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Father, we pray that You would protect our electrical grid. Guard us from those who wish us harm, Lord, and bring those who committed these attacks to justice.

Our electrical grid gives the nation power. Not only do these attacks trouble Americans, they also threaten our national security.

From OPB. The electrical grid has been physically attacked at least six times in Oregon and Western Washington since mid-November, causing growing alarm for law enforcement as well as utilities responsible for parts of the region’s critical infrastructure.

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According to information obtained by Oregon Public Broadcasting and KUOW Public Radio, at least two of the incidents bear similarities to the attacks on substations in North Carolina on Saturday that left thousands of people without electricity for days.

Portland General Electric, the Bonneville Power Administration, Cowlitz County Public Utility District and Puget Sound Energy have confirmed a total of six separate attacks on electrical substations they manage in Oregon and Washington. Attackers used firearms in at least some of the incidents in both states, and some power customers in Oregon and Washington experienced at least brief service disruption as a result of the attacks.

All four utilities stated they were cooperating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI declined to confirm whether it was investigating.

“The FBI routinely shares information with our law enforcement partners in order to assist in protecting the communities they serve,” Joy Jiras, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Portland said in a statement Wednesday. “We urge the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement.”

After the attacks on substations in Oregon and Washington, the FBI and Oregon’s Titan Fusion Center issued a memo on Dec. 2 that warned utilities about the recent attacks. The fusion center gathers intelligence to investigate and prevent acts of terrorism.

The next day, two substations in North Carolina were damaged by gunfire, cutting electricity for days to tens of thousands of people.

Electrical substations are complicated and potentially dangerous parts of the electrical grid that keep the nation’s lights on. Substations convert high-voltage electricity that travels across long-distance transmission lines to the lower voltages used by businesses and residences. …

“What happened here Saturday night was a criminal act, and federal, state and local law enforcement are actively working to bring those responsible to justice,” North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said at a press conference on Monday.

After that incident, NewsNation reported that a federal bulletin had warned of attacks on power facilities, noting reports from utilities in Oregon and Washington.

How are you praying for the protection of our electrical grid? Share your prayers and scriptures below.

(Excerpt from OPB. Photo Credit: Canva)

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December 14, 2022

In December of 2020 the Lord impressed on me to start praying for the protection of our electrical grid. Didn’t know or feel anything about it previously so I prayed and the next day, or day after, there was a news report that a building that housed the codes to our electrical grid was hacked. So I’ve prayed for the grid everyday since then. The grid needs prayers daily, hedges of protection from God. Heavenly Father , please be that wall of fire around the grid in every state and territory of the US. Please expose and bring to justice whoever is doing the current sabotage and make it plain and make it plain for all to see so that it can’t be used for false manipulative dishonest purposes for politics. Thank you, God , for electricity, that amazing miracle that it is, and thank you for so many years here in the USA of having electricity. Thank You, Father, that with electricity you took care of our country and the people here, as well as Your people and the animals we care for, crops, etc. . Please, dear God, keep the power on in each state and even supernaturally if need be (like if there are storms or artificial black or brown outs for political earth “saving” reasons). Please free up the funds that we all have paid in taxes for decades that need to be used to fix our power grid so that they WILL be used to fix the power grid, not funneled somewhere else, and will be fixed with RELIABLE and proven supplies and not wind and solar pipe dreams. In Jesus name, Amen.

G. Wright
December 11, 2022

Pray the scriptures. Pray Ps 141. The angels wait for us to spk His Word then they move to do bc God watches over His Word to perform it. Just we have to be speaking it consistently to see results. Lord… our eyes are toward You our Savior. I plead the blood of Jesus over all our grids! Plz keep us from snares & traps from our enemies. Let the cronies fall into their own nets while we escape. And deliver our nation for Your Glory! Be a wall of fire round about us… the Glory in the midst of us! We give You all the praise in Jesus Name!

Betsy West
December 11, 2022

Every state needs to pray for protection regarding our power grid. Our nation has been invaded from the southern boarder with no knowledge of who we have allowed in. Terrorists do walk among us. Pray for protection in all forms but this attack must be in the for-front as we enter the winter months.

Mary Ann Rupe
December 11, 2022

Well, I wouldn’t trust the Federal Bureau of Investigation on this. They are CORRUPT and probably part of the problem.

