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Thank you God for this great praise report! Thank you for bringing revival to the streets of Ottawa.
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In Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, there is a group called Disciple the City. Their heart is that any event would bring salvation. Their leader Adam Shepski posted this on Facebook:

“To post or not to post around something controversial.

My goodness I have opinions about all that’s happening in Ottawa and our nation and I may post about that. WAY more important than my opinions is that is people find Jesus.

A group of friends and I spent two days in Ottawa sharing the Gospel this week. Our nation is in hurting and the Gospel is the answer. What a fitting place for the peace of God to invade a soul and nation.

A persons political views or peaceful demonstration in protest is not a good enough reason for them not to hear about the One who can free them eternally.

Sure, I live close to Ottawa and I wanted to see for myself what was happening—before I let social media inform my views. I ended up finding myself in love with Jesus. I witnessed him touch lives, heal bodies and free them from sin. I watched men cry as the love of God washed over them.

Our nation is in crisis and His love is persistent.

He is still after hearts and I must join Him in that pursuit.”

Imagine if every upheaval could cause our hearts to move to this place!

How are you praying for this crisis?

(From Facebook, Adam Sheepskin. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Melissa Bolger
February 5, 2022

And today I get a story from Epoch Times that says GoFundMe has seized their 10 million dollars in donation, 8 million from Americans, and will be distributing it to worthy charities because of the violence.

Please pray. This brave men and women in Canada love their country and love their freedom.

There was no violence from the truckers. More lies from the enemy.

February 5, 2022

Heavenly Father. Thank you for the courage, and strength the Canadian truckers are showing. I pray for your blessing on this desire they have to be a voice for truth and justice. May your hand move to use the news media to bring truth to the people. May your hand move through the prime minister and bring him to acknowledge the justice the truckers are asking for. May your hand move to release the Go Fund Me funds that people gave in good faith to support the truckers. It appears that evil is trying to steal the funds. We thank you, Father, that you are more powerful than any of these forces that are striving to silence the truckers. Thank you for the good you will bring through this. May many truckers feel your presence and yield their lives to you. You are doing a mighty work and we pray for the salvation of souls. Help us all to know the rest of faith, and quiet our hearts as we trust you. Amen

Bob huseby
February 5, 2022

This praise report is an example of our intercession pushing the demonic forces back to hell. Stand firm Guys !! Hallelujah!!

Carol Cellini
February 5, 2022

Your article on mass spiritual hypnosis blew me away. Just talking about this with a friend. And explains why people are believing and agreeing with the most ridiculous and demonic policies and propaganda.


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