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Lord, thank You for inspiring intercessorsto be salt and light! Awaken the Church ahead of the elections. Your will be done in America.
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IFA intercessor Jennifer Hawks wrote the following to the members of the Palo Alto (California) Republican Women Federated (PARWF) when she was at IFA’s 50th anniversary celebration in Washington:

I am sitting in my hotel room after just attending a prayer summit here in Washington DC. The hotel is two blocks from the White House. There were 500-plus individuals from across this nation who came together to agree in prayer. Prayer for peace in Israel, prayer for peace in America, and wisdom for our government.

If there was ever a time when our leaders needed wisdom, it is today.

America is at a tipping point, and I am sounding the alarm. WE MUST GET INVOLVED IN THE NEXT ELECTION CYCLE.

We can no longer sit on the sidelines and hope someone else mans the voter registration table.

We can no longer allow the left to oversee the polling sites.

We can no longer stay quiet on what is happening in our schools.

We can no longer remain silent regarding our young girls while perversion tries to seduce them into confusion about their womanhood.

We can no longer just “accept” the legislation rolling out.

We…..YOU….have a voice, and we have got to start using it AND we have got to start showing up.

So, what got Jennifer so fired up as to write that to the members of PARWF? What had spurred her “Jerry Maguire” moment?

Years ago, when Jennifer was 12, her mother led her to the Lord. Aglow International was a big part of her mom’s life, and Jennifer followed in her mother’s footsteps. At that time, she says, she’d never have guessed that God would call her into politics! But He did, and He has opened door after door.

Jennifer lives in the Bay Area of California, an area she calls “the belly button of the belly of the beast.” She has wanted to leave this politically deep-blue area at various times, but the Lord has made it clear that He has got work for her there. As she told us: “This area is tough, dark. I will pray in the Spirit as I drive around the area. Sometimes, I actually feel the weight lift as I drive out of the Bay Area. One of those times, I asked the Lord about moving to a less spiritually oppressive area. He responded:  ‘I have taught you how to break through right where you are.’ ’’

Jennifer is a member of PARWF — the oldest federated club in California (started by Mrs. Herbert Hoover in 1938). In the early 2020s, Jennifer’s mother became ill and needed a lot of care and support. This was a Psalm 23 season for Jennifer, one of slowing down to be there for her mom, who passed away in August of 2022.

At that time, Jennifer knew she was called to a greater role with PARWF, even though she was active also in a lot of other things all around the country, political and spiritual, including a special commitment to bless patients at the local VA hospital. She became president of PARWF a year and a half ago.

Before the end of last year, Jennifer’s involvement with IFA focused on the action opportunities: For instance, she loved the ease with which she could send messages to her elected officials. IFA action messages are a great fit for her because they combine her passion for prayer and the Lord with her political views. In fact, she often prays and asks God about America. “God told me to dream bigger God has a dream for America,” she said. “We need to work for the big dream He has for this nation.”

Jennifer signed up for IFA’s 50th anniversary event because she wanted to hear Dutch Sheets and Eric Metaxas. She was so deeply moved by the whole event that she sat down and wrote that message to her club.

“My heart was so full,” she recalls. “Being with other believers and praying in the Spirit with so many other Christians was a blessing. God was in the house. The room shifted. But something shifted in me, too. I was full.

We asked Jennifer what she would say to anyone considering attendance at one of the events IFA is sponsoring this year.

She replied: “This next election is pivotal for the nation. If you’re wondering if God is interested in politics, the answer is yes. Jesus said the government will be on His shoulders. If you’re in one of the critical states and believe in the power of prayer and believe God is not done with America, then you should come to an IFA event and experience the presence of God with other like-minded believers. You will leave full!”

Find out more by clicking on the events tab at IFApray.org.

What has God communicated to you about America? Share your own prayers and revelations below.

(Photo Credit: Robert McGowan on Unsplash)

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Steven M. Turoski Turoski
April 22, 2024

You will be included . Don’t give up now. Victory is soon to come. Let GOD have HIS way during this spiritual battle.

April 16, 2024

I have a dream

April 15, 2024

God bless Jennifer for her obedience and faithfulness. What a wonderful, exciting life, and busy life she has with our Lord. Thank you Jennifer, we admire you greatly. Keep up your good work.

