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1485 People Prayed
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Lord, we ask that our governmental leaders would be God-fearing and recognize that they are accountable to Him for each decision and act.

Several attorneys general around the nation, including Mississippi’s Lynn Fitch, are challenging President Biden not to overstep his bounds under his oath of office.

Fitch signed a letter sent to President Joe Biden on Wednesday saying that any potentially unconstitutional executive actions or federal overreach will not go unchallenged.

The letter opens by saying, “Dear President Biden, one week ago you assumed the presidency of the United States of America, and took the oath of office. You swore to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America. Today, we write to you in our capacity as State Attorneys General, regarding areas of vital importance to our States as you execute your job in the days and months ahead.”

The letter is also signed by the AG’s of West Virginia, Arkansas, Indiana, Montana, and Texas. . . .

The attorneys make it clear they accept the responsibility to challenge any of the president’s unconstitutional laws in court.

Editor’s Note: See the full letter below.

(Excerpt from WLBT. Article by Sharie Nicole. Photo Credit:  Getty Images.)

What do you think of this letter to President Biden? Share in the comments below!

1485 People Prayed
9817 People have read this article

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  1. I beg all of you to step in. The Biden Administration stole the election, there is proof. They want to take over this country, we need all our leaders to stop him. We have an invasion going on with the approval of the president, all the democrats see this. You mentioned that h will not get away with overstepping the constitution .

    This invasion is covered under our constitution . Article 4 session 4. They want to make DC a state, the constitution says that this cannot be done, take away our gun rights, They already started with freedom of speech. They want to pass a law that wil give the government the power to elections. PLEASE, PLEASE do something, or our country will be over. Strength in numbers is what we need. Every tone talks about this on Fox News, I want to hear that the Biden Administration is CANCELLED.

    Amen! 1
  2. Well, you all said that you will not let the Biden administration cancel the constitution , well when ar you going to start, article 4 section 4 has been broken. Please step up and go after him.

    Amen! 1
  3. Father, I thank You for these leaders who are taking a stand for righteousness against evil doers. Give them favor in the courts when they need to go to court and put the fear of the Lord in the justices who would consider ruling unjustly. Righteousness exalts a nation and judges should and must judge righteously.

    Isaiah 59:15 declares that it displeases You when there is no justice. Give these and others who stand for righteousness the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that they need to overcome this enemy. Let them not be ignorant of evil devices and tactics devised by the adversaries, but rather be knowledgeable and well prepared for every encounter. Reveal to them every weapon being used. Name the weapons and the evil doers who devised evil plan schemes and tactics against our nation so that none of these weapons will remain hidden or unnamed. Let none go unnoticed or go unchecked and cause all to fail to prosper.

    I pray that every tongue that rises up against them to silence them or contradict them will be silenced, put to shame, and condemned. Put Your words in their mouths. Let the words they speak come from You for we know that You do watch over Your word to perform it. Have mercy on them and us giving favor wherever we need it, grace and more grace advancing Your kingdom and delivering us. In Jesus’ name I do pray and give thanks always. Amen

    Amen! 2
  4. The constitution protects this Nation from powers of drunk diseases men.
    I am settled to know that we have the balance of power, that no president is above the law. Biden will be dealt with richly if he forget America is the people. The President is a steward every four years. But that term if mishandled must be handled by the appropriate department effectively and with urgency,his excising of power base on being disgrace by the former administration is no excuse for over reach of his hand.
    What he thinks is irrevocable will be quickly satisfied by balance of power,for we know that no president is above the law, unless he succeed in an amendment of the constitution. We have rights, those clauses and code of ethics that the governing body of men who wrote the constitution and place their hand on the holy bible has sealed our past present and future as a Nation. And anyone who come to office to Challenge its foundation and strength should be treated with treason and tryanny as it cannot be accepted or tolerated by a free and liberated people. It must be respected by all, Wherefore we are a Nation under God.

  5. I pray that more & more states and their citizens would not just encourage but demand that their legislators and gov’t officials stand up to this out of control power grabbing administration. Give more states the wisdom, courage and determination to move forward and join in unity by opposing these economy wrecking, unconstitutional orders. In my lifetime, I have never seen anything like this before. Out of pure spite and revenge, a new administration issues orders that are aimed solely at destroying success and good progress for a nation. It’s truly infuriating to 80% of America.
    We know Biden was selected as their candidate for purely manipulation purposes. He isn’t well and is operating on a 50% battery pack. Watching him speak I cannot help but feel sorry for him. He is like watching a robot that has been programmed what to do and say. What’s worse is that those around him could care less – he was, is and will continue to be used as their puppet. The shadow gov’t behind him chew people up, use them and then discard them. They simply don’t care and never have. I truly pray Lord that you will deal soon with these “users” who want to destroy our nation and have no fear of God.
    While God is truly compassionate, forgiving and merciful, He also will draw the line eventually on those who insist on the continuation of evil actions, ideas and scheming. So Lord, we leave that timing in Your hands but we also ask that You would act quickly. Watching these continuing ungodly decisions is painful Lord. Our nation calls on You Lord to save us. Turn the hearts of the people and our leaders back to you. Have mercy we pray. Amen.

