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Father, we ask that You bless homeschooling families. Give them peace, joy, support, and a wonderful learning experience. Amen.
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As the school year in Texas kicks off, early data indicates that many families are expressing renewed interest in homeschooling…

Survey data recently released by Time4Learning showed that 72.2% of families who began homeschooling during COVID-19 will continue to do so and will not return to public school. As reported by the Associated Press, many families made this decision because they felt that homeschooling was working well for their family…

During 2020, U.S. Census Bureau data indicates that the largest surge in homeschooling was driven by minority families leaving the public school system. Nationwide, the rate of black families homeschooling rose from 3.3 to 16.1%…

Tim Lambert, President of THSC, stated, “…It appears that renewed concern about COVID-19 may be about to replicate a similar trend for 2021. We are also seeing thousands of families decide to continue homeschooling because of how well it has worked for their family…”

Have you decided to homeschool your children this school year? Let us know, in the comments below!

(Excerpted from Cypress News Review. Contributed report. Photo Credit: Dreamstime).

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August 9, 2021

This is my 21st year of homeschooling. I would not trade one second of it. It has blessed our family immensely and allowed us to guide their education, activities, and friendships to the glory of God.

Sometimes I feel concerned that with the numbers going up, we could lose our freedoms to homeschool. I’m prayerful.

Another consideration I have been praying about is assisting other moms in planning and homeschooling their own children or potentially offering to help by providing my home and knowledge to homeschool other kids.

    August 9, 2021

    Teresa, my first thought about you helping or assisting other parents in homeschooling is that you would be a tremendous source of blessing and encouragement! The struggle is real and I believe your offer would be met with great joy! Thank you for sharing. The Lord bless you, dear Sister~


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