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Lord, guide us with Your Spirit of discernment and truth. Bring revival in our nation.
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Recently I had the privilege of hosting my dear friend Paul Wilbur for “Here’s the Deal” podcasts on the Charisma Podcast Network. Learning from this acclaimed musician and worship leader known worldwide for his messianic worship style was a rich experience.

If you don’t know Paul you probably know his music. Most likely you’ve sung songs he’s provided from 43 years of ministry. “Lion of Judah… In Your Presence… For Your Name is Holy… Days of Elijah.”

Or maybe you’re familiar with some of his albums produced during his career: “Shalom Jerusalem… Holy Fire… The Watchman… A Night of Extravagant Worship.” Those recorded live in Jerusalem are classic.

When a man of God who’s traveled internationally 200 days annually for decades, celebrates 42 years of covenant marriage, plus honors God for a stable family life, you want to glean from him especially during this turbulent time.

Days of Elijah 

Paul shared how for years he led throngs in singing the exhilarating song, “Days of Elijah” by Irish songwriter Robin Mark. Yet something seemed strange when he sang the verse talking of “great trial” when he knew in his heart it wasn’t the case for most of us in America.

“These are the days of Elijah, declaring the Word of the Lord… And though these are days of great trial, of famine and darkness and sword, still, we are the voice in the desert crying, ‘Prepare ye the way of the Lord!’”

That’s all changed now!

Having experienced the unexpected worldwide pandemic; work, sports, school and entertainment stoppage; economic catastrophe; and, explosive nationwide racial riots, almost overnight the global shaking rattled all of us to the core as we’ve truly entered into the “great trial.” But will it result in national repentance and hopefully the Third Great Awakening for which we desperately long?

Time of Restoration

This Christian artist with extensive experience and a deeply devoted relationship with God, shared how we are living in a time described in Acts 3:21 where God underscores the prophetic “restoration of all things.” Drawing from Hebraic roots, Paul explained that this restoration is not going back to what was but going forward to what is to be. We have a “kingdom connection” for new territory in this unprecedented time.

It wasn’t  coincidental that the past two Passover experiences have providentially provided a divinely inspired convergence if we “have eyes to see.”

I told Paul that days ago I phoned  a retired judge from Virginia who is 92 years of age. Frank told me, “Larry, in all my years I have never seen or experienced anything like what’s happening today!”

It is not an hour to be silent, uninvolved, cowardly or detached from what’s unfolding before our eyes. God has given us a protracted Sabbath to prepare and He’s calling us to be “bold as a lion” (Prv. 28:1) in sharing the gospel and in being informed influencers on the issues of our day. It’s time for Christians to arise and winsomely bring the good news in lifestyle evangelism and the Word of the Lord amidst all the chaos and confusion.

His Most Frequently Asked Question

Wherever Paul Wilbur has traveled he’s asked a question: “How do you balance work, ministry, marriage and family life?”

I strongly encourage you to listen to our podcasts as he shares tenderly how his wife of 42 years was brought by God to a place that has enabled them to thrive not merely survive. Paul is emphatic that family is first. Priorities must be established and then evaluated in every season of life.

Prior to his death, Billy Graham was asked if he could do it all over again would he do anything differently? “I would refuse to be pressured into speaking so much and I would spend more time with my family.” And remember Billy served in a generation where schools, government and media were basically supportive of Judeo-Christian values.

Listen to the podcast where Paul describes the time his 13-year-old son, Joel, asked him if he could take him out to lunch. He then asked him a question that penetrated Paul’s heart.

“Is ministry more important than me?”

Our brother broke into tears and from that interchange came a defining moment. Paul recalibrated his life, better aligning with the will of God which brought great peace and stability to their home.

Whatever our calling and station in life, during this God-ordained shutdown it’s critical that we seek Him and make whatever reset is necessary to be more fruitful as a faithful child of God. And in this generation where fatherlessness is epidemic, men have a special role.

There simply has to come a turnaround in our permissive culture where abortion is “birth control” and  fornication is rampant (under the guise of “casual sex” and “living together”) as guys impregnate multiple, foolish women and leave behind 5,10,15+ children, especially in the black community.

