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Lord God, we look to You for wisdom and guidance about the COVID vaccines. Help us make decisions based on the leading of the Holy Spirit and not fear.

With the introduction of COVID-19 into our world, fear entered as well. Great fear brings desperation. In order to quell the fears of Americans (and other citizens of the world) a warp speed vaccine development program was initiated. In fact, it was called Operation Warp Speed. Not to undercut the amazing  work of the Administration to cut red tape, form helpful public/private partnerships, and deliver a streamlined system for delivery, but some red flags are waving that we cannot—and should not—ignore. Even pro-life proponent Abby Johnson has waded into the vaccine issue to speak up–it is about life! It is about not enabling abortion. Watch her video here.

Here are some of the red flags that may sound very technical, and were unearthed with diligent research. Several of the vaccines were formulated with aborted fetal tissue, and others with carcinogenic cells. But if you look at the ingredients of the vaccines, you will not see “aborted fetal tissue” but you will see the “code name” for the baby from which the cells were taken. HEK293 is one of the names that is used for the tissue from aborted babies. (You will see the other names listed on other pages of this special report.)

There are multiple areas of concern about these vaccines. HEK293 is a cell line derived from human embryonic kidney cells [aborted fetal cells]  grown in tissue culture. They are also known, more informally, as HEK cells,” according to The HEK293 TRex Cell line is used in the manufacturing of the AstraZeneca, and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. The HEK293 cell line is positive for the following concerning things: 64 chromosomes (humans typically have 46), Trisomy X (XXX gender status), as well as genes which can contribute to various cancers in both men and women. . . see much more about these vaccines in the new updated IFA Special Report–download HERE.

IFA has updated our groundbreaking special report, Immunized Against Effective Prayer with information about the COVID-19 vaccines, and the requirements that are being pushed in the name of “safety.” Take a moment and download this Special Report–read it, pray over it, discern what God may be saying to you, and share it with those you love.



1821 People Prayed
20735 People have read this article

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  1. Do your own research. It’s online. Easy to access authoritative information from medical scientists of great credential and even the findings of religious authority. Even in-depth reporting by local media will provide valuable findings.

  2. Lord please give us discernment and wisdom regarding the vaccines. Help us to base our decision on the leading of Your Holy Spirit and not fear. Lord please deliver us from being fearful and and help us ask You for Your great wisdom, knowledge, and discernment during these troubling times. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

  3. Hello everyone. This post was sent to me by my pastor who asked me to comment on it. I ask you to take these comments in the spirit of Christian charity in which they are offered. Even if you don’t agree, please know that I mean only the best by commenting.

    I am an internationally recognized gene therapist, which means I work primarily with modified viral vectors to achieve therapeutic means. I also follow Jesus Christ as my personal savior and Lord. I am a PhD, not an MD, but I am an expert in molecular virology, having made dozens of modified viruses in my lab over the last 15 years. I have also adapted a COVID-19 antibody test in my lab that uses saliva. I am positive for the antibodies, and I am certain I had the COVID-19 back in March before widespread testing was available. I was sick for 12 hours (mild) but coughed afterward for 2 months. I have been fully recovered since early June.

    First, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are mRNA and lipids. The ingredients of these vaccines are available through a simple internet search. The mRNA serves as a “blueprint” for the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, which is the portion of the virus that allows it to enter your cells. In effect, these vaccines cause the muscle cells in your arm to make a part of the SAR-CoV-2, presenting this to your immune system to mount a response against it. If you do get infected later with the actual coronavirus, your immune system is ready and can shut it down.

    Neither the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines utilize or contain HEK293 cells. They contain lipids and mRNA. The lipids are a little like soap in that they coat the mRNA and allow it to slip past your cell membranes into the cells where it can act. I cannot see the future, but I have looked very carefully at both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and I see no cause for concern regarding safety. I know there is skepticism about the medical establishment these days, and I share this skepticism particularly about public health officials, but I am here to tell you that I believe the risk of the vaccine is far, far less than getting the virus if you are unvaccinated.

