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Father, we pray that You would bless the ballot initiatives in Kentucky and Montana. Additionally, God, we ask that You strike down the ballot initiatives in California, Michigan, and Vermont. Protect the unborn!
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The fight between pro-life and pro-choice American rages on in five states as ballot initiatives. Let’s pray that life is protected.

At the bottom of this post is a video that has the power to change views on abortion. It is not religious or political–it is just fact, based on one man’s story. Warning: the video is graphic although animated. 

From Catholic League. In August, voters in Kansas turned back an effort to amend the state constitution: it would have declared there is no right to an abortion. Now voters in five other states will decide to expand or contract abortion rights.

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Pro-life activists in Kentucky hope to do what the voters in Kansas decided against, making sure there is nothing in the state constitution that creates a right to abortion or requires government funding of abortions.

Voters in Montana will decide whether to legalize selective infanticide. To be specific, the ballot initiative states that infants born alive are legal persons and therefore cannot be denied medical care. …

California voters will decide if their state constitution should be amended to ensure that the state cannot restrict abortions for any reason. California bishops have spoken out against Proposition 1, saying it would provide for late-term abortions …

If Proposition 3 in Michigan succeeds, it means the evisceration of parental rights; it would invalidate state law and allow minors to get an abortion without the consent of one of their parents. It would also allow for abortion at any time of pregnancy and do away with all abortion regulations. Michigan bishops have branded it the “most extreme proposal” the nation has ever seen.

Vermont already has very liberal abortion laws. On the ballot is a provision, Proposal 5, that would ensure abortion-on-demand right up until the moment of birth. …

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(Excerpt from Catholic League. Photo Credit: Maria Oswalt on Unsplash)

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November 6, 2022

Four little words, “life begins at conception” can make a big difference.
Jesus , You loved the little ones. How can we not love them as well. But the world You made, in the hands of sinners, has turned the beautiful into the ugly.
Please put a stop to these ungodly ballot votes and turn the heart and the mind of enough voters to stop the murdering of the unborn in these states.
I pray for those deceived minds who think they can be god in the lives of the unprotected.
May the Father be merciful to those who take His role and bring them to repentance, forgiveness, and salvation. For we serve a gracious and forgiving God.
In Christ, amen

Grant Windholz
November 5, 2022

ALWAYS protect the unborn!! Stand for God’s truth, faith and honor with the Ten Commandments. It has never been a political issue like it has been since Roe vs. Wade in 1972. We as people don’t judge others but only God is the judge when it comes to the value of life.

November 4, 2022

I live in Michigan. It is my fervent prayer that we defeat Proposal 3. God has said, “I put before you this day a choice between life and death. Therefore, choose life and blessing, that your children might live.” The other option is death and cursing, which we don’t want! We pray for life and blessing, in Jesus name. Amen.

November 4, 2022

Father God I lift up all the women that are contemplating abortion change their hearts give him the people that will help them through either keeping the baby or giving it up for adoption to a beautiful family Lord put complete restrictions on abortions this is barbaric murder We the People want to see abortion completely demolished we know how much you love your unborn babies we know how much you are not pleased with what is going on giving awareness to all these states that no known better in Jesus name I pray

Pat Jordan
November 4, 2022

O Lord God have mercy and forgive us as a nation for purposely destroying life, how our hearts have grown so cold, I just don’t understand. Help Lord Jesus, open the eyes that have been blinded to Truth.

Dona Schmidt
November 3, 2022

Father, You are the creator of life and we are asking that every state would cause abortion, the killing of babies, be be outlawed. Father, You see the lawlessness of many states who have undermined Your will and taken life for granted. Help us Lord to win the battle of life in these 5 states that have outrageous proposals to adopt abortion. Lord, we ask for righteousness to be exalted in these states. In Jesus precious name!

marlene bickel
November 3, 2022

(A woman is getting an ultrasound)
My body, my choice, right? Uh, but this is your baby’s body. ( a cartoon)
a picture is worth a thousand words………


Carole Ann Neve
November 3, 2022

God bless the babies in the mother’s womb. Father God, keep the babies safe from the abortion providers and they should enter the world in a better place and time in Jesus’ mighty name. Please pray Psalm 91 for protection over the mother’s and their babies in Jesus’ mighty name.

