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911 People Prayed
3683 People have read this article


Father, we pray for our country and that You would help us to establish and maintain justice. Show us how to pray for our leaders in these times.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that there should be a nationwide mandate to wear face coverings to ward against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Editor’s Note: Pelosi remarks that nationwide masks are “long overdue”. . . .

Vice President Mike Pence offered a contrasting statement, saying Sunday that Trump will leave it to states to decide whether masks should be mandatory to protect against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, a novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

One of the elements of the genius of America is the principle of federalism, of state and local control. We’ve made it clear that we want to defer to governors. We want to defer to local officials,” Pence said on CBS News.

“If we’d have taken that approach, we’d have never had the success that we had in the greater New York City area. We’d have never had the success in Michigan or New Orleans, because from early on, we worked closely in partnership with governors to make sure that they had what they needed when they needed it, tailored to the unique circumstances in their states,” Pence added. . . .

“It’s time for this administration to take this seriously,” Pelosi said. “As Dr. [Anthony] Fauci said, we have a serious problem ahead.” She was referring to the U.S. infectious diseases expert.

“This is life and death, and we do have a plan to again reverse this trend, as well as to kill off this virus,” Pelosi added. “We don’t have a vaccine, and we don’t have a cure. God willing and science enabling, we will sometime soon, but until we do, we have the tools to halt the growth of this.”  . . .

GOP senators and President Donald Trump have signaled that another CCP virus stimulus package that includes direct payments to Americans will be a possibility in the future.

(Excerpt from The Epoch Times. Written by Jack Phillips.)


What are your thoughts and comments on mandated nationwide mask wearing?

911 People Prayed
3683 People have read this article

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  1. Father,
    In the mighty name of Jesus we proclaim FREEDOM throughout the land this week.

    We proclaim freedom for Your Church in the United States of America:
    freedom from wrong doctrines,
    freedom from heresies,
    freedom from shepherds who are really wolves in sheep‘s clothing,
    freedom from division

    We proclaim freedom from spirits of unforgiveness, wrath, anger, malice, envy, jealousy, bitterness, resentment, and critical attitudes.

    We proclaim freedom from tyranny, lying spirits, treasonous spirits.

    Let the words from our mouths proclaim Freedom in Christ.
    We thank You from the bottom of our hearts for the freedom Jesus bought for us on Calvary with His own precious blood.

  2. It is a violation of my civil rights and my constitutional rights. It will cause millions to die as the mask hold in moisture which will cause a fungus in the lungs. We need fresh air and oxygen to be healthy. It is another step to take our freedoms away a little at a time, it is what Communism does until ALL the freedoms are gone. Mask do not protect any one from viruses except healthcare workers who wear N-95 mask while at work, they were already wearing mask in certain job requirements long before the Wuhan CCP virus was invented and sent all over the world. Mandatory mask wearing is another form of CONTRO,L spreads massive fear, and causes division among the citizenry. Compulsionry mask wearing is re-pungent to me.

      1. We must pray in agreement in the mighty Name of Jesus that we will no longer be intimidated with the threat that we will be forced to wear a mask, and, that we will not be shamed by those who are in too much fear not to wear one. We are covered by the Blood of Jesus and we are children of the Most High God! He is our Protection and our only Safety!

  3. Lord I thank you that you are always revealing truth and exposing the plans of the enemy. I ask that you strengthen your people to not cower in fear by covering their faces. Strengthen your people to use their voice, your voice. Lord I thank you that where there is confusion, you bring order. Where there is fear you bring supernatural faith. Where there is outrage, you bring peace. Holy Spirit fill this nation. Sweep through this nation like a mighty rushing wind. We need you Lord to bring justice and order. May each leader know that they are in the position of leadership because you either put them their or allowed them to be there. Father may your will be done in this nation as it is in heaven. May your will be done in the hearts and minds and plans of our leaders as it is in heaven.
    Lord as you tear down the plans of the enemy may you get all the glory in Jesus name