    I believe that AstraZeneca uses HEK293 cells to manufacture it’s vaccine. This vaccine is actually a modified Adenovirus, a common cold virus that most of us have had. I have myself made many iterations of the Adenovirus in my lab over the years. I do not believe AZ vaccine will be relevant to those reading this. Moderna and Pfizer appear to have won the day. Regardless, no vaccine candidates CONTAIN HEK293 cells. The FDA will not allow administration of these cells to humans. That is a certainty.

    HEK293 cells are an immortalized human embryonic cell line developed in the 1970s. We know they came from the Neterlands, but we don’t know exactly when or where. It is assumed they were derived from an aborted fetus, but it is not certain. That person is long dead, but these cells live on. Much debate has occurred within the community of Christian scientists as to whether these cells should even be used. It’s not dissimilar to using results of studies carried out on prisoners, vulnerable people, or other unjust historical acts (such as the Holocaust).

    I have struggled in my own mind with the use of HEK293 cells. I can tell you that I do use them. I use them to try to do good for people who are suffering. Unfortunately the nature of these cells means that they simply are indispensable for making many gene therapies. For example, they were used to make both the currently approved gene therapies in the USA. One a treatment for congenital blindness and the other for spinal muscular atrophy. Both of these treatments are nothing short of miracles for the children who are afflicted by them – something I have witnessed first hand.

    I respect both sides of this debate. Whomever this little life was, they are in heaven now, and their cells live on. It is more likely than not that this life was snuffed out unjustly. The choice is between refusing to benefit from this unjust act, or to allow good to come from evil. Both choices are valid, and you are correct that more disclosure should be provided about the source of HEK293 cells.

    Please take the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Your T cells will thank you.

    I rarely ever post online, but this seemed to be an opportunity to use my gifts and knowledge to benefit the kingdom of God. Even if you don’t agree, please be kind and recognize my charitable motivation.

    In the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ,
    -Michael J Passineau, PhD

  4. Thank you, Kathy. Really encouraged by your prayer. “Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love.” “The fellowship of kindred souls is like to Heaven above”. Covid cannot take the JOY from God’s people at this season of celebrating the TRUTH we have a SAVIOR, JESUS WHO HAS OVERCOME DEATH AND POWERS OF DARKNESS.
    God Bless you and yours.

  5. America’s Frontline Doctors have been saying all year that Hydroxychloroquine, with zinc and Azithromax, is a safe vaccine for 65 years now !!!!!! It is safe for COVID-19.

  6. I also believe that people can boost their immunity, but and brain health, with supplements like Vitamin D, C, Selenium and a healthy diet! Abstain from unhealthy lifestyles, get enough sleep and rest, and exercise, connect to nature!
    Read and pray God’s Word, practice social distancing, wear your mask, and wash your hands! Keep your environment clean, and also detox and fast, as God leads!
    I don’t support vaccines that use aborted tissues!

  7. I am 63 years old, and I take NATURAL immunity boosters daily. God has already provided us with
    elderberry, vitamin C, echinacea, goldenseal. I am in sales and meet many new people daily, most of them in their homes. I’ve traveled ( flown )to Colorado and Florida this year, and been tested NEGATIVE twice.
    The most important supplement I take is God’s word:
    Read the entire psalm 91-
    “He will save you from the deadly pestilence”………
    “The plague that destroys at midday will not come near you”
    You can choose to believe it, or not believe it.
    I encourage you to

  8. I am saddened to see such anti-vaccine comments in this blog. My older brother is a Pediatrician who trained during the 50’s. He remembers the pediatric ward being lined with “iron lungs” because of Polio until the year following the introduction of the Salk Polio Vaccine when the “iron lungs” were no longer needed because of the effectiveness of the vaccine. I practiced Pediatrics for 37 years. When I first started, vaccination for Smallpox was universal. However, because of the effectiveness of that vaccine, Smallpox vaccination was discontinued as Smallpox was eliminated from our country. More recently Hib vaccine was introduced to protect against infection with Hemophilus Influenza Type B which had devastating results in children causing meningitis. Prior to the general use of this vaccine my practice would have too many children with this infection which left some with permanent brain damage resulting in deafness, visual impairment and/or cognitive deficits. Let us not be too quick to condemn the use of this vaccine which, while not being perfect, may well be effective in quelling this pandemic.

