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Father, we lift up Ukraine to you today. We pray that would would continue to fill them with hope and strength in the face of an overwhelming enemy. Give them wisdom and strength, God, to counter this adversity.
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As the situation in Ukraine continues to evolve, we must pray ceaselessly for our brothers and sisters in Christ overseas. Although the situation is dire, we, like the Christians in Ukraine, have the Lord on our side.


We thank God today for:
– providing a fairly quiet day in most of the cities of Ukraine;
– like the president of Ukraine said, ‘among all of UN countries, we’ve got 144 countries side with Ukraine, and 4 countries side with Russia’;
– lawsuits on the crimes committed by Russia against people of Ukraine have been filed at the International Criminal Court simultaneously by 39 countries – which is unprecedent in the world history!
– According to the National Security Council, Ukrainian border guards joined by Ukrainian military forces moved the Russian enemy back towards state border line in the region of Sumy;
– Ukrainian air defence keeps striking down Russian planes which spit fire over Hkarkiv and other peaceful towns and villages of Ukraine;
– the city of Kyiv boldly keeps its defence line. Russian powers are demoralized, while Ukrainian forces get more and more motivated with each new day;
– for high patriotic spirit of our people, which unites us all by one goal – to defend our land from Russian occupant;
⁃ for sanctions starting to make their affect;

But the challenges and threats still remain:

– Day and night residential areas of peaceful citizens of Izum, Hkarkiv, Kyiv, Chernigiv, Sumy, Ohtyrka, Energodar were treacherously destroyed by the lethal weapon forbidden by Zheneva convention;
– Russian occupants continue to present a real threat to the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, located in the city of Energodar. The city of Energodar is under attack;
– situation around Odessa, which Russian landing tries to conceal, remains tense;
– Cities of Kherson, Mykolayiv, Trostyanets’ and small towns in Zaporizhzhya region are still under siege;
⁃ the enemy deploys bombs that violate all the international conventions;

«The holy place is now stricken with war. They are not even afraid of this, they make use of the fact that God doesn’t respond instantly, but God sees it all, and He responds. He responds in such a way that they have no place to hide. There’s no such a bunker which can save them from God’s wrath ‘ –  an emotional statement by President Zelensky.

“And even though you ruin all of Ukrainian cathedrals and churches, you can in no way ruin our faith, our sincere faith in Ukraine and in God, faith in our people,” – went on the President – “God is with us.”

We ask all for fervent prayer

– for air and missiles strikes on civil objects and residential areas in Ukrainian towns and villages to be stopped;
– for the siege to fall down the cities of Kharkiv, Sumy, Kherson, Kyiv and Trostyanets;
– for defence and protection of Mykolayiv, Zaporizhzhya, Odesa, Energodar, and, which is more important, Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant;
– for the successful defence and fighting back of the attacks in the Black Sea around Odesa;
– for the military forces – Ukrainian army, territorial defence crews and representatives of all the power structures, who courageously fight for peace in Ukraine;
⁃ for the protection and safety of nuclear power plants in Mykolayiv and Zaporizhzhya regions;
– for the wisdom from above for our President and all military and political leadership of the country;
⁃ for Putin’s plans to be destroyed;
⁃ for our final victory and peace.

With God we will win!

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High
will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
This I declare about the Lord:
He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;
he is my God, and I trust him.
For he will rescue you from every trap
and protect you from deadly disease.»
Psalms 91:1-3, NLT

Please share to all of your friends in Ukraine, America, Europe, Asia, Australia.

In addition to these words from Intercessors for Ukraine, Intercessors for America also received an encouraging update from Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC), a radio station in Ukraine.

From FEBC. Feb 28, 2022 at 2:01 PM (PST): We were able to do a Zoom meeting this morning with the team joining from all over Ukraine… Igor and Sergey, who have sent several video updates, are walking the streets of Kyiv and sharing Christ with those they are with. Igor just reported leading 20 teens to Christ today. The Holy Spirit is giving them courage and boldness, and people’s openness to the Gospel is unprecedented in this moment of extreme danger. There was an explosion near the Evangelism Center building (our headquarters), but the studios are okay so far. Please pray for God to keep our team safe and for many to be brought into the Kingdom of God during this time.

Mar 2, 2022 at 11:00 AM (PST): Every member of the FEBC Ukraine team is still alive. Several remain in Kyiv. Please pray for God’s leading about what they should do next. The remaining six radio stations [of 7] are still on the air. We are praising God for the privilege of proclaiming hope in Christ in the face of so much war and death. Jesus is a firm foundation and nothing can shake those who belong to Him! Yesterday in a prayer call, Ukrainian broadcaster said, “Now is a golden moment for the Gospel … there are no more atheists in Ukraine.” Please pray for boldness.

Are you encouraged by this update? Share your prayers for Ukraine below.

(From Intercessors for Ukraine and FEBC. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Annette Schiro
March 5, 2022

The Lord told me “I am the hand, and Putin is My glove”. The Lord is using Putin for His purposes in the Ukraine, whatever they may be. There is a lot of corruption there to be delt with. Many Biological warfare labs in Ukraine and a big center of human trafficking there.

March 5, 2022

Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. I declare liberty over Ukraine.

