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Father, we pray that you would protect our economy and keep us from an energy crisis. Pour out your blessing and prosperity on our country Lord and open up doors to sustainable environmentally responsible energy for the future.
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The U.S. has seen its energy independence plummet under the Biden administration. At the same time, gas prices have soared. Now, we could be on the verge of an energy crisis.

From Fox Business: The United States is on the verge of an energy crisis of its own making.

The price of oil recently hit a seven-year high on the back of rising geopolitical tensions in Europe and the Middle East. With tensions rising between Ukraine and Russia, and no end in sight to existing supply chain disruptions, industry analysts expect prices to soar to over $100 a barrel before the end of the year.

If they are correct, inflation and economic uncertainty will be driven even higher than they are today, as will the dollar value of our energy imports from strategic adversaries. Unfortunately for the United States, this is a crisis of its own making…

Oil and gas pipelines serve the same function as the body’s circulatory system, carrying the compounds that heat our homes and fuel our economy across the country. Although alternative transportation methods exist, in most situations pipelines are the safest and most efficient means of moving energy from Point A to Point B…


For a pipeline to be built, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, a nonpartisan organization tasked with evaluating public works, must first determine that 1) it can be constructed and operated safely without significant environmental impact and 2) no superior alternative exists. If a comprehensive review of the project by the Corps cannot verify that these and other requirements are met, then construction is not allowed to proceed….

Given that energy infrastructure is essential to controlling prices and mitigating supply challenges, it is crucial that its construction is protected from interference. To that end, the Supreme Court should reverse the lower court decision requiring additional environmental review of DAPL and bring six years of undue controversy to a close…

Instead of allowing activists to hijack America’s judicial system in a misguided attempt to force a premature transition to renewables, President Biden should use this moment to revert to an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy like the one endorsed by his Democratic predecessor that affirms the importance of oil, natural gas and their essential infrastructure. At a minimum, current regulatory processes should be insulated against activist litigation. Otherwise, $100 a barrel may soon seem like a bargain. And with all the challenges before us, let’s not add to that list unnecessarily.

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(Excerpt from Fox Business. Photo Credit: Getty Images)
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February 24, 2022

Amen, amen!

Sarah Mathews
February 24, 2022

I believe one of the ways to combat an energy crisis is to be independent. Our power grid, our coal mines, and oil supplies should come from the U.S.A. Otherwise, we are at the mercy of other countries and their politics. Environmentally sustainable energy is not necessarily the answer. All we have to do is look into what happened in Texas. Texas depended too much on wind and solar power, causing massive blackouts and pipe breaks in February 2021. https://www.foxweather.com/extreme-weather/extreme-weather-is-driving-the-need-to-diversify-americas-power-grid

Therefore, my prayer was: “Father, we pray that you would protect our economy and keep us from an energy crisis. Pour out your blessing and prosperity on our country, Lord, and promote energy independence by protecting power grids, coal mines, and natural gas and oil production in the U.S.A.”

Aparecida N. silva
February 24, 2022

i believe God is the CRIATOR everything came to BE as HIS MIGHTY. NO ONE HAS MORE POWER then HIM . So, does not matter what man Wants HIS will be done. GLORY TO GOD. NOT CHINE, NO RUSSA NOBODY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH will accomplish a thing.. IF GOD IS FOR US…..WHO CAN BE AGAINST US.

C and C Nelson
February 24, 2022

Our president & his administration are part of the global manipulation of energy. Biden, other than PR & photo ops, continues to give lip service to any solutions. To put it forth w/o any “fluff”, present & certain members of his administration don’t care. They never have. No matter what happens, they have heat, food, water, gas, etc. – thanks to a God that has allowed them to have that & the taxpayers of America who provide all of that for them. The elected or appointed “so called” leaders sit, eat & sleep in comfort because they designed their world to “never lack or need”. They sit protected though they don’t deserve to have that protection.
America has all the energy needed within our nation – everything. Not even a year plus ago America was energy independent. The corrupt administration that was put in place through fraud put an end to America’s energy independence immediately – for NO GOOD REASON other than to show they could do it.
We must understand that we have traitors in our government. We don’t like to think that but it’s reality – it’s fact. There are people employed and imbedded in gov’t who have sold out our nation – in trade for “their own comfortable life”.
God is still on the throne and in control even though the chaos. He will righteously take care of those who have sold America out. We continue to pray that they will change & seek God & be saved but some of them never will. Certain people in our gov’t have no fear or respect for God Almighty. We pray Lord You will deal with them and immediately remove them from their positions in anyway You deem necessary. Even after You remove them Lord, continue to deal with them in Your justice with mercy. We ask You humbly Lord to those in gov’t and other positions of both influence and power – remove and replace them with those that acknowledge Your greatness, Your sovereignty, Your power. Amen.

Concerned For America
February 24, 2022

Biden’s new senior nuclear waste bureaucrat at the Department of Energy is gender-fluid sadomasochism bondage enthusiast/queer activist Sam Brinton; have you seen the news reports about this? With such deeply disturbed, inappropriate White House appointments, do we wonder why America is in trouble?

February 24, 2022

Biden should open the Keystone Pipeline

Barbara Janicki
February 24, 2022

Ironically, pipelines are a much safer and effective way of transporting oil and natural gas. without them we use truck or rail, both of which use so much energy/fuel just to transport the commodity, which the pipeline doesn’t have that carbon footprint and truck/train accidents are also much more likely. So if the environment is the concern, the pipeline is the better option hands down – but no one speaks the truth if it doesn’t fit the approved narrative. We need to reopen our pipeline – we do not need to depend on Russia and Opec for our oil/energy needs. This is a created crisis that has a solution. prayers for leaders brave and wise enough to do what is needed for the good of the entire country, all the people, not just a few politicians and elites. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

Raquel Miranda
February 24, 2022

I pray for God to give us the protection from all the attacks that the enemy of our souls is trying to bring to our country, for the truckers that are heading to Washington have a peaceful protest, I pray for our Government that they can see the harm that they are doing to our country and turn to God

Mac Garrison
February 24, 2022

We (theUSA) has been blessed by the most abundant supply of oil and gas on earth.
We MUST return to the policies in place during the Trump Administration, which allowed us to become energy independent. To not do so immediately is fool-hardy.

February 24, 2022

Why has no one challenged Biden in court for shutting down our pipeline and other resources needed especially in a time of war that affects our livelihoods. I pray some smart lawyer will do so and a Godly judge will bring a bit of sanity back to our home.

February 24, 2022

Desperately need to change our Country Leadership
LORD – YOU are the One who can take down and set up Leaders … Whether YOU do at thru our Vote or another way … We Plead for Better Presidential and State Leadership – We Pray in the Powerful Name of JESIS🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏


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