  4. NOOOOO! Mask and isolate the sick and vulnerable. The rest need to live life as freely as possible. Let the children, who are the least affected by this virus, get back to school normally. They have suffered more from isolation and disruption than any other group. No more control measures! Sweden should be our model

  5. Wearing face masks does not cure the virus. Began to put your trust in God, ask God for wisdom about wearing face mask and seek his face for answers.
    Wearing face mask all time cuts off oxygen flow to the brain and cause you to become weak and it will depress your Immune system. Take care of your immune system and you will be able to fight off the virus. Eat foods to build the system and take supplements vitamin C,E,D3 and Zinc, plenty of sunshine and sleep. I take instructions from the Holy Spirit. God did not say wearing a face mask will cure COVID-19 nor did he say it shall be mandatory. He gave me a “Will”

  6. We, as a nation, are free to wear or not wear a mask. If God wanted us to wear a mask all the time, he would have made us with one. Give us your opinion, but we can make good choices on our own if we think that this is really going to help. Also, I consider the covid 19 like a flu. Many contract it but we overcome it. It almost looks like as if Pelosi wants us to be afraid. I will not be afraid. I will be wise, but not afraid, nor submit to people trying to take away our freedom.

  7. Masks should not b required. They should be optional. My 87 year old father can’t wear one without getting dizzy. I’ve talked to many who have a hard time breathing with them on.

  8. Masks being left up to the states will go out of control just like the lockdown’s, I’m not for allowing the State government here, after the fiasco in Seattle having anything to do with decisions over the resident’s. I’m allergic to paper and can’t wear a mask made of anything except cotton. This still would not be good since the right fit is difficult, not impossible, though if I need to wear one. This should be something that is your choice, you know if you should, and at least choice is both Biblical and Constitutional.

  9. I think it’s a bad idea. It’s way too restrictive and can even detrimental to people’s physical and psychological health and well being. A more reasonable suggestion in my opinion would be to wear a mask when unable to social distance.

    Life or death? Maybe, but driving a car, walking, riding a bicycle and flying in a plane can also be life or death. We cannot stop living. GOD help us all.

  10. No we should not have to wear the mask. A way to shut the people up…live in fear torment disgrace with no communication one with another. Live like the Muslin women bound in bondage and live in captivity.We should not submit to the left and let them win over anything.

  11. I AGREE 100%. All of this is just a ploy, a power grab by the left. We sure don’t want our country to look like Seattle and that is what would happen here. God save us.

  12. Yes, I believe that masks are a sign of cowed submission to irrational government dictates. As Dr. Simone Gold (and others) has written, the size of the gaps in the mask fabric far exceeds the size of the virus particles – so not useful for protecting against random virus particles. From what I have found in my area, many people have almost certainly had this virus before they even knew what it was (knocked out for about 2 wks, difficulty breathing, fever…). It seems to have been out there since at least December, so most people who are out in public regularly were exposed prior to shutdowns. Just as an additional fact that should be reassuring to most, the median age of covid deaths, as determined by our mid-Ohio county health district data is 85 yrs. Excessive regulations are crippling people’s ability to benefit from their support networks, including spiritual fellowship, keeping them isolated and fearful – which I believe is the main goal of the entire “quarantine” operation.

  13. There is no justification for this.. it is just over reach of power and the little plot to keep people under their control. Little by little if they eat away at your freedom.. you don’t realize it.. when it is then .. totally gone. Their planned virus fell flat.. and now anything they can do to harm the election .. is taking place. Praying to the Lord above for mercy .. and for him to see that many of us still do love and honor him . Many of us believe and live our lives dedicated to him . Praying for the evil to be rejected and for the truth to come out. The people in some of these positions are for the agenda of the enemy … it is no longer a party .. it is about good and evil and they are using those who are weak and lost to further their agenda. Praying for our country . our world .. that God may have mercy on us.. and for their evil plots to fall at their own feet.

