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Lord, no matter our physical wealth, nothing is as rich as your love and compassion. I pray for these CEO's and businessmen that they'd see your love as the ultimate wealth.
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From Gatestone Institute: While researching how Americans having been getting rich by helping the Chinese Communist Party achieve its outspoken aim of replacing the US as the “world’s No.1 power,” I came across the phrase “elite capture” — their term to describe the actions of influential people in the US towards China.

“Elite capture” can refer to different things, but to the Chinese Communist Party, China’s intelligence apparatus, or those involved in quasi-private business ventures, it is a crucial tool of their success. The idea is simple enough: by tempting another country’s elite with money, access and favors, you move them to see their interests and China’s interests as intertwined or even the same…

Red Handed: How American Elites are Helping China Win,” my latest book, centers on this truth and explores how elites in academia, high-finance, sports and entertainment, and the technology sector became apologists for China’s deplorable human rights record, industrial and military espionage, and increasingly aggressive behavior.

What separates this from ordinary diplomacy or even the time-honored business slogan that “the customer is always right” is the power wielded by those who succumb to the temptation. The book investigates the public activities and statements of some of the most powerful people in the US. From the world of Silicon Valley, we explore Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Tim Cook of Apple, and Bill Gates of Microsoft. From the world of Wall Street, we looked at Ray Dalio of Bridgewater, the largest hedge-fund investment company in the world, and Larry Fink of BlackRock. From academia we explored the actions of Harvard and Yale universities. We surveyed the relationship histories of the Bush family, the Trudeau family of Canada, the Pelosi family, and of course, the Biden family.

Yet, the news each day is full of still other examples. The way China has co-opted all these people and institutions – and others besides – is alarmingly similar, straightforward, and not hard to piece together. In 30 years of investigative reporting, I am used to having to dig through endless layers of shell corporations, intermediaries, bank records and tax filings to reveal these connections. Yet, the connections between the people and institutions we reviewed, and the Chinese government, fairly glowed on the page once we determined to look at the mechanics of corruption through the lens of Chinese capture of American elites. This is one reason I have said this is the scariest investigation I have ever done.

Pressed to the wall, each of the individuals we discuss would deny their role in helping China gain access to American capital markets, American military and surveillance technology, or American policy making. Each will say they are merely pursuing business opportunities that the Chinese market has offered them, as any goods capitalist should. They may argue the companies they run are truly international corporations and, as such, obligated to take as neutral a stance on American foreign policy as possible…

Apple Computers is another great example. Almost everything the company sells is manufactured in China, and the iPhone has more than 23 percent of the market for phones in China. Apple has repeatedly been accused of benefiting from the forced labor of Chinese Uyghurs, which the company denies. But, as a tech investor told Vanity Fair recently, “If you’re Apple and you’ve spent 20 years building infrastructure in China, you can’t just press a button and move your entire infrastructure to India,” adding, “Rebuilding your supply chain takes 10 to 15 years. Right now, I just don’t think they have a choice.”

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(Excerpt from Gatestone Institute. Photo Credit: Unsplash)

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February 24, 2022

Lord, the elitist love mammon, not you. Remove their mammon from them that they may be forced to look to the actual giver of all good gifts, & change their thinking, in Jesus name!

February 24, 2022

They are all satans minions, clearly.

