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Lord God, we ask for Your divine wisdom and help as we face these heavy issues facing our nation and it's leaders. Guide us with Your Spirit. Give us Your strength.

Back in July 2020 Scott McKay at American Spectator wrote an amazing piece on the Four Stages of Marxist Takeover.

McKay’s report is based on the words and warnings of Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov.

It’s been seven months since the report was published and the situation today is even more dire than predicted. Even McKay would never have predicted the antics of the Marxist left during the 2020 elections. The Marxist takeover of America is well on its way. . . .

Editor’s Note: Read the Four Steps of Marxist Takeover below:

The first goal of revolutionary propaganda, particularly the Marxist variety, is to demoralize. It’s to depress you and make you believe your civilization is lost. Once you succumb to that, you are, in the words of Ming the Merciless, “satisfied with less.” Why do you think ordinary white people are so willing to apologize for the sins of their ancestors and to confess to being racist without even knowing it? Why do you think corporate America is blindly endorsing a Marxist revolutionary organization that openly declares war on the nuclear family? . . .

What’s the second step? Destabilization.

Bezmenov describes that as a rapid decline in the structure of a society — its economy, its military, its international relations. We’ve discussed in this space the unquestionable impetus on the part of Democrats to keep the economy as hamstrung as possible with COVID-19 shutdowns, and those continue despite a precipitous decline in death rates as testing ramps up across the country. It’s clear the virus is no longer a significant threat to the health of Americans who don’t already have serious medical issues, and yet COVID hysteria is increasing, rather than decreasing. Just Wednesday the Ivy League shut down all its sporting events planned for the fall semester, an absurd decision that is nonetheless likely to be copied by other universities dominated by leftist political activists (the Big Ten, ACC, and SEC are all in various stages of planning conference-only schedules this fall, which makes no sense whatsoever). The virus is the perfect platform by which to impose the economic destabilization the Left has wanted all along. . . .

They’re telling you it’s what they’re after. Do you believe Ilhan Omar was off-script when she suggested dismantling America’s economy as a system of oppression earlier this week? Ilhan Omar, who paid a political consultant $900,000 in fees last year, money that came from somewhere, isn’t smart enough to say these things without having the script written for her. She’s being trotted out to introduce them because she’s already radioactive and a lightning rod for criticism, and also because she’s (1) black, (2) Muslim, and (3) an immigrant, and even an illegal one. To criticize her statements as cracked bears the signature not of incisive reasoning but rather racism. So when other Democrats join her call you are no longer allowed to object.

Google Omar’s statements and what you’ll find is a loud cacophony of gaslighting by left-wing media outlets like Common DreamsThe Nation, the Washington Post, and others attacking Republicans for reacting to what they saw and heard on video as “meltdowns” and “losing their minds.” Even Snopes, the left-wing site purportedly acting as a fact-check operation, declares that Omar didn’t actually say what she said.

That’s destabilization. They’re fully engaged in it, whether you believe they’ve been successful or not.  . . .

he third stage is crisis, the catalyzing event that builds on the first two stages to bring on the change the revolutionaries are looking for. Looking for a crisis? Take your pick. We barely even remember the fact that we just had only the third presidential impeachment in American history half a year ago, a constitutional crisis that was wholly and completely manufactured directly out of thin air. We progressed immediately from that to COVID-19, which was unquestionably a manufactured crisis — not that the virus itself isn’t deadly to a certain portion of the population, but if you think the panic and destruction it’s caused doesn’t smack of manufacture then it’s clear you’ve been demoralized. . . .

What’s the fourth stage? Normalization. As in, a “new normal.” The statues and monuments are gone, the ball games are out, or at least you aren’t allowed in the stadium to watch them (and you’ve got to watch them on TV interspersed with commercial spots and in-game messaging pushing whatever memes and narratives the ESPNs and NBCs of the world and their Madison Avenue partners wish to implant in your mind), the schools have purged American history and culture, the Universal Basic Income checks have replaced your job, which you can’t do because the small business where you used to work has gone under thanks to the virus.

