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Father we ask that you would correct how our nation has submitted to transgenderism. Restore wisdom and knowledge to our leaders on this issue, and don’t let them be intimidated by the LGBTQ lobby. Protect women and women’s sports from this evil.

This article shows a disturbing but very real trend. Trans athletes are racking up wins in female sports, and women are the ones who are suffering. Many girls and women have spoken out against this injustice, which typifies how our society has embraced deception.

From Fox News: I’m a mom, a coach and a Team USA World Masters track athlete who is fighting for something greater than another gold medal: I’m standing for the protection of women’s sports.

If male-bodied athletes continue competing on female teams, it will be the end of women’s sports. This is no exaggeration; this is reality, and it’s happening right now…

At the 2018 World Masters Athletics Championships in Málaga, Spain, I competed in the 200-meter race against a male-bodied athlete, whom I beat by only a few tenths of a second. The next year, the same athlete beat my teammate in the hurdles for a place on the podium at the 2019 World Championship indoor meet in Poland. My teammate had trained harder than anyone I know…

How can you win as a female when you’re lined up next to a male body whose strength, heart and lung capacity, and pace are all greater than your own no matter what the “treatment”?

Numerous studies have shown males continue to hold large physical advantages over females, even when suppressing their testosterone. A male’s muscular advantage is only minimally reduced when testosterone is suppressed, and males are still 12% faster than their female counterparts after two years of feminizing hormones.

We are not just hormones. What about the impact of our cycle on sports performance? What about the impact of birth control or pregnancy? These are all valid obstacles that males identifying as females do not have to address.

The most important factor is the psychological toll. Many of the girls I coach suffer from anxiety over having to compete against male-bodied athletes. We all know the powerful scientific neurotransmitter connection between our minds and our bodies: When you think you can win, you have a better chance of doing it. It’s proven…

Female athletes deserve their chance to receive accolades, awards and scholarships. We must raise our voices on behalf of fairness and equal opportunity for all women, before the entire category of women’s sports is erased.

How are you praying for this issue?

(Excerpt from Fox News. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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February 25, 2022

Why will no woman athlete attach their name to the truth they speak about men competing as women? Women’s sports is under attack. Women are under attack. The utter nonsense being perpetrated on society with this “pick your gender – change your sex” lunacy is a monumental absurdity and the fact that the left promotes this vile and ridiculous agenda as truth is nothing short of criminal. These people are truly sick and need love and the support of mental health professionals. Allowing them to compete against women only furthers the delusion and is unfair to women. Heavenly Father, grant us all the strength to boldly proclaim truth and not cower to social pressure. Let us not succumb to the lies. You created us, man and woman. You knew whom you wanted us to be. Let us speak out in spite of fear against this wrongful treatment of women.

raleigh b Robertson
February 23, 2022

God created male and female, we cannot change that or should we want to change that, it is only through the Devil that this is happening, in the name of Jesus Christ i pray this will stop and these people will come back to God, this is good versus evil and good ( God ) will always win

Molly Schoenfeld
February 22, 2022

I do not understand why girls/women don’t boycott and refuse to participate when a transgender body is competing against them. These women are perpetuating the situation by pretending these men are women,

Roxanne Rice
February 22, 2022

Our culture has utterly failed people who are gender-confused, because both our culture and the gender-confused are overcome by deceiving spirits.

But the church has also failed these people. The gospel most churches preach is a pale, almost insipid, version of the powerful gospel Jesus actually gave us. Yes, Jesus died so our sins can be forgiven, we can have eternal life, and go to heaven when we die. But people struggling with gender issues are dealing with demonic strongholds. They need a powerful deliverance, not just repentance. We need to start presenting the cross as the Apostle Paul described it in Colossians 2.15:. Jesus disarmed the principalities and powers and made a public example of them, triumphing over them in the cross. The blood of Christ not only cleanses, it destroys strongholds, breaks bondages, heals trauma, and makes people whole.

I am continually astounded watching Mario Murillo preach the full power of the cross, and seeing the crowds surge forward by the hundreds to give their lives to the Lord. Drug dealers and addicts, prostitutes, satan-worshipers, alcoholics, gays and lesbians, the gender-confused,–they all long for freedom and deliverance, and they all receive it through the power of the blood of Christ.

It seems the church is also under the influence of deceiving spirits. The devil has successfully blinded us to the true power of the blood. The less we understand it, the more people he can keep out of God’s kingdom forever.

We need a new approach to sharing the gospel with gender-confused people. Maybe instead of “Repent” we need to tell them “Have I got good news for you!”

Victoria Z
February 22, 2022

It is a shame that this issue even has to be addressed as it should be already be absolutely scientifically and medically clear to anyone with a brain that a transgendered male is not a “biologically true born female” and therefore should not be allowed to compete against “biologically true born females”.

Father in the name of Jesus, put an end to this nonsense and speak sense to everyone nationally and internationally in the field of sports who have great influence and to all decision makers that “identifying and gender transitioning by choice to become a female through medical science is absolutely positively NOT the same as being biologically born female therefore the rules for competiting as female need to be clarified to protect true biological female sports. Father in the name of Jesus, settle this issue once for all and never let it come into question again: we ask that the wording in the rules to compete in sports nationally and internationally in all levels of sports would be determined by “biologically born gender only (regardless of gender self identification medical transgenderism). Father we thank and praise you for hearing and answering our prayers on this quickly and decisively in Jesus name.

i think that prayer is self explanatory, if not, i am praying if a biologically born male has transitioned to female wants to compete in sports restrict him by law to compete in male sports only, allow him to compete AS a female but in the male category. and if a biologically born female who has transgendered to male wants to compete in sports, she can compete as a man on the women’s category. For sports in general restrict competition to solely a person’s biological birth gender.

