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Father, help us to turn our hearts fully to You. Help us to remove any idols from our hearts. And help us not to fall prey to those who want to limit our God-given freedoms. In Jesus' name. Amen.
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This article talks about the new collaboration between Facebook and select religious communities. One has to wonder, based on Facebook’s history, how they intend to use these partnerships to shape the future of religious experience.

The Church of Facebook is set to capture the human soul in silicon. On July 25, the New York Times reported that since 2017 the social media giant has quietly cultivated exclusive partnerships with select religious communities. As always, money is involved.

While Facebook’s ultimate goals remain sealed behind non-disclosure agreements, the Times article does hint at things to come: “The company aims to become the virtual home for religious community…”

“The partnerships reveal how Big Tech and religion are converging,” the Times continues. “Facebook is shaping the future of religious experience itself, as it has done for political and social life.”

In other words, ultra-mod spiritual centers will be blessed by mass data extraction, algorithmic polarization, and censorship of theological “misinformation.”…

The Church of Facebook is just one part of a much broader vision. Three days before the Times article appeared, The Verge published an in-depth interview with founder Mark Zuckerberg about his ambition to “bring the metaverse to life.” The term refers to the evolution of 24/7 screentime into a warped synthesis of physical reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, and virtual reality…

In his Verge interview, Zuckerberg describes the Metaverse as an “embodied internet” — “the holy grail of social interactions” — where we can work, play, and enjoy a “sense of presence” alongside teleporting holograms…

According to Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, it will also be a spiritual endeavor. “Faith organizations and social media are a natural fit because fundamentally both are about connection,” she told the Times…

Imagine a synagogue where a holographic burning bush recites the Decalogue, or a cathedral where saint icons speak to you directly…With 3 billion users worldwide — and zero sense of sacred boundaries — Facebook is poised to lead this spiritual revolution…

It’s true that with enough hyperbole, anything can be described as a “religion.”…But this is not hyperbole: Technology has become a religion.

If you look at the personalities behind techno-fetishism, they frequently describe digital culture in spiritual terms. Smart devices produce all the miracles promised by religion…

In Francis Bacon’s unfinished 1626 novel “The New Atlantis,” he describes a technocratic utopia with “perspective-houses, where we make demonstrations of all lights and radiations. … We procure means [to] represent things near as afar off; and things afar off as near.” The pioneering scientist warns of vivid mechanical “illusions” that could be presented as “miracles.”…

Striking a dissonant note, in 1976 the first Apple computer went on sale for $666.66. Despite…Steve Wozniak’s insistence that it was just a fluke, the numeric symbolism has dark resonance…You don’t have to be superstitious to appreciate the mythical implications. When I visited the famous Apple Museum in Prague, Czech Republic, a large decal on the front window read: “Three apples changed the world. The first tempted Eve, the second inspired Newton, and the third was offered to the world half-eaten by Steve Jobs.”

…In 1988, Timothy Leary published his classic essay “Digital Polytheism: Load and Run High-tech Paganism.” The High Priest of LSD explicitly describes the personal computer in terms of ritual magic: “Today, digital alchemists have at their command tools of a precision and power unimagined by their predecessors.”

“Computer screens ARE magical mirrors, presenting alternate realities at varying degrees of abstraction on command (invocation). Aleister Crowley defined magick as ‘the art and science of causing change to occur in conformity with our will,’” Leary wrote.

It’s a curious fact that, like many techno-fetishists, Leary was as obsessed with Crowleyan “magick” as he was with psychedelics and cybernetics. In fact, his essay opens with Crowley’s catchy little ditty:

We place no reliance

On virgin or pigeon;

Our Method is Science,

Our Aim is Religion…

Incidentally, both Microsoft and Facebook are among the many partners at the XR Association who’ve joined forces to manifest the Metaverse in our daily lives …Google, Sony, and HTC are also leaders in the effort. “Immersive technology will play a vital role in America’s drive to Build Back Better,” the XRA website promises

While citizens bicker over vaccine mandates and debt ceilings, Big Tech is crafting a parallel universe for a new breed of humans to inhabit….

What are your thoughts about the new collaboration between Big Tech and religion? Share below!

(Excerpted from The Federalist. Article by Joe Allen. Photo Credit: Amanda-Dalbjorn/Unsplash).

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August 11, 2021

Now they are setting up false gods ahead of Father God. You will only be allowed to pray their approved and fact-checked prayers. Money will be pulled out of you online account as your assigned tithe, and only pastors certified by them will be permitted. Every day we see a new and horrifying abomination proposed by the evil left. We MUST stand against all these schemes!! Pray, sign petitions, attend protests, and support godly leaders. Resist bullying and intimidation – we can no longer sit and watch the destruction of humanity, people! Stop agreeing by your silence!
Father, I pray You guide us to take authority over all this evil and resist the devil so he will flee from us in Jesus’ name!