    1. I agree with you about all the vaccines you mention. However, this covid vaccine is the first one developed from aborted babies, and is being forced on the population without adequate testing. I am not against the efficacy of a vaccine developed without political influence, but am wary of these. Let’s pray for guidance regarding these vaccines.

      1. This is not the first vaccine developed using aborted fetal cells. Chicken pox, the rubella part of the MMR, some polio shots,hepatitis A, ….some have alternatives that are not available in the United States. I read somewhere that the use of aborted fetal cells has become more common because it makes it easier and cheaper to quickly produce many doses.

    2. Let’s then also add to the talk about the side effects, including death, that get swept under the rug in order to gain a profit by the vaxx makers, pharmaceutical companies, and yes trickles down to the doctors unfortunately. We can’t just talk about the negatives of NOT getting vaxxed. God gave our bodies the immune we need to build it with strength by putting pure foods into it, not this junk that’s being sold on every corner.. No not drugs, fast food. If we can keep a clean environment, we keep a clean body which keeps a clean immune. The said companies profit far too much to quit silencing those voices that rise up against them. Ask ex Merck employee, Brandy Vaughan of the dangers that the vaxx companies actually hide from the general public. Oh that’s right…you can’t because she mysteriously died earlier this month, Dec 2020. Do research. It’s fun to play connect the dots and see a cute little picture… then you keep connecting and realize you’re starting to form the BIG picture.

    3. I wonder what your brother’s thoughts are concerning the withholding of safe and effective therapeutics.

      We have a 99.6% chance of surviving if we become infected with Covid.

      We do not need a vaccine. Our doctors need the freedom to prescribe medications that have been shown to be effective.

  9. God gave us a wonderful immune system that man now tries to override ….another way in which we have turned away from God. Same goes for masks…we need to breathe. The masks are preventing our respiratory systems from functioning effectively and causing psychological issues as well. Completely diabolical. What distresses me the most is my brothers and sisters in Christ who are walking in total fear. Not sure if they turned away from teaching, never understood it, or never really believed it.

  10. So the miracle vaccine in only a few months that was the answer to prayer to help prevent the deaths of 100’s of thousand more people is not the miracle I prayed for but an attack by Satan?

  11. I have followed the posts of a doctor who seeks truth in health for years. He was one of the first to write about information on Covid that is finally coming out in more news outlets now. Please visit if you are interested in more information on the vaccine. My family loves to travel, but I would give it up if it meant getting the vaccine. My faith stands on God revealing all of the corruption and evil and that this not come to pass.

  12. I am trying to understand how as Christians we are to stand. Was the Spanish Flu epidemic, Black Plague and many other diseases that came from this fallen world and caused the death of hundreds of thousands mean that we should stand by and pray while the disease continues or do we allow God to use man to develop vaccines to save the lives of hundreds of thousands? What is your desire for our prayers?

    1. We should do both. We should pray in accordance with 2 Chronicles 7:14 and ask GOD to search our hearts and repent of our all of our wrongdoings, and we should also pray that the doctors and scientists would turn to GOD in prayer and ask HIM to show them what needs to be done to destroy this virus. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much.

    2. We have the medication but Fauci, FDA banned HCQ for Covid. The effective cocktail isn’t a money maker. Billions stand to be made from vaccines.

      “cumulative deaths through July 15 are 140,000. Had we permitted HCQ use liberally, we would’ve saved half, 70,000 and it is very possible we could have saved 3/4, 105,000. “
      Dr Harvey Risch, MD, PHD, Professor of Epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health and published in affiliation with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
      Dr Risch who has 39,779 citations on Google Scholar.