Donna Williss
March 5, 2022

This info was very helpful to pray effectively for Ukraine.
God tells us to call upon Him for deliverance and as Charles Spurgeon remarked (paraphrased) ours is to call upon Him for deliverance but the means by which it is done is none of our concern. We call, He answers!

Ashley W.
March 4, 2022

This was such a blessing to hear. Still praying for protection for all Ukrainians. May this country be such a light to all others around it and protect them.

Nelena White
March 4, 2022

Thank you IFA for keeping us posted with these encouraging reports of God’s intervention on behalf of His beloved Ukrainian people. May Ukraine be the gateway to all the surrounding nations for a great harvest of souls to come into the Kingdom!

March 4, 2022

I have been a supporter of IFA for the past two years. With this recent Ukraine situation, it appears that IFA is falling for the MSM narrative=Russia bad/Ukraine good. All the prayers seem to be against Putin and Russia and for Ukraine. Well, God cares about the Russian people as well.

Where was IFA praying against the atrocities committed by the current Ukraine regime against RUSSIAN citizens living in Ukraine over the past 8 years? Crickets…I never saw prayer for these people. But great human life and loss was committed against Russians living in Ukraine by the “evil” Ukrainian govt. There are believers in both Russia and Ukraine. Prayer should not be offered for only one side…

Please, wake up IFA members and stop falling for ONLY the MSM narrative. Do your homework–diligently! God is always in control. Consider how He may be using Russia to clean out corruption in Ukraine. Yes, I pray for the Ukranian AND Russian people caught up in all of this. And for the cessation of war…however, let’s no forget what Jesus instructed, “Be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.” And, “do not be deceived…”

    Annette Schiro
    March 5, 2022

    I whole heartedly agree with what you said,(see my comments above). I am dismayed at all the soulish prayers being prayed against Russia and Putin. If we can’t discern the will of the Lord we are praying counter to what He is doing.

John Foil
March 4, 2022

It was so wonderful to hear the prayer of the Ukrainian pastor. I really sense the unity of the body of Christ . Is good to realize that because of the 6 or 7 hour time difference we can pray for the safety for the Ukrainian people while they sleep.

March 4, 2022

Yes I’m encouraged by the strength of the Ukrainian people. They are calling on God. God and one makes a majority. We are praying for Ukraine who fought for their freedom in 2014 and because the people United, prayed God gave them victory. We are praying for a miracle which we know will happen for these people who want freedom.God bless them.

Victoria Lundquist
March 4, 2022

For those who are unaware: Ukraine is the hub of sextrafficing for the WORLD! The evil that is taking place is unthinkable! There are also many Labs like in Wuhan, China at work creating deadly viruses to be used against innocent people that are being destroyed. This IS a good thing! We, as Americans do not align with either of those countries on many things. But there are some very evil individuals from US, Ukraine and China wanting this war for various reasons most Americans do NOT understand. Please intercessions do your research as you seek God for guidance on how to pray. It’s time to hit the enemy (Satan) right where it hurts! Satan is the king of deception and the father of LIES. TRUTH has to be told and understood before we can successfully pray! Knowledge of what that truth is takes dilegence and an openness for God to open our eyes to reveal Truth. We’ve got to be on His page or our prayers fall to the ground. In any war, to defeat the enemy you must KNOW your enemy. That includes the subjects Satan is using to complete his evil plan. Please please research the Truth about The Elite rulers that want to turn our world into a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Which does NOT include our JEHOVAH GOD! The world has to WAKE UP to the fact that who we thought were trustworthy “good” people and had our best interests at heart is not true! And it’s been that way for a very long time and we all NEVER KNEW IT! The technology we have today allows us the ability to find all the evil planning that has been going on behind the scenes for many, many years. Many stories in the Old Testament elude to the atrocities but we didn’t understand them or did we understand that they are happening today in secret! The last OUTPOURING OF OUR GREAT AND MIGHT GOD will happen very soon. The stage is being set, but as watchman on the wall we must be allowing the Holy Spirit of The Almighty truest lead us! Pray in the Spirit until the English and vision come to mind!
Not only for Ukraine situation but for one of our most grievous topics, Abortion! Satan has stolen from us long enough!! God bless you brothers and sisters. Please do not take offense to this, as that’s the enemies plan as well. Be open, research, fast, pray in the spirit and allow the Word to be opened up and come alive even MORE to you! The wonderful LIVING WORD OF GOD! God bless everyone!!

    Jessica Renshaw
    March 4, 2022

    Except for your opening sentences, which I am positive are not true of Ukraine (sex-trafficking hub, source of “many Labs like in Wuhan, China at work creating deadly viruses”), I say “Amen!” to this post. (I cannot imagine ANY individuals in Ukraine WANTING their nation to be invaded and destroyed without provocation–to have their cities, towns and towns pulverized and their most innocent and vulnerable civilians deliberately targeted and killed.)

      March 4, 2022

      Watch videos emerging from people who live there. You might be surprised. You are allowing yourself to manipulated by your emotions. Just look at who is pushing this narrative and that alone should give you pause. God help those caught in the middle of this diabolical situation and may all strongholds of the enemy and America’s evil elite come down.

      March 4, 2022

      If you say you are “positive they are not true”, what is your evidence for believing what you believe? Do your homework! Look at the history of the past 8 years in Ukraine…you will find that what Victoria L wrote is in fact quite true.


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