Prophetic Scriptures for America

The home is the breeding ground for a child’s future life. The father is God’s primary instrument to lead the way as the “priest” in the home. A curse comes upon the land when men are renegades, reneging on this sacred responsibility.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will reject you from being my priest. And because you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children” (Hos. 4:6).

In this day of cataclysmic change and upheaval, our country is filled with what appears to be God-forgotten children. Not forgotten in the sense that God does not love them anymore, but forgotten in the sense that they seem so far from His intention for their lives. Selfish, ignorant, undisciplined, out-of-control young men is the consequence of absentee fathers and renegade dads.

Recently I watched a cable talk show hosted by an African American woman discussing fatherlessness in the black community. Her panel of five young black men had 87 children with 50 different women! The moderator quoted stats on fatherless young black men having five times more suicide, 10 times the drug abuse and 20 times the behavioral disorders as the predominantly black audience groaned.

In the very last paragraph of the Old Testament, divine intervention is promised. And it also is pronounced amidst a curse.

“See, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreaded day of the Lord. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse” (Mal. 3:5-6).

The End of the Age

Here the Bible speaks prophetically about the end of the age. The urgent problem? Families divided; parents and children alienated from each other.

What brings the curse? The divided family situation left unattended and getting worse.

The solution? It is twofold: first, the sending of an “Elijah ministry” to call for repentance and change; second, fathers responding to the challenge by turning toward their sons and daughters (children then turn toward their fathers but usually only after the fathers make the first move).

Today the Spirit of God is radically arresting our attention in the midst of multiple crises. The Lord is “seeking for a man” (Is. 59:16; Ezk. 22:30) to lead the way and thereby avert serious judgment.

Is it coincidental or providential that there is a rebirth of the “Promise Keepers” movement in America today? There will be a simulcast global gathering July 31-August 1 serving men worldwide. I encourage men everywhere to go to their website and participate in this extraordinary virtual event.

Here’s the deal: Paul Wilbur’s powerful prophetic ministry proclaims that we are in a time of restoration for the church to launch a counteroffensive against the forces of darkness assaulting our nation and homes.  He’s challenging men to arise and spearhead the way by standing in our calling as fearless leaders (single or married). He’s calling husbands and fathers to provide loving leadership by putting families as the top priority after their relationship with Christ.

We are living in the days of Elijah. God intends to slay Jezebel and the prophets of Baal as we await the return of Jesus “whom the heavens must receive until the time of restoring what God spoke through all His holy prophets since the world began” (Acts 3:21).

(Used with permission from Larry Tomczak. Photo from Unsplash by Aarón Blanco Tejedor. Larry Tomczak is a cultural commentator of 46 yrs, Intercessors for America board member, best-selling author and a public policy advisor with Liberty Counsel. His innovative video/book, BULLSEYE, develops informed influencers in 30 days (see www.bullseyechallenge.com). Hear his weekly podcast here.)

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Gale Sherrill
July 30, 2020

I pray that the Hearts will be open to the Days of Elijah, for fathers to take the lead and welcome a Great Awakening. Amen

July 27, 2020

Father God, thank You that You are The One Who brings revival. Holy Spirit, You are The One Who convicts each of us of our sin and unrighteousness. May each of us confess and repent of our sins right now. Revival begins with each of us getting and keeping my hearts right with you and right with all others. Lord Jesus, You commanded us to forgive others. You said if we do not forgive, then You are The One Who turns us over to the tormentors. May we hear what You are saying to us, as intercessors, right now; and may each of us be obedient to You. Thank You for showing us where we need to confess and repent. Thank You for forgiving us. And, may we continue to choose to forgive all others. In Jesus Name, amen and amen.

Gale Sherrill
July 27, 2020

I pray to you Lord, to heal our land, turn cold hearts, and keep the devil at bay, & turn the chaos Into love for one another. I pray for those who are lost, hurting, & fearful. Heal our land Lord.

Chuck Arena
July 26, 2020

Larry T, I love I your article.I remember you back in the days of 1966 with the lost souls at a Padua double decker dance. And I also remember you at CSU in 1971 assistant to my speech professor Srail. I read Clap Your Hands years ago, and I participate in IFA prayer. So glad you still have the gauntlet.

