I Prayed have prayed
Father, we reaffirm that our trust is in YOU and YOU alone. We grieve that the highest court in our land is determined to thwart any limit on abortion. Help us, Lord.

What a discouraging result in the Louisiana abortion case! Katrina Jackson, the Louisiana state senator who sponsored the law had this to say: “This law received overwhelming support by both woman and men, Democrats and Republicans, black legislators and white legislators.” She added, “As long as the Supreme Court continues to meddle in an area that rightfully belongs in the democratic process, women will remain subject to substandard abortion facilities.”

Justice Gorsuch was felt to be a disappointment to conservatives after the recent Bostock decision, but his dissent in this case offers hope for abortion jurisprudence with a different group of justices. Gorsuch details the many problems with this case and most abortion cases in the Supreme Court. He concludes that this case is “a sign we have lost our way.”

Fox News reported:

“The Supreme Court on Monday ruled that a Louisiana law requiring that individuals who perform abortions have admitting privileges in a nearby hospital is unconstitutional, as it places an undue burden on women seeking abortions.

The court ruled 5-4 in the case, June Medical Services LLC v. Russo, with Chief Justice John Roberts siding with the court’s liberal justices.

The majority opinion, written by Justice Stephen Breyer, noted that the Louisiana law is “almost word-for-word identical” to a Texas law the court ruled was unconstitutional in 2016’s Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. A District Court had rejected the Louisiana law because of that precedent, but a court of appeals ruled otherwise.

“We have examined the extensive record carefully and conclude that it supports the District Court’s findings of fact,” Breyer wrote. “Those findings mirror those made in Whole Woman’s Health in every relevant respect and require the same result. We consequently hold that the Louisiana statute is unconstitutional.” . . .

Roberts had dissented in the 2016 case, but ruled with the majority on Monday because he was following court precedent.

“The legal doctrine of stare decisis requires us, absent special circumstances, to treat like cases alike,” Roberts wrote in a concurring opinion. “The Louisiana law imposes a burden on access to abortion just as severe as that imposed by the Texas law, for the same reasons. Therefore Louisiana’s law cannot stand under our precedents.” . . .

This is just the latest closely watched court case where Roberts has cast a critical vote, and angered conservatives.

What follows are some key excerpts from the dissenting opinions. First, if you would like to understand the legal history of legalized abortion, read Justice Thomas’ dissent, starting on page 16, under roman numeral II. He explains the decisions the Supreme Court issued, as well as what is wrong with them. Here are some quotes from his dissent:

But today’s decision is wrong for a far simpler reason: The Constitution does not constrain the States’ ability to regulate or even prohibit abortion. This Court created the right to abortion based on an amorphous, unwritten right to privacy, which it grounded in the “legal fiction” of substantive due process, McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U. S. 742, 811 (2010) (THOMAS, J., concurring in part and concurring in judgment). As the origins of this jurisprudence readily demonstrate, the putative right to abortion is a creation that should be undone.

The fact that none of the other justices joined in Justice Thomas’ dissent may indicate that none of them are willing to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Here are some great excerpts from Justice Gorsuch’s dissent:

The judicial power is constrained by an array of rules. Rules about the deference due the legislative process, the standing of the parties before us, the use of facial challenges to invalidate democratically enacted statutes, and the award of prospective relief. Still more rules seek to ensure that any legal tests judges may devise are capable of neutral and principled administration. Individually, these rules may seem prosaic. But, collectively, they help keep us in our constitutionally assigned lane, sure that we are in the business of saying what the law is, not what we wish it to be.

Today’s decision doesn’t just overlook one of these rules. It overlooks one after another. And it does so in a case touching on one of the most controversial topics in contemporary politics and law, exactly the context where this Court should be leaning most heavily on the rules of the judicial process. In truth, Roe v. Wade, 410 U. S. 113 (1973), is not even at issue here. The real question we face concerns our willingness to follow the traditional constraints of the judicial process when a case touching on abortion enters the courtroom.

[R]espectfully, it is a sign we have lost our way.

Here is the statement from the White House on this case:

In an unfortunate ruling today, the Supreme Court devalued both the health of mothers and the lives of unborn children by gutting Louisiana’s policy that required all abortion procedures be performed by individuals with admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.  States have legitimate interests in regulating any medical procedure—including abortions—to protect patient safety.  Instead of valuing fundamental democratic principles, unelected Justices have intruded on the sovereign prerogatives of State governments by imposing their own policy preference in favor of abortion to override legitimate abortion safety regulations.

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Karen Crutcher
July 6, 2020

The Supreme Court Justices have over stepped their bounds by preventing the State of Louisiana from requiring a doctor to have hospital admission privileges to do major surgery. The White House is right on target with their message. The lives of women, young girls, and babies are at great risk with such a serious operation performed outside of a hospital and then having no recourse to the hospital when the surgery goes badly! These approving justices are now partners to murder as well as violating States’ rights given by the U.S. Constitution. LORD turn their hearts to You and your laws.

