I Prayed have prayed
Lord, our nation has strayed so far. We need You! Please restore us. Please show me how to be a light for You in the midst of the dizzying chaos I see around us. And please help me to see the identity of each person You put in my life as You see them. Please help me to be an agent of Your true and powerful love.

For several years, Big Tech censorship of non-mainstream, conservative, and libertarian views has been increasing. Recently, Facebook banned Australian News and health services–among others.

100 Percent Fed Up reports – According to a leading expert in the field of artificial intelligence search results, Google intentionally skews search results for people around the world.  In 2016, this meant skewing search results in favor of Hillary Clinton to the tune of up to 10.4 million votes.  In 2020, it meant skewing a minimum of 6 million votes–almost certainly away from Trump.  Despite this, Trump won.   That is why so many more irregularities were necessary for a Biden win in the 2020 election.   . . .

In fact, it has only gotten worse; with all conservative voices being censored routinely on Big Tech platforms while President* Biden labels them as white supremacists and domestic terrorists, many Americans are feeling a bit nihilistic about the whole thing. . . .

Do not give up.  People are still fighting.  This includes a few American politicians, like Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida.  It also includes our Western allies across the pond in Poland, a proud, nationalist, and very conservativemoralTrump-supporting country that still remembers the blight of Marxism from Russia and the fascism of Germany. . . .

Fox News Reports:

“Speaking to Fox News, the architect of the law, Deputy Polish Justice Minister Sebastian Kaleta, said social media companies have for too long been targeting conservatives, Christianity, and traditional values by banning them and removing posts and the Polish government is saying “enough!”

“We see that when Big Tech decides to remove content for political purposes, it’s mostly content which praises traditional values or praises conservatism,” he said, “and it is deleted under their ‘hate speech policy’ when it has no legal right to do so.” . . .

Under the new legislation, any platform that bans a user would face fines of $13.5 million unless the content is also illegal under Polish law. An arbitration committee would be set up to oversee disputes.

Tech companies had reached a point where they were deciding what was legal and what was not –, but that was not their role, Kaleta says.

“Freedom of speech is not something that anonymous moderators working for private companies should decide,” he said. “Instead, that is for the national body; duly elected officials and all industries, car, phones, finance — were unregulated till they grew too large — the same should happen with Big Tech.”

He added that the removal of former U.S. President Donald Trump from social media platforms was just another example of Big Tech overreach and set a dangerous precedent.

“It’s very disturbing because if Big Tech sees themselves as an organization empowered enough to ban a sitting president of the U.S., it sends a message to the world –that we can ban anyone, whenever we want,” he added. . . .

If we do not do something quickly, we will end up in the same position Poland was in in the mid-century 1900s:

Poland spent 45 years under communism, and Kaleta says that experience has taught it the value of free speech and that when the country sees these disturbing new trends toward censorship, the red light goes on. . . .

They do not have a moral or constitutional compass; such things are tools to use against the empathy of the host.  They just want to grow like a cancer until they eat their host alive.  Nothing they do is for the people.  We all know how Big Tech is beloved by totalitarian China and caters to their every whim.

But, in India, for example, Facebook caved to the pressure of the Prime Minister to remove 500 accounts that were critical of his leadership:

“Meanwhile, in India, social media is also being curbed by the government but in a very different way: Twitter has caved to the demands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and removed 500 accounts that were being critical of his leadership during recent protests. Twitter relented after its employees in India were threatened with arrest.”

Because Poland has a closer collective memory of the atrocities of socialism, it still recognizes the immediate threat posed by Big Tech and Big Government corporatism that is currently underway.  America, it seems, has been in blissful peace too long and is asleep at the wheel.

Hopefully, Poland’s efforts will awaken this sleeping giant of constitutional principles into constitutional action.

(Excerpt from The Gateway Pundit. Article by Patty McMurray. Photo Credit: Unsplash.)

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March 1, 2021

Lord I pray that we, as a nation, would stand up to the nonsense going on in our country. Help us to stand for our freedoms and help us to be true agents of Your awesome and powerful love. We need You. Restore us and give us the boldness and courage to keep standing for truth. In Jesus name, Amen.

Rev. Ramona Stonecipher
February 27, 2021

I pray God will open the ‘eyes of America’ to the evil that Big Tech is getting by with. I pray God will help them see that this evil touches all citizen! Big Tech loves no one! All are being used and manipulated. I pray the Republican Party and common sense Democrats do what Poland has done NOW! Turn the tables QUICKLY! I ask that God will give our Republican leaders much wisdom, and assurance that He will
light their path as they change this course in history. I pray the evil the Democrats, Big Techs, and Cancel Culture, are bringing on the Republicans, will turn and fall upon them. Hear Your Saints cries, Lord God. Please save America. Please hear our prayers and forgive. Amen.

February 27, 2021

May we the people stand up to this takeover of free speech before it is too late! Rise up, and stand with those who are on God’s side, and He will stand with us. Show us the way, Abba. We need your Spirit’s guidance!

Robert Righter
February 27, 2021

Amen ✅✅‼️

Susan CC
February 27, 2021

Father, please equip Poland and all who will fight “Goliath.” I pray You will create such abundant life in this effort, it will spread world wide. I pray Your victory in all our efforts for Your Glory and our good. In the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen

February 27, 2021

Lord, I pray that people will fact check and find that this skewing of Hilary votes is misinformation. My prayer is that people will always fact check information. I know that you see all of us equally, we each are flawed. Please help our government do more for all and find a way to raise the minimum wage, make sure all have housing, food and healthcare. Each of us are lambs in your flock to be protected and not judged by our brethren for our differences.