    Amen! 12
  6. Please pray for the Salvation, physical and mental health of President Biden. He is not a well man and is not in his right mind. His cronies on the left do not have his back. What they are doing to him amounts to elder abuse. I dont like this man but I do love him in the sense that I want him to come to his senses, embrace Jesus as his Lord and Savior, have a transformed mind and heart and start leading this country according to Godly principles. I wouldnt want my worst enemies to end up in the Lake of Fire.

    Amen! 16
  7. Praise God for men and women who will stand up to the frightening overreach of the current administration.
    Almighty God, grant favor and continued wisdom to these brave servants. Empower them to continue this pursuit of fair and right governance. Keep them righteous in the ongoing work that this requires. Let us, as citizens of this great nation, support every effort that is being made to restore the United States of America to a God-fearing nation. Amen

    Amen! 29
  8. Unbelievable! Wonderful! Praise God for honest, forthright, righteous, just and Godly men and women to stand firm in the truths of our constitution and all that our country was meant to be! Praying right now for the Lord to bless you and keep you all under His umbrella of protection. Also praying the many, many more State Attorney Generals will be encouraged to rise to the occasion!

    Amen! 32
  9. I need to thank the folks who wrote the letter and signed it. I do try to pray for Biden despite my personal feelings but I promise to add all of you to my prayer list. Bless you.

    Amen! 21
  10. I totally agree with the AG’s letter to President Biden. I hope and pray that more state Ag’s will join in! Strange how when President Trump was in office and he was challenged and scutinized every day for everything he said and did, but now there’s very little if none transparency or challenges. (wrong, double standard) Unfortunately I live in a very liberal Democratic state so I know our AG won’t sign on, but I will continue to pray for “Truth, Justice, and Revelation.”
    May God Bless these AG’s for their united hearts and courage to reveal and stand for the values of our constitution.

    Amen! 23
  11. The enemy of the United States is overplaying his hand. I decree this is a season of operation redeem all and the LOrd is working with his remnant, the cloud of witnesses, angels, the covanant promises, and justice is and will continue to come forth. God is a God of mercy yet will bring justice when the cups of inequity are full. I pray over the state government to stand up for their constitutional rights and to preserve the balance of power principle which is laid out in our constitution. I bind a dictatorial spirit that would try to bring the antichrist agenda to America. No weapon against God’s destiny purposes will prosper. No weapon means no weapon. I bind that intimidation spirit and I ask for exposure and more exposure. Leviathan and that twisted spirit that has corrupted mainline media is bound and I speak and proclain his truth is marching on. Holy Spirit give us the wisdom when to speak and when to be silence and I am asking for a bold spirit to follow the direction of Holy Spirit which is under the direction of the Father and of Jesus Christ our LOrd. This holy partnership is and will continue to defeat the demonic structures of principalities, power, rulers and spiritual wickedness in high places. We choose to follow almighty God. I pray for Mr. Biden as he is being used as a puppet for demonic purposes and he is being abused by demonic forces. Have mercy on him and open up his heart to your purposes. Give him a visiation in the midst of this satanic drama. I trust you Lord for mercy and justice as needed as you are saving America for your destiny purposes. This truely is synary of the ages in America.

    Amen! 29
  12. I, agree with the Attorney General’s Letter to President Biden. He swore to up hold the Constitution of the United States of America. Now, with God’s mighty Grace may that be called to mind with ever executive order he designates and signs into law.

    Amen! 20
  13. I repeat once again: The scariest events I can imagine in the next 4 years is for Biden to die and Kamala Harris to become President! Classic example of bad to worse.

    Amen! 11
  14. I agree with this letter. May President Biden honor his commitment for unity and keep & protect the Constitution.
    I have made a commitment to the Lord Almighty to Pray for him every day he is President.

    So far I have not missed one day.

    Jesus/Yeshua please give wisdom to our President to lead and protect our great country.

    Russell J. Critendon

    Amen! 18
  15. I think that the states that are conservative-leaning need to stand up and be heard that this is not what people voted for. The media did not allow any vetting or truth to be heard prior to the election so those who voted blindly for Biden really were ignorant to what they were asking for. I am sure that there were some who knew what they were doing but the other 49% of the country who voted for Trump do not want these disastrous policies.

    Write your congressmen, governors, senators and let them know they have to take a stand against this.

    Amen! 29
    1. Trump got much more than 49% of the legitimate vote. A large portion of votes for Biden were illegally manufactured and/or fraudulently cast. Biden received more votes than Obama did in his elections? I think not. We are living under a fraudulent government. The US Constitution has been torn to pieces and most republicans, and all the democrats in Washington are just fine with that. Come, Lord Jesus!

