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Father, we have strayed far from you as a nation and we ask that You bring revival to it. Open our governmental leaders eyes to see the truth. We need You.

While Democratic leaders in Congress push through the so called “Equality” Act which will erode parental rights and religious freedom and create a special class of protection for all LGBTQ people in our laws, you need to know about the radical ideas of one of the Biden Administration’s top picks. 

“One of President Joe Biden’s top health nominees on Thursday was pressed about stating in the past support for children getting puberty blockers and genital surgery.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) questioned Dr. Rachel Levine on the past support, noting that data from the American College of Pediatricians shows that 80 percent to 95 percent of children who believe they’re a gender different from their birth sex will see a dissolution of those feelings by late adolescence, if they’re not exposed to medical intervention and social affirmation.

“American culture is now normalizing the idea that minors can be given hormones to prevent their biological development of their secondary sexual characteristics. Dr. Levine, you have supported both allowing minors to be given hormone  blockers to prevent them from going through puberty as well as surgical reconstruction of a minor’s genitalia,” Paul, a physician, said, noting that the latter can permanently alter a person’s body, comparing it to genital mutilation. . . .

Transgender medicine is a very complex and nuanced field with robust research and standards of care that have been developed. If I’m fortunate enough to be confirmed as the assistant secretary of health, I will look forward to working with you and your office and coming to your office and discussing the particulars of the standards of care for transgender medicine,” answered Levine, who was born a male but presents as a female. . . .

“Let’s be a little more specific since you evaded the question,” he said. “Do you support the government intervening to override the parents’ consent to give a child puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and/or amputation surgery of breasts and genitalia?”

Transgender medicine is a very complex and nuanced field and if confirmed to the position of assistant secretary of health I would certainly will be pleased to come to your office and talk with you and your staff about the standards of care and the complexity of the field,” Levine said.

“Let it go into the record that the witness refused to answer the question. The question is a very specific one: should minors be making these momentous decisions,” Paul said. He wrote on Twitter after the hearing, “Biden nominee refuses to answer my question about whether the government should override a parent’s consent to allow a minor to receive puberty blockers or surgical amputation of breasts or genitalia.” . . .

“I made a brash decision as a teenager, as a lot of teenagers do, trying to find confidence and happiness, except now the rest of my life will be negatively affected,” Bell told a court in the UK last year. . . .

“There’s no longterm studies. We don’t know what happens to them. We do know that there are dozens and dozens of people who have been through this who regret that this happened. And a permanent change happened to them. And if you’ve ever been around children, 14-year-olds can’t make this decision. In the gender dysphoria clinic in England, 10 percent of the kids are between the ages of 3 and 10. We should be outraged that someone is talking to a 3-year-old about changing their sex,” Paul told Levine. . . .

Levine’s views and decision to present as a different gender have drawn scrutiny from some lawmakers but others say Levine’s confirmation would show how barriers are being overcome by transgender individuals.

Dr. Levine “would make history as the highest ranking openly transgender official in the U.S. government,” Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), the chairwoman of the committee, said during the hearing.

Levine’s nomination showed the Biden administration “values the voices and leadership of our community,” Equality Caucus Co-Chair Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) said last month. . . .

Watch Rand Paul Expose the Truth about Biden’s Transgender Nominee’s Radical Ideas:

Are you alarmed?

Here is our prayer: Lord Jesus, have mercy on us. Have mercy on Dr. Rachel Levine and the leaders who are pushing for Dr. Levine to serve in the highest levels of government. Turn their hearts to You and prevent them from harming our nation, ourselves, and our children.

What is your prayer? Leave a comment . . .

(Excerpt from The Epoch Times. Video clip posted by Senator Rand Paul. Photo by Caroline Brehman-Pool/Getty Images)

3410 People Prayed
19007 People have read this article

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  1. There has been a failure on our part as parents to teach our children Sex Ed from a Christian worldview and because of this we have thrown our kids into the hands of the government schools & Planned Parenthood’s version of Sex Ed. I have used “God’s Design for Sex “ by Stan and Brenna Jones which has 4 books written for age & stages of a child’s development, these books have served my son well to guide, educate, and understand God’s guardrails on this topic.

    Lord, may we as parents use your Word as the foundation of how and what we teach our children instead of this indoctrination of evil lies.

  2. Thank you Dr Rand Paul for comforting this evil in front of all America.

    Lord God, please keep your hand of protection on Senator Paul and his family and on all our law makers who stand for truth and righteousness. Strengthen them so that they do not grow weary in well doing but stand strong in the face of the enemy.
    I pray that fathers and mothers in this nation would take their proper roles in guiding, teaching and protecting their children that God has entrusted them with. I pray that the hearts of all parents would focus on the welfare of their children and take their responsibility in training them up in the ways of the Lord; praying over them, and teaching them God’s precepts and ways.
    I pray that once again the family unit would thrive and be as God created it to be.

    God forgive us our sins and send revival to this nation. In Jesus name. Amen

    Amen! 3
  3. Father GOD, we completely put our trust and hope in You! If You are giving this Nation over to what it desires,Please fill each person who calls You LORD to stand firmly upon Your Word and speak Your Truth always! Let us BE a Light in the darkness and may we choose Your Way no matter the cost! AMEN & AMEN

    Amen! 4
  4. We need to get the HETERO PHOBICS out of out government. This mutilation of children must be condemned. This man pretending to be a woman is perverse. We need to pray for him to repent.

    Amen! 7
  5. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Senator Rand Paul, for your courage in asking the tough but necessary questions posed to Dr. Rachel Levine. Dr. Levine clearly did not answer the questions and already shows leaning toward a dangerous trend for our society.

    Amen! 15
  6. There are only two sexes, male and female. Since the beginning of creation of man and woman by God, the Bible is extremely clear that you are either male or female.

    God’s Word, the Bible, is absolutely and unequivocally the truth.

    You can’t be both. You are either biologically born a male or you are biologically born a female.

    You can try to change that, but it doesn’t change the truth about who you really are. It doesn’t change your biological birth.

    To claim something different, is to lie about who and what you really are.

    I can claim to be Bengal Tiger all day long. I can paint myself orange with black stripes. I can have my teeth sharpened to mimic that of a Bengal Tiger. I can walk around on all fours and eat Tiger food. I can even learn to growl like a Tiger, but all that wouldn’t change the truth about who I really am or that I was born a human and not a Bengal Tiger.

    Deciding that you can change your sex or that you can identify as something different than what God, your Creator, decided for you, goes against God. It goes against your Creator and his Word, the Bible.

    God knew you before He created you in your mother’s womb. Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.

    And when God created you in your mother’s womb, He created you either male or female.

    Matthew 19:4 And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,

    No one should be encouraging anyone, especially children to change their sex or identity as a different sex. God decided for each of us, what we would be, either male or female, and nothing changes this truth. No one, including our government should be allowed to confuse our children.

    Amen! 19
  7. Lord we need You. Help our government leaders govern and rule justly and with Your wisdom and justice. turn their hearts to You and prevent them from harming our nation and our children.

    Amen! 17
  8. Dear God,
    I humbly ask You to forgive any unconfessed sin of mine. I also ask that You build a hedge of protection around Senator Rand Paul, as he strives to do what’s right and to uncover the truth. Please open the blinded eyes of those in this country who think its okay for children to choose their gender – God, You made male and female, and that’s it. No other gender! You do not make mistakes, God. Thank You for Your truth. Thank You for Your goodness and patience.

    Amen! 20
  9. 2 Chron. 7:14-15 if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
    Our Father, Begin with your church; bring revival and repentance. We ask that Holy Spirit will convict us and grant us the grace to deal ruthlessly with our sin. May the Church of Acts lead us in example to become once again a passionate people that follow hard after you. Deal with our hearts until we become a church that will humble ourselves, seek your face earnestly, and turn from our wicked ways and destroy every idol that offends you.
    Give your people the boldness to stand and fight for righteousness. Remind us who our real enemy is. We ask that you will bless Rand Paul and others who are taking a stand against evil and dark forces that threaten your kingdom. May your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.

    Amen! 15
  10. Thank God for courageous people like Senator Rand Paul who reveals the truth. This is so bazaar, its even almost like we are now in the twilight zone having no semblance of reason of sanity left in our nation except for a few. Dear God help us and protect this man from this pervasive evil.

    Amen! 24
  11. God,
    I ask that you give our leaders your wisdom and guidance in seeing your truth and pray that they do not put someone in charge that wants to hurt our children in any way. In Jesus name, Amen.

