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Father, we pray that You would help all Christians across the nation to never forget the power of just one vote. Bring Your fire to the midterms, God!
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How much does one vote really matter? Bunni Pounds, President of Christians Engaged, explains just how important a single vote can be.

From The Stream. I cast my vote – my 1 vote – among over 4,227,631 Texans that had gone to the polls by Thursday evening the second week of early voting. (Source: Ryan Data and Research)

Who is praying on the wall?


Every time I go to the polls, I have this sinking feeling and thought that plagues my mind – “Does my vote really matter among all of these people?”

Now – what is crazy about that thought is – I mobilize Christian voters for a living. …

I think about the effects of voting every day and yet I, even I, like many other Christians had the enemy whisper in my ear, “Does this act of casting a single vote really matter?” …

Do the Math

Here at Christians Engaged we are now communicating this week with over 75,000 people on this midterm election in only our 3rd year of ministry. People all over the nation are continuing to take our pledge to vote in every election. Partnering with national ministrieswe can shift voting patterns all over our nation. Do the math on that!

If we reach my 2024 goal (No, I don’t sleep!) to be impacting over 1 million people by the Presidential election with our communication system and if they start voting in EVERY election and voting biblical values – I thrill to think about that national impact. At 120 votes per person through their lives – that has the potential to be 120 billion votes cast over 60 years.

That’s the exponential impact one person can have on our nation by just moving people to vote – not just in this Midterm election but EVERY election for the rest of their lives. We can change our country for the better.

The significance of just one vote, one voice, is huge. I must turn off that lying voice of Sloth inside my head and you must too.

For the Want of a Nail

In a 2020 U.S. Congressional Runoff in Texas, Tony Gonzalez beat Raul Reyes, Jr. by only 45 votes – 12,342 (50.1%) versus 12,297 (49.9%).

In 2007 in the city of Kaufman, Dr. William Fortner beat incumbent mayor Paula Bacon by only 1 vote – 285 to 284. I nicknamed him “one vote mayor.”

Remember the 2000 Presidential Election? George W. Bush won the electoral college with 271 votes to Gore’s 266 but lost the popular vote by 500,000 votes. The final official Florida count gave the state to Bush by only 537 votes. Those 537 Floridians made the difference and affected the nation forever.

Can you imagine if those people in Florida had listened to that doubting voice in their head and stayed home? …

Why Don’t Christians Do Better?

Do you know that people that call themselves “born again Christians” nationwide (whether they are Catholic or Protestant) only vote at a 2% higher rate than the country at large? (Source: George Barna 2016 report)

There is not much difference between us and the general public. This should not be! …

Make a plan now to vote your informed conscience on Tuesday by adding a reminder to your calendar. Then we need to make a commitment to vote in every election for the duration of our life. …

Will you be voting in the midterms? Share your prayers and scriptures for the election below!

(Excerpt from The Stream. Photo Credit: Casey Robertson on Unsplash)

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November 8, 2022

Lord, let your PROVIDENCE be in full effect today! Our government is upon Your shoulders; you will raise up godly leaders, Cyrus leaders, leaders with integrity, wisdom, and humility.
“Providence, Providence
See it laying down the cornerstone
The Hand of Providence – oh, it’s evident
We could never make it on our own
Apportioning the power,
Weighing all that it entails;
Giving us the fulcrum
And a balance to the scales!

Oh, the Hand of Providence
Is guiding us through choices that we make.
Oh, the Hand of Providence
Is reaching out to help us on our way…” -‘Providence’ lyrics by Michael W. Smith

November 8, 2022

Of course I voted! Brave men and women paid in blood for me to have the right and privilege to vote so it is my responsibility to vote for candidates who follow Biblical standards. God have your way in these elections and in your mercy save our nation! 2 Chronicles 7:14

    Laura K
    November 8, 2022

    Absolutely! Many suffered that we may vote.
    Lord, let each one use his/her voting right to make their point of view and candidates known.


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