Mary McCauley
July 26, 2020

I thank you for a Christian husband and middle son. I pray that our oldest son will turn back to the Lord along with his wife and daughter. Father in heaven, I don’t know if his anger is from his experiences in the Army and the war. Open his heart and help him to open his heart to you, Lord Jesus to be able to forgive me, his Dad, and brother. We love him, and his family. It is hard because it seems like his wife has been jealous of our relationship with our son. It has been such a big mess over the last ten years with an off and on a relationship. Bring us together as a family again. Thank you that my daughter is turning to you. Bless all our grandchildren.

Martha Camacho
July 26, 2020

How can I listen to this podcast?

Elia Guarneri
July 25, 2020

I am only going to say this once, Come back to the Lord repent before I will destroy all the nations on this pkanet this year. God has given me the mantle of Elijah for a reason. Don’t wait for an engraved invitation from the Most High. He told me that He is very angry and He is going to send a great shaking in the heavens, in politics, in earth, in the matters of the heart. This virus is my friend’s doing because you have greatly angered the Most High. As two witnesses against you , you will get what you asked for. REPENT, COME BACK.
If this virus will not shake you, be prepared for my famines, droughts, earthquakes and superstorms.The church better wake up and soon. For soon the time is coming where you will die for your faith. Please return to the Lord, humble yourselves,seek His face and preach the word like no tommarrow. For the sake of America being a free country obey the voice of the Lord.

Nancy Culver
July 25, 2020

When I think of the Cross … Gethsemane, the crown of thorns, carrying the weight of that cross, laying down arms outstretched to receive the nails, the scorn of man, the last words of Jesus to man and God … I scarce can take it in… Jesus, in this Day, raise us up to be found standing with You to draw all men to Yourself🙏🏻

July 25, 2020

Lord, Your ways are perfect and Your plans will succeed. Help us through the power of Your Holy Spirit to join You in the work that is to be done. Thank You for godly men, husbands and fathers who have committed themselves to You through Jesus Christ. Thank You for equipping many. Bring repentance and revival to our nation and to this world. Lord, Your will be done! We trust in You alone. Maranatha, Lord Jesus come quickly!

Ronda Orchard
July 25, 2020

Consider the view of the fatherless. Imagine the ruthlessness of their uninformed peers … bullies really!

“Hey you, we heard about your mother. We know she had you out of wedlock. Where’s your daddy? Heck, who’s your daddy?” The mockery and the stigma is what causes the illegitimate of this group to fight back. We wear an invisible banner that screams, Bastard, bastard, bastard because we are told that is what we are.

So what did we do in the absence of a father and guidance for our protection in this world of bullies? We push back, we hit before someone hits us. We form a bond with other people like us. We don’t respect authority. We don’t appreciate your piousness and acts of righteousness. This is the mindset of the fatherless. We are without an anchor in a rudderless vessel and we must call out to our Father in heaven.

God showed me the second paragraph of this reply as something my Lord and Savior may have potentially experienced in His day. It was only then that I KNEW that Jesus gets me. The world that doesn’t know Him thinks He is illegitimate. But I have found a brother, from another mother, and we HAVE THE SAME FATHER!

I thank God that as a third grader I heard a sermon about my Father. I heard he loves me. I heard that He would never leave me or forsake me and that was all I was looking for as a child. So I gave my heart to Jesus so he could bring me to the Father who adopted me as His own. Never underestimate the power of a simple sermon to get the attention of a child who has been told at an early age that he or she is illegitimate.