    Amen! 20
  12. Lord Jesus, I curse any political agenda that is created to destroy people. You loved us so much that you left heaven to come to earth and die for the sins of mankind. Lord let truth prevail over the sin of homosexuality, protect our youngest citizens, our children from an agenda that wants to destroy and corrupt them. Bring revival to our nation, especially in our homes, and we pray for our political leaders, that they may repent and embrace Jesus Christ as Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    Amen! 19
  13. Dr. Levine is a reminder of what the Scriptures say in Romans 1: 28-32, “When they refused to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their evil minds and let them do things that should never be done. Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness, sin greed, hate, envy, murder, fighting, deception, malicious behaviors and gossip. …..They are fully aware of God’s death penalty for those who do these things yet they go right ahead and do them anyway. And, worse yet, they encourage others to do them, too.

    Dr. Levine is of the reprobate mind and because he has not only allowed his mind but his body and soul to be converted, he wallows in darkness. The fact that he is being chosen to make decisions that will affect us is abominable. Thank you to Dr. Paul for questioning the sickness of Dr. Levine’s mind (probably similar to what the Apostle Paul would say). As Biden’s cabinet is trying to bring us closer to …”as in the days of Lot (Matthew 17:28 (homosexuality predominated) and ” as in the days of Noah (where wickedness predominated), we stand against this evil day as Intercessors. We come against this spirit of perversion that is attempting to overcome and defeat the moral platforms of this nation to pervert the minds of our children and youth. The creature is not greater than the Creator. We honor You Father God and your plan for men and women as made in your image and likeness and not that which the creature attempts to make. We take authority to defeat the plans of satan and pray that other godly men and women stand up to this wicked agenda. May those in the Senate have the guts to vote down the Equality Act and the nomination of Dr. Levine. In Jesus Name and Authority. Amen.

    Amen! 41
    1. Dear God,
      I humbly ask You to forgive any unconfessed sin of mine. I also ask that You build a hedge of protection around Senator Rand Paul, as he strives to do what’s right and to uncover the truth. Please open the blinded eyes of those in this country who think its okay for children to choose their gender – God, You made male and female, and that’s it. No other gender! You do not make mistakes, God. Thank You for Your truth. Thank You for Your goodness and patience.

      Amen! 6
  14. It should be automatic disqualification for any candidate that refuses to answer any question directly. Man, woman, trans, whatever – ANY individual who is refusing to answer questions that are being asked in a direct manner should be automatically removed from consideration. The refusal to answer or purposeful avoidance means that the individual is trying to hide something. If a person is being considered for an important role in gov’t & they cannot answer a simple question, then as a taxpayer, I would be seriously concerned about their intelligence or knowledge capabilities to handle the position they are applying for.
    We have allowed present government officials or would be officials to get away with generic statements and scripted answers for way too long with zero accountability. It has to stop.
    Dr. Levine is playing a dishonest avoidance game with Americans. The entire interview was proof of that.

    Amen! 25
  15. Yes, I am alarmed and outraged. I think it is the most egregious form of child abuse to push transgender thinking and approval on children whose brains are not fully developed. I personally think parents that encourage this type of behavior should be arrested for child abuse. Lord, please do not allow this abomination to continue. Please Lord, enough damage has been done to our children. Please, suffer the little children to come unto you!

    Amen! 34
  16. First this Dr is a man not a women and until people step up,speak up and state this truth,we are as guilty as they are going against the Bible and God’s word.I believe come judgement day God will ask why we allowed this to happen and why we didn’t stand up for God and Truth.Amen

    Amen! 26
  17. Please Dr. Levine do not impose your views on our children. This is dangerous and it is wrong to sin against
    children. Our children are on loan to us from God to raise in His image. You are taking away the rights of parents to protect their children.

    Matthew 18:6 But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a millstone around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

    Amen! 46
    1. Couldn’t’ agree more! Matthew 18:6 should be a warning to a LOT of people! In the name of Jesus, we send God’s Word, Matthew 18:6 to every person that seeks to harm our children. God’s Word WILL NOT RETURN VOID!!! Thank you and praise you Lord!

      Amen! 30
      1. The account of Lot and and his life in Sodom in Genesis reveals the end of men and women who refuse the knowledge of God and pursue a life filled with their own ways lead by the flesh into ever increasing folly and darkness which is how God will deal with those who persist in living life without Him and going their own way..the men who troubled Lot were struck with blindness which is what we are witnessing, a confused person masquerading as a person of knowledge but anyone who refuses to fear or acknowledge God becomes a fool regardless how much they think they know. The fool says in his heart that there is no God so how can a fool lead or help anyone when they are blind and refuse to hear truth and cant know it, they will only lead others to the same destruction that their lack of fear of the God who created them in their mother’s womb, is bringing upon themselves.

        Lord God, our heavenly Creator and Maker of All Things,

        Have mercy upon us all for inviting these days of evil upon us, we like Lot have tolerated and not spurned the evil of sin first in ourselves and then in those about us. We have turned a blind ear and eye to these perversions for the sake of peace, we have sown the wind but now reap the whirlwind and it gathers momentum and bears down upon us seeking to devour our children and that makes us cry to heaven and awaken to ourselves and our own folly and blindness. Lord forgive us, forgive me for ever participating, for listening to the enemy’s deceiving rhetoric even for a minute and not hearing the truth of your warning to destroy sin or it will destroy you.
        Forgive this man, I ask mercy for his soul and the gift of salvation. Deliver him from every blindness and confusion and soften his heart so that your Spirit may convict him and guide him to salvation, give him a hunger for truth that only you can satisfy. Keep him and others like him from becoming pawns in Satan’s hand, show him his end without you Lord so that he may cry out for you in the night season and send dreams and vision to him to change his heart towards the path of righteousness, for your name’s sake.
        Lord I ask for the course of our nation to be one of recognition of sin and then to repent and return to you while it is still day and before you bring your mighty hand of judgement upon us for our idolatries and wilful refusal of your wonderous mercy and grace given in the form of your Son Jesus Christ who died for our sins on the cross in each of our place. Lord have mercy upon the nations who have turned and continue to turn away from you. Have mercy upon us as we cry for your hand to be gracious to us and send us help from your sanctuary and deliver us from the great evil that our sins have brought upon us. In the precious name of Your Son Jesus Amen

        Amen! 2
  18. When the FBI director got me started investigating communist traitors in the government in 1962, the majority of the communists at that time were atheists. Because communism has its roots in satanism, most communists today are satanists, such as the Clintons, Obamas, and 3 generations of the Bush family. In 2004 we were given the choice to vote for either Skull & Bones Bush and Skull & Bones Kerry. Transgenderism is the brainchild of satanists, who are using this to shove their perversion down our throats. In 1953, a satanist named Alice Bailey founded the Lucifer Pub. Co. at 665 UN Plaza. That same year she wrote a book promoting 13 more planks to add to the Communist Manifesto. One of those planks is to subvert the rights of Christians under the Bill of Rights by creating special rights for gays under the UN. The communists began recruiting gays in 1929, so this is what we are experiencing now. May God defend His people against these demonic humans like He did for the Jews against Haman in Purim. May He defend His saints in the USA like He did with the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 to protect the Christians on Sumatra. I learned from a man, who used to be a Muslim in the Secret Police that the tsunami killed over 1/2 million Indonesian military men, that the media lied about the truth of what happened. The Indonesian government was planning to murder all the Christians living on Sumatra starting New Year’s Day. Because of God’s judgment, they didn’t have the manpower to do it. You can learn much more about this in my book – Ambassador Undercover.

    Amen! 13
    1. I know this is truth. I believe it. Did you read the 1963 goals of Communists towards America? It is almost complete. One was the pervert the minds of our children and break down the family unit. And to take over one or more of the major political parties. Nations all all the time. America is very close…I’m sad to say it being a grandmother. I know what Communist China citizens go thru. Pure horror and the christians are persecuted terribly. Communist China also was involved in 60% of the election steal as proven by Mike Lindel’s video on Rumble, the only place that shows it. Absolute Proof. Americans? Frogs in the frying pans don’t even know what’s coming. Come Lord Jesus

      Amen! 17
      1. It should also interest you to know that in 1983 Congressman Larry McDonald asked me to help him expose 259 members of the House & Senate, who had ties to the Communist Party. 95% of them were Dems. Two weeks later, the N. Koreans killed him and everyone on board Flight 007. When his death was reported on TV my pastor phoned to say that the moment he heard the news on TV, God spoke to him and said, “Congressman McDonald was assassinated and David Scott knows why.” He phoned to ask what I knew about it. I told him about the letter the congressman sent to me asking for my help. He asked me to read it in church the next Sunday in both services. Thus, I have over 100 witnesses to what his letter reported. His letter never identified any of the traitors by name, but he said I could figure out who they were by their voting records on laws pertaining to the family, farmer, small business, and the Bill of Rights. I did check their voting records and found most Dems voted 100% anti-family, 100% anti-farmer, 100% anti-small business & 100% anti-Bill of Rights. However, the Democrat Party was founded by a member of the Illuminati. That means they’ve been trying to enslave all of us since their very inception. They’ve been boiling the frog for a very long time.