    1. This is being done to shut the church with the gospel message. I know for a fact,for myself, that as Christians, we were able to approach a non believer, with the saving message of eternal life thru JESUS CHRIST, before all this virus.
      If businesses,gatherings/establishments want me to wear one to enter and wear one, then fine. But govt issuing a mandatory,where/ when and even when you are 6-8 ft or more away from a person,I don’t agree because this may mean,to be outside, maybe walking your dog,at a campground on your own lot with people more than 8 ft away on the next lot,maybe across the street as you are walking,or way behind you or going to the mailbox,what about answering your door, etc.,this is a slippery slope, enough I say. These “so called measures for everyone’s safety”.Again I understand for an establishment or a business, but this is a slippery slope.This is the enemy trying to get people to fear people or the virus., THE DEVIL IS A LIAR.
      I say No to the wicked foul spirits of murder/fear/lying/strife/division/dishonoring of God /parents/hatred/idolatry/pride/anti Christ/covetousness/adultery/and any wicked spirit that exalts itself above/against the knowledge of JESUS CHRIST.,IN THE NAME OF JESUS,Fight this battle for us dear Lord, I pray. Send Your Holy Protective Warrior Angels, dear Lord. I pray. Demonstrate Your Power dear Lord, we need You, Only You can help us dear Lord I pray. Your Word is Truth.It’s Settled Forever in Heaven,.. may Your will be done, Lord here on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

  14. I’m against fed mandate for much of anything. States & localities much better to make decisions on this.
    Many say masks don’t work. At one time experts & health orgs said that, unfortunately. We learned much since early days. Just watched the experts, in Senate hearing unanimously plead for us to wear masks. Masks don’t guarantee avoiding infection but they help.
    Common sense from decades of experience show that avoiding close contact with infected people reduces spread. Also, masks are used for decades by health care workers to minimize risk of catching & spreading disease.
    To resist wearing masks only because someone tells or wants you to is not using wisdom.

    Seems to me that we need to put aside our pride, ask God for wisdom and follow the great commandments of loving God and loving all others as we love ourselves. Wearing a mask around others in public is a sign you care about them, ourselves, families and people we know nothing about.

  15. Face masks should NOT be mandated by the federal government nor any state governor. They really do not provide protection against any virus or bacteria. Further more, most of the masks are made in China who started the virus in the first place. China has a great track record for poisoning products like poisoned dog food, lead in kid’s toys, and toxic substances in drywall – we are supposed to trust them to make face masks not just for the US but for the entire world. And we are supposed to believe they are ok. Even if the masks are made in the US, where do the US companies that make the face masks get their source material from? China?

  16. yes i agree that people should be sensible enough to wear masks i do not understand why people do not want to wear masks. my friend said because people don’t want the government telling them what to do. but this is a health issue. a matter of life or death. i think that each state should decide what his best for their people. Phoenix,Arizona

    1. It’s proven that masks do more harm than good!!! Quit listening to the “so-called” experts who are backed by the WHO and China to spread FEAR and keep the economy shut down! WAKE UP!!

  17. Masks don’t work. Even Fauci said they don’t work. If I have to wear one, I’ll just cover my mouth. It’s unconstitutional. It’s all a power grab and meant to make President Trump look bad. It’s all about the future elections.

  18. Pelosi just wants everything to be run by a big government agenda. The States are quite able to do what needs to be done for each of their areas.
    It’s all a power grab.

  19. I can’t wear a mask. They are also symbolic of submission. Like a gag or a berka. It is not of God to force people to symbolically cover their mouth. Furthermore, for those of us who can’t wear them, it causes undue judgement of others.