August 10, 2021

What a deluded, depraved, deceived, pride filled, bunch of “lost” people! Social media and technology are one of the biggest threats we face! Most people, obviously, must not believe this, because they can’t get off of it!! We are not far off from being a “police state” with the government and Big tech in charge! That’s how much control they have, now! This is not hyperbole! America is almost “over the cliff,” but Big tech, government, media, are saying they have all the answers!! They do not!! I pray that people wake up, but I am concerned that they aren’t!
Big tech seems to be used as a “religion” to some people now. All they do, all day long, is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., etc. Wonder what would change, if they all spent that time praying, doing good deeds for others, or if they talked to one another, at the dinner table, instead of texting, etc.??

Karen Secrest
August 10, 2021

I still vividly recall watching Art Linkletter on his television show halt the music and fun stuff to tell his audience that his daughter had stepped off a fifth floor balcony. She fell to her death from “flashback” -a side effect of LSD. She had received drug therapy..unsuccessfully since it was determined that LSD had properties unknown to medicine that allowed the brain to short circuit any time, with no ability of the person to control the adverse behavior. Consequence -dead is dead.
Meanwhile the movers and shakers were touting all the other designer drugs cooked up in someone’s lab (or garage).
My very young body/mind had a lot to contemplate during my walk back to school that day.
Years later as I studied drugs I found that cigarettes, pot, alcohol, secret societies and myriad other problems Were a continuing evil.
Idolatry has continued from the ancient Cannanities and is part of our world. See Cahen’s Harbinger and others to know the hologram will be seen by many when the two witnesses stand in the square in Jerusalem ..

Tim King
August 10, 2021

We, as Christians, need to start looking at what the Church should look like, and behave like, in these end times. The current model is neither working, nor Biblical (Find me the scripture that says pastors are required to get a college degree, or the one that says local congregations must be in a big fancy building with a huge mortgage on it, or the one that says denominations are a holy institution.). We need to stop supporting structures and habits that are not really bearing fruit, and which are not Biblical. That could upset a lot of people’s careers, paradigms, and “Christian lifestyles,” but if we don’t do it voluntarily, it will be forced upon us, by persecution.

FB will have no say against groups that meet quietly, in houses, etc, without advertising or social media sharing, with people who aren’t saying anything on the platform.

Check out Rod Dreher’s books, “The Benedict Option,” and “Live Not by Lies.”

August 10, 2021

As a born again Christian who is outside the FB community having never been part of it’s system, this mixture of FB and religion is obviously red flagged. FB was and is a hideous head of a beast proving its power to censor WE THE PEOPLE with an ease and no accountability. Consider the understanding of the mission field and the power of a country which opposes the God of Abraham-Isaac-Jacob, FB can sell it’s services to the highest bidder/government/state and report those who do not follow the “STATE” church rules. Or, like in an election, create an algorithm that alters the original vote therefore the original teaching. FB has proven itself an enemy to a Democratic Republic under a Constitution of Laws, SO why can’t it be an enemy to the Judeo-Christian belief under The Laws of the God of Abraham-Isaac-Jacob, censoring God. Of course, God could destroy FB but FB may be part of His Free Will as He divides the wheat from the tares. After all, God uses evil to reveal His good. FB also operates on a gross amount of government contracts which has proven to be a power of influence. In addition, the Witnesses (Elijah and Enoch ?) at the Wall/Kotel in Jerusalem must be broadcast for the world to hear and see before they are murdered and the world celebrates their murders possibly through virtual gifts on FB. Either way, FB has stated it intends to contract with all belief systems, so if the Judeo-Christian belief teaches the truth of Jesus as the only Way to God (exclusivity), the one true living God (not the god of all pagan religions), it will be surprising if FB doesn’t flag that as an untruth stating the New Age idea of all religions lead to one god and censor that truth. Despite all the possible attacks against God’s truth and His children, the mortal realm has fallen and continues to fall into chaos until Christ returns therefore I have no doubt FB given it’s history is up to no good. By the way, the Apostolic Church/Early Church wasworldwide effective into the centuries so is FB really needed to spread the Gospel? The Holy Spirit is very effective as proven. Let’s pray for the peace of Jerusalem, our hope to come as promised with no doubt. Courage and Godspeed

August 10, 2021

In his Verge interview, Zuckerberg describes the Metaverse as an “embodied internet” — “the holy grail of social interactions” — where we can work, play, and enjoy a “sense of presence” AS I read this paragraph I was reminded of the movie “The Matrix.”

In the end times there will be a one world religion could this be the electronic vehicle for it?


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