        Amen! 10

    Amen! 6

    Amen! 16
    1. It’s pure satanism. It’s demonic. It’s Satan’s attempts to destroy America. America is in the way of the One World Order that he wants to bring in the AntiChrist. As far as I’m concerned, it’s so close scripturally, the AntiChrist person could be alive right now. John 3:16

      Amen! 8
  21. I am from PA. we were subjected to Dr Richard Levine’s unqualified actions over our state for six years. He along with our governor destroyed our economy, schools, and murdered thousands of seniors in nursing homes. He is under satans rule and we need to pray for a turning of his heart and the hearts of those who thing he has any qualifications to serve in government. He is dangerous and focused on destroying our children. And ironically his specialty was working with teens. Pray for Gods intervention.

    Amen! 32
    1. These Satanists in our government are unabashed and bold now about their doing. They believe and rightfully so, that they have control over this nation and yes, when they got the universities and the minds of the youth, and the media and entertainment followed suit, indoctrination was all set. This has been in the works for probably decades. Anton Levay, head of the Church of Satan, now in Hell, regretting his life, said the tv would be the way they would get the minds of the youth. Disney is evil, Hollywood, the tv shows make our youth laugh at sin and God and Satan has control over music.

      Amen! 13
  22. Oh Sovereign God! Have mercy on us, and act strongly to forbid this harmful, destructive, abusive indoctrination of our innocent children. Do not let this transgender person be appointed to this high position in our government. Young lives will be ruined! Oh God, empower your people to take a stand against this travesty.
    Have mercy on the children you love.

    Amen! 39
  23. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. Father God in Jesus name, we ask for your divine intervention to protect and defend the children of the world, especially United States. Pour out your Spirit and block all the ways of the enemy and enlighten those in positions of authority to know that authority starts with you. Defend the children and guide them the way you purposed for each one of them. Enable the children to delight in knowing that they created in your image and in your likeness in Jesus name.

    Amen! 41
  24. I have never been ‘PC’ for the sake of being ‘PC’. I seek Truth and Truth states you can not change one’s DNA. I recall the days of Milton Berle and Flip Wilson who would dress up like women on TV. It was funny then. It’s not anymore. Those that choose to ‘change their sex’ must be the most miserable of creatures, turned over by God (Rom. 1:24-27). However, when they attempt to inflict such upon our innocent children, such action is the most serious of child abuse (LK. 17:2).

    Amen! 25
  25. This man is no more a women than joe Biden is president. Is this where we are? Are we all living in a pretend world where there is no God? No right or wrong? If this doesn’t stop where will we be in a year? Two years? Ten years? What kind of world will our children inherit? Truth is dying. The only way to keep truth alive is by showing the world what truth is. Jesus is the truth. We have to keep pointing this dying world to the truth. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. John 14:6. Father, the world is full of darkness and it’s getting darker. Father , you sent your Son into the world to save the world. I pray you would prepare hearts to receive Jesus as the risen Lord who brings life and light into the world. Father, help us carry the light of life, Jesus Christ, to a dying world. In Jesus name Amen

    Amen! 40
  26. Lord, we need revival! We need the Church to stand up in the authority that you have given us through Christ to push back the darkness. The numbers say 9168 people have read this article and 2235 have prayed. Where are the other 6933? This is part of the problem. Lord help us!!!!!!!

    Amen! 29
  27. Lord, we are praying about abortion and the murder of babies in the womb! We are now made aware of satan’s plan to kill, steal and destroy our children. The tragedy of altering a child’s gender is death too. Death to the child growing up as you created. We cry out to you today to raise up others who will boldly vote against confirming this nomination. Thank you for Rand Paul! God have mercy on our children. Please forgive our sins and heal our land.

    Amen! 35
  28. O, Abba Father God, forgive the sins of our ancestors, ours, individually and collectively. Thank You for pouring out Your Holy Spirit upon all flesh in these endtimes, we all surely need more of Holy Spirit’s empowerment , help, and guidance into all truth to live out these last days. Now , we thank You, Lord, for pouring out Your Holy Fire, as well, to cleanse , consume, and rid our nation and the world once and for all of these futile , powerless , laughable, yet gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, deplorable, despicable, wicked, horrific, sickening, vile demonic weapons that have been forged against God, heaven, and humanity in the very pit of hell to steal every man’s, woman’s, and child’s
    identity whom You created, Lord, in Your very own image, male and female, to redefine marriage that You defined as being a sacred joining together and covenant between one man and one woman and not two “same -sex partners” . The devil forged abortion and genocide of our unborn and born children , male and female, whom You Jesus so lovingly, painstakingly formed , fashioned, and knit together in each mother’s womb to reproduce and multiply mankind, male and female, to walk in loving fellowship, communion, intimacy and service with You and to intercede with You, Jesus, so we can rule and reign with You here on Earth , enforcing all of Your finished works You accomplished at Calvary while
    You were here on Earth, and anointed and empowered by The Holy Spirit, doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, destroying ALL of the devil’s works, and by preaching and proclaiming, with all boldness, The Kingdom of God and repentance for sin everywhere You were. Your people, Your Watchmen, called by Your name, whom You redeemed from sin and death, adopted into Your family, clothed in Your righteousness, and restored the same authority that You originally gave to Adam and Eve in The Garden that they freely gave away to the serpent, devil, the moment they defied You, preferred and chose to believe the the serpent devil’s lies over Your Words of Truth and disobeyed the one commandment You gave Adam to obey, and that as we all know set up all of us, Adam’s descendants, to be conceived in sin brought upon us from our birth, and to be sinners as well ,in need of a Lord and Savior to save us from our sin, lest we be punished for our sins by a spiritual, as well as physical death sentence. Thank You, Abba Father, for sending us Jesus, who so who willingly laid down His life and died to pay for all of our sins, redeemed all of us from sin’s dominion , and gave us power the moment we confessed You as Lord and Savior to become Your Children, Your People called by Your name, who even now, have humbled ourseves, prayed, repented of our own wicked and idolatrous ways , received forgiveness for our sins, have forgiven our sins, been cleansed from all of our unrighteousnéss ,and now we thank You , Lord, for how You are even now healing our land ( no matter what lies , venom, and bad reports may be spewing out of that dragon’s mouth at us from the media, no matter how much he has come to destroy our trust in and allegiance to God, His Word, His Ways, our country ,eachother, and our beliefs, values and convictions by his vain show, powerless threats, persecution, false accusations, planned-demics, corny viruses, whatever, ,we as Your chosen , elect, called, fully-equipped, alert , re-awakened,quickened, empowered Watchmen, Gate-keepers, Worshippers in Spirit and in Truth, Fellow Intercessors, Battle Axes, Your chosen people, royal priesthood, Your holy nation, Your people who belong to You, who declare Your praises for calling us out of darkness into Your marvellous light, Jesus, we count it an honor as well as a very serious call upon our lives to stand the gap with You, Jesus, our Lord, whoever lives to intercede for us, every day and to fast whatever it is You that You call us to fast from, so we can dedicate our time , undistracted and unhindered, decreeing and declaring Your Word You have magnified above all of Your name, that is Spirit, Life, health,and healing to all of our flesh, true to perpetual generations, active, powerful, living, sharper than any two-edged sword, that penetrates even to dividing asunder the soul and spirit, joints and marrow, judging the thoughts and intent
    of men’s hearts, so that You, Lord will hasten to perform and to establish it here on Earth. Thank You that every word spoken out of Your mouth never returns to You void, but accomplishes Your good pleasure and purpose in this earth. We, alongside of You, Jesus, sitting beside You, at Your Throne of Grace , call things that are not on Earth , (those things, those changes that need to take place in our lives, our nation, our world that glorify, honor, and make You known to man , as though they are ,until we see them, (their substance and reality) standing in front of us, with our physical eyes, ( I can’t wait for the day, when we actually will see them and Heaven come down to Earth and what seemed to be to be impossible for us, man to do, will have already been done, not by might, not by power, but by Your Spirit, as You said, so that You will receive all the honor and glory due Your name.) And all people in our land, nation, and in all of the rest of the world will finally know and every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that You ,Jesus, are Lord of all of us. That day , Your glory will cover the Earth like the waters cover the sea. Until then , we bless every blinded, deceived , lost soul out there ,whose father right now is the devil . They are being forced into doing the devil’s evil works here on Earth. They don’t know that they are they belong to the devil, their father, the father of lies, murderer from the beginning, devourer, destroyer, accuser of the brethren and the thief who comes only to steal, kill, and destroy them, everyone,and everything God loves.
    They are their father’s slaves and pawns to do his dirty , evil, cruel, works here on Earth which we know, Jesus came and already destroyed. So first of all, Abba Father God, please forgive these children of the devil, in Jesus’name ,for they do not know what they are doing, even as we did not know what we were doing when we were in bondage to sin and death. I pray today in Jesus’name ,that Holy Spirit, the hound from heaven, will pursue everyone one of them who are hiding from Your Light, loving and preferring the pleasures of sin, the curse, and death over Your gracious offer of blessing and life,
    and refusing Your Lordship over them . Thank You for bringing their wicked deeds out into the light to be exposed ,for what those déeds are, sins against You, heaven,and humanity, the born and unborn. So that sin can no more dominate them, once they too, confess You,Jesus,as their Lord and Savior, as we did, ourselves. We thank Yo ,Lord of The Harvest that for raising up messengers , specific Christians, all around them, who are filled with The Holy Spirit, Fire, and The Fear and power of God, whom You have anointed with Your Holy Spirit to share The Gospel of Christ with them but who will also do them good, heal all their oppression from the devil, lift their undue heavy burdens,sever their cords of wickedness, and set them free from their captivity to the devil, and disciple them for You, Jesus. Lord, You are not willing that any of these poor, lost, deceived people should perish, neither are we. We long for them and their children and children’s children to be translated out of the kingdom of darkness into Your kingdom of Love, Grace, Light, and Life. Therefore we pray that You will be merciful, spare, and save the lives of those whom You destined to be saved and for those others remained who have chosen allegiance to all of Your enemies ,we pray You will remove them swiftly from any position and office they have been given in Biden’s Administration and You will replace their seats of government with righteous, God-fearing, God-honoring, passionate people called by Your name who live by faith, their conscience and convictions, who fear no man , devil, or beast or anything man can or might do to them. Thank You, Father God, in Jesus’name , that every time they open their mouths You will fill them with wisdom like Solomon’s and Stephen’s , the wisdom their enemies cannot daresay or resist and wisdom that will forever shut the mouth of the devil and render him powerless and forever the defeated foe . Father, in Jesus’name, we decree and declare The United States of America belongs to Jesus lock, stock,and barrel. He not only purchased her with His precious, perfect, shed blood , He calls her Beulah Land whom he married,owns,and protects from any harm. He calls her walls salvation and her gates praise. So, Lord, Jesus, One True Lover of all our Souls, Ever Faithful, Ever True, Ever-Living to intercede for and with us, Lord of Angel Armies, and Lord of all , truly, Lord Jesus, all our eyes , all of our hope, all of our expectation is in You, alone, and in Your Spirit. We do not despise Your prophets whom You used to prophesy the good report to Your people, called by Your name , Israel, our nation,and to the world añd Your plans for our duly elected President Donald J Trump to be re-promoted to his presidency for four more years to finish the assignment You called and empowered him to do, in The White House, our nation,and in our world. We don’t know how You will get him back into office again to finish that job You called him to do for four years ago but we do know You will do everything You promised us You will do here in Your nation, in Your perfect timing. We thank You that this battle is Your battle, not ours, that the government is on Your shoulders, not ours, and You told us to do one thing, knowing all of this, having done all, stand therefore and to be still, wait, and see the salvation of Your God who is fighting for, saving , keeping, and preserving you, your nation whom He created , second only to Israel , the greatest nation in the world, blessed of God, and highly favored, and soon, we pray destined to be Made Great Again not by power, not by might, but by Your, Spirit alone and we thank You gracious, Heavenly Father, in Jesus’name ,for listening and answering all of these prayers we have prayed today in Jesus’name and for His honor and glory today.Amen.