C and C Nelson
February 24, 2022

Know what else is a perfect example of “selling out” to tyrannical China…..good old Walmart. Remember when Sam Walton first started his chain & then very slowly expanded. You would walk in his stores and there was a predominant sign that stood up in various areas of the store. It said in big bold words “Made in America or USA”. Then Sam passed away, the kids took over, went on an expansion spree….and filled Walmart with tons of China’s “junk products”. Cheap garbage designed to wear out fast so that you would return continually to the store, buy the same junk…..as the Walton’s kept getting richer while renewing their contracts with China. If you doubt it, then just scan the box or product labels in the store next time you’re there. You’ll experience dizziness at the amount of junk in Walmart and other stores made by China and often times, their slave labor. Even many of Walmart’s vitamins and supplements come from China. Sorry but I wouldn’t trust those because no telling what the CCP is telling the companies to put in some of that stuff. (there’s a reason they’re “cheaper”!)
Want to help change things? Don’t think you can’t! Every person can have an effect that can make a difference. Do your best to buy American. It’s harder but not impossible. It will be more expensive normally. Why more $$ – because we pay a living wage in the USA and don’t use “slave or forced labor” in legitimate, regulated businesses. But the products produced in America are much better quality. So are products that come from most European countries. Take the time to avoid buying China products. Keep in mind this very important fact – each time any of us buys something from China, we are, in essence, supporting the CCP (their gov’t). No Chinese company does business (operates) without the heavy hand of the CCP regulating it and taking a large percentage of “profits”. If they go outside of Chinese dictorial business policies, they pay a price – a huge price. (ask Jack Ma of Alibaba) So by buying China’s products, we both directly/indirectly support their CCP.
PRAY – ask God what you can do. He will give you ideas on how you can be of service in helping derail and negatively damage the CCP. Sometimes it will seem so small but Goliath laughed at David, who was small in stature and who had only a sling and 5 stones in his “arsenal”. Our God often has us do unconventional steps to defeat enemies.

February 24, 2022

The love of money and power that the above companies and institutions have, is overriding any sense of what is righteous and true.

February 24, 2022

I read the book Red Handed by Peter Schweizer and found it to be a real eye opener about our government

Linda Eldred
February 24, 2022

I would love to get this book, but we do not knowingly purchase through Amazon or buy anything that is shipped by Amazon. Is there any other way to get it?

    Marie DuCoulombier
    February 24, 2022

    II got it at Target

      February 24, 2022

      And it’s on order at my local public library. I’m also reading this author’s (Peter Schweizer’s) other very informative books in my library’s collection.

Barbara Janicki
February 24, 2022

“What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his own soul?” These people have made a deal with a godless, communist, oppressive, human rights violating, dishonest government of China, but their decision to do business with this type of a government is not merely a personal one, they have not only endangered and sold their own souls into slavery to the CCP, but they have sold our once free country into slavery along with them and we did not choose this! or maybe we choose it every time we buy Apple or Nike or anything made in China. The choices of these “elites” are affecting each and everyone of us. We must not remain silent. I did not watch the Olympics for the first time ever, probably. We need our supply chain brought back to the U.S. – what partnership has light with darkness? or freedom with communism? or faith in God with atheism? We should be sanctioning China for so many things – not enabling them by doing business with them. Our elites say they are all about social justice and then they partner with China? prayers that we wake up before it is too late and we know the persecution our Christian brothers and sisters there already know. (although the church does grow under persecution) http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

February 24, 2022

The elephant in the room is the pharmaceutical industry. Virtually 100% of medications or powdered ingredients used in the US are manufactured in China. The pharmaceutical industry is reliant on Medicare to push pharmaceutical based healthcare. Medicare is the driver of medical policy and “standard of care” in virtually all sectors of US healthcare. This is a clear example of government taking control of private industry. Doctors do not work for the patient, they work for the one who is paying them, the insurer. The US government is the insurer, or at least determining the policy of any private insurer, so in a very real sense doctors are government employees. And a large chunk of any profits are being handed over to China for the drugs that are being pushed.

    Ellen Hoffman
    February 25, 2022

    So right!! I was injured by a medical product along with hundreds of thousands of other women. I got an up close and personal view of not only the pharmaceutical industry, but those they bribe to lie, etc. I lost my life to a product they claimed to be the gold standard in the industry and when asked in court why, if they knew some women would be permanently hurt, didn’t they design a way to remove the product they answered “that is not our responsibility.” They knew it would happen and did it anyway. I know so many debilitated women. I couldn’t understand 10 years ago, how this could happen and get pushed under the rug. Now, it is very clear – that was small potatoes, we have much more corruption. Only God can help us and change us for the good. God use us, your people to overcome evil with good!!


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