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Lord God, reveal all that is hidden about the origin of Covid-19 and give leaders wisdom to act to prevent this from happening again.
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From The Daily Mail: Fresh suspicion that Covid may have been tinkered with in a lab emerged today after scientists found genetic material owned by Moderna in the virus’s spike protein.

They identified a tiny snippet of code that is identical to part of a gene patented by the vaccine maker three years before the pandemic.

It was discovered in SARS-CoV-2’s unique furin cleavage site, the part that makes it so good at infecting people and separates it from other coronaviruses.

The structure has been one of the focal points of debate about the virus’s origin, with some scientists claiming it could not have been acquired naturally.

The international team of researchers suggest the virus may have mutated to have a furin cleavage site during experiments on human cells in a lab.

They claim there is a one-in-three-trillion chance Moderna’s sequence randomly appeared through natural evolution.

But there is some debate about whether the match is as rare as the study claims, with other experts describing it as a ‘quirky’ coincidence rather than a ‘smoking gun’.

In the latest study, published in Frontiers in Virology, researchers compared Covid’s makeup to millions of sequenced proteins on an online database.

The virus is made up of 30,000 letters of genetic code that carry the information it needs to spread, known as nucleotides.

It is the only coronavirus of its type to carry 12 unique letters that allow its spike protein to be activated by a common enzyme called furin, allowing it to spread between human cells with ease.

Analysis of the original Covid genome found the virus shares a sequence of 19 specific letters with a genetic section owned by Moderna, which has a total of 3,300 nucleotides…

China insisted early and often that the virus did not leak from the lab, claiming that crossover to humans must have occurred at a ‘wet market’ in Wuhan that sold live animals.

Perhaps driven by animosity for then-US President Donald Trump, who embraced the lab leak theory early on, mainstream media and academics in the West heaped scorn on the possibility, calling it an unhinged conspiracy theory.

But leaked emails showed that top scientists advising the UK and US Governments expressed concerns about the official narrative privately…

In the latest twist, a study earlier this month found traces of Covid samples that contained genetical material from humans, hamsters and monkeys and may have predated the official pandemic timeline.


From DJT: 48 top scientists are calling for a worldwide ban on Dr. Athony Fauci’s deadly “gain of function research”, which has “the potential for the extinction of large portions of the world population”. Especially ongoing research on highly lethal viruses like MERS and Ebola has the scientists worried, who state that “no biotechnology laboratory in the world is safe enough” for this kind of potentially pandemic research…

The current coronavirus pandemic clearly shows what happens when pathogens are extremely easily transmitted from person to person. Millions of people have died and the livelihoods of billions of people are threatened or have been lost altogether. This enormous devastation occurred even though the mortality rate of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is comparatively low, at a level of around one percent. However, experiments are currently underway in various laboratories around the world in which much more dangerous viruses such as MERS, Ebola or Nipah viruses are being manipulated via gain-of-function…

Unfortunately, no biotechnology laboratory in the world is safe enough to guarantee that such enhanced viruses will not escape, especially given the functions that may be purposely or accidentally gained and which are often difficult to predict. A catastrophic biosecurity breach with such viruses could be fatal for a substantial proportion of the world population, especially if the transmissibility of highly dangerous viruses via the human respiratory tract is facilitated by genetic modification or some other means.

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(Excerpts from The Daily Mail & The DJT Tracker. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Peter Kendrick
February 28, 2022

We Thank Him He Is Leading Us In Victory And Exposing The Global Nazi World Order (NWO). As the smoke and dust clears from the multitudes of Class Action Lawsuits which will destroy BIG PHARMA and a corrupt Medical establishment across the facist Government – AMA, FDA, NIH, CDC, FBI, CIA and Intel Community – business, oligarch, media elites the military tribunals for their criminal and treasonist conduct also exposes our own desperate need to Return To Him And His Ways – The Great Awakening goes far beyond what many imagine. The two great principalities that formed the forked tonque of the Serpent and spoke in the Garden was Leviathan (Political – twisting everything to our will and agenda not the Father’s) which then empowers Python (Religious because we prefer other gods – first and foremost our own #1 idol – Self). We will align once again with what our Founding Father – George Washington – warned us about – among twenty things to avoid in his farewell speech was to avoid Political Parties! We Will Be Restored To Better Than Before! This also means Education and Health – As our nation is restored we will see a restoration to correct lanes of authority! There will be NO Federal nor National Authority for the most fundamental inalienable God given individual rights and responsibilities – these will be retained at the individual and local level; and supported by the Constitution as a State, local and ultimately individual responsibility NEVER AGAIN to rise above these levels! This too will be further reinforced and sealed at the Convention of States! We Will Be That Shining Light And City On A Hill To Lead The Nations To The Light – Our Greatest Days Are Ahead! Praise Him!

