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Lord, may those who have experienced communism share their stories with those who think it can actually work. Please save America from this anti-Christ governance.
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Tony Loeffler, a member of the Blues Hall of Fame who has ministered through music in Cuba more than 70 times, shares his thoughts on why Cubans are not embraced by the current administration when so many others are.

Let the IFA community know how to pray for you.


In a nutshell, Cubans have seen communism fail and won’t vote in that direction here. Loeffler believes communism has failed Cuba so entirely that it will be a totally different country within five years, and their only hope “is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Post your prayers for Cuba and America.

Rich Swingle has taught and performed in 39 nations (including Cuba) on six continents, mostly with his own one-man plays. He and his bride Joyce Swingle, another contributing writer for IFA, have collaborated with Rev. Timothy J. Mercaldo to create a “singing play,” Songs of Revival: Hungry After God Himself. The Swingles live in New York City. www.RichDrama.comPhoto Credit: Rich Swingle.

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Helen Owen
May 18, 2024

Lord save our nation from these treasonous socialistic demons. You have made our nation a Covenant nation like Israel. Remove all the leaven out if our country and beyond.
Restore back into the nation the original intent of our Father and Forefathers. We stand on Your Word.
Remove the traitors .

May 14, 2024

Along with the realization here in the video for this article that Cubans see the tragedy communism dumps on human lives – so they don’t want to come here.. let us remember that in a related issue.. which is America turning communist.. that the globalists that are running America are the ones that are withholding weapons and munitions from Israel. And the idea that America has any control over the fate of Israel-, where Israel will somehow cease to exist-, without support of American munitions..as if God is going to.. at this late hour, abandon His people.. think about how ridiculous that is

Darlene Estlow
May 14, 2024

Father, I lift up Cuba. Strengthen the Christians there and help them to be witnesses to you. May they continue to have your supernatural joy! Draw many to come to you. I pray for freedom to come to Cuba.


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