Maybe sports need to be reidentified as “biological female figure skating” or biological female track, etc. and biological male track, etc.

February 22, 2022

Perhaps we need two new categories in physical competitions. Women in male bodies vs Women in male bodies; and “men” in female bodies vs “men” in female bodies, with of course women in female bodies able to compete only with women in female bodies and men in male bodies able to compete against men in male bodies. Of course then we might see one more category crop of of those who are constantly shifting from He to She to It to They…possible category might be “gender confused” vs “gender confused” or some better defining description. What do you think?

    February 22, 2022

    So here is my prayer: Heavenly Father God, I so repent for our nation and those we have allowed to fall prey to the spirit of deception and confusion. I repent on behalf of each who looks to You as Lord yet fails to reach out to those who do not yet know You, of Your love, commandments, promises, forgiveness, and adoption into Your family for eternal life with You in Heaven. I pray you spark a flame of fire within Your children to obey Your Holy Spirit promptings and become Your hands and feet to minister to others specifically as You lead. I pray for a mighty move of Your Holy Spirit across this land waking up all who sleep and or who walk as the living dead among us. I pray many hearts be softened to receive Your Truth and Your Love, deliverance, and healing of spirit, mind, soul, and body, and that many turn to Jesus as the Lord and Savior. Oh, how we need You and the clarity of Your love and individual Plan for each one of us plus clarity as to how to walk with You on the path You desire us to travel. May so many more come to know and love You, Father God, and in so doing the plagues of this world may be washed away, replaced by “Your Will” done here on earth as it is in Heaven. In Jesus Name, AMEN

Darlene Estlow
February 22, 2022

Father, I ask for mercy as we face these issues. Give us courage to stand for the right rather than fold because we feel threatened by another’s language against us. I ask that you would turn this issue around for the sake of not just the women’s sport, but for these people lost in sin that they might be delivered and set free by finding life in you.

February 22, 2022

It utterly appalls me how media, Hollywood, the government and even some wayward “Christian” denominations are trying to force society to sanction the behaviors of those who are obviously sick in their minds, souls and spirits. Twenty years ago these same children or adults would have been diagnosed with a mental illness and provided therapy. Now it is acceptable to celebrate those with this illness and illegal even to provide assistance or help to those who truly need to be renewed in their mind, body and spirit. When they appear before the throne of God, He will call them the way He made them and not by the way they changed their bodies. Indeed, let’s us not give any more territory to the enemy to legitimize this practice and call it God’s will.

February 22, 2022

The transgender issue is showing up in the places where the evil one can bully and get away with it. In all these cases standing up to this bully is simple, but it takes courage. Women’s sports is simple. All the women athletes need to say collectively we will not compete with a male saying he is a women. Boom, it will be over. Think also there are no women wanting to play NFL, ski race downhill or race the Tour de France with men, because they cannot possibly compete with men. Only cowardly men want to bully women.

The same with the church, the church wants to get along with the world and says we need to love & embrace and celebrate the transgender/homosexual and ordain them. Really is letting someone sin loving them? Loving them is telling them the truth.

Parents need to do the same. We are fine with a child that identifies as a different sex. But if they were born male they use the boy’s room or a private restroom. No, they cannot bully my daughters. We already know how that will go.

Until people unite peacefully to push back these bully’s we are going to have them bully us.

Martian Luther King showed us how to peacefully protest. That is the only way. It is going to be rough and a battle, but God’s word says:

Psalm 56:4 NKJV
[4] In God (I will praise His word), In God I have put my trust; I will not fear. What can flesh do to me?

Barbara Janicki
February 22, 2022

How ironic that after years of not having women’s sports, women finally got sports teams in all kinds of sports at the high school, college and pro levels (title nine) only now to have it all taken away again by men entering women’s teams (rather than compete on their own) under this new “loophole” of deciding to be something you are not. And we are all required to play along with the pretending so as not to offend anyone? “a rose by any other name . . .” is still a rose. Women waited long to get their own teams only now to lose them to this political correctness over reality? so sad, Only when truth prevails over lies will this wrong be righted – praying for God’s truth to prevail, for this wrong to be righted before women’s sports are destroyed entirely.

February 22, 2022

Why do we shy away from naming this sin for what it is in the eyes of Almighty God???
It is an abomination and receives a just judgment. Destruction.
Believers need to pray for the sinner to be redeemed through Jesus our Saviour and pray against the sin so that it will be destroyed according to God’s plan, purpose, will, way, timing and wish.
There is no room for agreeing to provide a place for sin to continue in the name of equal rights. What that does is agreeing with this sin as it takes these people straight into hell.
Father, help us. We need to WAKE UP and look UP and STAND UP!!!

Truth Lover
February 22, 2022

All parents should stand up for their offspring and demand justice.

Pamela C
February 22, 2022

I have raised my voice about this matter and I do pray. It is not a small matter. Our leaders are blind or maybe worse. There should be a separate category for those who identify as trans if they really care about equal rights.


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