Lord, I pray for these lost people, both young (who aren’t yet jaded) and old (who carry battle scars) that they will be introduced to who you are. I pray that they will run to you as a child rescued from the darkness of their fears and that they will find rest, peace and assurance in your protective arms. amen

    Shirley Norton
    July 25, 2020

    Well I have to give you all the message again that the Lord has already given us an ELIJAH HEALING PRAYER MINISRTRY. He downloaded a ministry called Elijah House, I think in the 1960s?. http://www.elijahhouse.org….to John & Paula Sandford, who wrote books, developed a Prayer Ministry, video school etc, to train believers inspired by that key foundational Scripture, Malachi 4:4-6, and Luke 1:16-17..is the one already quoted..every church should study & develop this ministry with the Lord!!
    Eliah House gave us in May free webinars on the explanation & trauma of “parentlessness”…I can share the replay of the webinars if any one is interested..they also have offered the School online for reduced price…I have been praying for word of this will be released to every church in America….this is vital to have us prepare for the Great Awakening coming…people coming to Christ will need ministry after receiving Christ…most of the people (or lot)in America, Believers & Non-Believers have grown up “FATHERLESS or PARENTLESS”..in one way or another..Elijah House Ministry deals with all this & has revelation from Scripture and the Lord how to bring Transformation & Healing from parentlessness. I have been greatly transformed & equipped for what is ahead & still continue preparing with the Lord…I pray this for ALL also! IN HIS LOVE,AMEN!

Mel Teoh
July 25, 2020

Our Father in heaven,
Holy is Your Name. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Let the Body of Christ be reminded that You are omnipresent omniscient and omnipotent God. You are the only one that can see human soul, heart and their intention. Your power is beyond our understanding. Your Holy Spirit is with us as we received the amazing grace of Jesus Christ.

We thank You that we can pray 24/7. Please forgive our sins as we forgive others who sins against us.

We thank you for this article so that we, the Body of Christ be reminded that FAMILY matter to God. Help us to fixate our eyes on YOU like Moses. Be obedience like Esther and dare to stand on what is Truth like Daniel.

Father God, we pray and ask for Your blessings be upon CHRISTIAN MEN from any vocation to stand up and be leaders as You intended them to be. Let them lead those men who still need guide to find the amazing grace of Jesus Christ. Let us CHIRSTIAN women to pray without ceasing to support this movement so that God will restore FAMILY foundation.
Let CHRISTIAN DAD to put YOU first and take care of his family second prior to their job, friend and church.
Let CHRISTIAN MOM to be supportive to their husband in raising godly children.
Let CHIRSTIAN FAMILY be the SALT and LIGHT and example Family to the world.
Let the BODY of CHIRST repent and walk away from any kind sin.
Let the BODY of CHIRST pray for harvest that are ripe and dare to stand like Daniel to work in securing those harvest so that many can see the amazing Grace of Jesus Christ.

Father God, we ask that the resources of the ungodly (Antifa, BLM, The Good Club, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, GGE, Open Society Foundation, the Hollywood Elites The Globalist, The Cartels, CCP, Russia etc) to dry up. Just as Jesus spoke to the nonproducing fig tree and it dried up from the roots, we speak to the resources of those who work evil in our government and command their money, communication, and alliances to dry up from the roots. May the amazing grace of Jesus Christ be among them, so that they understand who You are that they understand that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of understanding.
In Jesus name bind demonic principalities of witchcraft, hate, and division that keep American to be united.

Keep us humble and put our trust on You forever and ever.

May the grace of the LORD Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all from today onward.
We love You, Father… thank You for loving us first. For Yours is the glory forever and ever. In Jesus’ holy, mighty, majestic, and matchless name we pray, Amen.”

Jayne Hayden
July 25, 2020

Let us have listening ears to hear the words of the Prophet, and discerning heart to repent to Almighty God, for our sins are many.

Revival is coming -let us be watchmen on the walls and prepare ye the way for fiee of a Holy Ghost psunami is coming across all the world.

July 25, 2020

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing and encouragement.

July 25, 2020

Praying for restoration of families and fathers will be led by God to take responsibility for their families and children. May the men lead by the power of Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus

July 25, 2020

Yes, we are on the bridge of trials and coming to the end of it, onto another land. In a vision it was presented to me in prayer. What is behind do not go back or look below as we get to the end of the bridge span . Do not look below but keep your head forward facing the moment when the new land presents itself. Entrust the crossing. He will be there at the end of our crossing over, have faith.

Rebecca Berube
July 25, 2020

Thank you, Larry! Yes, Lord, please bring revival in our nation, in Jesus’ holy name, AMEN!


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