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794 People Prayed
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Father, do not let us live in fear. Help us to make no provision for the enemy to attack and give our nation wisdom and discernment. And give us more grace for each other.

Nearly two-thirds of American Christians are uncomfortable with returning to in-person worship services over coronavirus concerns, according to a recent survey.

The American Enterprise Institute conducted a poll of 3,504 Americans from late May to early June, asking them about their comfort levels on returning to church.


Among respondents, 64% said they were either “somewhat uncomfortable” or “very uncomfortable” with returning to in-person church services. . . .

While most of the overall sample were uncomfortable, the AEI survey found considerable variance in responses by racial and religious classification.

White evangelical Protestants were the most comfortable with attending services, with 61% saying they were either “very comfortable” or “somewhat comfortable” with attending.

By contrast, only 26% of Hispanic Catholic respondents said they were either “very comfortable” or “somewhat comfortable” with attending in-person services.

Among black Protestants, 42% said they were “very uncomfortable” with attending, which was the same percentage for respondents who identified as “major non-Christian religion.”

Respondents who identified as “unaffiliated” were the most likely to say they would be “very uncomfortable,” at 66%, with only 8% of that group saying they would be “very comfortable.” . . .

As states have begun to reopen, many churches have done the same, often with safety measures, including spacing out attendees, barring physical contact, and wearing face masks. . . .

Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly Stated Clerk the Rev. Herbert J. Nelson, head of the largest Presbyterian denomination in the U.S., recently urged caution with reopening.

In a video posted online earlier this month, Nelson said that while worship is important, churches should “take our time” and “not rush” into reopening for in-person services.

“Recognize that we are still in the midst of this coronavirus,” said Nelson. “The practices that many of you have continued to push through that had been created out of your own imagination even when we were unable to go into sanctuaries and other church buildings, expand upon that.”

“Allow us to take this slowly and to recognize in all things that we are to be the persons who help to build the abundant life that individuals seek on this side of Heaven.”


Share your comments on how you feel about going back to church!


(Excerpt from The Christian Post. Written by Michael Gryboski.)

794 People Prayed
2086 People have read this article

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  1. Evil has enjoyed great gains in our country because the church has been adjourned. Certainly some worshipers are meeting online, but most worshipers are not meeting at all. We must meet.

  2. We have to return to fellowship! We can’t let fear and the enemy keep us from all God has for us to pray, worship and fellowship. “Do not forsake the gathering of the brethren.”

  3. Sadly the Church {we are the Church}the body of Christ has caved to fear. I have been back to Church and Bible study over a month and all is well. Great falling away??? I bet they have been o wlamart and out to eat but, afraid of covid. The devil is cunning and crafty. he is having a field day because he is an accuser of the brethren. Wide is the gate that leads to destruction, narrow is the gate that leads to life.

  4. Now you will know who are true Christians in America. When the Son of man comes will he find faith on the earth? Have faith in God.Go to the presence of Christ. No masks needed. If You truly are in the presence of the living Christ but alas. Many in America have been going to church but not to Christ so no faith. Sad. May God forgive and save.

  5. We have been having church services in the building for a month. While I appreciated the online services, I really missed the gathering together and the hugs! God did not give us a spirit of fear! Walking in faith!💜✝️

  6. My church opened for in church services on May 24th. With social distancing measures like sitting every other row, family groups six feet apart. Masks are recommended in the hallways, but not in the sanctuary. We are a small church of about 250 to 300 people, and have been about half full during this time. We are planning on opening in full on July 12th. It has worked out wonderfully, and it is so good to be in the house of the Lord!! I am not afraid!

  7. Right in the middle of Psalms 91 in verse 7-8 it says:
    A thousand may fall at your right side, ten thousand at your right hand,
    But It will not come near you. Verse 7
    You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. Verse 8

    As I mediate on this Psalm, our behavior really comes down to faith. Is verse 7 applicable today? It sure sounds to me that we have no control over this virus, that God will use it for His purposes. Also, I can’t recall anywhere in the Bible that we as Christians are to live in fear of anything. Is God punishing the wicked through this ordeal? Also, are my days numbered by the Lord? I believe my behavior can shorten them, but in this situation, does God want me to hide away from this virus hoping to avoid it to prolong my life? Then in Matthew 16:25 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.
    Dear Father, help us understand and put into practice our faith in this current situation. Guide us through these times to grow in the knowledge of You and Your plan for each of our lives. Give us discernment to see how the enemy, the great deceiver, is using his influence to create division, hatred and chaos. Let us not be deceived dear Lord. Give us strength to live in faith, knowing we have a short time on this earth compared to eternity with You.

  8. Since the pandemic is still not under control, it is unwise to gather in groups either in church or other public places. Masks are recommended and necessary but do not necessarily fully control the spread of covid-19 . Surely the Lord is not telling us ignore this basic precaution.

