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Heavenly Father, we stand against the lies about gender, sexuality, and what it means to be human in our culture. We ask You for a divine reversal of America's evil obsession with sexual sin.
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The rise in gender-affirming medical interventions for minors is one of the worst “epic” medical scandals that the world has ever seen. But there is a bold, new David standing up to this Goliath-like pressure for a showdown in the heavenlies this weekend.

On Saturday, April 13, people are fasting and gathering under the hashtag #DONTMESSWITHOURKIDS to rise up to say, “Enough is enough.” Intercessors will meet at all 50 state Capitol buildings and the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. to prayerfully push back against this multifaceted social and medical scandal in our nation. The gatherings will take place between 1-3 p.m. local time in every state with some states beginning with a pre-rally worship at 12:30 p.m.

One of the primary goals of the event is to present testimonies of tragedies and transformation stories to wake up those who have ears to hear and draw those who might be hungry for the truth. Chloe Cole, a “former trans kid” who detransitioned and now advocates against gender ideology, will speak at the event in Sacramento, California. Similar speakers will share at other state capitol buildings about how they came to reject the lies which once had such a hold over their lives. 

IFA will be there too! Representatives from many of our IFA state prayer groups will be on assignment in the following capital cities, several of them leading prayer.

Albany, New York
Annapolis, Maryland
Atlanta, Georgia
Austin, Texas
Boise, Idaho
Boston, Massachusetts
Carson City, Nevada
Columbia, South Carolina
Concord, New Hampshire
Des Moines, Iowa
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Hartford, Connecticut
Jefferson City, Missouri
Lansing, Michigan
Madison, Wisconsin
Montgomery, Alabama
Nashville, Tennessee
Phoenix, Arizona
Pierre, South Dakota
Sacramento, California
St. Paul, Minnesota
Tallahassee, Florida
Topeka, Kansas
Trenton, New Jersey

Who is leading this movement?

One of the women at the heart of this movement is Naomi van Wyk, a spokesperson who rejoices that God set her free from a same-sex relationship more than 20 years ago. Naomi told IFA about the movement’s inspiring Peruvian origin in the webcast linked below, and she made clear “We love the LGBTQ [community] … but we are taking a stand against the ideology and the agenda. That is a demonic, evil spirit.” 

Naomi and her team chose the date of the event (4/13) based on Esther 4:13-14 where Mordecai encourages Esther to advocate for the deliverance of the Jews, warning her not to keep silent. “It’s our Esther-Mordecai moment,” Naomi said, revealing how the team discovered only two weeks ago that the timing nearly coincides with the LGBTQ “day of silence” which is April 12th this year but was April 13 last year. On this day, students are encouraged to remain silent at schools and universities to demonstrate for the LGBTQ community. Naomi believes the date of #DONTMESSWITHOURKIDS is God’s plan and timing for “mama bears” around the nation to take a public stand to rescue America’s children.

During the same Thursday webcast on April 11, Christian Post’s investigative reporter Brandon Showalter explained the spiritual roots of the transgender movement and how America got here. He blamed the tragedy on the enormous amount of institutional pressure placed on children to second-guess their biological sex, enabled by the media’s tendency to gaslight any commonsense opposition from parents. These pressure points, Brandon says, are engineered from the top down and entrenched with money in high places. You can watch the compelling broadcast here:

