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Father, we pray for Justice Clarence Thomas. Protect him from all attacks, God, and continue to give him wisdom and discernment in his role on the Supreme Court.
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Clarence Thomas has been attacked viciously since the overturn of Roe. What does he truly believe, and how does he feel about these attacks?

From WORLD. The ferocity of attacks against Justice Clarence Thomas in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision exposes liberal bigotry against any black person who dares to question progressive dogma….

Have you taken your place on the wall?


One of the main themes that Justice Thomas has sought to undermine in his writings—the idea that one’s skin color must determine their politics—keeps popping up and it must be refuted.

When it comes to controversial moral and political matters, progressives permit white people to be taken as individuals. They are allowed to think whatever they want without being expelled from their race by complete strangers on social media. Diversity of viewpoint and perspective among whites is expected, even if it is not always welcomed. Blacks, on the other hand, get accused of race traitorship by white people if they don’t march in lockstep with the most radical progressive dogma.

Of course, the current wave of hatred is driven by the fanatical progressive devotion to continuing the racist, eugenic practice of completely unrestricted elective abortion in the United States….

Today, whether or not you agree with his decisions as a member of the Supreme Court, he has without a doubt proven himself a principled and gracious justice. He’s maintained friendly relationships with ideological opponents such as the late Justice Ginsburg, walking her down the steps at the end of each day. His opinions have been consistent, restrained, and well-reasoned….

But right now, the loudest voices seem to express hatred toward Clarence Thomas. Perhaps this is because, through his hard work and perseverance, he has risen to a place of power that most of them can only fantasize about. A place they feel he should only be allowed to occupy if he does exactly what they want.

But tellingly, I don’t think Justice Thomas hates them back. I don’t know the justice personally, but those who do tell me confidently that he pays no attention to the nonsense and is concerned most with doing his job and doing it well. And those of us devoted to serving women and families facing unplanned pregnancies intend to follow his very good example.

How are you praying for Justice Thomas? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from WORLD. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Sue Tracy
July 24, 2022

Lord thank you for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas watch over and protect him as he serves our country in upholding the law and help him to judge rightly in accordance with out laws.

Karen L. White
July 24, 2022

We pray for the protection of Justice Thomas and his family, and we lift him up as a righteous judge in our nation. We ask that clarity be given him, and that he be allowed to serve for many years to come.

Linda Vaughan
July 24, 2022

Father God, I praise You for Justice Clarence Thomas. He is an honorable person with moral integrity.

He cares for his fellow judges & treats them with respect.

I pray for You divine protection over him & his family. Bless him spiritually, physically, financially & emotionally.

We pray for Your continued favor on him. In Jesus Strong Name I pray, Amen.

Kathy Emahiser
July 24, 2022

Father, we pray that no weapon formed against Justice Thomas will prevail. Let him soar higher and higher in his convictions for righteousness. Encompass him with your peace and strength. We pray that he will not bow down to the voices of the enemy and he will have the strength of a wild ox. We also pray that he will roar truth like a lion, and he will not back down regardless of the pressure because he plus you make the majority. In the powerful name of Jesus, we thank you for fighting this battle on Justice Thomas’ behalf. Amen

Lisa Augustine
July 24, 2022

Lord please encourage and strengthen bro. Clarence Thomas. Thank you for people in our courts like Him willing to pay the price as You did… And you said to Your disciples that if they reviled You, they will revile us too… And You also told us that in the End You will wipe away our tears. Lord Clarence Thomas is a true hero to many of us…and i am a white woman too!! In just want him to know that not everyone hates him and many- more than he realizes are praying for him! love, your child, lisa

July 24, 2022

Father, God of eternal mercy, God our defender, mighty in battle, God of angel armies, place a triple hedge of protection around Justice Clarence Thomas. Cause any and every action, thought and word against him to boomerang back to the hater that the hater would turn from his or her evil ways and seek You and so be saved.
Father, You removed the plight on our land we created by defiling our land with the blood of the voiceless and innocent, something You hate. Now, Father, rid the land of Jezebel that our land would be healed and the world would know that God, Creator of heaven and earth and everything in it, is the God of the United States of America.
We pray in the unequaled name of Yeshua Messiah. Amen.

Stephen Swanson
July 24, 2022

If Republican Senators overturn Bill Clinton’s DOMA, the party is dead to me.


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