J. Sparks
November 3, 2022

I am Pro-Choice AND Pro-Life.
Impossible you say?
Let me explain.I believe abortion should have limitations. Rape, incest, protect mother’s health and limited to a certain number of weeks. Meaning after so many weeks you can not get one legally and before you squawk about putting the baby up for adoption be reminded there be another foul agency in that mix called DCF who rake in millions of government funding and adoption laws in America are atrocious.
Having been in places where one has no rights (yes, here in America) I am against any one forcing others to do as they want them to do. I was in my 20’s when Roe-v-Wade was granted by the Supreme Court. It was never meant to evolve into “Abortion on demand. No apologies. No exceptions”. Back in their beginning years Planned Parenthood did not receive money from the government unless one could PROVE they were not able to pay for one without suffering hardship and they were relatively cheap back then. Paper work to get approved was several inches thick. Practically had to tell the fed agency how many times you used the bathroom and how many sheets of buttwipe you used when you did.
Nor was PP about healthcare. When I accompanied a young lady I knew (not in that way) to PP to get the prenatal care she needed but could not afford, we were politely told they weren’t involved in “that kind” of healthcare.They were all about abortion and nothing else.
I am pro-life because I do not believe in killing a child (yes a child) simply because you don’t want it. I believe you, and whoever you laid with, should have used any of the numerous preventative products available. Because you, for whatever reasons, did not and you got knocked up. Not talking rape or incest here.
Truth is, as a taxpayer, I had no part in your getting pregnant I should not have tax dollars paying for your getting it. That financial burden IS the responsibility of you and whomever you laid with. He don’t want to or you don’t know him because he was only a one night stand (yes, it happens) then pay for it yourself. Not financially capable? Then keep your damn panties on!
Or use one (or more) preventative products out there. Can’t afford that?
Then abstain.
Or put the kid up for adoption. It is a choice available despite the notorious reputation many DCF’s have.
Pro-choice is a choice, but wanting tax payers to foot the bill for your abortion(s) isn’t because you’re wanting the millions of those to be party to your desire to DISMEMBER your unwanted child and that’s not giving those that believe EVERY life matters a choice at all.
Yes, D&C abortions were around in the early 70’s
Because Planned Parenthood relies on tax payer dollars to do their bloody service of “Abortion on demand. No apologies. No exceptions.”
Bottom line for me is be responsible. Need an abortion? Pay for it your damn self. Or keep your undies on. Or use preventative products if you can’t. Can’t afford them? Keep your undies on.
Just keep myself and millions of other pro-life tax payers the hell out of a problem that doesn’t have to be one if you acted more responsibly.
Because we sure as Hades had nothing to do with your getting pregnant in the first place.
Okay . . . nuff said.

Darlene Estlow
November 3, 2022

Forgive us Father! Change our hearts! Give us repentance. May people be elected that will fight for the life of the unborn. We thank you for babies, for children. Fill our nation with these precious gifts and fill us with your love for them.

Mike Williamson_PhD
November 3, 2022

About Abortion
The twisted idea that a woman must be free to choose an abortion to protect her health is an abomination, as if that excuse justifies killing the living human being she carries. Where is the scientific evidence that 63 million pregnant women would have died or had serious health issues without aborting? The facts contradict such a presumption.
In 2019, the CDC reported 3,750,000 live births in the U. S., and 700 woman died due to the pregnancy or the delivery, of which 60 percent could have been prevented. Every woman who decides to abort due to the fear of death or some other deleterious effect at delivery or later has fallen victim to a lie.
Since Roe vs. Wade was decided to be a Constitutional right, by a majority of 1 in 1973, over 63 million babies have been murdered. A majority of 1 Justice, where the vote was 5 to 4, should not be tolerated where no law was passed to be interpreted and that 1 vote resulted in the death of 63 million human beings and counting.
For every one of the deliberately aborted fetuses, people have blood on their hands, the expectant mother of course, the Justices who voted in favor of the case, members of the Planned Parenthood organization, and everyone who affirmed, or encouraged the decision to abort. In most situations the responsible “choice” should have been made 9 months earlier to have avoided pregnancy.

November 3, 2022

All I can say is that’s sad and heart breaking. I do find it hard to believe that these clinics that perform the abortion procedures are unaware of what there doing though. Maybe some but most of them are fully aware and sadly I’m not sure if they really care. For those individuals we need to pray that God opens their eyes and snap them out of whatever it is that may be binding them. As for like the doctor in the video and several others who literally had no idea at the time but do know I praise God for allowing them to see the truth while also praying that God would comfort them and heal their broken hearts.

Laura K
November 3, 2022

That is so heart rendering, so heart breaking; and to see this vividly portrayed and to listen to Kevin Sorbo tell the horrific story causes such tearful emotions. How can doctors, of all people, do this to these babies? How can anyone advocate for this evil practice to continue?

Lord God have mercy on these helpless babies and keep them safe in Your loving arms and loving care.

Lord bring justice for all of these murdered innocents and bring wrathful vengeance to those who perpetrate these heinous acts. As Your word declares ‘Vengeance is mine says the Lord. I will repay’

November 3, 2022

We have a shot to defeat proposal 3 and the other 2 in Michigan. https://rumble.com/v1obimv-michigan-proposals-information-on-ballot-110822.html Just have to educate people!

Dean Basinger
November 3, 2022

I had to look away from the video. Life begins in the womb as it clearly says in the Bible. Abortion is not acceptable, period.

Susan CC
November 3, 2022

Psalm 37
David’s instructions to his son Solomon:
Do not fret over evildoers
Trust in the Lord
Delight in the Lord
Commit to the Lord
Be still before the Lord
Refrain from anger
Wait for the Lord

Dear Heavenly Father, I believe Your word. “The wicked (always) scheme against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them but You laugh seeing that their day is coming.” Abortion has destroyed too many innocent lives. Too many! I am following David’s example, I will be courageous in my trust You. You are my delight. I commit this need (and all) to You. I will be still before You and not fret for You will strike down these plans and bless the ones for life. I wait for You to deliver and save all these little ones from death. Though the wicked are planning evil, I pray You will remove them from power or let them be condemned under judgment. It is a (dreadful, terrifying, terrible, fearful) thing to fall into the hands of The Living God. My prayer is joined with all others who believe in You, The Living God. My prayer is joined with all who seek protection in Your Mighty Hands, in the Name of Jesus and in Holy Spirit Power. Amen

It is a (dreadful, terrifying, terrible, fearful) thing to fall into the hands of The Living God.


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