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LORD, bring an end to this wickedness that threatens our children. They're suffering, and so are we. Forbid this to continue.
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Maryland’s General Assembly recently passed the Trans Shield Act (SB119), a bill to protect medical providers, school officials, and parents who choose to be part of the “trans surgery” mutilation of children.

Join others crying out to the Lord day and night.


The bill awaits Gov. Wes Moore’s signature. Observers expect the bill will be signed — and even celebrated by the governor. In 2023, Maryland codified this access for minors, plus taxpayer funding, and aggressive protections — but the Trans Shield Act is even more aggressive. Its backers are excited about Maryland’s becoming the 12th state to codify trans-affirming “care,” allowing people from other states to obtain “treatment” in Maryland without restrictions on age, proof of parental consent, or limitations to Medicare/Medicaid funding.

Nationwide, opponents have sounded the alarm on how these loosely written laws will only embolden kidnappers, pedophiles, and traffickers by enabling them to skirt child-protection laws merely by crossing state lines into “sanctuary” states. In the present Maryland case, Republican amendments to ban treatments for minors and require notarized parental/guardian consent were rejected.

On yet another of the many fronts of this “trans” movement, Wisconsin’s governor has chosen to veto a bill protecting real women in sports, saying the bill “fails to comport to our Wisconsin values,” despite the bill’s having passed both chambers of the Wisconsin legislature. Debate around this subject has exploded in the past few years, and Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has taken an adamant pro-trans stance.

As reported in The Christian Post“Democrat Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has vetoed a bill that, if passed, would prohibit men who identify as women from participating in scholastic sports designated for girls. Evers announced on Tuesday that he had vetoed Assembly Bill 377, a measure passed by the Republican-controlled Wisconsin Legislature and presented to Evers last week. ‘This type of legislation, and the harmful rhetoric beget by pursuing it, harms LGBTQ Wisconsinites’ and kids’ mental health, emboldens anti-LGBTQ harassment, bullying, and violence, and threatens the safety and dignity of LGBTQ Wisconsinites, especially our LGBTQ kids,’ stated Evers in his veto message.”

Evers goes on to claim that he’s championing a safe, inclusive environment, and he boasts that it will remain so as long as he remains in office.

Bad as these things sound, all is not lost. Even now 24 states maintain some level of a ban against so-called “gender-affirming” experimentation, particularly for minors. Some states have already passed laws protecting the athletic integrity of women’s sports. But of course, there’s still much to be done in this conflict against transgender ideologies.

Once again, those holding to this (essentially religious!) LGBTQ+ agenda have proved unwilling to even consider the grave consequences of their militantly evil actions. This is more than political; this is spiritual. So, let’s amp up our prayers, supplications, intercessions, and appeals to heaven for God to bring an end to these depraved and demonic practices — and for His removal of every complicit adult from any level of access or authority.

Children and hurting youth deserve no less.

It’s not a “trans” shield that children need — it’s God’s shield. Please pray in the comments below.

(Photo Credit: Karollyne Videira Hubert on Unsplash)

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April 14, 2024

Father we rebuke this terrible evil assault on our children!! In Jesus’s Name we command that there be no more lies perpetuated against them with no credible evidence or proof to back up the atrocities. God, our children belong to us and to YOU dear Lord!! A stand was taken yesterday in state capitals and in Washington D. C. May this stand against the evil being done against our children continue to grow in number and in strength. Amen!! 🧑🏽‍🦱👧👦🏼👩🏼👨🏼‍🦱👩🏻‍🦰

Ann Shaw
April 14, 2024

Almighty Father and Creator, grant us wisdom to celebrate how you created us, male and female. Enable us to rejoice and discover you in who we are.
In Jesus’s name Amen

Maryjo Coleman
April 13, 2024

This article is especially bemoaning as Governor Tony Evers is my governor in WI. WI IFA has been praying for him since we became a prayer group in March 2022. And he is a former WI State Superintendent in the Public School System – labor union enforced. Very challenging and aggravating!

Thank you for helping me understand about the God shield needed and necessary for our children! It especially apparent as I attended the “Don’t Mess with Our Kids” event today that we must stay strong in our prayers and faithfulness to support each other in God’s truth. Let us keep pushing in for the freedom for our children.

Darlene Estlow
April 13, 2024

Father, I thank you for states that have banned this horrific procedure for children and for their actions to protect women in sports. I pray your Holy Spirit would touch people’s hearts to see the truth and to fight for it.