  20. For once I agree with Pelosi. Here in Texas, we have a major outbreak. The Governor refuses to mandate mask. The only way there is a mandate here in some of the counties where it is bad is through the counties requiring businesses to require mask. Our outbreak consists of young adults in their 20’s who will not take this serious and choose not to wear a mask or social distancing. They feel, they are young, they will not die and it is only a flu. They do not care if they may be the ones spreading it. Now there is a swine flu that has been discovered in China. So if the governors are not going to be responsible, then it is up to the US Government such as President Trump who is our leader to mandate it.

    1. I respectfully disagree. It is up to us to protect ourselves, not the government. I plead the blood over Texas and declare freedom. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!

        1. True, not the correct response, my apologies, just sooo tired of people trying to dictate what they think I should be doing. If you wanna wear a mask, go for it, just don’t pass judgment on me if I don’t fall for the ignorance being spewed thru the media

  21. My thoughts are that Nancy Pelosi and her constituency of actors have decided that costume from the TV show Rawhide should be used to get her point across. Voters will replace anyone who misrepresents them.

  22. I believe that unbiased science states there is no conclusive proof that masks are effective. The other thing is, the death rate from this virus is significantly low per capita. Yes, this virus is real. And yes, there have been deaths and that is unfortunate. And there will be more deaths…from covid and other diseases. But death is a part of life. And, this virus is not the death sentence for all that some have peddled it to be.
    Shame on Ms. Pelosi and any one and EVERY one else who is using this virus to promote fear!

  23. This thought to require that every citizen wear a mask is another way to compromise the immune system by oxygen deprivation. The stress caused to the body is incalculable.

    1. I question if there will be an outbreak of various lung diseases from wearing face masks. What are the masks made of? Are there toxins in them to cause lung and respiratory problems. Since most masks are probably made in China, are they really safe?

  24. The american version of the star that Jews were forced to sew onto their clothing. first they were kept out of only a few places which of course morphed into more and more. ‘no Jews’ allowed or the newer version….”masks only’ [I have such compassion for workers who are forced to wear masks as a condition of their job!!!] The ill health pending is the crime! If there were a mandate making all people oh so virtuous [not actually protected!] the enemy of our souls would be shouting his victory. Oh Father! this is a precarious time. Read REad Read what others have done to resist tyranny. A person might be convinced of the benefit of a mask, but then balk at a vaccine. Pray Pray Pray. where does our Father draw the line for you and in what way? Stay clear of hate and forgive MsPelosi ….a hard request since her shenanigans [wickedness] reach far and wide. She has a bunch of wickedness supporting her, she is the face for now. Anyway. no mask for me as long as I have ways around it. Haters gonna hate so I guess I will also see how spiritually I am prepared for what Jesus/Yeshua warned us about!!

  25. Father we seek Your Face Your Will. Father Your word states. “Never the less when it shall turn to the Lord, the veil shall be taken away. Now the Lord is Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. But we all,with open face (unveiled) beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same, image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord. Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not:But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, not handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.” 2Cor3:16-4:4:2 Abba we seek Your Face for Forgiveness we humble ourselves and say search our hearts Lord and see if there is any wicked way. That we may repent, that we may have clean hands and a pure heart, that You Abba,may heal our land and remove unrighteous leaders.In ou Beloved Yeshuas Name

  26. So she doesn’t think shutting down the economy of the United States for the 1st time ever is serious?!?! How about causing the suicide rate & domestic abuse to skyrocket?!?! How about the biggest bailout package ever in US history?!?! Hmmmm! What she’s really saying is it’s time you do this my way so I/we can keep this thing going, destroy Trump & the economy & have a government takeover.

  27. Absurd! Mind boggling. There is zero evidence that mask wearing is beneficial in any way. In fact there is much evidence that sustained masking makes one MORE susceptible to a variety illnesses. Yet we bow to the thought police daily. I will not bow.
    I will not hide my face from the world and breathe my own exhaust fumes. I will smile at my neighbors and friends even if I cannot see them smiling back. One cannnot say for sure, but I just cannot imagine our Lord Jesus donning one of these hideous and barbaric things and hiding his face from those he came to save. For he is greater than any microbe and he never flinched over touching a leper. He lives in me. So I say with confidence, the Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man (or an world-famous, invisible germ) shall do unto me.

