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Father, we pray for Your protection of our borders from criminals. Help our Border Patrol agents, O God.
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Increasing numbers of terrorists are crossing our borders, according to the Border Patrol. Pray that these criminals will be caught.

From Fox News. A new report released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection shows that Border Patrol agents apprehended ten people on a U.S. terror watch list in the month of July.

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The report, detailing CBP enforcement statistics for Fiscal Year 2022, highlighted a number of details of CBP’s work, including more than 1.8 million total Border Patrol encounters. Those encounters included the apprehension of a total of 66 people who are on the Terrorist Screening Dataset.

“Encounters of watchlisted individuals at our borders are very uncommon, underscoring the critical work CBP Agents and Officers carry out every day on the frontlines,” the report said, although statistics show that these encounters have been far more common this year than in years past.

The 66 people caught at the border in Fiscal Year 2022 is more than twice the numbers from the previous five years combined. In 2017, encounters with people on the terror watchlist truly were rare, as they numbered just two. …

The sharp rise in apprehensions of terror suspects coincides with a significant rise in overall border encounters. …

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(Excerpt from Fox News. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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October 19, 2022

Please pray this prayer!!

September 4, 2022

We set myriads to flight as we pray for protection of border agents, their families and their children. Lord, please send a massive angelic presence to the borders to intervene. “Some entertain angels unaware”… send in the troops, LORD!

Please protect our land from gangs, terrorist, drugs, diseases… and bad policies.
And may those protecting our borders and those who are crossing illegally, turn to You with their whole hearts. I pray as many as possible put their trust in You, be water baptized, baptized in The Holy Spirit, and with Fire! May we all be filled with love & serve you faithfully all the days of their lives.
Thank You, Jesus! LORD, You are God ALL-MIGHTY! You are Good, Trust Worthy, all powerful, beautiful and Holy!!!

September 4, 2022

Lord, You are sovereign. You love truth and all tat is holy and good. You are our Father in heaven! We call on You papa! We know you see all that’s going on at the borders and throughout this land/world. We need Your protection at our borders, and with election integrity. Hallowed be thy name! Show Yourself strong throughout America. Thy kingdom come and Your will be done just as it is in Heaven! Lord, we need daily bread – Your sustenance, Your guidance, and Your protection. Thank you , LORD!

We have sinned. Your church has sinned. We have not proclaimed the truth of Your word to our own people. We have been spiritual cowards. We have been lazy and self-seeking. I am guilty. We are guilty. We watch the screens rather than pray or spend quality time with family and friends. LORD, Make Your body Holy. We repent. We will become a living sacrifice. We choose Holy boldness. We choose life – abundantly. We choose You and to be Yolked to You. Discipline all of us that You regard as sons. We choose to forgive all who sin against us, though we do ask for justice in our land!

Lead us, Lord not into temptation any kind, but deliver us from evil – from within our hearts and from without. May we consistently make HOLY choices regarding what we see, listen to, do, think about, and say. May we love You deeply and passionately, and may we love all our Neighbors as our selves.

LORD God, We confess that we have sinned grievously. We have been lazy and fearful. We ask for Your forgiveness. Lead us all into repentance. Please come and heal our land. You are our hope. Thank You LORD in Jesus name.

Let’s all fast something this week. We need God’s favor.

September 4, 2022

This border situation is deteriorating by the day and we desperately need prayer and action. We need all states to help stop this not just Arizona and Texas and border states We will soon have terrorist activity and an even higher increase in crime. I live in Texas and this is by far the worst border situation I have ever seen i. e. Year 2022. We desperately need reinforcement for our brave and effective border agents!! We need to finish the wall ASAP. We need to impeach Biden ASAP. Thisisanarchy. The constitution, Bill of Rights, and our laws are being openly defied. Please vote in November. 🙏 Please take action and pray !!!🙏

Cristina Conlon
September 3, 2022

Father God, thank you for protecting our Border Patrol Agents and their families.Those that still do not know you, draw them to your son Jesus Christ. May your army angels camp all along our southern border day and night in Jesus Glorious Name, Amen!

Marta Gallegos
September 3, 2022

Yes Pray for The Border patrol and their families and every one that lives in a border town IE Me I live about a mile from the border line CHRIST JESUS IS LORD AMEN ✝️🛐🙏🇺🇸

September 3, 2022

This is what Biden and Obama are doing to our country for 10 years more with thehelp of Soros millions of dollars. Close the borders.
Protect our BP, ICE and NG. PRAYERS


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