December 11, 2022

Lord, Please protect us from those that mean us harm, including our Electric Grid. Mighty and
worthy are you o Lord. Deliver us from workers of iniquity. I n Jesus Powerful name I pray. Amen

Dan Vondra
December 11, 2022

Another distraction from a bother democratic episode

Priscilla Meyenburg
December 11, 2022

Yes, God can prevent any evil or destruction but we must remember that we live in a fallen world where we have free will. Many times, God works in ways that we do not understand. Sometimes God’s protection comes in the form of peace and strength in the middle of despair. Other times God’s protection comes as an ending because he sees something more on the horizon that we cannot see. Deuteronomy 31-6 says:” Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Prayer is essential for the safety of our power grids. Decrees and declarations show the enemy we have Gods words and powers to protect us. Proverbs- 2:11 Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you. More time in prayer is essential. 🙏🙏

Zoe Ella
December 11, 2022

The electric grid is more vulnerable than to just attacks by vandals and gunmen. It could be shut down by hacking from foreign entities as well. It is an ancient construction, suffering from wear and tear, linked in ways that are disadvantageous to its security and with parts that are difficult to replace. (read Lights Out by Ted Koppel) Let us pray as well that we as a people have the foresight and gumption to restructure our electric grid to make it not only better functional but also more secure.

    G. Wright
    December 11, 2022

    Lord move on Elon to take our grids & upgrade them or if no time bc Your Word says unless You shortened the days no one would be left alive…. then take us home in the Rapture! Amen

Andrea LS
December 11, 2022

Dear Lord God Almighty,
We ask You to protect our country, and with Your mighty power, sweep through our country because we are asking You to help this United States of America, and protect our power grids, our food supplies, our schools and remove the indecent things some are trying to teach our children even against our wills. We know that the devil is not stronger than You Almighty One, Maker of heaven and earth. Show Yourself strong. in the sight of all.

We know there is no problem that can stand against You, not unbelievers, not atheists, not weaponry, and nothing can stop Your victory. We ask You to bring revival Jesus and put the forces of darkness to flight and demolish every obstacle in Your path!

We know the evil ones try to set up roadblocks, stumbling blocks, detours & ditches that try to stop this move of God because Your success means their downfall!!

Jesus is Lord! He is coming soon and we are getting ready…… we decree and declare that nothing can stand in the way of God’s progress and we will have a law abiding country who obey our Constitution and laws. It does not matter what it looks like we pray Jesus that You will bring order to our country and protect our people, and our children., and that many will come to You even now and be saved in Jesus name we ask.

Darlene Estlow
December 10, 2022

Father, we ask for your protection over our electrical grids. Give leads to law enforcement as to those responsible and may our leaders move to protect them. Thank you for your presence in our lives. We worship you.

Toni Kushner
December 10, 2022

Father, We prayer and ask for Your protection over our electrical grid stations. Would you place Your waring angels around to protect our grids from potential attack, it would effect all, especially our most vulnerable. Keep the lights on Father for our safety, protection and may we at this time of year turn to Jesus the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Expose evil doers and protect our Nation. Amen

Grant Windholz
December 10, 2022

Lord God Almighty, we as a country face wicked and sinful enemies 24 hours a day! Let the power of God defend and protect us always through the strength of humility and prayers towards him for all of mankind. AMEN 🙏!

December 10, 2022

Thank you for the link to Pastor Andrew and Norine Brunson videos. I just watched them! I suggest all Christians listen to them. Much to be gleaned!

December 10, 2022

Please O LORD our Father, protect us and thwart the plans of the Enemy and cause his puppets to turn to You and repent, be saved, and do what is right. But also please use this and every situation for our good and Your Glory. IJN, AMEN!

Paula Sims
December 10, 2022

Father God, we ask that You erase fear from our hearts and that You remove the evil in our midst.
Our trust is in You and You alone.

    G. Wright
    December 11, 2022

    Pray Isaiah 41:10 on down…. Just read it aloud & say we remind You of Your Word rt here. Also pray Zech 2:4-5, 8-13 do same. Powerful for our nation!!!