    1. They have made this plandemic bigger than God. And believe a lie more so than God. I have been back in church & Bible study over a month, all is well. This is a lie from the pit of hell. Forsake not the assembling, greet each other. It is so sad that so called Christian’s have caved to the enemies plot. So you go to Walmart, liquor stores, lowes, home depot etc but scared to go to church. Falling away and right into satan’s plan. So covid is bigger than God to those who are afraid to go to church. Enter to worship, depart to serve. Shame on you.

      1. Main-stream media and the other organizations are making this pandemic bigger than what it actually is. Government allows big box stores to open and people are flocking there by the droves. However, government is not allowing churches to open… why? Big government wants the control. Our church is is not large, was closed for 4-6 weeks, then reopened. We are back, like many others. God has a hedge of protection around all of us.

        Psalm 91:1 ESV / 9
        He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the AlmightyGod is with us through ALL of this!

  9. We have not returned. My daughter’s church where we attend are not social distancing and some are not wearing mask. My daughter is pregnant so we feel it is unsafe to go. I hate not being in the House of God.

  10. I attend church every Sunday since it re-opened. It is very important for me to do this. Worshipping God with other believers is exhilarating! The fellowship before and after church is also important to me. Since I will wear a mask until church starts, I believe that is adequate protection since I am in the over age 65 group. I do other things to maintain a good immune system. No virus will stop me from meeting with God’s people when I am not contagious.

  11. God is GOOD and TRUSTWORTHY! His love, protection, and provision are REAL.

    In these days it’s very important that we show this frightened world that the Church is not–and we as individual citizens of the Kingdom of God are not–afraid! We have to be DIFFERENT from the world for them to see evidence and a witness of Another Way, and that that way, the way of love, has no fear (1 John 4:18). This is what the world will notice!

    “Fear not, for I have redeemed you [ransomed you by paying a price instead of leaving you captives]; I have called you by your name; you are Mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned or scorched, nor will the flame kindle upon you
    …I, yes I, am God. I’m the only Savior there is. I have declared [the future] and have saved [the nation in times of danger], and I have shown [that I am God]—long before these upstart gods appeared on the scene [If we trust masks and distancing more than God, then they have become gods!]; therefore you are My witnesses, says the Lord, that I am God.” Isaiah 43:1b-2, 11-12 AMPC + 2 phrases MSG (The last set of brackets are mine.)

    We are His testimony! Let us be bold in His love! “Lay hands on the sick and they will recover,” NOT “Lay hands on the sick and you’ll get sick, too” or “Put gloves on and stand 6 feet away from the sick, and…”, hahaha!

    Seriously, everyone has to make their own decisions about their health–with consideration to age, profession and locality–in accordance with their own level of faith, but if this is a trial run, with 99.9% chance of survival most places, the Church has a lot of maturing to do before something really challenging comes along! I personally thought the churches should never have closed. It grieves me to picture a wussy, frightened, selfish, masked bride coming down the aisle, but Jesus said we’d be Glorious, and I know He will help us all–self included–become what we need to become before He comes!

    1. Lisa, I love boldness of your comment. I think the exact same way, but there are some that think you are criticizing them for not having the same confidence. It’s really all about faith vs fear.

      1. You can have faith and still be cautious. I had the same feeling at the beginning back in March. I felt of all places, I should feel safe to go to church. But the church should also be protecting its members or anyone else that attends. They were given guidelines to open up. The church I was attending chose not to go by them. Plus my daughter is pregnant. Just because it is God’s House does not mean you are protected. People have gotten the virus from attending church. God does not expect us to do crazy or unsafe things under the assumption or faith that he will protect us.

      2. Thank you for your kind and gentle rebuke, Barbara. I will take it to heart, and since I can’t edit, I am asking IFA to judge me and delete if they decide to.

        My intention was never to criticize people for not having a confidence in God that I may seem to have–however much or little that may be. Hebrews 11:6 says “without faith it is imPOSsible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” While some people who feel their faith is lacking (which is all of us from time to time) may take that to be a criticism from God, I think God meant it to be an exhilarating challenge, and it inspires me to hit a higher mark than where I am.

        I wrote, “everyone has to make their own decisions about their health–-with consideration to age, profession and locality–in accordance with their own level of faith” (and now I can add pregnancy and I forgot other health issues). I will tell you right now that I make a wide swerve around people in public whom I perceive to be elderly or infirmed. Distancing decisions are very personal and I don’t judge them. Just because the church is open doesn’t mean everybody has to go. I NEVER meant to judge individual people.

