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Lord, thank You that You bless the nation whose God is the Lord. We ask for Your wisdom in establishing Your government in our nation, city by city, state by state.
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This article provides examples of what the requirements would be for local pockets to incorporate their own governments.

Some conservative areas are looking to extricate themselves from the liberal city and county governments that run them, but they face a looming question of how to pull off that declaration of independence.

Earlier this week, The Daily Wire highlighted some of the areas that successfully declared independence as well as some that tried but failed to break away.

The process of seceding or incorporating to form a new city varies widely from state to state given the idiosyncrasies of local laws, but some requirements appear frequently across different states.

Most states require some form of election on the issue, according to a summary of municipal incorporation procedures by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

In Arizona, however, residents can incorporate through a petition without an election…

In California, for example, the incorporation committee must define and articulate incorporation goals, raise funds, collect signatures, compile the application, work with the Local Agency Formation Commission, testify at hearings, and negotiate changes in the proposal…

The state legislature often has a role in approving a new city, a factor that can be quite disruptive to the process and even politicize the issue…

In North Carolina, any area that wants to incorporate needs approval from the North Carolina State Assembly. Likewise in Florida, residents must submit a feasibility study to the state legislature, which will ultimately determine whether the city charter is approved.

In Georgia…the community must form a nonprofit organization, have a minimum number of residents, and commit to providing at least three services such as law enforcement…among other requirements. Then they must get a state lawmaker to introduce a bill in the general assembly…

“The most basic reason that areas attempt to incorporate is to exercise local control over community character and destiny,” the Seattle-based Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) wrote in a 2016 guide for residents of unincorporated areas in Washington state…

Forming a new city and breaking away from an oppressive local government has no cookie-cutter process…

What do you think about this strategy of declaring independence from liberal counties and cities? Share your thoughts and prayers below!

(Excerpted from The Daily Wire. Article by Mairead McArdle. Photo Credit: Hans Isaacson/Unsplash).

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