the most evil vile thing on the face of the earth (besides Killary).
Pizzagate is real
Frazzledrip is real

September 27, 2022

MRNA vax will alter a person’s biological body. Making people into robots – connect with 5G for control. Basically will take away spirit/soul to connect with God. TRUTH 🙌🏼

    September 27, 2022

    It’s not just Davos and China. There are globalist’s meetings all over the world trying to get nations onboard. Bilderberg, and most recently this past weekend – Franscesca in Assissi (pope included)

    September 27, 2022


    Ellen Hoffman
    September 27, 2022

    The Scripture says: they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”
    Mark 16:18 NIV

    I do not believe God would allow the enemy to take away our choice. It will be clear who we are choosing and it will have an element of worship (not to God). The shots do not qualify. I do believe they can be harmful to our bodies. There is more going on underneath than we can see on the surface. The enemy may try this, he doesn’t play fair, but I know my God to be just. He won’t allow the enemy of our souls to play and end round on our decision of whom we worship.


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