        In regards to the Church, I also don’t want anybody to think that I consider myself a “Glorious” portion of Her yet myself, either. But if you want to say I’m critical, I can definitely confess that I am critical of the Church in America as a whole right now. At LEAST by the time we observed that the world’s-prophesy of 2 million deaths were barely squeaking up to 60,000 in the first few months, the Church should have demanded to be considered essential…because She is. The President and Constitution were backing us up, and we could’ve done it. Everybody didn’t need to attend, but the Church should have told the world that God and our gathering together to Him are essential. But She went along with the world and we lost ground…and we continue to lose ground in our own eyes and in the eyes of the world because we didn’t stand up, rightly seeing Who We Are from the beginning. If the polls in this article are near correct for the nationwide Church, even now they show a saddening lack of confidence in God–(hence, the word “Surprising” in the title). The lockdown was only to give the hospitals a head start for all the sick people they were expecting; medically speaking, distancing doesn’t eradicate the virus; it’s here to stay. The Church in many areas has become worldly, soft, seeker-friendly, trading the Word of God for politeness and compromise. We’re like the world even in that we can’t speak our minds and the Word of God in fear that people may get their feelings hurt rather than grow. And therefore, again, I encourage and challenge the Church to remember Who She Is, and to rise up, fearless.
        [Again, IFA, please delete me if I seem too harsh. I will accept your decision and take it to heart for my own self-improvement. Thank you again, Barbara, for letting me clarify; I hope I didn’t make it worse.]

      3. Dear Lisa, I’m sorry if I made you think I was referring to your criticism of others. I was stating that when I speak with boldness like yours, I feel that others take it like I’m criticizing them for their lack of faith. I am in agreement with you. Thanks for replying and giving me a chance to explain. God Bless

        1. Barbara–I was so worried I had offended you, hahaha! I know I’m intense, blurting out stuff, and not always clearly. I tried to fix it with my 2nd comment, but then I felt I only made it worse, and it turns out you weren’t even offended, lol! This is funny. I want to be like Jesus when He said He only says what the Father says, but I also know that sometimes persecution comes with saying what He says, in which case other people getting offended can no longer be my guide. It’s a quandary, because I hate offending others. Please know there’s peace between us! I’ve enjoyed our visit here–God Bless!

  12. The great theologian Ricky Skaggs once said, “The Bible says believers should be in the world but not of it. It is also true that followers of Jesus ought to be of the church but not in it.”

    That does not mean we forsake the assembling of ourselves together. But while we’re apart from the gathering room, I want to pursue, as best I can, impacting my world.

  13. Our church was NEVER closed during pandemic! We were open from 9am-10am for those wishing to take communion, listen to a short devotion and pray. Only about 6-8 came each week but that’s ok. Our first service began on Pentecost Sunday with safety measures and social distancing. About 20+ out of about 35, came! We cannot live in fear when we realise that God is in control!

  14. The left has this country right where they want them, walking in fear! Unfortunately the left and Satan also has the church right where they want them, walking in fear, separated from other bodies of believers. My question is, when is the church going to stop acting like the world and start proclaiming Jesus and his protection. I hear very few preachers talking on how not to walk in fear and how to navigate during these times, and reminding their people, that God has placed under their care, that nothing is surprise to God. He has a reason for allowing it to take place, He will show us a way out but we have to stop walking in fear. We have to take up our sword and Start fighting this battle in the spirit.
    For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, and love, and a sound mind 2Tim. 1:7.
    I have so much more to say on this subject and I’m so very saddened that the very time the church should have the loudest voice is when you find them cowering in fear behind governmental, leftist doctrines and not listening for Gods direction.

  15. I work as a carer in a nursing home and one month ago I did my shift of 12 h with 3men all positive Covid 19.
    Every day I said Psalm 91 and I prayed to Jesus for protection .3 weeks later I tested negative . That’s the power of God.
    Judge for yourself!

    1. I praise God for you! And I couple my prayers with yours when you pray Psalm 91 over yourself, that you will be safe, snug, and whole within the refuge of the Lord’s wings. I also pray that you will be a witness and evidence of God’s goodness to the three gentlemen He’s put in your care, that they will be saved and healed as well.

    2. I received a printed copy of Psalm 91 in the mail from CBN. It’s been on my refrigerator ever since and I get so much confidence when I read it. No fear here!

  16. Jesus is bigger than any virus -Coronavirus included-‘no plague ,no harm will overtake you/for He will command His angels to lift you up in their hands-psalm 91,
    You go to praise God , therefore He will protect you in all your ways.
    Trust God !
    Go ,praise and worship Him -so you will prosper!

    1. Presumption and boldness are not a manifestation of faith nor a demonstration thereof! True faith is not contingent on how we feel. It is sad to observe that so many who identify as part of the CHURCH interpret faith as ignoring what our health officials are stressing!

    2. I’ve been back in church and bible study over a month. All is well. We have made this virus bigger than Almighty God and He takes 2nd place to none. Sadly the people of God has caved to fear.


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