      HCQ Whitepaper

  13. My family against vaccine!! Worried it will become REQUIRED as daughters are employed in schools and retail. Also covid test was REQUIRED in order to have simple medical procedures done at hospital. Will vaccine now be required for same? This is feeling more like the mark of the beast. We’ve been controlled for months this is not hard for them to mandate it…Oregon in full lockdown now till march! Jesus help us!

  14. I read an excellent article by Creation Ministeries International that examines the scientific development of the newly developed
    Covid 19 vaccines. The article analyzes the vaccines potential for protecting us against the virus as well as it’s potential risks. It helps us separate the misinformation and conspiracy theories about the vaccines that are swirling around us. We owe it to ourselves to research and read multiple sources to be accurately informed. I pray that the LORD’s discernment, wisdom and peace will lead us in making our individual decisions about the new vaccines. The article link is below.

    1. I think this site further reinforces the commonly held belief that vaccines save lives. I have been reading a book called, Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History, by Suanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk. This book shows a different story–a history of all the social and medical factors–which indicates that data has been manipulated to favorably reflect on vaccines and downplay atrocities. What we are going through now with the threat of forced vaccinations is not new. Here is a link to their site which shows their graphs of the data:

  15. 3 vaccines are now out. The first 2 that came out are known as mRNA vaccines and are novel or new in the way they work. Instead of the traditional way of using weakened or dead virus grown on cell culture (many times from aborted fetal cells), they actually use synthesized genetic coding material that enters your cells and has them produce the spike protein of or similar to coronavirus using your own cellular “machinery”. The idea being that your immune system would then “react” to that protein by producing antibodies that would remain circulating in your blood and neutralize the virus if you encountered it. While it is reported that these first 2 were not “produced” using aborted fetal cells, they were tested in mice that were genetically modified to have “human-like” lungs, and that was done through the use of aborted fetal cell lines. I am not as familiar with the 3rd vaccine, made by Moderna, but it has been reported that this one has been produced on aborted fetal cells.
    I have always sensed that the virus outbreak itself and the response to it has had more to do with control than anything. Even if the vaccines didn’t cause me concern for the reasons mentioned above, I and my family would still not receive them due to our belief that there is something much more insidious behind them. A couple of companies including Ticketmaster and an airline have already been talking about working with tech companies to provide digital “passes” for those who have been vaccinated or have tested negative for the virus in order to be allowed to go to concerts or to fly.
    Lord, please grant us wisdom. Please break the spirit of fear that is causing people to rush to get something they don’t understand. We ask that You would speak the word and heal us. Helps us to be able to stand and not compromise by placing our trust anywhere but in You. Perhaps a vaccine will be your instrument, or perhaps another treatment option will bring this virus to an end. Until alterior motives and unethical technology are removed and we have clarity and direction from You, let us not act in haste. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  16. Father God in Jesus name I ask that our people have discernment and understanding about dangerous ingredients in these vaccines. Father God you see their hearts, full of worry and anxiety thinking that their lives will return to normal with just taking this. Lord, You have revealed the truth about many of these things, but many people are unable to actually see them because of censorship and social media control that takes these things down. So in Jesus name, we pray against this rushed rollout, especially starting with the front lines of health care workers and the elderly. We pray divine protection over everyone and that You will make a way where there seems to be none. Father God, we see that this isn’t about our health, its about an agenda for further control and mandates which could harm our people. Lord, we know that all things are possible to those who believe and we believe You are our Dismantler and that NOTHING is too hard for the Lord. We praise You Father God in the midst of this trial and election fraud that You will have Your way in all this as You bring light into this darkness and expose and deal justly with those who need to be held accountable. We ask it all in Faith, in the Power and the Blood of Your precious Son Jesus in whose name we pray AMEN..