And Biden is president. For a little while, until it’s clear he’s incapacitated per the 25th Amendment, and then somebody else that you didn’t vote for is in charge of the country. . . .

Scott McKay ends his history lesson with this nugget. This was back in July, before Democrats locked doors for two days to manufacture ballots, and drove in vans full of ballots at 3:30 AM, and pulled out suitcases of ballots hidden under tables to steal the landslide 2020 election from President Donald Trump.

Let’s hope your confidence none of this can happen is well-placed. Let’s hope Bezmenov was a crank like people think G. Edward Griffin is.

But just to be sure, let’s make damned sure Biden and the Democrats take an historic beating in November. We don’t want to find out what’s behind the curtain in Biden’s basement. Too many nasty things are already peeking out at us from there. . . .

(Excerpt from The Gateway Pundit. Article by Jim Hoft. Photo Credit: Unsplash.)

Comments your prayers for our nation below!

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February 13, 2023

Rep. Omar is an immigrant, but she became a US citizen in 2000. You may not like her politics but at least tell THE TRUTH.

February 27, 2021

Heavenly Father, help the United States of America totally defeat Marxism, Socialism, Communism, anarchy, and Dictatorship among a very stupid few elitists. In Jesus name, Amen

February 26, 2021

Keep praying everyone. Keep praying don’t give up. Pray that lights go on across America as people wake up. Churches, wake up! Christians, wake up! Wake up and pray. We can still change this country for the good. But we need a true spiritual Awakening.

February 26, 2021

Lord we humbly ask for Your help… for Your intervention revealing the constant lies behind all that is going on and being forced upon the people of our nation. We ask that You would bring equip and bring forth new voices without reservation that will expose and confront this constant battery of lies spewed forth from many who are in positions of leadership. Give increased knowledge and wisdom and strength to those already waging war against the lies being perpetrated on our nation. Send your armies of angels to do battle for our nation. In Jesus name we pray amen.

Pat M
February 26, 2021

Jesus, Savior of the world who sits at the right hand of the Father, ever interceding on our behalf…and NOT wringing Your hands. Wake us up! Have we had enough yet? Keep the pressure on until we act to protect our faith, children and grandchildren forgetting self for the greater good as most martyrs have done. This life is temporary yet a testing ground and we want to be found FAITHFUL, FAITH FILLED AND ACTIVE, ALIVE WITH POWER FROM THE THRONE OF MERCY AND GRACE. We ask, seek and knock for REVELATION, HOW TO MOVE, ACT AND SPEAK, even FIGHT for Your Kingdom to come and Your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Revive us with Your FIRE.

Sherry Mallory
February 26, 2021

“One more thing, friends: Pray for us. Pray that the Master’s Word will simply take off and race through the country to a groundswell of response, just as it did among you. And pray that we’ll be rescued from these scoundrels who are trying to do us in. I’m finding that not all “believers” are believers. But the Master never lets us down. He’ll stick by you and protect you from evil.”
‭‭2 Thessalonians‬ ‭3:1-3‬ ‭MSG‬‬
Lord, in the mighty name of Jesus, rescue our nation the evil ones trying to do us in.

Trudie Coetzer
February 26, 2021

May God save USA!

Cindy B
February 26, 2021

Father, I pray in Jesus Name that You will shine Your light in the darkness; that the American people will know the Truth, and the Truth will set us free! Open our eyes, our hearts and our mouths to see You and to have a burning desire to share Your love to this broken world. Heal our land! Send a great revival! Strike down those who are trying to destroy this nation and bring us back to One Nation Under God!!

I’m so thankful that You, Heavenly Father, are our strength! Help Your Church be bold; keep us alert to the enemy! Give us wisdom. And Father, I thank You now that You are with us; and I trust that even now You are working all things for our good! All honor and glory are Yours! I ask all this in the Precious Name of Jesus Christ! Amen


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