    Amen! 21
  29. Our prayers should be of repentance! We have not ascribed the glory due our God! We are to blame! We must call for truth and justice. We must intercede on our knees on behalf of our nation…on behalf of those who won’t!

    Amen! 36
    1. Lukewarm church of the Liaodocians. I live in NYS. Not by choice but birth and marriage. Let me tell you, it’s like pulling teeth to get Christians to go to March for Life rallies. Oh some come out, but hardly any. They are too busy with their social functions I guess than protesting the legal murdering of full term babies. And many NYS churches are ProChoice. They are the fake church as far as I’m concerned. It makes me very upset at times I just want to scream and say “Wake up” We are the salt of the earth. Stop following the world. “THOU SHALL NOT MURDER. Liberals are demented people…let me tell you…denented by Satan…and most New Yorkers? Not open to the gospel. Sickening.

      Amen! 5
  30. Our prayers should be of repentance! We have not ascribe the glory due our God! We are to blame! We must call for truth and justice. We must repent on our knees on behalf of our nation…on behalf of those who won’t!

    Amen! 12
  31. Father, Bring us to repentance, that we may turn from our sinful thinking and embrace righteousness. Our eyes are on You Lord for the battles are great and in You is our salvation and rest.

    Amen! 27
  32. Dear LORD God of heaven and earth, You have defined all creation in the foundation of the world, in Genesis 1. No one person has the right to re-define Your original mandate, not one. All through Your WORD You have revealed to mankind the difference of right and wrong. You have even spoke of the sheep being separated from the goats (the right and the left). Levine is desecrating Your truths and making himself as a god (a sea monster (leviathan)), that is talking over and talking over the minds of people, and many souls are plunging into the pit of darkness because they have sided with lucifer’s agent, the enemy of mankind’s souls. You know, dear God. You know this wicked thing that has risen up out of the depths, to entice people into satan’s domain. Only You, God, can make the change that changes people’s souls. I pray for a Mighty Wind of the Holy Spirit to come and do just that; a Mighty Revival that will fill the earth with Your glory which no man can stop. I proclaim that You, the LORD God of heaven and earth, to fill the earth with Your Presence; and that those who believe, will testify to the marvelous things that You are doing. Let this final Revival never stop and may its force be strong and courageous as long as the earth remains. We do not need a Leviathan (levine) to lead us into damnation. Lastly, LORD have mercy and grace on Your vulnerable people. Praise and thanksgiving that You are watching over Your WORD to perform it! In the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ, Amen and amen!

    Amen! 21
  33. Here is what Senator Paul or another Senator should say:

    “Dr. Levine, you are aware that President Biden has promised that his administration will follow the science. I will endorse that so let us do that right now. You know, as well as I do, as does every other person in this room that a chromosomal assay on you would incontrovertibly prove that you are male. If you are suffering from gender dysphoria I have the deepest sympathy for you, but pretending to be a woman is not the solution. You, instead, need competent psychiatric counseling that will help you recognize and deal with reality. Until you are able to recognize and deal with reality, you are not qualified to assume any government post.”

    Amen! 51
  34. We must collectively defeat this imposition of Satan’s attempt to disintegrate our country from within. My prayer is that The Holy Spirit will open the hearts and eyes of every believer to recognize this diversion as Satan’s way of “becoming like the Most High”. It is time to toss political correctness onto the flames of history and regain truth as Jesus spoke it.

    Amen! 23
  35. It is so distressing to see that Senator Murray and many other political “leaders” are so shallow in their thinking that they value diversity first and don’t even consider the results of having people like Dr Levine in a position that will further the great damage being fostered on our children. I just want to scream my protest in the face of the senator from my state but all I can do is send another message protesting her actions. I believe voicing our protests is important because our silence tells them we don’t care. Of course pleading to God for His forces against evil and praying for changed hearts is the most important thing we can do, and I will be doing it. Lord, have mercy on our children …..

    Amen! 22
  36. ‘When sin abounds, Grace does much more abound’… There is a Great Awakening desperately needed in America and throughout the nations that is being propelled by the fervent intercession with fasting that has been engendered by the Holy Spirit.

    I believe that in the coming days, Trump will expose the corruption in our political arena on all levels- from the Federal government to local municipalities. I still believe that he will have a complete 2nd term to ‘Drain the Swamp’ and expose the tyranny of those who have conspired against our Constitutional Republic… both foreign and domestic.

