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Father, we pray that You would stop the crisis at our southern border. Protect us from illegal immigrants who wish us harm, and allow those who hope immigrate legally to succeed in their just endeavors.

In an attempt to stifle the illegal immigration crisis, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has instructed the Department of Public Safety to begin rigorous vehicle inspections at the southern border. As entry ports clog and lines slow to a crawl, some thing that the presidents of America and Mexico may have to get involved.

From The Epoch Times. Several ports of entry between Texas and Mexico have suffered major slowdowns in recent days as the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) began inspections as part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s border security plan….

Significant slowdowns were recorded at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge, with the wait time increasing up to 4 hours, according to real-time data captured on the Customs and Border Protection website….

The DPS inspections are occurring on state roads just beyond the ports of entry, which backs-up the line into Mexico….

DPS hasn’t said how long it intends to continue with the inspections. Mexico is Texas’s top trading partner with $88.5 billion worth of goods flowing both ways across the Texas–Mexico border annually, according to Global Edge.

“It’s kind of like a Mexican standoff,” said Todd Bensman, national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies….

He suggests three possible outcomes. One, Abbott will relent and stop the inspections; two, the Biden administration will sue the Texas government to stop the inspections; or three, Mexico will decide to enforce its own borders from illegal immigrants…

“One way or another, if [Texas] keeps this going for another week, the presidents of both of these countries will have no choice but to get involved.”

Abbott directed DPS to start conducting the inspections in a letter to the agency’s Director Col. Steven McCraw on April 6.

“As you have explained, the cartels that smuggle illicit contraband and people across our southern border do not care about the condition of the vehicles they send into Texas any more than they care who overdoses from the deadly fentanyl on board,” Abbott wrote.

“In response to this threat, which is projected to grow in the coming months, I hereby direct the … DPS to conduct enhanced safety inspections of vehicles as they cross international ports of entry into Texas….”

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(Excerpt from The Epoch Times. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Darlene Estlow
April 13, 2022

Father, we do pray for safety for the border, those who enter illegal to not make it in and those who have valid reasons to be able to enter. I pray that Mexico would enforce its border protection so that we will be protected from the drugs, criminals, and sex trade that comes across. Protect innocent children who suffer through this. We ask you to change this situation by changing the President’s heart. This is no accident that the border is such a mess so we ask that you would cause a change. We praise your name.


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