  28. Dear Father, expose the motives of these evil people for all to see. I pray against all demonic forces of deception that continue to fan the flames of fear, greed, division, hatred and chaos. Father, have You turned these people over to a debased mind as Your word says? If so, give us wisdom in how to pray for them. Gives us strength to stand firm and resist the onslaught that is being unleashed in our country from the evil one. Give us understanding in how Your Word applies to this very moment in our history. Give us a repentant heart, that we as a nation may lay our sins before You and recognize our separation from You. May we also receive forgiveness through the blood of the Lamb.

    Why do the nations conspire and the people plot in vain?
    The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the Lord and against his anointed saying,
    “Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles”
    The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.
    He rebukes them in anger and terrifies them in wrath, saying “I have installed my king on Zion, my holy mountain”.
    I will proclaim the Lords decree:
    He said to me , “You are my son;; today I have become your father.
    Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.
    You will break them with a rod of iron; you will dash them to pieces like pottery.”
    Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth.
    Serve the Lord with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling.
    Kiss his son, or he will be angry and your way will lead to destruction, for his wrath can flare up in a moment.
    Blessed are all who take refuge in him. Psalm 2

    1. Michael, I touched “report comment” by mistake. I have no clue what that does. Sorry! I am totally in agreement with your comments above. Here is how I handle the “mask thing” in Arizona where I live. We are now required to wear masks also. I dangle my mask over my wrist so proprietors know I have one. If they ask me to put the mask on I say to them: “I have a mask exemption card. Would you like to see it?” They look at me kind of dumb founded and wave me on into the establishment. I have yet to have someone ask me to see my mask exemption card! Here is the website you can go to to print out your own mask exemption card! I push back nicely, confidently, unashamedly. I say to myself: “Patty, don’t get mad, get even”. “Lord Jesus, you be the one to remove Nancy Pelosi in your own good time. Help our beloved President and VP Mike Pence to work around her. She is but a thorn in their side. She has now pushed believers to their limit and so we ask you to take over! Help us to love American and fight for our freedoms. Happy Birthday, America, on Saturday! We hope you have many more happy, happy birthdays! In Jesus name, Amen.”

    1. The push to enforce mask wearing promotes a much deeper issue:

      Less eye contact
      no smiles
      less conversation
      reminder that we are “sick”
      we look like China
      fear, fear, fear
      illusion that we are “doing” something
      division amongst family and friends
      division in churches


        1. Amen yes there is prophetic, they want to silence us. We as believers in the one true and only everlasting Jehovah God need to demand no and not be silent. Father Mercy and grace grace

      1. Sally, Thank you for your “reply”. So well stated, and helped me to further reconcile my personal outlook on the “mask thing”. I agree totally about the “deeper issues” which you brought to my attention. I am going to pass on the list to some folks in my circle of influence for their consideration. Difficult to share testimony about Jesus when wearing a mask. The enemy would indeed like to halt the Christian witness to God’s plan of Salvation. Seems Mrs. Pelosi has a “control” problem perhaps feeling she knows all answers. Interesting, when I began to examine my heart and motives more thoroughly, I saw how much I needed to move away from “control”, and get about taking the “log out of my own eye before removing the mote from other’s eyes”, and with that I was humbled to a greater degree, and started to look to the Triune God for answers surrendering to Him. I pray that for Mrs. Pelosi. Maybe the Lord might have in mind she retire and rest. She does appear to very tense, or stressed. I will be praying. God bless.

    2. IF you go to you can watch this short video entitled: “Wearing a mask violates OSHA oxygen levels standards in the workplace” This is why workers get a headache after wearing a mask on the job! Please pass the info on to anyone you know who must wear a mask at work. Thanks.

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