    The issue rests on the shoulders of the true church, those who are genuinely blood-bought children of YHVH GOD who must continue to seek GOD’s face in supplication with thanksgiving in all manner of prayers. We MUST pray for the healing of America, and yet there are spiritual guidelines that are required in personal revival as well as corporate renewal.

    We both agree that the western church has been compromised by the heresy of the Prosperity Laodicean false gospel. Our Holy GOD is seeking to return our nation as well as the world community to the True Gospel of the Kingdom that our LORD Jesus Christ declared [Matthew 10:7 &8]. May this post lead to personal conviction and full surrender, and united intercession for the salvation of a multitude: &

    Amen! 20
  37. I am sickened by what is happening via the new administration. I am shaking and feel as if I will vomit.
    Dear God help out country and protect the children! We need You Lord! Thank you Lord that you are a great and mighty God.

    Amen! 40
  38. We take our authority in Jesus name as Ephesians chapter one teaches us to do against this satanic attack and maneuver. We look to our country’s foundation as this country was created on Godly principles and the Bible. In Jesus name we pray to return to our founding fathers written plan bringing order and God’s intervention against this plan to destroy the religious freedoms, rights for women and civil liberties for all Americans, in Jesus name amen.

    Amen! 37
  39. Per the Word of God, there are only 2 sexes and I believe God. Lord I ask for a unity and one accord led by the church to come against this mutilation of children and vile agenda by the demonic against our children. I call for Pastors to rise up across America and preach to the people to stand up and take action in our governmental processes. I decree that pastors and church leaders across America will preach on the topics of abortion and LBGTQ issues as it relates to our culture in America and to the destiny purposes of Jesus. We cannot keep silent and expect change to come and I bind lukewarm Christianity and loose the church to speak up to address these topics. Some things such as abortion and abuse of children need confrontation and cannot be igored. Help us to be willing to face persecution when Jesus directs us to speak up and step out about such issues of nonbiblical sexual practices.

    Amen! 31
  40. From American Renewal Project, David Lane: “”George Lukacs in 1918 became deputy commissar for culture in Hungary. Asking “Who will save us from Western civilization? he instituted he instituted what he called “cultural terrorism.” One of its main components was introducing sex education into Hungarian schools. Lukacs realized that if he could destroy the country’s traditional sexual morals, he would have taken a giant step toward destroying its traditional culture and Christian faith.” Government officials who act against what is right and true must change their view or be replaced. Or citizens will have to act on “It is necessary to obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29 We are praying for all our officials to obey God’s word and act with wisdom. We must follow Jesus in restoring foundations. Ps 11:3

    Amen! 25
  41. How could anyone take this Dr. Levine seriously, on any subject?!

    Thank you, Heavenly Father, for righteous men like Senator Rand Paul, who are vigorously defending the children the Left are attacking with this abomination.

    “For the Lord your God is He who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory.” ~ Deut.20:4

    Amen! 46
  42. Back in 2015, when Bruce Jenner became “Caitlyn Jenner,” I knew we were all in for it. I just had this feeling that transgenderism was going to be pushed on society in a big way. This nation has turned it’s back on God, and it’s heartbreaking. But it’s good to know that there are still people in this world who are conservative Christians with old-fashioned values. These values need to be passed down from one generation to the next, if we’re ever going to get this country back on track. We need to keep praying, and never, ever give up hope. Every night when I’m saying my prayers, I pray for the future of this country. I pray that America will see a resurgence of old-fashioned values. Even though we’re living in a time when it seems like God is not hearing our prayers, believe me, He is. The Bible says that God will never leave us, or forsake us. It also says “Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.” We need to do this for those who are trying to destroy this country. It makes us furious to know that the old-fashioned values that we hold dear are being attacked in such a big way, but if we follow Jesus’ advice and treat our enemies with love instead of hate, and pray for them as well, there’s no doubt that we’ll see a huge comeback of these values. Let’s do our part to make this happen, people! We can do this!

    Amen! 39
    1. Yes, that was the nail in the coffin…and homosexual or same sex marriage pushed and abortion in 1973. The Pandora’s box was opened. Satanism and witchcraft are the fastest rising religions or cults growing in the US. I’m afraid America is doomed. I’m sorry…>I don’t see a way out of this. I’m looking for the glorious appearance of Jesus. He is the only one that can get us out of this. The minds of our youth have been corrupted. I heard a young man say on Living Waters Video that it’s ok to rape a child if that rapist believes it is. You cannot get more reprobate and that is the youth of this culture. They are hardened to the max. They are not open to the gospel. We are in the great apostasy right before the church is taken out and the man of sin will be revealed as the restrainer is taken out. The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the only one constraining all Hell on earth from breaking out. The Holy Spirit in us. But we will be out of here soon. Our job? As best as we can warn folks. Maybe some will listen…but most their hearts are dead. They have spirits of delusion. Sad times….for the unsaved. But we IN CHRIST, will be with him. Get ready folks….look up Believers. Our redemption draws close…so close….so very close. Gather together with one another as scripture says we see the day approaching. We Believers need eachother more now than ever! Don’t isolate. Don’t live in

      Amen! 2
  43. Lord, have mercy on the innocents of our nation, the children who will be so adversely affected if transgendering laws would prevent parents from protecting their children. Holy Spirit, brood over this nation to change hearts and bring people to repent and turn to You. Lord, if there are those determined to thwart your purposes and who refuse to repent, I ask you to remove their influence. Lord, let our eyes be opened to Your Truth. Have mercy, Lord, in Jesus’ Name!

    Amen! 34
  44. Mr. Levine is truly misguided and if he is chosen to fill this position, he will, by his authority and influence, damage many, many children and many, many families. I pray for his soul, and I pray that God
    will protect the country from his harmful influence.

    Amen! 46
  45. Father, please forgive us, the church, for allowing this wickedness to creep into every area of our society. I ask You to move Your hand across this nation, opening eyes and hearts to truth, which is only found in You. I ask You to move upon pastors of our land to lay down complacency and begin to preach the Word, to teach right from wrong and moral responsibility. We know unless that happens You will not heal our land. Thank You Lord for hearing our prayers, for loving us, for Your patience with Your people. In Jesus name, amen.

    Amen! 39
  46. Father Almighty, Oh how these decisions/nominees must be breaking Your heart! May it also break the hearts of those who will vote to confirm or not confirm
    May Your wisdom and guidance flood their minds and hearts
    Thank you for Rand Paul, bring boldness to others to speak up for what’s wrong!
    Oh Father, forgive us for aligning with evil ways; realign and revive us to become filled with Christlikeness in every area of out lives.
    Help us Father, we need You 🙏
    In Your Sovereign Holy Name, I AM; Amen.

    Amen! 32
  47. Lord, Send you mighty army to stop this war against what you’ve created, put road blocks against all that they are attempting and tear down what they’ve already accomplished. Help us that know the truth stand up with courage because you have called us to do so. Give us wisdom and discernment to protect those around us and our nation.
    In the mighty name of Jesus I pray

    Amen! 26
  48. Heavenly Father, I pray the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord fall upon everyone in this nation who is absent of you, your Son and the Holy Spirit. May each and every person be drawn by your Holy Spirit to have faith to believe unto salvation. I pray an awakening and transformation for this nation. I thank you that your will us being done in earth as it is in heaven. I thank you Lord that you are moving in ways we cannot see and I praise You for all we do see. Hallelujah into Your name. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

    Amen! 24
  49. This “Equality Act” is dangerous. In addition to the terrible things that it does to children, it is just plain immoral, and hopelessly wrong on many levels. Lord, by Your great grace and mercy, please block this, and any future harmful legislation, from getting the opportunity to become law in our country. We pray for revival in this land, beginning in Washington D.C. We thank You and praise You. We know that You are moving behind the scenes of what we see with our natural eyes. Keep us focused on You. In Jesus’ name we pray.

    Amen! 32
  50. Satan is really busy now in our government. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith.” 1 Peter 5:8-9a

    This compares with Female Genital Mutilation which is a barbaric practice. In the U.S.? God must be weeping now.

    Jesus states in Mathew 18:6-7, 6″But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” 7 “Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to sin! Such things must come, but woe to the man through whom they come!”

    This man must not be in our government promoting his gender based business.

    Our government is out of control. It seems that “Normal” Americans are out of the picture!

    I pray that God will prevail and open their eyes.

    Amen! 31
  51. Dr. Levine took her 95 year old mother our of the nursing home and but her in a hotel before she and Democrat Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf ordered covid patients into the nursing homes. Her family is obese and she is not qualified to lead the health care of our country.