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the security of all 51 events on April 13 as some have threatened to show up at various Capitol buildings to protest the gatherings. Pray Isaiah 54:17 (CSB), “no weapon formed against you will succeed.”
  • Pray for revival to come from the LGBTQ community; for many to be healed and saved.
  • Pray for no rain at the event and for all the state captains and teams coordinating the logistics to keep their eyes on the Lord. May He multiply their efforts (John 6:1-14).
  • Pray for the stranglehold on the press to lift and for journalists’ consciences to be pricked. Pray for a “green light” on stories that tell the truth and exposure of perversion.
  • Pray for a softening of the hearts of the billionaires who fund the LGBTQ movement; for God to convict them of their greed and expose those who are profiting from transgenderism.
  • Pray for a return to science, and for good doctors and nurses to reject the nonsense (and greed) of “transgender medical intervention.”
  • Pray for the Lord to bring cleansing to this nation and widespread cultural pushback.
  • Pray for divine intervention–for God to miraculously shield our nation’s children and grandchildren from the arrows of the enemy–and for the dismantling of an ideology that pits children against their parents.
  • Give thanks to the Lord that the daytime talk show Dr. Phil was willing to explore the gender pronoun debate with honesty and scrutinize this issue with people who are critical of transgenderism. Pray that there would be more of this.
  • Give thanks for godly legislators who have worked tirelessly to move the needle and pass laws that strengthen the family and protect parental rights. (Over 20 states have passed bans or restrictions on gender transitions for young people. In Missouri, gender clinics have closed.)
  • Give thanks for detransitioners who are raising their voices.
  • Give thanks that five European countries have restricted hormone treatment for adolescents. Pray that more national leaders would take note and follow.
  • Give thanks for U.K. Pediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass’ boldness in stating that youth gender treatments are “built on shaky foundations.” Pray for more pediatricians to speak up and protect children.

Find out more about the April 13, 2024 events at #DONTMESSWITHOURKIDS. For more indepth coverage of the topic, check out these resources: Generation Indoctrination: Inside the Transgender Battle (christianpost.com) and Home | Dead Name (deadnamedocumentary.com)

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Photo credit: IFA.

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April 20, 2024

Approximately 1 week before his 30th birthday our son, who lives in another city, texted us that he was transgender and had been taking female hormones for almost 2 years. He asked us to take our time processing this information before talking to him about it. We responded by text that we love him. That’s all. When he came home for his birthday (which he celebrated with his friends at one of their homes using a “mermaid” theme), we didn’t talk to him about his sinful life choices because we expected him to have his defenses up. A few weeks later, we asked him when he was coming back home. He responded that it would be a long time. Shortly after that, I drove to his town to visit him. I planned to ask him why he thought he was transgender, but he refused to see me or even talk to me. While I was there, he sent me a text telling me to leave his city immediately. He told his sister that he was mad at us because we were “ignoring” him. He grew up in a close-knit Christian home. Now, he won’t visit or talk to us other than an occasional text replying to his mom that he is okay when she tells him that she is worried about him. We are heartbroken for him because we know he is not rejecting us but he is rejecting our God.

I pray for him and others in the same situation: Heavenly Father, please remove the scales from their eyes and show them that You loved the world so much that, despite their rejection of You as their God and Creator, You sent Your Son to die for our sins and You will never reject anyone and You welcome everyone into Your Heavenly Kingdom if we repent and accept Your forgiveness of our sins. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, we ask this. Amén.

Octavia Drigo
April 14, 2024

I have been waiting a long time for parents to rise up and put a stop to this nonsense. Go parents go!

April 14, 2024

Let stand for rightous of God

Kathy Emahiser
April 13, 2024

Father, I ask you to open the eyes of those who are pushing transgenderism. Let them see that they are believing a lie from Satan. Open their eyes to the truth. Visit them in their dreams over and over again. I also pray for their salvation Lord. Thank you Father, in Jesus name, amen.

Ellen Hoffman
April 13, 2024

I was slated to go today. My husband and I had our Grandchildren spend the night on Friday. As things go, my daughter and son in laws vehicle died so she couldn’t pick up the kids. They were able to go, I volunteered to keep the kids and stay and pray from home. Thank the Lord, they met in Madison, WI, the pro-transgenderism people showed up. They were loud, obnoxious and used bad language. One had a gun strapped across his T-shirt. The transgender supporters were outnumbered by the save our kids crowd and the police were all professional and did their jobs, and kept everyone safe. I was thankful no one was hurt. My son in law told me they were trying to stir up the crowd. Didn’t happen. God is so good!

Linda Hunt
April 13, 2024

Thank you so much to all those who are rising up in meetings and prayers against this Transgender movement. I am joining with you in prayer for the Holy Spirit’s presence, protecting our nation’s sovereignty, bringing us back to God, no WHO treaty and protecting all of our Supreme Court Justices and their families, keeping them true to God’s laws.