Grant Windholz
April 13, 2024

That’s all Satan wants to bring into the minds of our youth is chaos and confusion. He obviously hates mankind because each and every one of us are born in the image of God the Father! Prayer and constant faith in Him, give him the glory!!

Zoe Ella
April 13, 2024

Any surgery or medical or school practice for kids should require parental consent. To deny this is to take one step further towards state control of people. Children then do not belong to families but to the state, and everyone must support and obey the state. Completely objectionable, horrific. This is a current subversive push for change on every level, to submit everyone to a one-world state controlled entity, wherein people no longer have rights, just privileges granted by the state when they agree with the state. We are in a transition period wherein that will be our future, or something else. All hands on deck – unless you don’t care what happens.

April 13, 2024

It is written, “Thus saith the Lord GOD, It shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass.” in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

April 13, 2024

This evil must STOP. Holy Spirit convict the hearts of men turn their hearts back to you. Evil never makes sense never has this comes from the pit of hell. Rob steal destroy and all lies. Satan was defeated on the cross through our Lord Jesus. I will continue praying because VICTORY is ours. In the powerful name above every name JESUS!!

Julie Warren
April 13, 2024

I live in MD and recently read an article about the “roots” of corruption that run deep in Maryland. Recently, a very important bridge at a very busy water port collapsed. It is a port that I learned, a few years ago, may be used by the sex traffickers to remove our children and citizens to other countries for sex slavery. So it is no wonder that the governor would be enthusiastic about this bill. He is part of the administration of death and they are doing all they can to “normalize” their perversion.
I declare that the Lord will expose ALL that is going on in Maryland that is wicked, perverse, and unrighteous.
I declare that the people of Maryland will rise up and fight for righteousness.
I decree that God is purifying/cleansing the state of Maryland by taking an ax to the root of the sin that has taken hold here.
I pray that those in the seats of authority in Maryland will repent and turn from their wicked ways or be removed from their positions by the Lord and replaced with righteous men and women.
I pray that the Ekklesia will rise up in unity under the authority of Jesus, and uses that authority to restore righteousness again.
Our young people need the Ekklesia to champion them now more than ever. We have been given the victory through Jesus so it is time that we possess the land again for His glory!

April 13, 2024

I don’t understand this any more than I do the clamoring to kill innocent babies. How is this not child abuse in the worst form. Parents and politicians who are allowing this to go on are so sick. A child is not capable of making a decision like this for themselves, and parents are supposed to be the ones to guide and direct their child. (Train them up in the way they should go) You would not let a child decide to cut off its hand or arm because they didn’t want to learn to write or at 6 or 7 say they didn’t want to go to school anymore. So why are parents allowing children who for the moment are confused or critical of themselves morph into something they are not, when they have not developed mentally to the point of being sure about anything? God please intervene. Help parents realize the harm they are doing to their children. Help them not to listen to medical professionals who are only trying to turn their children into lifelong patients so they can line their pockets with proceeds from the medications, surgeries and mental health visits that later become necessary. God I pray that parents will wake up and that they and their children will instead of seeking comfort in the madness of this world will come to you and be saved. I pray Father your will be done in this and every situation. In the Mighty Name of Jesus, AMEN

April 13, 2024

HEAVENLY FATHER, in the NAME of JESUS, forgive them… the instigators and the transitioners don’t know what they are doing! So many of the harms of transgendering are coming to light, Continue to raise up detransitioner’s and open platform’s for them to spread the truth. In this culture of WOKE hostility, send the Holy Spirit to give people courage to affirm YOU as CREATOR, and expose the futility of these schemes. Fill Christians with compassion for those struggling with gender issues and set a guard over our mouths that we would not mock or later jeer “I told you so!” Bring revival to our country , beginning in every individual heart, rekindling every Christian home and then resuscitating every Christian church. Fill us up and make us unapologetically. overflow with JESUS, the HOPE OF THE WORLD!!

    Marie Corn
    April 13, 2024

    I am praying in agreement with you. I pray for all the children who are being confused, enticed, and I ask that our God turn the hearts of those who are abusing children with “affirming care” to repent and, if they do not repent, Lord restrain the evil and save the children. I pray God’s mercy on those in power to change policies and If they are willing to repent, I fervently desire they should be forgiven, but, if they do not repent , I pray for their removal from office and one who fears God to take his place.


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