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Lord, thank you for your protection! Right now, we pray that you would uncover any lies that are being hidden in regards to the 2020 election, and justice would be served.
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Throughout 2020 the Black Lives Matter terrorist group was linked to at least 91% of the riots that resulted in the most expensive property damage in US insurance history

There were zero Trump rallies that turned violent during that same time period.

Then on January 6, after one million Trump supporters rallied with President Trump at the Ellipse outside the White House, some 900 individuals went inside the US Capitol. Over 400 have since been arrested.  Many of the patriots arrested were waved into the US Capitol by the police standing at the exits.

Since January the Deep State and Democrats will not release videotapes to Republican lawmakers or the American public from January 6th inside or outside the US Capitol.

Last Tuesday Revolver News published an important piece on the “unindicted co-conspirators” in the Jan. 6 attack who were never charged by the DOJ or FBI for their part in the violence on Jan. 6.

The “unindicted co-conspirators” were frequently the most violent and leaders of the assault on the US Capitol. They are also likely FBI informants. . . .

The Gateway Pundit later posted proof that the FBI was actively recruiting military members to infiltrate and spy on the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys before the Jan. 6 protests.

On March 23rd, The Gateway Pundit posted this article on former Green Beret Jeremy Brown.

Jeremy Brown is a Green Beret and former Republican candidate for Congress in Florida’s 14th Congressional District. Brown served in the United States Army from 1992 to 2012 and reached the rank of Special Forces Master Sergeant.

And Jeremy Brown was approached by the FBI to become an infiltrator of the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers before the Jan. 6 protests.
Jeremy recorded the conversation with the FBI.

Jeremy is not the only one who has questions about the FBI and government infiltrators and co-conspirators on Jan. 6.

The FBI co-conspirators and infiltrators are not just the ones listed in the arrest documents.
Many of the most violent operatives on Jan. 6 leading the battles against police and breaking into the US Capitol have not been arrested.

Our trusted sources pointed out at least three different organized groups from that day who are not showing up in the FBI-DOJ arrest documents.

The Black Bloc operatives were the first ones breaking their way inside the US Capitol on Jan. 6.
One of these operatives conveniently was carrying a Confederate flag – something that played right into the media narrative of Trump supporters.

The green tape operatives were VERY VIOLENT attacking police on Jan. 6 outside the US Capitol.

Another group of orange tape operatives were also organized and violent on Jan. 6.

The orange bloc operatives were leading the charge against the police on Jan. 6.

How many of these violent protesters have made it on the FBI list? How many of these violent protesters made it into the FBI posters?

We spoke today with two leaders of a prominent patriot group. We were told the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys are not familiar with many of these violent operatives.
So who are they? . . .

How do you think this plays into what happened Jan. 6th? Let us know your thoughts and prayers in the comments below!

(Excerpt from Gateway Pundit. Article written Jim Hoft. Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

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Debbi Carlson
June 24, 2021

It was all part of the Coup to overthrow the 2020 election and keep trump out of the WH.
It’s shameful. BUT GOD. He WILL Restore & redeem.

Santos Garcia, Jr.
June 24, 2021

It’s been many decades going back at least to the JFK assassination [1963] that our ‘Intelligence’ community has been compromised by the Deep State/NWO Globalist traitors. Although the letter agencies still have many patriots in their ranks, it appears that much of the leadership are agents of those who wish to transform America into a socialist nation under ‘Global Reset’ governance.

We are at a crossroads of monumental proportions. The spiritual warfare in the heavenlies is unrelenting and intensifying. That means that our corporate and individual prayers are more urgent in the battle as they empower the Host of Heaven, YHVH GOD’s Holy Angels to war in our behalf according to the Will of the Father. We MUST win… so that our children and grandchildren may have a future on earth worth living for. Please review and take to heart these spiritual guidelines. May our united effort in intercession bear much fruit in these Last Days, in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

June 24, 2021

We knew, from the beginning, that the events of Jan 6 were planned and instigated purposefully to paint Trump and Christian, freedom-loving Trump supporters in a hostile way, but FBI infiltration?! This is just beyond tyranny. Jesus, please bring justice to this great injustice.

June 24, 2021

Read on ABC13.com that the Justice Department has released 6 never-before- seen clips of police body -camera and surveillance footage showing rioters harassing and attacking police on Jan 6 around the Capitol. Where is the footage that shows the Capitol Police talking to the people?. The media does not want that footage to be seen. Media was complaining the Justice Department would not released footage. Someone should give the media what they want. Someone should forward the other’s side of video showing the communication between the Capitol Police and the people where they are in a civil conversation.

June 24, 2021

Shortly after coming to power in Germany, Hitler and the Nazi Party carried out a plot to burn the Reichstad (the German equivalent of our Capitol) and to blame it on their Communist Party opponents. The attack was used to justify reprisals against their rivals and to give the Nazi Party complete control of the government.
Sound familiar?

June 24, 2021

The whole thing was a setup by the corrupt FBI and the tyrannical government that now holds us hostage. The same satanic schemes that stole the election are running rampant. It is evil personified. God, have mercy on us and deliver us from this evil.


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