Ron Glenn Deere
April 13, 2024

Transitioners forget one thing. Let’s say that the Lord created a person as a man, but he wanted to be a woman for whatever reason. He can cut off his genitals and “paste” on breasts, BUT there are a trillion of his cells screaming that he is a male.
Surely, there have been medical advancements, but I sincerely doubt that there will EVER be a way for trillions of cells to be changed.
The individual needs to be aware that there WILL BE challenges on BOTH sides of the gender divide, but they are different. God gives grace to the one who will press though the challenges of his/her own gender, trusting in the Lord to give grace and wisdom to proceed with righteousness.

Lemonia Safefis
April 13, 2024

Leave our kids alone how God made them Amen 🙏

Marianne Allen
April 13, 2024

Good reading, prayers. Thank you. For more encouragement on these topics, read “A Letter to America Church” by Eric Metaxas

Ann Bardell
April 13, 2024

On my way with two others and two kids to Olympia Washington!
May the future be impacted for the Glory of God!

Sandra Cameron
April 13, 2024

Lord Jesus, thank you for our children and our grandchildren! Fill each home with parents that seek wisdom, direction from you on how to raise their children. You are the truth, the way and the life. Give them discernment to know when evil abounds and the courage to cast it out, in Jesus name,! Lord Jesus move more young parents:/families to start prayer hubs for their children! In Jesus name, Amen!

Jodi Elliott
April 13, 2024

I would like to get involved with this and certainly will be praying! . I have been focusing on education on the effects of pornography for our youth. I feel pornography- and our oversexualized / perverted culture is the root cause of so many (if not all) of the big problems (what God is most sad / mad about) in our world today (mental illness, transgenderism, homosexuality, suicides, school schootings, homelessness, broken marriages, child/human/sex trafficking and extortion, etc ) all are rooted and fed by this. We need to find a way to keep pornography out of the hands of our children. It can be done. There is a way. We don’t let drugs and alcohol in the hands of our 7 – 9 yr olds, we can prevent pornography too!
We can also fight for “life in prison” for the people who harm our kids by exploiting them. There needs to be the most severe penalties and consequences- to get this to stop. Then we need ministries to reach these in prison to get these folks to repentance and a right relationship with our God and Savior – for we (He) does not want anyone to perish – but All to have eternal life.
God Bless your work! God Bless the USA! Now let’s be His Hands and Feet!! 💜

Grant Windholz
April 13, 2024

Stand for the truth for our American children and prayer is everything 🙏! Put on the full armor of God to fight against the evil, wickedness society brings into the minds of our youth! Our government has everything to blame and social media. The book of Revelation says it all. For many years we have been in spiritual warfare against Satan who owns this country. Through the faith and power of Jesus Christ, he is the answer to all our problems 🙏 ❤️!!!

Cynthia Judd
April 13, 2024

Praying and Fasting with you all for 40 days until Pentecost Sunday. May God turn all hearts of stone into hearts of flesh and bring Revival to our land 🙏🏻✝️🙏🏻

April 13, 2024

I’m praying and spreading the word for fellow Christians to pray. Lord God, I ask that You would use these events today to spark a mighty revival across our nation!

April 13, 2024

Praise the Lord as all these people gather together too change this world’s lies on how this is normal to be this way. I love everyone but these kids need delivered from this and give their hearts too the Lord.

June Dennison
April 13, 2024

Our sisters in Christ in my local area where informed of these dates and are participating in prayer and fasting holding up your arms as you are on the front lines. GOD says, we win!
Thank you for keeping us informed, we are with you.

April 13, 2024

Yes and Amen!

Elva Valerio
April 13, 2024

🙏🏽 God Bless I will pray.

Roseli Krause
April 13, 2024

Paws off on our little ones!
Precious Heavenly Father our children belong to you. Please protect them from this demonic spirits who are trying to destroy our precious children. I pray that angels set a guard around our children and protect them from all evil in Jesus mighty name, amen!

    April 13, 2024

    Dear Father in Heaven in Jesus name protect all children from this complete evil lie. May they know the truth by the blood of Jesus and be made free . John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” May all officials, Physicians, Nurses, parents, grandparents, school board members, teachers and all who have refused to open their eyes know HIS truth.

