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We pray Psalm 91 over our nation. There is much we do not know about the threats facing our world. Father, give wisdom to those in authority.

It’s worse than they thought.

The hacking of America is  wider and deeper than the Federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) originally thought.   Some industry long-timers say it is “unprecedented” and “the worst thing I’ve ever seen.” If the Federal government is telling us it is this bad, you can be assured that there is even more we DON’T know about the impact and consequence of the hack.

According to Epoch Times, “the alleged foreign actors gained backdoor access in more ways than through the SolarWinds software, which was publicly disclosed by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) earlier this week.

‘One of the initial access vectors for this activity is a supply chain compromise of the following SolarWinds Orion products. CISA has evidence of additional initial access vectors, other than the SolarWinds Orion platform; however, these are still being investigated,’ CISA said in a statement on Thursday.

But it stressed that the “SolarWinds Orion supply chain compromise is not the only initial infection vector this advanced persistent threat actor leveraged.”

The agency also furthermore warned that the threat “poses a grave risk to the Federal Government and state, local, tribal, and territorial governments as well as critical infrastructure entities” as well as the private sector.

Foreign hackers, whose country of origin is not known, compromised “government agencies, critical infrastructure entities, and private sector organizations” starting in March 2020 or before, according to CISA.”

The extent of the damage may not even be known for months or years, as it was operating in agencies backdoors for months, undetected. Reports are that highly sensitive agencies, dealing with oversight of  America’s nuclear weapons stockpiles, had their networks hacked.  According to  Politico, “the attack on DOE is the clearest sign yet that the hackers were able to access the networks belonging to a core part of the U.S. national security enterprise.”

Epoch Times reports, “on Sunday night, CISA issued a federal government-wide directive to purge all agency networks of possibly compromised servers after finding out that the U.S. Departments of Treasury and Commerce were breached. Other federal government agencies are also said to have been compromised. . . .

The incident drew the attention of members of Congress. Several senators sent a letter (pdf) to FBI Director Christopher Wray asking for the “scope and details” of the hacking—and its impact on the operations of the federal government.”

America’s national security is at risk.

IFA has received several words and prayer directions send in from IFA intercessors. Here is one that we feel is representative of some that we have received. Pray into it, ask for the Holy Spirit’s direction as you pray.

From Ray:

“I understand that recently more is being revealed about foreign nations’ and groups’ intentions to weaken and potentially harm America. In August, the U.S.  Navy started to be upon my heart.  I have been praying for their people, equipment, intelligence, readiness, command, etc..  Three or four weeks ago, it was impressed upon me to increasingly focus on the general command, intelligence, and readiness of the U.S. military.” If there are indicators or movements that have been made or are about to be made against our nation that are aggressive in nature, may our military leaders discern that.

Ray shares, “Remember the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack?  The U.S. had an early version of operative radar on Hawaii.  The radar operators detected the incoming Japanese attack aircraft but dismissed the signals as unimportant.  The decision making process and the line of command failed to use the available information to resist the attack.  I am praying that the spiritual cloaking and confusion be “cast down” and cancelled in our current situation.”

Even though we do not know what is at risk with this hack, or any other situation with our national security, we can pray!  Share what scriptures you are led to pray after reading this report.




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December 19, 2020

Beleif and TRUST in our Lord Jesus is one of the most powerful weapons we have against the world. Believe what He says. Bring everything to Him, leave it in His hands and TRUST Him to take care of it. Jesus is the only one with the power and authority to handle our troubles. He is the judge and vengence is His and His alone. He promises to fight our battles for us and He absolutely never breaks a promise. This is also forgiveness. If there is something we need to do in the battle He will tell us. Let go and listen and pray! Holy Spirit is faithful to lead us. Pray for overpowering fear, suspicion, division and confusion amongst the enemy.

Helen Jensen
December 19, 2020

Father, as in WW2 with the Navaho Code Talkers, let us send in Holy Spirit Code Talkers to foil the plans of the enemy & bring victory in the name of Jesus. Amen

Ed Perron jr
December 19, 2020

Heavenly Father, please give our nations military intelligence leaders and all in that community the national vision of safety for its people, and to have discernment over real and bogus intelligence when making decisions of national security. We ask that evil players and acts be exposed early so the proper actions can be taken to shove them under Your power and will. We pray that those in our US Government who are traitors be exposed and brought to justice quickly so all the world sees what happens to those who defy Your Place in this world against satans attacks. Lord we ask that you forgive those who ask for forgiveness if they have been on the wrong side of our National Security and ask that you force them to turn over other evil actors involved to overthrowing America. Oh Gracious God, we ask that you use this uncertain but joyous time to reflect on Your Word, and to bring all of Your People to Your Truth while there is still a to find a way to Heaven before it is too late. We ask You Oh Lord to break the bind of Power and Corruption that wrongly emboldens many to hurt others who are your people just living their daily lives, and we ask that all Your People wake up to who they elect to serve them and to take the power back from those evil people who defy your Word of Love and Compassion. Thank You Lord for you continued patience with an evil world and may this time of uncertainty be used to open our eyes to the One Thing we should all be focused on and that is the Healing Power of your Son Jesus Christ.

Sue C
December 19, 2020

Father, I ask that You open up and reveal and expose everything that is infecting this country. Purge the uncleanness from within and without. Give our leaders wisdom and knowledge on what steps to take and how to remove all that would come against what is right and best protect what this country stands for. Break, shatter, and destroy all the evil plans that the enemy has planned against this country and loose Your Holy Spirit to move in people’s hearts. Let the enemy’s plans be a net that the enemy falls into. We crush the enemy’s head and declare his plans null and void. Father, we ask for country that is guided by You and not by man’s will. Move your people to repent and come before with pure hearts. In Yeshua’s name, Amen

Ephesians 2:5 – and He raised up with Him and seated us with Him in the heavenly places with Messiah Yeshua.

We sit in the heavenly places with Jesus and call judgment down on the enemy for the evil plans he has schemed against this country and God’s holy people.

December 19, 2020

Ecclesiastes 12:14 was presented to me as per the leading of the Holy Spirit.
The action to “redeem” the time is indeed housed within and through prayer focused evangelistic and unrelenting!
Indeed what appears isn’t to be surrendered to.
We The Body of Jesus must “take” by force, forceful prayer not on “weak” knees. Fully trusting in and on The Holy Spirit’s leading and direction


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