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Father, we need you now. Shine a light on the truth of what is happening in our nation. We pray for the spirits that are causing division to be displaced through prayer, and that your Presence would invade our nation!
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Recent undercover video revealed by Project Veritas shows top-level anti-fascist leaders discussing their funding from George Soros, their support by funder Tom Steyer, and the training and planning of large-scale rioting with the end goal of removal of the Trump-Pence administration. Watch for yourself. See what is going on behind the scenes. The violence we see is well-funded, well-planned, and has one goal in mind–control.  Please pray that more truth is revealed. Pray for those who come forth as whistleblowers. Pray for open eyes for Americans. Pray for the plans of the enemy to bring and stoke division, hate, and violence to be thwarted. Click to watch below.

Download our Special Report on the groups behind the chaos: Roots of Rebellion, and pray along! Click here to download.



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Mark Robertson
July 28, 2020

Why does George Soros hate America so much?

Patricia Hillis
June 16, 2020

We have known for years that those two and others were supporting the riots and other evil things. It is getting worse and the FBI, CONGRESS AND others should Shut Them down. My guess is that many members of congress has been paid off or asked for the disturbances.

Jackie Prentiss
June 16, 2020

Lord, expose this DISTRACTION (pre-planned & well funded riots, the deceitful”black lives matter” movement, because in YOUR eyes ALL LIVES MATTER) so people will see what is really taking place. YOU are omnipresent & omniscient you are fully aware of all. A lot of Christian’s are blinded by the deceiving news they “choose” to constantly watch & therefore their lights are hidden by their hatred. Lord awaken YOUR people who have been lulled to sleep by this deceit. Thwart the plans of the evil deceptive Soros & once “presidential” candidate steyer.(& to think he wanted to occupy the highest office)! It is not YOUR will that ANY should perish but all come to repentance. Confuse these camps Lord to where they turn on &/or expose each other. Utter confusion in the camps & to those who are bent on destroying this country for selfish, nefarious reasons. Those being bussed in to cause chaos confused them, don’t allowed them to be comfortable in their MESS. In Jesus name I pray this. AMEN

Jamie Hanson
June 15, 2020

Dear Lord,

Let my small voice help to raise a louder voice. Let my small prayer be joined with more and more prayer so that in the end, our pray overwhelms darkness and shines the light we need to give peace back to our nation. Dear Lord, Let our voices going together in our praise to you and our pleas for your help. I thank you Lord for always being with us and I pray your might will shine and the darkness will be deafened. Let millions of God loving Christians, come into the street to overwhelm the devils minions that are there already. In your Son Jesus Name I pray, Amen!

Dr. Alma Van Nice
June 15, 2020

I pray for the full exposure and rootIng out of all evil people in apositions of authority, including the Supreme Court, Congress, judges, governors, mayors for the overthrow of all evilly enacted laws, exposing. and shutting down of all evil civil ordinances in our nation and the exposing them, and taking down all evil international organizations and agreements. Bring judgement & incarceration of ALL evil doers including ALL the violent protesters “rioters” and riot leaders and planners. In Jesus’ Name Amen.
The identification of George Soros as an enemy of the State and an international enemy of all nations, his imprisonment, and the confiscation of all his assets to be used for good. In Jesus’ Name Amen.
The exposing and annihilation of all Soros and Tom Steyer funded groups and projects In Jesus’ Name Amen.
The end to all Soros and Steyer funding to evil projects. In Jesus’ Name Amen.
Soros and all his associations be judged and punished by national and international Law both earthly and spiritually. In Jesus’ Name Amen.

June 15, 2020

Oh, Lord you are not surprised by what is happening open our eyes to stand with you in this chaos. We need to be on the same page with you, Holy Spirit send fresh wind and fire of your Spirit!
Wake up Christians, lets fight in the Spirit, WE ARE ON THE WINNING TEAM AND WE ARE IN GODS ARMY!

Norma Koxlien
June 15, 2020

Father God, I pray for the angels to communicate YOUR values to the voters ! Let there be confusion in the enemy camp… even as the enemies of Elijah outnumbered him and his servant, – Let the power of Your light BE released and darkness come to naught and the enemies be scattered. I praise You for Your greatness! For Your heart toward Your people and for Your protective hand over this country. Even as the enemy attempts to destroy, I declare, the tide must turn and bring peace and deliverance and restoration of the United States of America.. let the plans of the enemy to continually set up chaos and division, be blocked and turned back on his own head like a boomerang! Let the blacks and minorities come out of the smoldering garbage heap of hopelessness and see the door You have opened before them and step through it. and stir them to vote accordingly. I speak wisdom favor and blessing over Donald Trump! Place a guard over unfruitful words he may consider speaking. Open the way for a clear communication to the church of how You are using him to bless Israel and the U S. I declare the lies meant to build a barrier to truth disintegrate into ashes! All plans to steal this election be thwarted! Let the offices of the House and Senate be filled to YOUR advantage and the courts with Judges who judge righteously! Thy Kingdom come! Thy will be done!- here in these United states! Thank You Father for Your faithfulness! Amen!

    Teresa Thames
    June 15, 2020

    Let God arise and the enemy be scattered. The precursor Jesus break of all hateful assignments, in Jesus name we break the assignments off of USA and Isreal. We cover every targeted city in the powerful blood of Jesus. We say that where the devil means to harm Will be turned to good. We command the blinding sprits to to fall from the eyes of those involved in darkness and they will see they are being used by the evil one, that their reward will be horrible. I pray the people who have been lied to will find the truth. That Jesus would send out his armies to bring truth, harvesters come forth.


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