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The Lord continues to speak to intercessors across the nation concerning the increase of corruption and evil practices in high places of our government. An intercessor from New England contacted me this week with a very powerful word she received from the Lord. It will be a great encouragement to those who have been praying for the exposure of evil and a revival for God’s people. As you read it, be strengthened by the Lord’s resolve to respond to our prayers and to address those things that are opposed to His purposes. As we continue to stand in the breach, be assured of His zealous passion to render righteous judgments and raise up a righteous people in this land.

I see movement in the Spirit: ascending whirlwinds rising up into the atmosphere. Winds across dry land, picking up brush and sweeping the land clean of debris, like a sandstorm, a whirlwind or tornado pulling things upward, cleansing the land and smoothing things over.

I hear the Lord saying: “I will sweep the nation clean; I will do a housecleaning so thorough that every cobweb in every corner will be eradicated. Deception, lies, and turmoil of the enemy will be swept clean, for I desire to purge the land of all that which has plagued My people.

Never before have evil agendas been so dominant; never before have demonic designs prevailed to such a degree. Yet I am greater, I am stronger, I have a mind to deliver from deception and decree justice in this land,” says the Lord. “I have a mind to bring healing to My people, and I want you to be part of that process. Only that which is planted – yes, embedded firmly will have the ability to resist My cleansing and purging winds. All else will be uprooted, and for a good purpose.

Seek Me to hold on, to dig in, to be established in a time when the “anti-establishment” will fail. Seek Me to cleanse you of any deceptions that hinder you and plant yourself firmly in the bedrock of My Word, My truth. Only that which is solidly planted will remain. Only what has stability in the Spirit will withstand these purging winds. I have been exposing evil – you have seen Me expose wickedness in past months, but now I will deal with that which I have revealed. A swift end is coming to all those who oppose. Batten down the hatches, for like Noah, those who seek refuge in Me will be preserved, but those who continue to scoff and mourn will be swept away.

I cannot hear the cries of My people and NOT respond. Agree with Me for the cleansing of the land – your land – and I will do a mighty work. I will not allow this present course of evil to continue unchecked and unabated. Those who think I do not see or notice will be surprised! Every exposure of evil agendas will be to you as the “touchdown” of My tornadoes. Every point of connection with the earth, between earth and wind, will be the point where I am sweeping away obstructions to My justice and mercy. No longer! No longer will I abide the presence of those things which defeat My people! I will add the blessed touch of My wind and power to your cries for mercy, to rid the land of the worst offenders and bring rest to the weary.

You will see this manifest in books – you will see this in revivals breaking out from place to place – areas where once My winds have purged, righteousness springs forth more abundantly. Just as you have noticed evil being exposed, so then you will notice righteousness abounding. Where evil has tried to gain a foothold, mercy and truth will take over. I desire to bring peace to the land, lasting peace. Let your heart believe in My power to cleanse and purge – not only on an individual scale but on a wider, national scale. Gratefulness will arise from My praying people as I do this, and praise for My goodness. I will establish praise where once there was only fear.”

(Editor’s Note: IFA seeks the Lord for discernment in selecting all of the information we post, and especially when sharing prophetic words. We encourage you to ask the Lord whether and how prophetic words may apply to you personally or to the Body, as well as how to pray. Every prophetic word is to be tested by each believer, in accordance with 1 Jn 4; 1 Thes 5:1; and Acts 17:11.)


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June 11, 2019

Yes, my spirit from Christ confirms that this is for our time & from His Holy Spirit, as He has forewarned us that those who sow/plant evil, will reap (in their lifetime) the whirlwind/ twister/ tornado/hurricane, yet has He not always provided a “way out” before the judgement comes, or a haven of peace in the eye of the storm, such as His own do gratefully accept the seal of the Holy Spirit (which is the down-payment of His inheritance for us) before “mark-of-the-beast” is given to the last rebels. May all who have “ears to hear” be willing & ready to hear & obey (&likewise be blessed) Let us always be willing to sow good seed, & may we recognize in the dry & thirsty land the holy rain satisfies more perfectly a real need, not previously felt (taken for granted) yet dearth also causes fire to spread in greater speed in dryness, yet even beautiful blueberries do rejoice to grow after such ash. Truly He brings beauty to us.

Pamel Theobald
June 10, 2019

It is do exciting to realize that people all across this country are agreeing in prayer for revival, and for the destruction of the political cancer that has tried to destroy our nation. How can Satan possiblity prevail against such unity in the body of Christ!

Ken Budz
June 9, 2019

Lord thank You for everything. Thank You for being pure of sin and a Holy example. Lord please show people that we need You and Your help. Let people see that their selfishness stubborness sinfulness and arrogance are not working. I pray this is in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Joanna Faith
June 9, 2019

Like in the OT, God told Abraham, He would have mercy on Sodom/Gomorrah, if there were 10 right-eous. 🦅God sees His 🇺🇸 righteous🛐 remnant in USA, who love Him, His Word📖, His path of🕊 virtue. May there be a revival, to reverse the curses due to 🗡abortion🤰,perversion👬, rebel-lion👿, lawlessness🔫, false beliefs☯️in USA.

June 8, 2019

Such a confirmation to other prophecies.
Thank you Lord!!! I am so humbled!

    June 8, 2019

    Praise the Lord for His Word of encouragement.
    Thank you for sharing.

Barbara D
June 8, 2019

Yes, Lord, yes – you speak through your prophets and I stand in agreement with these powerful words. Righteousness is arising, praises have been heard and He rushes to answer our prayers. Keep worshiping him with praise and glory. Hallelujah!!

Glenda Shaw
June 8, 2019

Powerful! Amen!