Daleen Reed
April 15, 2024

Today I am praying for the ammendment to FISA section 702 to pass in congress. FBI, CIA, DHS, DOJ are surveilling innocent Americans 24/7, severely so, and w/o making them aware of it aware of it. This includes surveillance inside their homes. This is all paid for with taxpayers money. They are doing this without any warrant. The passage of this bill would ban warrantless surveillance on American citizens. AG Garland has been calling on Congressmen demanding they vote against this bill – so he can continue his illegal endeavors for the sake of the budgets for these agencies. It was voted on Friday and did not pass due to a tie. They are voting on it again today. Please join me in praying these congressmen will leave greed out of it, and have the courage to vote for it’s passage despite AG Garland’s severe pressure on them, as he will be able to look up how each of them votes, so they each fear his consequences if they ‘disobey’ him.

Ann Shaw
April 14, 2024

Abba Father, you have always loved your children and I’ve loved being on the winning team. Praise you, Jesus for your willingness to go to the cross and take our sins to provide freedom for us to come to you in fullness of faith.

In Jesus’s name Amen

April 14, 2024

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement Jennifer!!! Yes, sometimes we are called to serve in very difficult situations but… our perfect God is always with us, encouraging us and directing our paths. You are honored by God to be called to such a place. With you and other strong committed Christians we will take back our beautiful country for God and His will and His way !! Let’s encourage all Christians to be sure to pray and vote. God bless and guide us wherever we are called to serve!!

Linda Hunt
April 14, 2024

Thank you so much Jennifer for your commitment to our God and our country. I am praying for you as you continue to press on. Hoping I will be able to attend a future IFA event. I am sure the last one was wonderful with Dutch Sheets and Eric Metaxas. God is so Good!

Melvin L. Hillier
April 14, 2024

I recently reread Marshall Foster’s book, “THE AMERICAN COVENANT The Untold Story.” An amazing book that bottom lines America’s need to return to the covenant that our Pilgrim Fathers, Founding Fathers and leaders who established every state constitution that reaffirms the covenant. I am convinced that the solution to most all of America’s struggles with itself is a return to the covenant. We are to honor God in how we live out our faith in bringing Glory to God’s name. Early America understood this as a part of their daily life. God blessed their obedience to the covenant above that of all nations. Today, who knows anything of the covenant? Clearly, we are falling under God’s judgement. God wants us to know Him and to make His character our character. Here’s the bottom line: “READ MY BOOK. TALK TO ME.” “RIGHT NOW!”

Pamela Derrer
April 13, 2024

Yes, This time in America is very crucial. GOD’S CHURCH should be repenting and praying, crying out to Jesus, day and night, for revival. For the US to repent and obey God. God created the US. God loves US.
Actually before, The US. Was honored, feared, respected. We need now to give God honor, fear, respected, obey.
People do not understand what is going on in the Spiritual realm. There Is a fierce battle going on for their lives. For eternity. MAY US people come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Praying, crying out to Jesus, day and night.
Jesus bottles up all our prayers and Answers them when the time is right.
Thank you Jesus for Your mercy, love, grace and protection. Send Warrior Angels to protect Israel. Now!! Amen

Brian Lynch
April 13, 2024

This is a very encouraging article. Lord Jesus, we pray for this year’s elections to be honest and genuine. We pray that the results of these elections will completely be reflective of Your will. Keep us praying for this to happen. Thank you, Jesus.

April 13, 2024

Behold I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
Father today we all become as one and receive and participate in the authority that you exhibited in Luke 10 when you sent out your believers.
We take that authority , along with our armor and your angelic hosts and we declare ,decree and drive these evil influences from our houses ,towns ,states and AMERICA the beautiful. All in our precious savior JESUS name Amen
HaHaHaleluia !!!!!!!

April 13, 2024

Thank you Heavenly Father for Ms. Hawks and all of your followers. Make us all bold in your behalf. Help us to apply Ephesians 6 in our lives, putting on your armour so we are ready for the battle. Help us to do all we can to STAND and not waiver remembering you have not given us the spirit of fear. Help us to focus our eyes on you and the fact that we are not fighting for victory but FROM VICTORY as your son has already defeated the devil. We lift your name in praise. There is NONE like you. You alone are worthy to be praised. I thank you Lord for the difference you have made in my life. I thank you for each intercessor and believer and ask that you continue to work in us and on us to perfect your will. I pray we all stand strong and courageous knowing you have a plan. I love you my Savior and give you all honor, glory and praise.


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