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Father, we pray that You would put a stop to any and all of China's attempts to control and influence us. Prevent them from buying any more of our farmland, Lord!
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We don’t want the CCP getting our information or controlling our food supply. We have to stop China from buying and owning U.S. farmland.

From The Daily Signal. A senator from Alabama is sounding the alarm that the Chinese Communist Party is trying to overtake the United States not only militarily, but also economically, as Beijing continues to purchase U.S. land.

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“The problem is … they’re just not trying to take us over militarily. They’re trying to also get real, real involved economically in our country,” Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., said in an interview Tuesday with The Daily Signal. “Over the last decade, China has increased the amount of farmland purchases by about an astronomical amount.”

The Chinese Communist Party has purchased hundreds of thousands of acres of U.S. land since 2010. It acquired 352,140 acres of U.S. land through the end of 2020, a report by The Heritage Foundation said. (The Daily Signal is the news outlet of The Heritage Foundation.)

Tuberville, who recently introduced the “Securing America’s Land from Foreign Interference Act” with Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., called for an end to China’s ability to purchase U.S. land because it poses a national security threat.

Recently, the Chinese company Fufeng Group purchased farmland just 12 miles from the Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota. Tuberville, who labeled China as the top adversary of the U.S., expressed concern over that purchase, as well as about the Chinese government “getting involved in financial institutions and some of our manufacturing, where we know that they steal as much intellectual property as they possibly can.”

The first-term senator stressed that the U.S. is constantly working to prevent the communist country from accessing U.S. military and scientific research.

“It’s important that we start closing the door on that because … we spend billions of dollars on research and development, and millions of taxpayer dollars, by the way, in some instances, and [the Chinese] don’t have to do that,” Tuberville said….

In regard to the North Dakota land purchase, Republican Sens. Kevin Cramer and John Hoeven, both of North Dakota, and Marco Rubio of Florida sent letters last month to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin sounding the alarm on the Fufeng Group.

The letters called on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS, to “conduct a review of Chinese food manufacturer Fufeng Group’s recent purchase of roughly 370 acres of land near Grand Forks, North Dakota….

The president of Fufeng, Li Xuechun, is an active member and supporter of the Chinese Communist Party who has been recognized by the party as a “model laborer,” according to Cramer.

“By law, Chinese businesses are required to bow to the demands of the Chinese Communist Party – a regime that hates us and wants to overtake the United States at every opportunity. We shouldn’t treat this as a regular real estate deal,” Rubio told The Daily Signal in a statement….

In a recent Fox News op-ed, Cotton shared the same concerns over the Chinese government potentially controlling the United States’ food supply.

“At the height of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, Smithfield made sure China got the pork it needed—while American grocery stores ran short,” the Arkansas senator wrote. “By taking our land and food-processing companies for themselves, Chinese communists benefit their own people and gain leverage over the United States in one fell swoop.”

Smithfield Foods, based in Smithfield, Virginia, the largest pork processor and hog producer in the world, was sold to Chinese billionaire Wan Long in 2013.

How are you praying over this issue and our relationship with China? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Daily Signal. Photo Credit: Yan Ke on Unsplash)

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Mary Palsgrove
August 19, 2022

I think selling land to a possible enemy is not a smart idea. God help us, we shouldnt even be thinking about doing this! What would the repuercussions be?

Roseann Davis
August 19, 2022

Please write a “Take Action” letter regarding China buying American land. It seems to be their pattern to buy land next to an American military base. As in Texas the Chinese general owned land next to a military base in the south of Texas with a wind farm and he turned off the electricity to Texas citizens causing horrid low temperatures, killing trees and the horrible winter storm where in my house it was 0 degrees. He is also the same general who runs the Uger/Falun Gong to be killed for their organs. PLEASE write a “take action” letter so we can sign and sent to all political individuals to take action against this land purchase. We can’t be asleep on this. Laws need to be passed!!!!

Sara DeMeulenaere
August 19, 2022

As I was shown by the Lord how China was going behind hidden doors to buy up land and homes here in America, so my state of Iowa was riddled by this very exact effort…Thus I pray the complete justice of the Lord to return what has been fraudulently taken from Americans by the Chinese be implemented,
and any loop holes to laws that have been crafted to steal, kill and destroy our sovereignty be totally reversed .
God in heaven, reorder our steps to change the greatness of our watch over the land as a tangible and righteous one to keep our inheritance sure and in the hands of those that have paid a price to maintain and hold it as part of our state’s inheritance…!!
Guide truth and justice reign over our laws and grant freedom to never be taken from our investments in our own land…!!….Amen

Sara DeMeulenaere


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