    Amen! 16
  52. Father, we know as bleak as this appears, it comes as no surprise to you and you are still working in the background to bring the United States, our laws, this administration that is not anointed— to your Glory. We pray when revival hits, that these people in authority will weep and repent of their sins. We will remain focused on you and not what we see in the physical. In Jesus Name.

    Amen! 2
  53. Gods kingdom come. His will be don on earth as in heaven. God created men and women. He created Adam and Eve. We are fearfully made in the image of God. May the Lord reign and give wisdom to those who seek to change what God has created in the gender of children.

    Amen! 20
  54. I don’t understand how our nation won’t allow children to consent to have their tooth pulled or have surgery, but will allow them to consent anything related to their sexuality.
    Lord, have mercy on us. Lord, we need your divine help. Lord, don’t let us destroy ourselves.

    Amen! 24
  55. I’m sorry, but I’ve lot all hope for America. I know folks are praying for America. I’m not saying don’t pray but we are at critical juncture. The great apostasy has started. She is in the Romans chapter 1 stage. God has given her over to a reprobate mind. The schools are now the targets for our children. If they can’t kill the babies in the womb they pollute their minds when born or abuse them sexually, physically. My heart weeps for my grandbaby and my family members who refuse to repent. God has given us so many chances to stop killing our children in child sacrifice to demons, called abortion or pro-choice, warnings to stop with the pornography, and the sex trafficking of little children and women, stop destroying marriage and condoning perversion. But oh no, America has become worse and worse. America has become reprobate. I’m not talking about the true followers of Christ, but many in the churches are lining up with evil. Allowing sodomites to become pastors and worship leaders!!!! To support the marriage of two men or women which the bible says is an abomination?!!!! To have men say they are women and want to compete in women sports and go into women’s bathrooms and showers? To allow little children to be mutilated because evil parents are led by Satan. To ruin that poor child’s body and mind. There is no worse evil. It is better that parent and doctor be thrown into a lake with chains around their neck then meet up with the Living God. Now they want to force all doctors and nurses to perform child murder, abortions and sex operations? On little children? I heard one young man say there is nothing wrong with rapping a child on a Living Waters video. He basically said everyone has to do what they believe is right. We are at the end. There is no more hope for America. Stop trying to rescue a sinking ship. You can’t become more reprobate than what American has. I do not see any turning back. No nation that has come this far ever in history survives and returns back to God. Persecution is on the way for true believers. Be prepared. Get close to Jesus so you are able to endure. Where is the church of Jesus Christ? Lukewarm church Jesus will pit them out! I’m waiting and watching to meet Jesus in the air as scripture declares. We will meet Jesus in the air…and all Hell will break out down here with the AntiChrist. We are so near…just a blink away. Be ready, get sin out of your life! You cannot be a friend of the world and God. The world is at war with God. Satan controls this world right now. He is preparing for his Antichrist son to rule for 7 years. Get ready!!! Jesus is coming back for His bride without spot or wrinkle!

    I believe Jesus is coming for His bride soon. Our job is to share the gospel, and get folks saved. Not try and save this dying world. The end has already been written. Jesus wins. Look up for our redemption draweth nigh. Jesus is on the way.

    Amen! 14
  56. Father, I have read through the prayers here and say Amen to each and every one. I pray it would greatly please You to start tipping the bowls Father. We are not stopping, we need Your intervention. At one time, “justice was far from us, and You were appalled that there was no one to intervene…You put on righteousness as Your breastplate and the helmet of salvation on Your head. You put on the garments of vengeance and wrapped Yourself in zeal as a cloak….The Redeemer did come! The covenant you made at that time has not departed from us!
    “And as for me,” says Adonai,
    “this is my covenant with them:
    My Spirit, who rests on you,
    and My words which I put in your mouth
    will not depart from your mouth
    or from the mouth of your children,
    or from the mouth of your children’s children,
    now or ever.”

    Father, I stand on this and ask that Your Spirit would empower all who defend righteousness and Your Word would slay the wicked. In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spririt Amen

    Amen! 26
  57. Dr Levine is confused Because he doesn’t know that Creator God created him a male on purpose and didn’t make a mistake. Dr Levine doesn’t know his creator so is going by his feelings past experiences and the lies of the social media the acceptance of transgender as normal and as a right instead of a dysphoria that needs truth healing snd deliverance.
    We as Christians know truth and our words cannot come in agreement and agree with the enemy of his soul with his confusion thinking he is a she.
    There is power in our words and we should agree with God and refer to him as a male and call him Dr Levine leaving out the Rachel.

    Father forgive us when we agree with the lies of the enemy and give us wisdom so we can pray according to your truth in your word. We Pray against the witchcraft and evil media confusing people calling evil sin as good and good as evil. We pray the fear of God and repentance and revival would return which made America blessed,beautiful and free 🌈Promises of God Restore A nation under God indivisible liberty and justice for all!
    Let Your Righteous restore our nation before sin destroys it.
    We thank you for Senator Rand Paul and we ask you continue to use him to bring truth to our nation. Raise up others who know you and will speak truth. Let your voice be spoken through them and release Angels to protect them and their families as they do.

    We trust and love You
    Thank you for hearing our prayers
    In Christ Alone

    Amen! 29
  58. This is so demonic these people are doing everything to destroy our young children in this Nation we must pray like we never did before God have mercy on this Government.🙏🙏🙏🙏 we really need to cry out to God

    Amen! 25
  59. I am praying and have been. I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around this agenda, that any person with the most basic understanding would even sign on for this. May Almighty God have mercy on us all, protest the innocent and God bless Senator Rand for speaking up for our children.

    Amen! 25
    1. I believe all this wickedness and craziness got in due to the Communist Party. They have been doing this and want to do this to destroy the normal heterosexualnFamily Unit created by God. We need to pray for revival of each person including these govt officials and Dr. Richard Levine. We also need to pray for Communism to be completely destroyed and ripped out of it’s roots.And of these current leaders of this country won’t repent we need to pray for their removal. We should also pray that God will raise up godly Christian leaders who r for the Constitution,respect all lives. Dear Father God, I pray that You please pull down this stronghold of evil with this Equality Act and protect these children bottom this evil.In the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amén.☦️

      Amen! 7
  60. I’m praying that the Lord would block the enemy’s agenda from being accomplished in national and state legislation. May the Lord completely block the plan of the enemy, and may this nation be purified, restored to complete spiritual health with the Lord (including gender identity)! I pray that confusion regarding gender identity would be removed. I pray for a revelation of what really happens, that transgenders would no longer be blinded to the damage of choosing their own gender. I also pray that they would see the blessing of God’s choice for them, and that they would deeply know they are loved and wanted, just as they are.

    The men God has created – are to remain as men, and the women God has created – are to remain as women. May people in this nation have a fresh longing to accept the Lord’s plans for their lives and their gender.

    I pray also for protection over the babies in this nation. I pray that peace, protection, and Your love would rescue the mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy. I pray that Your grace, Your love, Your Spirit would empower them to rise up as followers of Jesus.

    Most importantly, I pray for the men in this nation to know they are capable of being the faithful followers of Jesus. I pray for the fathers in situations they are not ready for – that You, Lord, would open their eyes to Your Word, Your guidance, and Your power. Show them You *are* with them. Help them make choices out of love, and in accordance with righteousness/Your Word. Please Lord, strengthen the family unit in America like never before, oh Lord. We need You!

    Thank you for hearing these prayers, and doing what You see is best.

    I also pray for boldness in the church, to declare the truth. To stand on the Word of God. And to proclaim the right behavior commanded by our Creator.

    Oh Lord, have mercy on us. Have mercy.

    Father, please position people – in the White House, in federal/state government positions, and in positions of influence – that are DETERMINED to obey Your Word. Oh how we need the guidance and leading of Your Word once again in this nation. May Your Word be intentionally declared as the leading foundation of this nation. Oh, please Lord.

    May Your will be done. You know what is best. In Jesus mighty name, I pray all of this!

    Amen! 26
  61. One shouldn’t be confused on their real identity by trying to be someone or something else. When I was a child there were thoughts of being like someone else or something like that person but now as an adult I’m glad for what I have and who I am. I’m not confused.

