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Father, we pray against Target's woke agenda and their "Pride" efforts. Protect our children from this indoctrination!
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Even as they reel from losses over summer boycotts, Target now aims to push similar LGBTQ merchandise for the Christmas season.

From The Daily Signal. Target’s second quarter earnings report proved the retail giant still hasn’t rebounded from its “Pride” fallout over the summer, showing a 5.4% decrease in sales—the first drop in roughly six years.

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The company’s third quarter report was no better, revealing an additional 4.9% drop.

Thanks to Target’s partnership with a satanist designer and its highly controversial “Pride” line—which pushed transgender extremism on an audience largely of children—the backlash continues to hurt the stores’ bottom line.

Brian Cornell, Target’s CEO, reflected on the reports and admitted sales “have clearly been tougher than we expected this year, and we are firmly focused on getting back to growth.” Although Cornell confessed the company has struggled, one would expect the mega-retailer to learn from its mistakes, readjust to what their clientele wants, and get back to selling products, not politics.

Well, Target officials clearly haven’t learned their lesson. Rather than pivoting after the backlash, the boycotts, and plummeting sales, they have decided to continue swimming upstream. To most people’s surprise, Target has leaned into the very agenda that caused its demise, hiring a “Senior LGBTQIA+ Segmentation Strategist and Pride Lead,” whose very job is to woke-ify the aisles.

With summer behind us, tucking swimsuits are clearly out of season. So, naturally, with Christmas around the corner, Pride ornaments are next on the agenda. Never mind the fact that this strategy completely failed in June. So much for Cornell saying he is “firmly focused on getting back to growth.”

Target’s LGBTQ Christmas line includes items such as a nutcracker figurine holding a “Progress Pride” Flag and wearing a “Pride” hat. It’s advertised with the slogan, “Show your love and support for the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Like a blast from the past, these items were met with immediate mockery.

“Wow. Just wow,” Brian Frye posted on X. “You would think they would have learned from the last time. When will companies finally start to realize it? Go woke … go broke!”

But before Target gets all the heat, it’s only fair to highlight the other companies that have tried the same extremism and failed.

Ever since Bud Light partnered with transgender-identifying Dylan Mulvaney, Anheuser-Busch’s revenue is down 13.5%, according to a report earlier this month.

The Post Millennial wrote: “Bud Light lost some $390 million in the marketing disaster, and $6 billion in lost value.”

And recent reports revealed the beer company, after saying otherwise, did, in fact, pay Mulvaney $185,000 for the campaign—only for it to destroy the brand and drive consumers away.

However, where Target and Bud Light differ is that Benoit Garbe, chief U.S. marketing officer for Anheuser-Busch, has decided to step down at the end of the year. Unlike Target’s high-ranking officials, Garbe seemed to know when to quit.

But with new leadership in place, the question remains: Did they learn from the past? I suppose only time will tell.

In the meantime, there are alternative stores to shop for everything from ornaments to beer, many of which have conservative or Christian values.

Meg Kilgannon, senior fellow for education studies at Family Research Council, said it’s especially important to avoid shopping at places such as Target during Christmas.

Kilgannon commented to The Washington Stand: “Target selling sexually themed Christmas ornaments is more evidence that we live in a post-Christian society. The virgin birth of the savior of the world in a stable in Bethlehem is what we celebrate. The goodness, truth, and beauty of that reality is not improved or enhanced by woke merchandising campaigns.”

“If Americans—and especially people of faith—have some money left to spend at Christmas this year,” Kilgannon said, “I hope they don’t spend it at Target.”

Share your prayers for our children this holiday season below.

(Used with permission. From The Daily Signal. Photo Credit: Abhinav Bhardwaj on Unsplash)

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November 25, 2023

Thank you for this insight. I haven’t shopped at Target in years because they are anti Christian and anti military. Hopefully the LBGTQ Christmas ornaments will deplete their sells even more.

November 24, 2023

Lord, please open the eyes of the Christians who continue to shop at Target. They think a higher quality of item is there and ignore the politics behind it all. So many Christians are not following through to make their buying match their beliefs. Please help us to put more money into companies with more family friendly ideas. We thank You Lord for the work You are doing and I ask that You bless the people who are trying to get the information out to others. You are a good God and we worship You. In Jesus precious name I pray.

November 21, 2023

I stopped shopping at Target a long time ago. I’d like to encourage others to do the same & then be firm as to your reasons why.
Target is committed to the “original sin”…pride. Pride tells us that you or someone can’t tell me (us) what to do. It ignores God’s voice & says “I am the master of my life”. Pride prefers the voice of deception because it won’t recognize God as Lord.
So the Target CEO & board continues to resist what they know they’re supposed to do. With pride also comes a lack of common sense and a heaping of cowardice. Those in charge of steering Target’s marketing ship have no idea they are about to run aground on shoals, tearing their vessels apart.
But God keeps His promises. “Pride cometh before the fall”. Target, along with others, have to learn the hard way.

Robert Kahlcke
November 21, 2023

Let’s Go Target.

November 21, 2023

Many thanks for posting this article. Very informative. I am officially done with Target. . . until they repent.

November 21, 2023

I have not set foot in a Target Store since they changed and I will not expose myself to something that is clearly NOT of Jesus Christ or the Word of God. It’s totally Wrong…while that is true the Lord loves the person. Not the sin!!!

Elisabeth Scribner
November 21, 2023

Continue to boycott TARGET!

November 21, 2023

Lord, Your word instructs us to love the way You love. You love all people and weep when they turn against You. You hate the sin (behavior contrary to what Your word says), but love the people(sinners). They can not understand or see the error of their ways without having first experienced Your love. Help us ALL to be more willing to show Your love t h an our “righteous” anger

Sue hill
November 21, 2023

Heavenly Father, Your perfect love, Your gift of salvation through Jesus, and Your long suffering towards all people are beyond my understanding. Thank You for saving me! I was once lost and now I’m found. Thank You Lord. I pray the leadership of these woke companies would have a life changing encounter with You! I pray they will be radically saved and become part of Your eternal kingdom. Father, we ask for miracles and for YOUR GLORY to come to the USA . You are rescuing us and we ( your remnant) stand united and with our shields of FAITH locked together. We love You Lord! In Jesus name Amen

November 21, 2023

Target needs to lose. Encourage all not to spend any money at Target. We need to send them another message that we will not allow them to promote destructive behavior. Using Christmas to promote behavior God forbids is way over the line. They must be stopped.

Melody Sutter Fisher
November 21, 2023

I know God has everything as is should be. He is Sovereign and His will be done. All over the world. Target is an example that we are living in the times of the book of Revelation. Sodom and Gamorrah are everywhere, even though they are less than 3 percent of the population of the entire world. I pray that Jesus would reach the hearts of the lost and turn them away from what is nothing but sexual deviance in His eyes.

November 21, 2023



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