Kari Schneider
July 2, 2020

It’s legalized murder to American babies who have rights. The Supreme Court will go down as aiding mass murders, worse than Nazi Germany war crimes against humanity.

Abortion is the biggest civil rights issue of our nation. More black babies are aborted than white babies. 2800 per day.

Shame on the court.

Lilliana Reign
July 2, 2020

bodily autonomy!

July 1, 2020

Do not understand. Plain and simple, abortion is murder. At the judgement of all mankind,
God will have the last word.

July 1, 2020

My heart is heavy Lord, by what the Supreme Court did. When people have prayed and sought you for men who would make a difference in unfaithful laws, and they disappoint. They rule on the bases of ungodly principles, ungodly, sinful acts. Forgive us Lord, forgive me for not praying for truth and righteousness to prevail in the hearts of these people. Father raise up men women who will put aside fear and seek Your truth and not base their decisions on ole laws that were put in to place by injustice. Jesus we are desperate for You, desperate for God to arise and cause His enemies to be scattered!

Timothy Bunn
June 30, 2020

When governmental laws supersedes God’s sovereignty,abandon hope all you who enter forthwith.

    Marc D
    July 1, 2020

    You mean her right to murder an innocent baby whom she pro created but is inconveniencing her.

    She also has the right to deny her lustful desires.

Rebecca Blyth
June 30, 2020

Please anyone who has any doubts to a woman’s right to an abortion, look into her right to bodily autonomy.

    Riley Lynn
    July 2, 2020

    Please anyone who disputes a woman’s right to an abortion, educate yourself on her right to bodily autonomy.

Pastor Karn Lester
June 30, 2020

This was a very disappointing ruling I’m praying that all these justices would open their eyes and ears, and get back to just basing their decisions on the Constitution, have sound minds and loving hearts as well.

Cindy Ashlock
June 30, 2020

This makes me so sad. God, please intervene. You know the answer. Lead us and give our Supreme Court Godly wisdom and courage to overturn Roe v Wade, and outlaw abortion. Forgive America. Turn us around. Help us. In Jesus Name.

Terri Kosinski
June 30, 2020

Abortion is murder as far as I am concerned and when will the supreme court judges realize that they will have to give an account to God when they die…how will the outcome be? Death and separation from God for all eternity. My parents wanted me to have an abortion when I got pregnant at 17 years old but deep down in my heart I knew it was murder….thank God I kept my baby for now I have 2 beautiful granddaughter from that daughter they wanted me to flush down the toilet. I am pro-life, I vote my faith. I will never vote for anyone who supports killing babies. I am a voice for babies in the womb.

Elizabeth Anne Romack
June 30, 2020

Father, we have lost YOUR ways–and have turned to our own ways. Our only hope is that Your Holy Spirit, who convicts of sin and righteousness, would go throughout this land and convict every single person–abortionist, legislator, abortion provider, judge–and men and women considering abortion–of Your great love for them and of Your destiny and value for every person. Let Your truth overpower the darkness! We depend on YOU for righteous judgments–our own courts are no longer the plumbline. Let righteousness rain down and salvation spring up!

John Zolkowski
June 30, 2020

May God have mercy upon the United States. May the unborn rest in peace.

Karen Ellard
June 30, 2020

Thankful for Clarence Thomas’ rebuke to Justice Roberts after that horrible decision in the June Medical Case. Praying for the Lord to increase Justice Thomas’ kind on the Supreme Court. Here’s the link to the article: https://www.wnd.com/2020/06/clarence-thomas-erupts-chief-justice/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=wnd-newsletter&utm_campaign=dailyam&utm_content=newsletter&fbclid=IwAR00cC4LNCvN-wGo8Y3EMksYMhzs202fJhu49QndTv-8o41InigImoRxm3s

June 30, 2020

Father God, I come before You in the name of Jesus, Your Son, covered in His Blood and ask for forgiveness for our nation and for those of us who stood by and expected someone else to do what we were called to do. Just as you told Jeremiah in chapter 1:10 “See I have this day set you over the nations (and our nation) and over the kingdoms, to root out and to pull down, to destroy and to throw down, to build and to plant.” You have called us to be Your watchmen, to speak forth Your Word and what we see. The highest court declared “we have lost our way” but You Lord can overturn whatever the enemy meant for evil. Lord, Your Word says in Is 60:1,2 Arise, shine; For your (our) light (Jesus) has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you.” Lord arise over us Your children with Your glory ready to heed Your call. Lord, stretch out Your righteous right hand of mercy and Your hand of grace and heal our nation. You are the Mighty Healer, heal our land, deliver our courts of unrighteousness, I ask in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior.

fran fink
June 30, 2020

Father God, those on the Supreme Court have lost their way….Help Your Children to remain steadfast in The Faith. I plead the Blood of Our Savior Jesus Christ over all your Children, Your sons and daughters, to remain in the Faith, and know that as we pray we remember the Battle was won at Calvary….Thank you Father for keeping Your children in the palms of Your Hands….Your children have not lost our way…we know the way, and we keep on that correct path that you have shown us in Your Word…..With love and gratitude for What You have done and for Who You Are!!!!