    Amen! 13
  62. Father,
    “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”
    The enemy has come at this image of God – male and
    female – through abortion and now through transgender
    “doctrine“. In the Mighty Name of Jesus may the Blood of
    Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit and the warring angels come against the enemy and his agenda. You alone are the
    Creator. Block the appointment of Dr. Levine to protect
    America’s children and their families from this evil. May Dr. Levine have an encounter with You and be saved. Thank You for Senator Rand Paul for his bold and courageous stand against this evil. Protect him and his family from any assault of the enemy. Bless and strengthen him and may others join him in this fight against the destruction of America’s
    children. In Jesus Holy and Mighty Name. Amen.

    Amen! 30
  63. Truth:

    Then Adonai answered Iyov out of the storm
    40:2 “Does the critic still want to dispute Shaddai?
    Let him who wants to correct God give an answer!”…
    8 “Are you impugning MY justice?
    Putting ME in the wrong to prove yourself right?
    9 Do you have an arm like God’s?
    Can you thunder with a voice like HIS?
    10 Come on, deck yourself with majesty and dignity,
    robe yourself in glory and splendor.
    11 Let loose your furious anger,
    look at all who are proud, and humble them.
    12 Look at all who are proud, and bring them down;
    tread down the wicked where they stand.
    13 Bury them in the ground together,
    bind their faces in the hidden world.
    14 If you do this, then I will confess to you
    that your own power can save you.

    “And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God require of you, but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in all his ways, to love him, to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and to keep the commandments and statutes of the Lord, which I am commanding you today for your good? Deuteronomy 10:12

    Jesus replied, “The work of God is this: to believe in the One He has sent.” John 6:29

    …But Peter and the other apostles replied, “We must obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”
    United States Oath of Office

    Amen! 9
  64. The radical left are doing everything possible to destroy the American Christian base. The lies, making laws to break the family apart, demolish identity as brother, sister, Aunts Uncle ANY TERM THAT COULD DENOTE GENDER! AND guess what, All lives matter, all people deserve opportunity to work and achieve their they dream of. Bringing in people undocumented, giving g all our AMERICAN peoples tax money to them whilepeoplehere are suffering due to job loss is not only crazy but rocky UNAMERICAN. CHRISTIANS MUST STAND TOGETHER OF ALL RACES! THIS IS A THREAT TO ALL.

    Amen! 20
  65. No mercy should be prayed for an antichrist spirit such as this !! That is complete error , pray for her salvation and deep conviction of heart. The word of God specifically states to Bind the strong man,all principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places wherever this evil rears it’s head in opposition to the truth. We are to stand for Righteousness truth and protect the innocent. This is Shameful and God is not pleased. Pray for mercy of salvation but not to continue in this deception.

    Amen! 24
  66. Father, your Word never changes, you have created us both male and female. You will not be mocked, have mercy on
    them and you will protect our children, open eyes of parents to the truth of you and destroy the enemy!

    Amen! 22
  67. Lord have mercy on America and our children! In you great love for us, forbid this atrocity to come to fruition. Restore sanity, common sense, righteousness & YOU to our country and our government. We love You & invite you to infiltrate, overtake, invade or nation. In Jesus name.

    Amen! 36
  68. This act is the overt work of Satan to destroy life. It is destructive, cruel and ant-life, ani-happiness.
    May God send thousands of his warring angels to assist his people on earth to fight back and act in a righteous manner. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

    Amen! 34
  69. We should care more about parents having the right and responsibility to care for their children than having a transgender person attaining a high political position. God has given parents the responsibility in raising their children not government.

    Amen! 33
  70. Lord, we lift Dr. Rachel Levine up to You. Bind the evil forces that have engulfed her. Sever any agreements she has made with witchcraft and the demonic realm. Invade her very soul and spirit with Your light and draw her to new revelation. Heal any deep wounds that have made her a target for satan’s control. If there is hope for redemption, draw her to You and bring her to salvation. If that is impossible, we ask that You don’t allow her to hold any government office. We do ask that You demolish the agenda and plans to manipulate and control our children. Guard and protect them that they may fulfill their God given destiny. In the mighty name of Jesus.

    Amen! 53
  71. Father; for the sake of those who wander like sheep without a shepherd and would be harmed by this person’s leadership, do not allow this candidate to be confirmed. Please take the blinders away from people’s eyes, and allow them to see the future they are creating and be appalled. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen

    Amen! 60
  72. Lord GOD I pray for protection for Senator Rand Paul and his family. Senator Ted Cruz and his family. For Senator Josh Crawley and his family. For Senator Marsha Blackburn and her family. These leaders that are fighting back against evil. Protect them and give them strength to fight the evil in our government. GOD I pray for a great revival in our country. In Jesus name amen 🙏🇺🇸

    Amen! 84
  73. I’m not not sure the prayer is accurate, there was almost 80 million of us that voted for righteousness, it took corruption of government leaders who don’t care about the voice of the people. There is an uprising going on, we were cheated from getting what we voted for.
    This is the season of Purim, standing up for God’s people, in spite of the threat of your life. May we all feel & believe the same!

    Amen! 39
  74. Father I plead your mercy over our nation and Your truth and LIGHT to permeate the minds of these lost souls. Father You have created ALL of us in Your image and it is not Your will that any should parish. Father I am revolted and disgusted by the things I am seeing, please help me to see these people as you see them, help us as your children to continue to come boldly before your throne and intercede on behalf of these people who’s minds have been twisted by the enemy, Father, open their eyes and give them light to see that they are merely pawns, being used to steal kill and destroy Your creation because his time is short and he knows it, that old serpent, he has ALREADY LOST THE BATTLE, let Your people rise and speak the truth in love with spirit of Boldness🙌🙌🙌. Father set the captives free, break the chains that bind them in their deception and release Your mighty warring angels in Jesus name to wake them from the lies that they are believing!!!! Father I can’t help but think about the awakening you have to Abby Johnson and the fire the Holy Spirit put in her belly to change the hearts minds and lives of so many. Father, do it again. May your Spirit of Grace and Mercy fall upon dr. Levine in Jesus Name, give him eyes to see and a heart to receive Your mercy and forgiveness, in Jesus Name

    Amen! 44
  75. This man is a murderer and should be in prison. He and his crony, Gov Wolf of PA put the sick in with the vulnerable instead of using alternative means of dealing with CV. And then, at the same time, he removed his own mother and put her up in a resort before giving the order which led to over half the deaths in PA from CV. He is mentally incompetent. His “degree” is in child psychology and yet he was put in charge of PAs health during a plandemic…No parent in their right mind would ever take their child to him and his incompetence and, dare I say, his involvement in the inflation of deaths in this state (genocide) gave them the excuse to keep us under totalitarian rule, should be reason enough to keep him out of any more governmental positions. He should be in jail.
    Make no mistake. He was put in his position as SOH in PA because he is friends with our insane and Tyrannical governor and to check a PC box. They used this plandemic to give them more power and I am positive that back door dealings were going on with that usurper, that illegitimate person in the WH. Control the people by inflating the numbers, keep them under lock and key, restrict their movements and bombard them with propaganda, push for mail in ballots, etc and then steal the election. This position is his reward for his involvement in the stolen election.
    This man along with every single person involved in the fraudulent election and the genocide of our senior citizens belong in jail. Not the halls of government.

    Lord, our enemies have said they will overtake us, they will divide us, they will satisfy their lusts upon us. Lord, by your right hand, show forth your glorious power, dash them to pieces. In Your great excellency overthrow those who rise up against You. Show forth your wrath and consume them as stubble.
    Lord, we wait upon you to triumph gloriously over our enemies. We ask that you utterly destroy those who are destroying our country. Torment them day and night with visions, with condemnation, with conviction over their sins. Rain down righteous judgment upon them. Let every plan they have for evil be turned against them. Like you did with the kings and queens of old (Ahab, Jezebel, Nebechednezar, Belshazzar etc), destroy them mentally, physically, emotionally, and politically. If they will not turn from their wicked ways, we call down your righteous anger and judgement upon them. I specifically name biden, harris, pelosi, schumer, wolf, levine, newsom, witmer, aoc, the squad, cuomo, newsom, schiff, clinton, obama, soros, and any other person who has had a hand in this plandemic, the fraudulent and stolen election, the tyranny, the coup, the ungodly and unrighteous policies and legislation being rammed through our government, the censorship of conservatives and those who speak out against these things, those who push for the normalization of the “rainbow” lifestyle, those who are brainwashing our children (from schools, to libraries (drag Queen story hours) to children’s programming) and any other evil and vile agenda from the pit of hell.
    We ask for you to cleanse our country of these evil and vile things and people who are being controlled by their own lusts, greed and and the antichrist spirit.
    Save us, Lord.
    The Israelites did not conquer the Promised Land because they were stronger then their enemies, but because YOU fought for them. Lord God, we ask for you to fight on our behalf and conquer our enemies here in America. Do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.
    Lord God, fight for America.
    Let it be so.

