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Lord, thank You for those who are speaking out in wisdom about the current path our nation is taking. Help us to change course, and return to the ancient path You have established over this nation. Give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to understand Your wisdom and direction.
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This article speaks to the similarities between CRT and China’s Cultural Revolution.  According to an expert who grew up in China and experienced the revolution, “The grandfather of CRT and the CCT is the same guy, Karl Marx…” “Just like CRT, Mao’s CCT divides people into groups: [the] oppressors and the oppressed. The only difference is … class rather than race.”

The Heritage Action for America, a partner organization of the Heritage Foundation, hosted a panel discussion on critical race theory (CRT) in Georgetown, Delaware, on July 29. Six speakers stressed the dangers of CRT and how it has penetrated American society. One speaker compared the similarities of CRT and China’s Cultural Revolution

At the beginning of the panel discussion, Jonathan Butcher, senior policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation, talked about the history of CRT…He said CRT, an offshoot of Critical Theory from the neo-Marxist Frankfurt School, is built upon Karl Marx’s ideas and has slowly and methodically worked its way into American society…

CRT adherents believe America is systemically racist, that racial oppression exists in every institution, and an individual is either an oppressor or oppressed based on the color of their skin…

Keynote speaker Xi Van Fleet told the audience that America is starting to feel like communist China during the Cultural Revolution—a sociopolitical movement that occurred between 1966 to 1976 under former Chinese leader Mao Zedong…

Van Fleet was attending elementary school as a first-grader when the Cultural Revolution began. After she completed her education, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) forced her and other young adults to work in the countryside for three years.

After the panel discussion, Van Fleet told The Epoch Times, “It’s the same tactic; it’s Marx’s tactic. So what they do is to create chaos. As Mao said, ‘When the worst chaos emerges, that is when the greatest control can be achieved.’ They want to create chaos so that they [can] overthrow the existing system. …

She continued, “I want Americans to know that what’s happening today is communism taking over.”…

Van Fleet realized that today’s woke revolution, driven by CRT, has “a twin brother”—the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which derived from Mao’s Class Conflict Theory (CCT).

“The grandfather of CRT and the CCT is the same guy, Karl Marx. And the ideology is cultural Marxism,” Van Fleet said. “Just like CRT, Mao’s CCT divides people into groups: [the] oppressors and the oppressed. The only difference is … class rather than race.”…

During the Cultural Revolution, Van Fleet witnessed how students were violent with each other and with their teachers. She said Mao launched the Cultural Revolution by unleashing the Red Guards to create chaos. The Red Guards were communist youth who were led by Mao to persecute those who were identified as the CCP’s enemies. They resorted to violence, looting, rioting, and destroyed all the known enforcement and court systems. “That’s exactly what we saw on American streets last year,” she said, referring to the riots organized by Black Lives Matter activists…

She said that Mao also ordered these Red Guards to destroy the “Four Olds”: old ideas, old culture, old customs, and old habits. They tore down Buddha statues, destroyed temples, raided homes, and destroyed personal property such as antique furniture and family heirlooms.

Mao’s Red Guards also changed street names, store names, school names, and personal names..

Van Fleet concluded, “We have to fight this war and win it to preserve America.”…

Marilyn Booker, the chairperson for the Sussex County Delaware Republican Committee, told The Epoch Times: “Hearing Xi Van Fleet speak about what went on in communist China, and her being able to draw those parallels to what’s happening in this country, I found it fascinating and scary, to be perfectly honest.”…

Another keynote speaker, Joe Mobley, a podcaster, agreed with Van Fleet’s views on communism. “I think, as Xi Van Fleet said, the [communist] indoctrination has gone on for at least 60 years, maybe as much as 100 years. So the institutions are indoctrinated from the military to the financial institutions, to schools; universities are completely far gone,” he said.

Mobley believes that religious freedom is still pushing back against communism under the protection of the constitutional rights of the First and Second Amendments…

Do you see the similarities between CRT and Marxist ideology? Share a prayer below for God to help our nation return to the path our Founders established.

(Excerpted from The Epoch Times. Article by Lily Sun and William Huang. Photo Credit: Unsplash).

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November 11, 2022

I pray that people would stop voting for Democraps.

It is not the people that is the problem, its the communism. If there is evil in this world, it is socialism, communism, and Marxism because they all lead to the same place over and over again. A dictatorship, kings, and Monarchy that we do not need. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, then Russia, China, and North Korea, are all perfect examples of a Satanic country. Now Venezuela. How many much more do we have to take for the world to realize communism and Karl Marx is the root of all evil?

End communism by abandoning the elite. All of them. Just abandon them and offer no support.

I also pray that this would would stop falling for socialism, communism, and dictatorship, any longer.

    November 11, 2022

    Correction: I also pray that this world would stop falling for socialism, communism, and dictatorship, any longer.

    Sorry, I’m not god.

August 9, 2021

CRT and the cultural China revolution, truly are “twins.” They are MARXIST, to their core!! Let your school boards, councils, and schools, know there’s NO WAY you will have that taught to your children or grandchildren!! Don’t be afraid to stand up for your kids sake! CRT and BLM are NOT going away unless we stand up against it!! The Lord has shed His light on this Marxism, now, it’s up to us, with His help, to let our voices be heard! He will make a way where their seems to be no way!


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