Brian Lynch
June 30, 2020

Nothing new here. Did you REALLY expect anything but a decision consistent with the times that we are living in? God help us. We are in the end times. This decision is symptomatic of the enemy’s influence over our justices and politicians.

    June 30, 2020

    What have we become when women actually FIGHT to kill babies? It is so sick as a culture and a nation. I refuse to accept it. THIS is what unfettered liberalism does. Next it will be killing off[which they have already tried] useless people,Old people, mentally ill people,Downs syndrome kids the list is endless when killing becomes a societal norm. God Help us that do care. Spare us from such evil.

      June 30, 2020

      Deborah, I agree with you completely. All I was trying to say, was, that what is happening is not surprising. We, as Christians, need to take authority over injustice and evil, through intercessory prayer. As things become more and more depraved, we do need to wake up and rise up as a church. I meant that there is nothing new under the sun where evil is concerned. It just has become so concentrated recently. We need to take authority over the evil. The way that we can do this is through our intercession to Almighty God. It is the most powerful weapon that we have.

June 30, 2020

the problem is the church aborting its young and opposing scripture that compels the church to may disciples not converts. Churches for the most part are not making disciples, except for the Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons are making disciples, but the rest of the church is ending evangelists instead of apostles who do mighty miracles 2nd Corinthians 12:12 going to church on Sunday is not making a disciple. As long as the church disobeys God Almighty, the world will be confused: Matt 28:19-20
19 Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit:
20 teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you: and lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. ASV

Nancy Krueger
June 30, 2020

I hope Roe Vs Wade gets overturned because of the
motive behind it to take down the population of the unborn in this nation, we have truly lost our way and greed has taken over!

CM Brown
June 30, 2020

Father, right now I pray first for forgiveness of my sins. I humbly ask You to forgive any thought, word or deed that does not please You. Next, I ask You to PLEASE forgive our country, and those in charge who have made decisions that go against Your Word. Everyone in the United States knows that abortion in wrong – it is the shedding of innocent blood. God, for the remnant of those of us who still seek Your face, and believe in Your word, I beg Your forgiveness. For those women who are currently considering abortion, please touch their hearts and help them not to choose to abort their babies. All of this I ask in Your Holy name, Amen.

June 30, 2020

Almighty God, glorious in holiness and creator of heaven and earth and all that is therein. I repent for the justices that chose death instead of life and ask you to gift them with your spirit of repentance. I ask you, O Lord, to encourage Katrina Jackson and renew her strength to continue the work that you have anointed to do. As Allan Parker said “heart broken but not hopeless”. Lord our hope is in you. I thank you for Justice Clarence Thomas’ eloquent dissent. Thank you for righteous justices Lord. Now I ask your blessing in abundance on all who chose life and not death. Lord of hosts, protect them and their families.
Lord, we are a nation gone astray from your Biblical principles but you can change hearts in a moment…You open blind eyes and deaf ears to Truth and Life. We need you Lord. Please send a Holy Spirit revival and a great awakening to America.

June 30, 2020

Much, if not most, contemporary jurisprudence is “legal fiction”. The “Strawman”, from the formal study of Logic, is the fiction of the legal basis. Precedent becomes the “stage” upon which the “strawman” performs, and principal rather than Principle, pays for “due perfomance”. Due Process, in these cases and/or instances, is mere straw to weave the fiction.

Jacquelyn Miller
June 30, 2020

Father God, we are praying for You to help our nation and we are still sinning against You at the same time. These do not go hand in hand. You are Sovereign and You cannot tolerate sin. You will not hear us. I pray that our leaders consult godly counsel. I pray that America’s Supreme Court will wake up and realize that one day, they will have to stand before YOUR SUPREME COURT to give an account for every decision that they have made. I pray not just for them, but for every judge that has to determine cases. Forgive us please and have mercy upon us. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

June 29, 2020

God help us. I can not trust mandated healthcare because of this decision.
If this resulted as a consequence of molestation, I pray that the perpetrators
will be held accountable and not the innocent baby!

    June 30, 2020

    It is now “Medical Fascism”. The blue governors are doing it now unchallenged.

Darlene Estlow
June 29, 2020

Father, I repent of the killing of babies in our nation. I pray for our Supreme Court that you would convict the heart of each justice that they might see the sin in abortion. I pray for justices that will uphold your law and respect life.


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