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Lord, we thank You for continuing to expose the wrongdoings of Twitter. Prevent these sorts of coordinated attacks and conspiracies from happening again.
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As the Twitter Files continue, we are learning even more about how conservatives and President Trump were suppressed. Let’s pray for truth and justice.

From The Federalist. New emails released as part of the “Twitter Files” show the company appears to have misled reporters, politicians, and the public, allowing a high-level disinformation operation to fester in government and media. A comparison of emails uncovered by Matt Taibbi with the company’s public statements in 2018 reveals serious discrepancies.

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This operation, known as Hamilton 68, was founded by former FBI agent and current MSNBC contributor Clint Watts. It functions as a digital “dashboard” where journalists and academics can gauge alleged “Russian disinformation” being spread by specific lists of people online.

Taibbi’s latest report on internal Twitter documents included emails from former Head of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth proving the company knew the anti-Trump dashboard was spreading false information that wrongfully classified Americans as Russian bots. This allowed the data dashboard to fuel false media and Democrat claims that President Donald Trump had treasonously colluded with Russia, hamstringing Trump’s execution of his presidential duties.

Taibbi discovered that Twitter “reverse-engineered” Hamilton 68’s methodology to recreate its highly publicized list of alleged Russian bots. Publicly, though, Twitter was feigning ignorance. …

In mid-February, Emily Horne wrote, “we’re working extensively with reporters [off-the-record] and on background to explain the flaws in Hamilton 68’s methodology (without getting into our full knowledge of it),” before adding, “we have to be careful in how much we push back on ASD publicly.”

Horne’s concern, along with that of a colleague who was “frustrated” but understood the need to “play a longer game,” was that Twitter couldn’t kill critical media stories with off-the-record warnings if it didn’t also go public with what it knew. Both former Twitter employees now work in the Biden administration. …

The evidence suggests clearly that Twitter employees — who never counted on Elon Musk buying the company and releasing their emails — actively misled the public about a powerful political hoax.

What do you think of Hamilton 68 and Twitter’s misleading? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash)

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February 4, 2023

Lord, may their lies be exposed to people who know. about their deceit . Guide our leaders in the right direction.

Carroll D
February 3, 2023

Thank You for putting people in place to expose all the corruption that has been going on in our media and social media. Lord, we pray earnestly for people’s eyes to finally be opened and to realize that they have been being deceived. We pray for truth, especially YOUR truth, to overcome the darkness in this country. Lord, we need You like never before. Please be Lord and Saviour of this country and this world.

February 2, 2023

Just a thought. As Christians trying to listen to and pay attention to what God is doing and who he chooses to use in the answer to many of our prayers, I think its important to note one thing. Many news articles and especially those that exist in the liberal or left side of the news still refer to Twitter as just that….Twitter. Not pre-Musk Twitter or new “restored freedom of speech” Twitter….just Twitter.
While some may think its an irrelevant point, it is not. When we, as Christians, talk about or even pray about (especially with others), we should do our best to differentiate between old and new Twitter with our wording.
Right now, for those that may not know it, those on the left or liberal side of things are doing their best to destroy Twitter through the use of “framing”. In the body of any article they write or conversations on TV, they make sure people know that, according to them, Twitter (under Musk) is out to destroy freedom of speech (when its just the opposite), dispense mis & disinformation, etc. BUT in the headlines of their articles or news reports, they will always just use the name Twitter. They want confusion to reign and often when people read something, they do NOT go past the headline. The left is purposely trying to attach “old tags” to new Twitter – without referring to it as “new Twitter”.
As Christians or those that understand the actual meaning of real free speech, let us make an effort to differentiate between old Twitter & the “new, restored freedom of speech for everyone” Twitter. It brings a lot of clarity to when we reference something that is shared from the site. You may or may not agree with Twitter outreach but God can use anything to bring forth “truth”.
Please continue to pray for Mr Musk and his work/sacrifice to restore free speech completely, unearth the deception and lies (that were hidden) that saturated “old Twitter” and that God would continue to use him for the purposes that God has chosen.

Darlene Estlow
February 2, 2023

Father, thank you for what you are bringing out. May these people be convicted of sin and given repentance. I declare righteousness over our government.

February 2, 2023

Not sure what Elon Musk’s ultimate goal is but he seems to be uncovering truths that we knew all along. The media in most areas was very biased and sure turned people into sheeple. Slowly the truth seems to be coming out. Hopefully people will see what clearly was done and how things relate to one another to socialism and power to a few individuals who want to depopulate the world in one form or another.

Allena Jordan
February 2, 2023

Father, thank You for bring the truth to light. Lord, I ask that every person who planned and executed the phony story would repent, be saved. Let justice be enforced regarding this matter. Help us, Lord, to have fair and free elections, which includes media honesty in reporting. Amen.


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