      Amen! 37
      1. Completely agree. I have heard that Trump received close to 75 million votes and that Biden barely got over 60 mil. Factoring in all the fraud votes that took place (including stolen votes or “shifted votes”…it’s not hard to fathom that Trump buried Biden in actual votes.

        Amen! 18
    2. We are experiencing revelations of truth. Truth is hard we must be patient. The truth has to be revealed to gain public support . People are finally waking up to the corruption in our government that’s been going on for decades. A lot of us knew it, most were asleep. People are waking up. For a successful sting operation you have to let the criminal commit the crime. They are now being caught in their crime. They have finally been revealed. The truth will set us free. The American people are waking up. Thank you Lord!

      Amen! 5
  16. My thoughts: it was said that Susan Rice was going to be driving the train, (and guess who is driving Rice?). Biden is only the conductor with the pen. His position hasn’t changed much since he got out of his basement. He’s still a puppet, with a pen. Do you really think he has a mind that thinks of all these destructive items. This man should have been disqualified because of his health alone, not to mention his laundry list of crimes. This fraudulent administration is so deeply corrupt, only GOD through the power of prayer is going to redeem this nation. It will take a DIVINE MIRACLE for Biden to make a sound decision, let alone a decision in favor of doing the RIGHT THING. God Help Him!

    Amen! 47
      1. I read, in another source, prior to whatever occurred on the 20th (much controversy) that Susan Rice was going to be instructing Biden. Kamala was not mentioned.

  17. Thank you Lord for each one of these AG’s and their stand. I ask that you will raise up more men and women in positions of power to use that power in right and Godly ways.

    There were so many evil kings in power that met really bad ends as they came under Your judgement. Lord, we desperately need Godly men and women in these positions in order for good to prevail and not evil.

    Amen! 46
  18. We praise You Lord for these State’s attorneys Generals and their willingness to stand up to this unrighteous administration. May they find favor in the courts, and may this administration be removed for the fraud and treason they have committed upon this Sovereign nation. In the mighty name of Jesus we ask of these things, for we serve a great God and nothing is out of Your capable hands. We pray the ungodly to no longer be able to control areas of influence, our schools, our apostate churches, our public square. Help us Lord to stand where You call us to, to no longer be asleep with that is happening in our governments, local & state. And may We The People return to our First Love in consideration of every point of our daily lives.
    And we ask that our tax dollars, the money You provide for us to steward over, to no longer be used to fund the murder of babies in the womb. What an abomination to You. Father we pray for this administration to be removed from power over this Sovereign land. We pray for an end to the CCP, that our Brothers and Sisters in China be set free and we pray for Korea to be united as one nation under God. For Your glory Lord we pray. Amen

    Amen! 46
  19. Dear Lord, HELP…save us from their inept knowledge of business, of the Biden and his administration….You are our only hope…Father thank you for empowering the AG’s – for going before them -for giving them favor to overcome the obstacles that are before them…Thank you that we can put our trust in you completely to freeing our nation from all the Biden Admin and their intentions…In the name of Jesus. AMEN

    Amen! 38
  20. I feel like our constitution is in danger of being destroyed and I am deeply concerned. Please keep it in mind when making decisions about our country. We need to have a strong country and without our constitution, we will cease to be the country I was born in.

    Amen! 29
  21. We thank you Lord that there are still real statesmen in our government, that they are standing strong by your grace to uphold the Constitution that you helped write so long ago. Bless them with great courage and conviction as they stand in truth and for truth in our government! We praise YOU Lord that You are in control, that you love this people so much as to refine us in the fire!

    Amen! 53
  22. I agree with these State Attorney Generals!
    We need to make our voices be heard,loud and clear!
    Biden has gone off the deep end, it appears as though we have aselfish, ignorant person in office!
    Open borders are very dangerous, and America is in debt, we have zero money for this “Humanity crisis”!
    So wrong to stop the process of the Keystone Pipe line,
    May Almighty God, pour out His spirit and break this mans heart for what breaks God’s heart! Be convicted Mr. Joe Biden, God could shake the ground you walk on, to establish a Healthy Holy fear!

  23. This is very comforting to know that we have these avenues to fight these relentless executive orders or actions. I am praying particularly for the people in New Mexico and Texas with the illegal immigrants coming their way. Their families safety is in danger in this area where the wall was not completed. This administration has halted the completion of the wall without thinking about safety. The materials are just sitting down there in the sand wasting awayLord Jesus we pray today to come help our nation and your people. Amen

    Amen! 60
  24. I think that this is the correct approach to un-Constitutional laws and executive actions coming from Biden. I am proud of these attorney generals for standing up against lawlessness. I pray that they follow through on this will God-fearing judges all over the country. This is certainly an issue we should pray about. May God give them strength, endurance, power and courage as they fight against the evil of this administration, in Jesus’s Name-Amen!

    Amen! 82

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