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Thank You, Father, for exposing the truth about deaths in Gaza. Continue to dispel all the lies and misinformation of Hamas!
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For months, Hamas has claimed that Israeli soldiers have killed tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians. The terrorists used these claims to turn much of the world against Israel. But recent U.N. revisions cast doubt on those numbers.

From WORLD. The UN’s Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has quietly revised the number of women and children who were supposed to have died during Israel’s ongoing war with Hamas terrorists. The UN has reduced nearly by half the number of women and children included in its total number of fatalities. …

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What was the office previously reporting? WORLD obtained an OCHA infographic from May 1, that is archived online. It shows the total casualties at 34,568 with more than 9,500 being women and more than 14,500 being children.

What is the office currently reporting? As of Monday morning, the infographic on OCHA’s website, dated May 9 … reports the number of women and children’s deaths as dramatically lower. The May 9 OCHA graphic reports fewer than 5,000 women have died and under 8,000 children.

Does the UN provide any explanation for the revised figures? The infographic makes no mention of the changes. …

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies Director of Research David Adesnik called on OCHA to clarify the changes, saying the UN has seemingly recognized a lack of evidence behind Hamas’ original claims. …

Share your prayers and scriptures below for Israel and against all misinformation.

(Excerpt from WORLD. Photo Credit: Musa Zanoun/Pexels via Canva Pro)

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Darlene Estlow
May 14, 2024

Father, thank you about the correction of deaths in Palestine due to the war. May this information be spread around and be received by those who are deceived by the lies of Hamas. Protect the hostages and bring them home. May Israel defeat Hamas.

Allena Jordan
May 14, 2024

Lord, war is ugly. Israel does its best to preserve civilian life in this guerilla warfare. Provide true statistics of deaths. The U.N. is run by people who do not believe in You, Father. They will spin their own tales for their agenda. Thank You for providing some truth throughout this ordeal. Protect all the civilians in the area. Root out wickedness. And may Israel receive her Messiah. Amen.

T Mc
May 14, 2024

It was good to hear that Palestinian Christians in Gaza were able to gather and celebrate Palm Sunday, although surrounded by murder and mayhem. We must pray that they will not be intimidated by the IDF, or anyone else, but will be able to live and work as faithful servants of the Lord Jesus.


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