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Father, we pray that You would protect our second amendment rights. Prevent any unconstitutional law from passing, Lord.
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Representative Jim Jordan on “The Ingraham Angle” claimed that democrats are coming for gun rights. We must pray.

From BizPac Review. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is warning conservatives, constitutionalists, and Second Amendment advocates that Democrats are coming for our gun rights and they will do it unconstitutionally.

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“Now, this is just it. They want you to get used to having less. The left also wants you to feel less safe while doing so,” Fox News host Laura Ingraham said.

“Now, what do I mean? Well, the same week we got that new bodycam footage revealing Uvalde cops to be total incompetent cowards… in the same week a good guy with a gun saved untold lives in Indiana, House Judiciary Democrats are actually beginning a markup on a new assault weapons ban. An attempt to further erode our Second Amendment rights. Now, here now is a ranking member of the Judiciary, Congressman Jim Jordan,” Ingraham said opening up the segment of “The Ingraham Angle….”

“And by the way Laura, great monologue. You think about it. Less money in your wallet, less gas in your car, and now less freedom and they’re coming directly after your Second Amendment liberties in an unconstitutional way,” Jordan pointed out.

“The Second Amendment is as clear as it gets. Shall not infringe on your right to bear arms. It can’t get any plainer than that but that’s what they’re going after. I always tell folks, it says ‘arms’ not ‘muskets.’ It says ‘shall not infringe.’ It doesn’t say ‘shall not infringe unless it’s an assault weapon’ or whatever the Democrats want to go after that particular week. So, yeah this is… I’m gonna lean in and fight against this, I know you are. And so many Americans know how wrong this is,” the congressman adamantly stated….

“So, this is part of a pattern of attacks on fundamental liberties that we enjoy under our Constitution here in America. That’s why I think so many people are so fired up and gonna push back on what the Democrats are doing,” he continued….

How are you praying for the preservation of our second amendment rights? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from BizPac Review. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Pat R.
July 25, 2022

Democrats seem to have the nerve & great help from Hell itself. We are keeping our guns…they’re our defense… I’ve seen the pictures of ATF at people’s doors in Facebook… They’re like the Communists of the old movies…NOW THEY ARE HERE? Better prepare for a civil war. They ask for big trouble.

July 25, 2022

Thank you Canada! FATHER GOD please restore Canada’s gun rights and freedoms in JESUS NAME! Japan, and Australia are also praying for America! We have a Constitution that protects us from tyranny! Now, we can either obey our Constitution or obey joe biden, a usurper to the presidency through lies and theft of office! We’d better get some backbone and be ready to fight, or give up all of our freedoms! Hitler became leader of Germany through force using his brown shirts and black shirts and Gestapo and SS police! Stalin, Lenin, Mao and Mussolini used force and weren’t duly elected to office! Are we going to allow these so-called elected people in Congress and the White House to have our country without a fight? I think not! Since Obama, the intent was to have our guns! Why? Then they can take over our country like the above dictators did! Hide your weapons in one spot, and your ammunition in another spot! Make sure you can get to them quickly if necessary! Will you fight or become a slave to the worst, and most evil government in the history of America? (Saints, read the book of Nehemiah!) FATHER GOD please strengthen YOUR people for the long haul! Fight against those that fight against us! Stand up with shield and buckler and stop those that are attempting to persecute us! Send YOUR angels to surround us, protect us, and fight for us! I claim total victory for us just like the victory Nehemiah had when he re-built the wall in JESUS MIGHTY NAME! Amen!

July 25, 2022

We in Canada are praying for all intercessors in America who are praying that their rights to bear arms is not trampled upon by Democrats in Jesus Name.
We Canadians- are facing a lot of similar problems at home. As we pray God will hear and answer answer us. We.must not be afraid…instead let us Pray always & faint not. Amen’ !!


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