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Lord, resolve this conflict! Father, we need your divine intervention to prevent war and bring peace in Ukraine. Give supernatural grace for this meeting. We ask that pride and selfishness would give way to your divine plan. Move Lord! We need you now.

Little explanation is needed to say why this story is so important. This meeting could broker a peace agreement or could remove hope of a resolution anytime soon. Potentially on the brink of armed conflict, intercessors must remain at the ready to pray God’s will into this tense and complex situation.

From CNBC News: President Joe Biden has accepted “in principle” a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in what could represent a last-ditch effort at diplomacy over tensions surrounding Ukraine and a possible avenue to avert a looming invasion directed by Moscow.

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, said Sunday evening that the summit between the two world leaders would happen following a meeting between Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. That meeting is scheduled for later this week.

Psaki noted that the agreement is conditioned on Moscow holding off on an invasion…

News of a possible one-on-one between Biden and Putin comes as the White House warns that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could come at any time. Moscow has for weeks built up its military force on its ex-Soviet neighbor’s northern and eastern borders, with recent totals putting Russia’s force at about 190,000.

The threat of an assault by Russia has kept global markets on edge for much of the last several weeks, with oil prices climbing and equities volatile…

The potential for imminent conflict forced Biden earlier on Sunday to scrap plans to return to his home in Delaware following a two-hour meeting with his national security team.

The rare Sunday National Security Council meeting began around noon and lasted a little over two hours, according to reporters who watched the attendees arrive and then depart the White House compound. The abrupt cancellation to the president’s holiday-weekend plans carries heightened meaning in recent days given the administration’s belief in a looming Russian offensive…

Despite U.S. concerns that Russia could strike any day, the White House has also stressed that there’s still room for diplomacy. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg appeared to leave room for a peaceful solution when he spoke with CNBC’s Hadley Gamble at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

“They have all the capabilities in place, Russia, to launch an attack on Ukraine without any warning at all. No one is denying that Russia has all these forces in place,” Stoltenberg said. “The question is, will they launch an attack?”

Those comments came as Russia’s military launched ballistic and cruise missiles on Saturday, an exercise the Kremlin called a “planned exercise of the strategic deterrence forces.”

What do you think of Biden’s plan?

(Excerpt from CNBC News. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Sue Tracy
March 3, 2022

Lord you know exactly what we need; pray through us and for us we need divine intervention Lord we need your help; restore peace in our land, help your people for we have gone astray and are in need of a shepherd. Guide us back to You. Restore Your Peace back to Ukraine., Have mercy on us Father. Thank you God for the Victory will be Yours. Keep us, under your umbrella of protection. Protect us from the schemes of the enemy.

Darlene Estlow
February 21, 2022

Father, we ask that Russia would withdraw from Ukraine’s border. As the President meets with Putin, may good come from this. Give President Biden wisdom in dealing with this threat. Thank you Jesus.

February 21, 2022

All of the players have earned a vote of no confidence. Whether Ukraine is slated to be a gift to kettle Biden or is a step towards encroaching on Israel’s borders per prophetic warnings is a moot point.
We have at our disposal a God Who stopped His timeline for the destruction of five cities of which Sodom was the capital over one man’s intercession.
Let’s do just that.
God in heaven! Many more souls must be won! Please give us more time! If this is not Your plan, cause every scheme and plan to fall around the ankles of they who hate Liberty, Life and, You! Cause a mighty revival to come out of this failed plan!
Father! We need You. It’s not because we are righteous. It’s because we are so messed up that we need You! Daddy! They’re coming and only You can stop them. We’re asking You to do so now, for Your name, for Your fame, in Your name.



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