Jim Hagner
February 27, 2022

I have real trouble accepting the still implied danger of covid beyond a bad flu. With the CDC acknowledging that 75% of listed covid deaths had 4 comorbidity issues. With the flu, when a person got the flu and they had a serious heart condition and dued of a heart attack their death was listed as standard protocol as a heart attack. The CDC changed protocols for treatment and death related to covid. Our medical community has bought into these changes hook line and sinker. Now, in an effort to clear themselves the CDC is admitting that natural immunity is more effective than the vaccine after denying that nature immunity existed for 2 years. When the dust settles hospitals will have a long way to go to regain their credibility.

Greg Hocking
February 26, 2022

Regardless of what is happening around the world, GOD already told us that it was not going to be a fun time. Only TRUST in the LORD is going to save believers. So be it.

Scott Todd
February 26, 2022

I was listening to Brannon Howse on this Worldview Weekend daily radio show this past week. He was interviewing a dissident Chinese doctor who said the PRC is now working on a hemorrhagic fever virus, similar to Ebola.

Maureen Burant
February 26, 2022

I believe that Covid 19 is political and it was indeed made in a lab. Not only was it made to depopulate the world, but it was made for the control of mankind (A New World Order), for the greed of money, and to get Donald Trump out of office. Hearing Tracy Cooke’s prophecy from the Lord, confirmed in my spirit that this evil Covid 19 was manmade and it came from the foul author… Satan.


Maureen Burant
February 26, 2022
February 26, 2022

I praise the Lord – for you people for sending us a reliable update of whats going on in our country.

I still believe that when the time is right everything will be revealed and the only name JESUS!! will be Glorified!!!

Jo-Ellen Doyle
February 26, 2022

Praise God that the truth will be exposed! Let there. E more exposure and God’s judgement on those who refuse to repent and turn to Him. Bring revival to the biotechnology industry world wide. Thank you Jesus for shining your light on all of this evil!! We love you and Praise you Jesus.

February 26, 2022

I am a retired dental hygienist who worked through March of 2020 as the Covid debacle was just getting started.

I worked 5+ days a week. Wore 2 masks and a face shield.
I NEVER even got a cold, nor did my husband. I have fortunately always had a strong immune system. I am sure GOD protected me.

I was never worried about Covid, so I could not relate to all the fear mongering, and psychologically paralyzed people.
Anyway, I think Fauci should be at the very least “fired”. In my opinion, the US overacted and cost soo many people needless financial and emotional hardship!

Covid will be around forever just like any other flu. GET OVER IT!

Ellen Hoffman
February 26, 2022

Wherever there is man, there are problems! There heart is desperately wicked, who can trust it? But fear not what man can do to the body, but what the enemy can do to our souls! Lord, there has been evil in our world since the apple was bitten. Help us Your people, called by Your name to overcome evil with good. Put us in places that will make a difference and surround us with those who make us stronger in You. We know who wins in the end!

Renee pearson
February 26, 2022

Yes the updates are good

February 26, 2022

I have read an article that suggested that the US has bioweapon labs throughout the world and one being the country of Ukraine. There is so much kept in secret and is so evil that it is hard to comphrend. Of course Putin is aware of the labs and maybe that is why he is destroying certain military sites as he stated. The Lord is saying much will be exposed and brought to the light. But the Truth needs to come out. I pray for the Ukraine country as they are stuck in the middle of a political battle. Asking the Lord to please bring the people to safety and release his armies of angels Amen

Barbara Janicki
February 26, 2022

Praying that truth will be revealed and received, so that good decisions regarding research etc. can be made. Decisions based on lies are never good ones – we need to know the truth and act accordingly. Thank You Lord for the eternal, unalterable truth of Your Word – let it shine into our darkness and set us all free! http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

February 26, 2022

Clear-minded people already know that this virus began in a lab. Moreover, we know that China is a LIAR. So there’s no need to regard anything China says. At all. Do you believe any syllable that satan utters? What’s needed is to pray that God deal with China. So be it.

February 26, 2022

Please Lord God, have mercy on us all…we are in the hands of such evil doers. Please soften the hearts of the evil ones so they do not send another virus or anything on our world again in the name of Jesus we pray…Amem

February 26, 2022

100 % Gain if function and deliberate action taken out of the quarantined specimen lab in North Carolina by Fauci and sold to China after transferring the sale through a secondary Party. This was witnessed by a colleague who worked with him and when she warned him not to do this, he ruined her life and destroyed her reputation and she spent time in jail!
THERE IS NOTHING HIDDEN THAT WILL NOT BE REVEALED and layed naked and open for all to see!

February 26, 2022


February 26, 2022

Oh Lord Jesus help us! May God our Father have mercy on all of US!


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