    February 27, 2021

    Oh, the present government will do just that – make sure that everyone is taken care of if we sit idly by and allow them to do that. (Note -That was the same promise Venezuela’s present communist government made when it seized power through election rigging over a decade ago. Now they are controlled by tyranny and the citizens of that nation barely survive). It’s called “socialism” and it will be completely on their terms – NOT our needs. And to say that Hillary skewed votes were “misinformation” is like stating that the last election was “legal” even though there is tons of proof it was not. Remember that a court that rejects seeing and hearing evidence does NOT mean that there isn’t any evidence!! Perhaps a little deeper research is in order??
    The government is not here to take care of us. That is not the intended role of government. It never has been. But when the wrong people with the wrong ideology are in charge and trying to force their perverted will upon the people, it’s amazing that people can’t see that. Take some time and really dissect and study some of the bills they want to pass (like HB5)…then go to God’s word and find “support” for the things they are trying to force on America. You won’t find it. Not if you’re doing actual research which takes time.
    It’s not up to our federal government to establish a minimum wage either. That is NOT in the Constitution or any other policy of federal government. It’s up to individual states, corporations, businesses, etc. And God does see each of us equally – that is who He is. But that does not mean everyone “lives equally or thinks the same or owns the same equal amount of possessions or has the same income”. That is largely up to an individual how that is going to happen in a free economic society. (which our present administration wants to do away with!) If that was true, we would see that type of “equalness” woven throughout God’s wordPlease for the sake of accuracy do the research – otherwise your comments are misleading people to believe what isn’t true.

Marty Robinson
February 27, 2021

By God’s infinite grace, I have had the privilege of knowing two
women from Poland. They both displayed such strength of character
and intelligence as well as great appreciation for America and the
privilege of living here in freedom. I am so glad to know of this
effort to defeat the injustice that exists here in God’s America!
Thank You, Lord!

February 27, 2021

Prayer is critical to changing the overreach of big tech. Follow up action is absolutely necessary on the part of people. Follow up action is probably harder for most than prayer.
Consider that big tech basically oversees almost every element of daily life… according to their rules, not yours. When they “fact check” any post, those “checkers” are paid companies employed by the SocMed or tech giants. They do this through their own designed algorithms and sometimes liberal leftist people who once in awhile are actually checking content. But it’s mainly an algorithm pre-programmed to target your scientific or truthful post. Sometimes it will just delay or severely restrict your post from being seen. All in all, there are multiple methods they employ to ensure that truth, facts, exposure, science, etc. DO NOT see the light of day. When anyone or anything exercises that type of control, it’s a “monopoly”. It’s criminal and parallels what “mafia or cartel” organizations do or have done. You, your families, our nation, elections, etc. are being affected “daily”.
We must (it’s not optional!) reach out to legislators who care about changing this and bringing forth new laws in local, state & federal that restrict, oversee and punish through large fines any corporations that continue to violate your first amendment rights – which they are presently doing every minute of the day. Reach out to lawmakers that you know want to change this. Those people may not even be in your district but it doesn’t matter – we have to get behind them and support them in any way possible. Some of you live in areas represented by people who DON’T care – they love the idea that Big tech is dishonest and helps to keep them in power. Be relentless but professional with those people. Demand answers from them why they aren’t doing something to change the Sect. 230 law that tech companies hide behind. If we aren’t forceful and persistent, then we will not see changes and that’s on our shoulders. You will run into resistance from certain Goliath lawmakers who don’t want to rattle the big tach cage. They represent you, so demand action and do not accept no or “PC” answers or replies from them.

Elizabeth Crouse
February 27, 2021

Lord, I ask you to bind all the evil and wrong going on in America. Laws are being passed that are against Your Word and bringing down America. Help us. Our trust is in You, not their power and things being passed that are not according to your will.

February 27, 2021

We will either wake up NOW and fight with all we’ve get (and that is plenty with our Advocate, the Holy Spirit) or we will succumb to the enemy of life, liberty and Godliness. I pray that we, a once great nation, will not let the Evil One have his way with America. This is not a rehearsal. This is real life happening before our very eyes at warp speed. Please, fellow warriors, we must do our part to save our country now.

Guide us dear Heavenly Father.

February 27, 2021

I am very proud of Poland, I also very proud to be a descendent of this country. May GOD bless this country and it’s leadership. I pray for the other European countries to follow suit. The only way to defeat the big tech evilness is to stop the power they have. With Biden in office in America it is better for other countries to start the lead. And maybe China influence in our country will suffer and we can also block and defeat high tech censorship. GOD please help us, and we pray for blessings for our country and our children and grandchildren and future generations. In your name amen 🙏🇺🇸

Maria Fillyaw
February 27, 2021

I pray oh Lord that we will not be deceived by this evil that is going on in our country. Grant us wisdom understanding and direction I pray. Help us your people to stand strong and faithful to you to be a light that shines for Jesus in your name I pray Lord Jesus God Amen

CeCe Browne
February 27, 2021

Thank you, Poland. I hope other countries will quickly follow suit.


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