Fong Filler
April 13, 2024

Pray for America to return to it original root

Pat M
April 13, 2024

Jesus, You tell us to love our enemies. Help us in this situation to seek Love first. I am not sure what that looks like. I cannot debate these people. Show me how to love when I see my own grandchildren victims of this insanity. As we look at Moses sent to Egypt to save the Israelites, we saw Pharaoh with a heart hardened by You, That too is difficult to understand. We reach up to heaven today and agree with You for the solutions to come to earth. We pray Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I have faith for Your Plan even though I do not see it. You see it and I thank You that You continue to stir hope for our children’s future which is really our future with You here in time. Give us this day our full needs met to stand for righteousness, putting on our armor knowing You are leading us. In the meantime we pray Psalm 91 protection for all our children.

Susan CC
April 13, 2024

Psalm 83…so pursue them with Your tempest and terrify them with Your storm. Cover their faces with shame so that they will seek Your name Yahweh…

Luke 12:4-6 Fear God
“And I say to you, My friends, don’t fear those who kill the body, and after that can do nothing more. But I will show you the One to fear: Fear Him who has authority to throw people into hell after death. Yes, I say to you, this is the One to fear! Aren’t five sparrows sold for two pennies?Yet not one of them is forgotten in God’s sight.

Ephesians 3:20-21 Now to Him who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us—to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father, David’s prayers to you are powerful. He knew You alone are God. He knew You provide the victory and You guide steps. He knew You would never abandon the one You love. I know this as well. In a prayer against his enemies, he asked for You to pursue them with Your tempest and terrify them with Your storm…to cover their faces with shame so that they would seek Your name. I ask the same of You today. I pray You will utterly terrify all these “transgenderists” as well as anyone who would abuse a child, in any way! I pray they would be utterly terrified as You pursue them and reveal their wickedness in a profound and personal way. I pray in their shame, You will lead them salvation. You are able to do above and beyond all that we ask in prayer Lord. May it be so with all the needs surrounding this day. I am praying in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Sharon Brandt
April 13, 2024

Praise Jesus for these brave Parents and Grandparents and Others who stand publicly to call attention to Biblical values as Gods word teaches us. May many children be saved from the horror of transitioning due to these that stand tomorrow and pray for God’s intervention in this evil ideation.

April 12, 2024

Children need to develope as God planned at conception for them to be.

Jissel Tolentino Tolentino
April 12, 2024

Help us stand pray and fast tomorrow at our capitol in behalf of our young ones.

Jissel Tolentino Tolentino
April 12, 2024

Amén yes Lord we pray for our children, our children children, our adolescents,youth. Father forgive us for not teaching them your trues.Mercy Jesus

Rosalyn Shrader
April 12, 2024

Praying for the events, the courage and leadership of those involved in the events. Praying for hearts to be opened to the truth. Thanking God for His protection.

Carole Hite
April 12, 2024

Praying for this event!!

April 12, 2024

Absolutely praying for this event.
Praying for all going and for all needing deliverance. ♡

William Steele
April 12, 2024

Is there anything happening in Columbus, Ohio capital? I don’t see anything listed.

    April Chummar
    April 13, 2024

    Yes! At the capital building!! Every state!! 1-3

Thelma Reeves
April 12, 2024

I am praying that our voices will be heard regarding this serious problem and our children are protected in the schools.

Pamela Derrer
April 12, 2024

I pray for the Holy Spirit would speak to all people, children, teenagers, teansgender people , and reveal truth, wisdom, about ALL the lies about this male, female changes.
God does NOT change, He loves everyone, and has good plans for their lives. He wants them healthy, obedient, forgiveness, and directions. We cannot live without Jesus. Jesus is really the only one that a person can trust, because you were created by Jesus and Jesus will always love you, but there are
Foundational laws, that will never change, just like oxygen, gravity. May Jesus hold these people and surround them with the H.S, and show them Jesus glory, the heavens, the earth, everlasting mercy and Grace! Amen

April 12, 2024

Soldier saints, Let’s do it! We will not let the devil pervert our children and we will take back our family’s for Jesus and America’s sake now!. Resist , Rebuke, Declare and Decree over our government our land our children now and fight in the Holy Spirit with our spiritual weapons and God’s wisdom how to win this generation! In Jesus name! 🙏


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