    (From an exasperated and disgusted PA citizen. And I purposely did not capitalize the enemies’ names. I will not even give them that honor or recognition)

    Amen! 60
    1. Dear Amy you said it all. In total agreement with you. If two or more agree in prayer it will be done. As a fellow Pennsylvania citizen I to recognized how evil wolf is and pat tommey too. Pure evil. I am praying with you to have GOD urge two Christian leaders to replace these evil leader that are in our state government. There terms are up in two years. GOD help us! intervene in the corrupt state of Pennsylvania in your name we ask this🙏🇺🇸

      Amen! 26
      1. I live in Chester County and say Amen to your prayers. The Battle is The Lord’s. He has promised that “When the Enemy comes as a Flood, I will raise up a Standard against him. ” remind Our Father of His Word. For we are weak and broken. And when we are weak His strength is made perfect in our weakness. We can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us and lives in us. God save America from the battalions from Hell.

        Amen! 14
      2. I’m praying Mastriano gets in. I’m constantly emailing and calling Toomey. He’s definitely a traitor. I also forgot to add a few other names/items to that list.
        (the censorship of conservatives and those who speak out against these things including FB, Twitter, lifetime, amazon, google, and the many other companies and organizations involved in this massive communist censorship and takeover, the judges who refuse to hear the cases about the fraudulent election, those who threaten the whistleblowers, the lawyers snd the judges, the judges who rule unrighteously, those who have betrayed us including pence, kavenough, and barrett,)

        Amen! 5
    2. I am not from your state but I am praying in agreement as well. We are seeing like things happening in many states. Dear Lord, have mercy on our United States of America. In God We Trust.

      Amen! 12
  76. Lord God, please have mercy on us, and give us the strength and wisdom to successfully defeat these sinful people who seek to turn wrong into right, and depict the righteous as being backwards. I pray for Your guidance for the U.S. Senate to defeat this nomination, and for the U.S. Congress to repent, and show some spine in the face of this leftist program of the violation of Your Law. Help those of us who You have forgiven to understand the nature of the spiritual war that we must wage, and help all of us to put on the full “armor of God” that You list in Ephesians 6. Help us lord, every one of us, to do Your Will. In the Lord Jesus’ Holy Name, I pray this: Amen!

    Amen! 47
  77. Lord – have mercy on this nation. Draw near to this man who is being deceived by the enemy. Thank you for giving Rand the courage to stand for common sense. Make Your people bold as lions in their sphere of influence. Help us all love you more. In Jesus Name.

    Amen! 48
  78. I pray earnestly canceling these abominable nominations in the powerful name of Jesus. I pray loosening God’s hand, removing all such ungodly appointments and legislation in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    Amen! 40

    This demon infested government is trying to make the US into Sodom and Gomorrah. Uproot these evildoers both root and branch, in the mighty name of Jesus!

    Amen! 48
    1. Dear Lord Jesus
      Have mercy on our nation and thank you for Rand Paul who is taking a stand in this that is trying to invading our country. We pray in God to raise up men and women who will take a stand in this evil that wants to take place. Change the hearts of men and women that would support this . God we are asking you to arise and enemies be scattered. Thank you God

      Amen! 38
  80. Thank you, Lord, that you have people in government such as Rand Paul that will stand against the evil that is invading our country. Raise up more godly men and women that will take a stand. Change the hearts of those that would support this. Let God arise! And let His enemies be scattered!

    Amen! 72
  81. Heavenly Father, we pray that this evil against what you have called good would not prevail in our nation. They are exchanging the truth for a lie and walking in great deception. Dr. Levine is being used as a pawn in the hands of satan to promote evil and deceive our nation into accepting such wickedness…exchanging the truth for a lie. Wake up our nation Lord Jesusgive us eyes to see and ears to hear your Holy Spirit speaking to your people to take a stand against such wickedness. May the fear of the Lord fall upon America and a Spirit of true repentence take place in our nation in the Almighty, all Powerful name of Jesus we pray the gates of hell will not prevail in our nation, Amen🙇🏻‍♀️🙇‍♂️🕯

    Amen! 65
  82. Time for the pulpits in America to stand for “biblical values!” If the church doesn’t help shape the culture then we are turning our kids over to demonic influence and values. We need a “Culture Sunday” every month where Pastors teach what is happening and the dangers. We are now in a battle with evil that is raging. STAND and take back out ground! Open the churches and assemble.

    Amen! 58
    1. Well said James. I am in total agreement. I feel impotent in the face of such demonic activities.

      Lord I pray You will turn the tide of this evil that is pervading this land and the world. I pray that You will show us how we can be heard and what we can do practically and how to pray specifically.

      Amen! 18
      1. “When He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp, and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.” Revelation 5:8

        Your prayer blessed me Laura, please know your prayers are being added to these golden bowls and WILL avail much!

        Amen! 4
  83. Lord I praise You as Jehovah-Nissi(Is. 59:19, Exo. 17:13KJV).Lord I lift up Your Name as King of Kings, Mighty Warrior, all Sovereign God over our families, over our Government and our enemies. Lord there is a real enemy behind all that is going on and the root issues and against You and Your creation. So Lord we call on Your will and purpose and TRUTH to overcome, expose, eliminate and take back the ground we have given to the enemy.
    Awaken the hearts of Parents to invest in their children, to see the value of teaching them how to be boys and girls, to embrace the God given gender You chose for them. Lord I surrender this issue of identity, government agenda’s over to You. You are the Way, The Truth and the Life. You are Abba Father, Creator and a Just God. What man means to kill and destroy use to bring Glory to Your name. In Jesus Me I pray. Amen

    Amen! 42
  84. And the Lord said to Satan, “The Lord rebuke you, Satan!….” Zechariah 3: 3.
    Jesus help!
    Jesus said, “Let the little children to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19: 14
    Lord Jesus rescue the children from Satan’s plan and purposes, I ask in the Mighty name of Jesus and the Authority of the Blood of the Lamb, Amen 🙏🏼 So Be It!
    All praises with thanksgiving, honor, blessings, and power to our King of Kings and Lord of Lords for answered prayer.You alone are are worthy. Again, thank you.

    Amen! 39
  85. I live in a retirement community & am constantly appalled that, although they wish to complain, very few will either pray with me or take action. Complacency has taken over our nation. It’s both sad and frustrating. For, our country desperately needs both prayer and action. I do often wonder what to do (besides prayer) to get others involved.

    Amen! 28
    1. Gail, May God give you the strength and encouragement to keep inviting others to pray with you! Keep on and do not grow weary in doing good. I pray this in the name of Jesus~ Amen

      Amen! 20
  86. Lord, this man in a wig, defies who he is. He defies reality. You created man and woman. Whether he has a mental defect or some other malady, I pray for him to be touched by your Holy Spirit and not harm children nor lead them to decisions they will regret.

    Lord, I pray that the US Senate will defeat this detestable bill and protect both women and children.

    Lord, I also pray that you will save our nation from the calamity that is upon us. I trust in you and pray that your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

    Give me a forgiving heart, oh lord, that I may forgive as I have been forgiven. Amen.

    Amen! 49
  87. I pray that the Lord will guide us, his church, to be a light in this country and in this world. To bring Jesus to those around us may we be kind be alert to do what is right and to stand strong in God’s commands, and faithful to Him. In Jesus name amen

    Amen! 39
  88. Satan, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. Spirit of perversion I command you to be gone in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus, I ask that you rise up many many people who are opposed to transgender ideas, hormones, and surgery.

    Amen! 54
    1. Amen and especially those thosngs coming against the children…oh Lord, it would be better for them to have a millstone hung around their necks than to cause these young ones to stumble in their faith and trust in You. YOU PROMISED THEM GOOD FUTURES…do not let the enemy rob them from what You have planned for them. The evil one constantly tells them lies and takes all of their hopes and dreams away. Oh, dear Father, protect them with the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS and in HIS NAME OF SALVATION we pray….SHUT UP THESE MOUTHS THAT SPOUT AND SPEW DARKNESS AND UNTRUTHS AGAINST YOUR WORD AND UPON THE CHILDREN TO DESTROY THEIR IDENTITY AND YOUR ORDER OF THINGS AND cut the tongue of the devil out of him and hang it stretched and twisted to the hilt in the abyss they have created for others… The devil is a liar‼️ TRUTH WILL SET US FREE Amen and \9/HALLELUJAH\o/

      Amen! 4

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