  17. There was news when COVID started that a multi billionaire was in China. Then I read they where finding a cure for the virus. Then I read they where putting something in the shot so they could track people from the towers that we have for our cell phones. I kept praying. We as Christians have to be aware the mark of the beast is not a tattoo as I thought when I was younger. I kept praying Lordshow me. It’s hidden. These vaccines are not stable. They rushed them. Then I read thi person who was in China is involved with 2 of the vaccines. I’m still praying. My daughter in law who is a Dr Physically said do not take the shot you and Dad have immune systems that are dangerous.Dad is diabetic and 2 heart stunts. I have vitiligo and have had pancreatitis twice. Plus the shot has not really been around long enough. I’m not taking it.If I die I’ll be with my savior Jesus Christ. Jesus said fear not for I am with you always.Jesus is my rear guard. Trust in the Lord

    1. Pat, the mark of the beast will not be offered until there is a beast. Although, there’s definitely an Anti-christ spirit in this temporal world. The mark will not be hidden. You won’t be tricked into taking it. This event won’t occur until halfway through the Tribulation. We are not there, yet. Close, yes, but not yet. In fact, if we’re still here when that event happens, then we’ve missed the Rapture. May God bless, heal, & encourage you. In Jesus’Christ mighty Name amen 🙏.
      In His service,

  18. Thank you so much for sharing this! As a retired nurse I have been so grieved over this vaccine issue. There was so much that was never told to me in nursing school and I had to do my own research and digging to uncover the truth and see the damage these vaccines are doing to people. It’s awful! I have also been so grieved to see so many other Christian leaders justifying the use of aborted fetal cell tissue. It is not doing more good than harm. Vaccines have so many side effects including autoimmune issues and cancer. Most medical professionals have no idea what is even in a vaccine. I had never even read an insert while I was a practicing Rn. Please understand that most medical professionals are not educated in this area and do your own research. Catholics for Life has lots of great information.

    1. I too am a retired RN. I quit work three years ago before being forced to take the flu shot. People are under the delusion that if something has a doctor’s approval they don’t need to ask questions, do their own research. Doctors are not gods.

  19. God gave us the herbs of the field. And it says so in Genesis. So why do we look to man to come up with a vaccine? The vaccine over rides every line of defense that God created our body to have to guard against illness. It bypasses the skin (first line of defense) overrides the digestive system and mucosal lining. Jesus himself said our body purifies the food we eat. He blesses our bread and water and takes sickness away from us. We need to return to faith and belief in God’s word, vaccines are a work of man, and will not ever bring salvation. We are saved by faith. To have faith you have to consistently and constantly put the word of God in you (daily and many time multiple times a day). Vaccines also over ride God’s word on so many levels and in multiple areas. It sets up a huge blood altar in the spiritual heaven-lies that allows the enemy to come against us because it involves human sacrifice.

  20. Before the plague was even known about here in America Father Yhovah told me to anoint my door lentils with the name and blood of Messiah and the plague would pass over. My question was, “What plague”? I am covered in the blood of Messiah and spiritually protected. In my opinion a Believer should STAND on faith and never take the vaccine. Not mentioned here is the fact the vaccines are about depopulating the Earth. There has been something added in, maybe the chromosomes, that make males and females sterile! So, with a strain of flu with 99.7% survival rate, why would you inject a unknown foreign substance into the temple of the Holy God?

  21. Heavenly Father, In Jesus’ Name. I rebuke powers of darkness at work in Your world. I pray Your Heavenly Armies will overcome powers of darkness that are attempting to destroy your world and all people everywhere.
    Lord, cause the vaccine to protect people from Covid without any negative side affects. I pray for a vaccine that is free of any connections with aborted fetal tissues, or carceogenic cells. Lord, fulfill Your Word amidst the reigning confusion resulting from mankind, womankind depending on self rather than on You. “Lead the blind by ways they have not known.” “Guide them along unfamiliar paths; turn darkness into light for them making rough places smooth”. (Isa. 42:16). You would have all to be saved, Lord, and I pray for all souls to be saved. With you, Lord, all things are possible! Amen.

    1. Lord, expose the evil ones who withhold from us safe and effective medications. Show us what we need to do to rise up and demand that these medications be made available to us. Bring justice to this crime against humanity. In the name of Jesus.

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