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Father, we pray that You would move in Biden's heart. If he is serious about his faith, God, convict him of his sin. If he is not serious about his faith, bring Him closer to You.
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A Catholic Bishop harshly criticized Biden’s pro-abortion viewpoint, citing its conflict with Catholic teaching and calling it “repugnant.”

From Daily Caller. Bishop Robert Barron, who serves the Diocese of Winona-Rochester in Minnesota and has a large online following, criticized President Joe Biden’s abortion advocacy in an interview with Fox News….

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“What bothers me about Biden — I don’t doubt he’s a serious Catholic at all,” Barron told Fox. “And I think he does feel his faith. I think he practices faith. But on this issue, what he’s doing is repugnant. Because he’s not just barely tolerating abortion … He’s aggressively trying to expand access to it….”

Catholic teaching unequivocally condemns abortion, although many individual Catholics personally condone the procedure or think it should be legal, polling has found….

“I think a lot of that comes back to the abortion issue. I mean, it is the most pressing moral issue of our time,” Barron told Fox. “There’s a split [between] Catholics and on Catholic teaching among Catholics. And you have some, you know, who take this indefensible position….”

What do you think of Biden’s religious and pro-choice views? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Daily Caller. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Dawn Sherwood
September 2, 2022

Abortion is murder. Only beings that are alive undergo cell division, then blood circulation (man’s soul is in his blood, BTW),and heart beats,
and grows out little finger nubs, etc.! Today’s sonograms are so advanced you can actually see when the baby looks like you. There are so many amazing, loving couples out there whose every dream could be fulfilled by the glorious gift of the living child within you. If you have never heard it, you should pull up a song called “Jesus, What Was I Supposed to Be?” God’s. word says,,, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you! Embryos, fetuses, late term, now even “post delivery.” “abortions” up to 28 weeks… THATS A TODDLER! … they ARE alive and they ARE babies; little children whom God formed! … they are babies. The time to be concerned about your bodily autonomy is “before” you create life, even the tiniest ones!!! .. That goes for males and females. Don’t create “problems” you are not ready to care for. Go for counseling and support, choose to keep and love your baby or give a special couple a gift they’ve been waiting years for. Give back God’s sovereign power; let him decide when life starts. Please seek love, prayer, counseling, even residences with others in similar situations.

Marylynn Ludwig
August 29, 2022

Holy Father, the hour is late. As I prayed this morning I read in Roman’s 3:10-20 and in particular vs 18 “ there is no fear of God before their eyes“ and as I look at the leaders of this country that’s what I see. They make decisions based on the evil plans of the enemy. So Father I pray for a new heart, one that seeks the truth. O Father, there is none like you. And you are truth.

August 29, 2022

So many, so often live outside God’s will. People we send to DC to make our laws should be vetted closely by every voter and believers must constantly pray that leaders and voters hearts, minds and eyes are opened to the dangers of living outside God’s will and plans. The Bible, the very words of God clearly lays out the rewards and consequences for us, whether obeying or disobeying.
I pray those in the will of God fight the evil permeating our nation with passionate prayers and petitions to God thru Christ Jesus, with votes and voices let it be known that we are a nation that has thrived under God’s protection, His leadership. Let us also pray diligently for our pastors to be in the will of God, to have strong voices and leadership for our nation’s people. Let us keep our faith and put wings on it and our prayers when we give our leaders power over our lives. Thank you God, in Jesus’ name for our blessings and those you have waiting fo us.

jean bryant
August 29, 2022

I think we must pray for Mr. Biden. You can see that he is not in his right mind and someone else is making all the decisions. Lord, I pray for all those in authority over us. I pray for a spirit of repentance to come upon them. Lord, that your truth and justice will go forth. Open up People’s eyes to the truth of what is going on. I bind the spirit of murder, torment, confusion, deception. WE release your Holy Spirit to destroy these unholy spirits and lose your love and mercy on those who have been put into bondage by them. In Jesus Name!

August 27, 2022

What faith? Nothing joe biden has ever said or done publicly leads me to believe he fears or loves or serves GOD! What joe biden is this article talking about? He honors lgbtq “rights” above American rights! He lies every time he speaks! He constantly lies about and slanders President Trump and us that support him! He left Americans in Afghanistan and caused our troops to be murdered there! Then he lied about it! He constantly lies about winning the 2020 presidential election which he knows is a lie! He shut down pipelines and put thousands of Americans out of work! He lies about the economy daily! Which joe biden has faith? I’ve never seen that one! Can he be saved? Yes! Can he change? Yes! Will he? Only GOD knows! FATHER GOD we ask that YOU send laborers to joe biden and his family to teach them of the saving grace of CHRIST! Let them repent of their sins and receive JESUS as LORD and SAVIOUR in JESUS MIGHTY NAME! FATHER GOD remind us to pray daily for those in positions of authority (whether they stole that position or not) in JESUS PRECIOUS NAME! Amen!

Darlene Estlow
August 26, 2022

Amen, Nancy. Dear God, thank you that evil is being exposed and angels are being released to change things. We praise your name.

August 26, 2022

Bishop Barron’s statement gives Biden a pass by saying he doesn’t doubt Biden is a “serious Catholic”. A God given life ends every time there is an abortion. I pray that the bishop will realize what he has done.

Lloyd King
August 26, 2022

Pure and simple; abortion is the murder of the most vulnerable of human beings who are created in God’s image. What do you call someone who murders? A MURDERER! God please bring these murderers to salvatio.

Nancy Bryda
August 26, 2022

there is a reaping and sowing principle that none of us can violate as is a law of Almighty God. righteousness and justice are the foundations of His thrown. No King but Jesus. There is an exposure season here and angels are being loosed from heaven for God’s purposes. God’s will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. repentance is a wonderful choice for us all.


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