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Lord, we ask on behalf of our nation and its leaders that we would have courage to resist manipulation, pressure and the fear of man.

If you haven’t read New York magazine’s interview with David Schor, an Obama campaign veteran and liberal data analyst, it’s worth your time.

His post-mortem of the 2020 election shows how Democrats have increasingly become a party of college-educated whites, whose hard-left views aren’t fully shared by the black and Hispanic communities they claim to champion. His findings echo the concerns of older progressive analysts such as John Judis.

Between the 2016 and 2020 elections, Schor finds, Democrats gained 7 percent among white college grads, but lost 2 percent of African Americans and 8 to 9 percent of Latinos, as well as about 5 percent of Asian Americans.

Socialism and “defund the police” were the chief reasons, Schor says: “We raised the salience of an ideologically charged issue that millions of nonwhite voters disagreed with us on.” . . .

Despite Republican losses in 2020, Schor fears for his party’s prospects. He sees a good chance the GOP retakes the House in 2022, for instance.

His key takeaway: “As white liberals increasingly define the party’s image and messaging, that’s going to turn off nonwhite conservative Democrats and push them against us.”. . .

What do you think about these elites driving minority voters from the Democratic party? Share in the comments below!

(Excerpt from The New York Post. Article by Post Editorial Board. Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

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D Smith
March 10, 2021

Lord, continue to reveal the true agenda of the Democratic party. American voters can not call evil good and good evil. Leaders who stand for sanctity of life, uphold the Constitution & rule of law must be elected to honor our God-given freedoms and see that justice for all is upheld. Lord, America will have a far-sweeping revival of righteousness! Let it begin now Lord, in Jesus Mighty name! Amen


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