Donna Buzzell
June 8, 2019

Only that which is planted in bedded in my word , let’s all make sure that we understand what that means . Standing daily in gods word ,planted in bedded,This is daily minute by minute that our minds and our hearts around the Lord and totally given and surrounded to his will for our country and ourselves

June 8, 2019

Yes Amen The weather patterns seasons are all under our God’s control. We can actually witness His hands of direction, as places have seen miraculous protection, yet awakening giving God glory.
We are seeing the enemy being exposed, people who have lied deceived for so long they do not know the truth, they are of their father the deceiver. The uncovering is taking place. We cry out “Holy Holy is the Lord, praying for your truth to prevail”

Donna Keller Heuer
June 8, 2019


Birgie Niemann
June 8, 2019

I pray in agreement with the other intercessors across our land for a reverential fear of the Lord God Almighty to fall across the land. I pray for His righteousness, holiness, justice and mercy to reign in our land. I pray for humility, repentance and forgiveness and a hunger for God and His ways to sweep across our land. May God’s will be done, His name be glorified and that all will know there is no God but Him, the faithful covenant keeping God who reigns with justice, righteousness, grace, mercy and peace. He deserves all of our love, Energy and devotion. Praise His name

    Marilyn Res
    June 8, 2019

    Thank you for this post. I agree wholeheartedly. Praise his mighty name. He is coming soon.

Harriet Miller
June 8, 2019

YES! I have had similar revelations. In the Summer of 2016 the Lord told me that in answer to the prayers of His people He was bringing down all of the corrupt systems in this nation and would be “Trumping” all of Obama’s evil policies. A more recent revelation was “seeing” the River of God flooding out all of the evil and corruption in our nation. 🙂

June 8, 2019

30+ years ago a revival swept through my family like a whirlwind. We were in a traditional religion that discouraged us from reading Gods truth as we were told we could never understand ; only priest should have bibles. Hundreds in our family turned and searched for God and His truth. Today my family (hundreds of people; aunts, uncles, cousins, their children…friends) are saved. We need a new revival. The spirit to move again in our family. Many of the grandchildren were not there to experience God’s hand in our lives…our family. Praying for a revival in our family and all families throughout this country and the world. What is happening to this country and world, I believe is a direct attack from satan and he’s not hiding who and what he is. He’s aiming for the hearts and minds of our children and grandchildren. Pray God puts a hedge of protection especially around them. May the spirit of God invade all hearts and minds and all that we are.

June 7, 2019

Lord may this Nation and the people in it return whole-heartedly to Jesus as their First love.lord help us in Love for Him choose to Love Him. Lord search our hearts and see if there are any wicked ways in us Help us to morally pure in our thoughts and deeds. Help marriage as You designed be acknowledged as one man and one woman. Anything other than this would be by choice and not design and be sin nature. Lord open the hearts of those considering abortion to see, feel and know that her baby is a living part of her, a precious gift and worth carrying into full term and given a chance of life. Lord for the sex trade and missing children that are victims to it I pray for our police to be shown where they are, for these children to be found, receive Your healing and be restored. Lord for children abused in families I pray You would protect them, open the eyes of family members, police, schools , churches to get them the help they need. Lord I pray You would continue to pour out Your mercy and Grace new every morning upon this Nation and Your children. Lord help the Church to remove hypocrisy from themselves, to live a life surrendered to You, transparent to the World and one who shows Christ’s love to all people. In Jesus name. Amen

    Susan L Petree
    June 9, 2019

    I have just prayed, & am in TOTAL agreement with Sherry’s prayer, & I told our Precious Jesus I was!!! Hallelujah to the Lamb of GOD!!!!! Jesus Christ is His Holy Name!!!! FATHER GOD, SEND US REVIVAL IN AMERICA!!!!! HAVE MERCY ON US ALL, FORGIVE OUR SINS,ANSWER OUR PRAYERS, & HEAL OUR LAND!!!!!!!

June 7, 2019

Thank you for these very inspiring thoughts. I’d love to know their scriptural source(s). I followed all (4) of the scripture links provided, as well as Deborah Perkins’ wonderful (and scripturally-based) blog, but to no avail. I may be a little too immature (as yet) for the depth of her writings, but am by NO means discouraged from following them/her. Thanks again to you and to her! God bless and Godspeed. Prayerfully, in Christ!

June 7, 2019

I have seen the same thing in a dream and I am in full agreement with this word. Yes! Yes! Yes! Holy Spirit hover over us, restoring life, uprooting evil, restoring godly foundations. We are watching, praying, and waiting with with expectation. Thank you Lord!

Dr. Carolyn Flowers Wright
June 7, 2019

The Lord had me and another prophetess to post on FB about 2 wks. ago that He has drawn a line between mixture (light and dark). He said to choose life (God) or death (satan, the world). God said He will no longer tolerate mixture. Choose you this day!!!, He said.

Prophetess Dr. Carolyn Flowers Wright

    Miriam Hohnston
    June 8, 2019

    I agree! Hallelujah! The prayer group here in my small town gave been praying for all this that has been spoken — let righteousness and justice prevail. We have been praying for the Fear of the Lord to come upon the Lord’s people, That God’s justice would sweep this country. That His mighty right arm would move across this land and bring righteousness and justice. To bring in the Kingdom of God’s government back to His church and to this land and the nations.

Alan K Veasey
June 7, 2019

Praise God for the victory. Praise Him for justice. Praise Him for
raising up a people for such a time as this! Praise you Lord God
for the restoration of righteousness, even in a sea of iniquity.

Esther Rivera
June 7, 2019

This is an awesome word! Praise God!

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