December 10, 2022

Father God you see what happened to these grids father God there is such an evilness in the United States of America release your fire down on these people whoever they are whether it’s terrorists or has to do with political positions Lord let us remember you are the almighty all powerful God who is in full charge sitting on your throne Lord we believe you will take care of all of this and the name of Jesus a new world is coming

December 10, 2022

This country
is under attack both spiritually and in the natural, As children of the most high God we must use our spiritual authority over satan and all his network. Luke 10 :19 states , For behold I give unto you power(authority –exousia) to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power(dunamis) of the enemy; and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds and casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. We have to know who we are in Christ Jesus and the power and authority that is in the name of Jesus and the power in His blood. Pray in the spirit and with the understanding. We must abort and forbid every wicked plan satan has devised against this country. We are not wimps we are the children of the most high God. No weapon formed against us and our country shall prosper. 1John4:4 Ye are of God little children , and have overcome them; because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.
I decree and declare right now that every wicked plan to invade our country, take down our electrical grids or whatever form of destruction the enemy plans against us shall be stopped in the name of Jesus. May the perpetrators be caught and apprehended. May those on the inside of our government,and globally, who are apart of this wicked plan to subvert our republic be exposed and held accountable as well as others with money and power, and bad intentions for this country. We bind every demonic spirit behind these plans , we loose you, break you up, and render you powerless and cast you into outer darkness and the pit of hell. Oh Lord Deliver us from evil We trust in you. In Jesus name.

    Daylynne Starr
    December 11, 2022

    Hi Shirley — Great response to the problem.
    I am always looking for spiritual warfare people.
    Would you please chat with me online, privately,
    I may have something of interest for you. (I am not an ad –haha).
    Daylynnes at G Mail. com

Steven Johnson
December 10, 2022

I have prayed for the exposure of plots on our grid and for vigilant watchfulness of law enforcement and citizens. The implications of our grid going down is horrendous. It must be prevented! WE must be watchmen. I have also written this letter to our county PUD commissioners.

Dear PUD Commissioners,

I write to thank you for your service and share concerns for the safety of our grid.

Power instantly for our every need and comfort can be taken for granted. Thanks for working to make our supply steady and safe. Thanks for quickly fixing things when they go down.

I write because I have grave concerns for the safety of our area power supply. I have been looking at the vulnerabilities of our power system for the last several years. With recent tampering of power structures around our country I am even more concerned about the damage mischief makers, or outright terrorists, can do to our grid.

Some have thought a 2001 911 will never happen again. They have gone back to sleep. Many of us have not forgotten. We are concern about sleeper cells wreaking havoc with our grid.

Recently I talked to two people who work for PUD’s. They share my concerns, and more. I know there are many areas of vulnerability to our system and it would be near impossible to police every vital wire and junction. But, Still…

As a seriously concerned citizen I urge you to:
Set surveillance cameras around critical structures
Add sound alarms with links to law enforcement
Reinforce fencing around generation systems and substations
And upgrade live security personnel

In a worse-case where we have a rash of attacks over national power structures I would suggest an immediate recruitment of citizens to help stand watch.

Thanks for your service and your vigilance in maintaining the security of our grid, and your awareness of how vital it is to maintaining our national security and civilization.

    December 10, 2022

    Fantastic letter, Steven! Agree 100%. Time for armed guards, both human and angelic!👼

    Daylynne starr
    December 11, 2022

    Great post Steve — When I first read this I thought of all the riots for years in Seattle and Portland. Pres Trump tried to make them stop — but the Mayors and governors said it was OK — none of them got arrested for more than an hour and Soros paid their fines. I wonder if this is more of that — or a real effort to kill people in these areas first as no one was punished for all the cost and harm they caused. My team has been doing some serious warfare… like Shirley mentioned in her post just above yours.
    Praise God for both your praise and warfare (That’s my
    department ( 🙂 ). Daylynne

Brian lynch
December 10, 2022

In these End times, people have come under the spell of Satan. The attacks on out fragile and vulnerable grid are symptomatic of the days that we live in. That being said, our nation needs to have a great uptick in the protection of our power grid. How unfortunate that this whole situation is. Lord Jesus, in Your precious, holy name, we pray that You would supernaturally protect our power grid in this nation. I pray for swift execution of the law upon these evildoers, and that they would receive maximum punishment. These misguided people need to be made an example of. Law and order are so needed in this nation! Thank You, Lord Jesus.

Ronda Orchard
December 10, 2022

Lord, we thank You for Your gift of language. It is this gift that speaks truth to power and power in Your mighty name.

Lord, I find it interesting that Western Washington and particularly. OREGON, the bastion of handcuffing the works of police enforcement, should be named in the dysfunction of the electrical grid.

The agenda of the father of lies, is at work in every arena that brings forth Your Word and the message You have for us. The enemy steals every good thing and destroys it to satisfy its temporary lust for power. POWER comes from the Lord, we are the conduit. Therefore let us stand together, in Your presence, with that three fold network of solidarity to bring Your truth in spite of destruction and handcuffs to manmade structures… that the world will KNOW You and the POWER of one new man against the deceiver(s). Amen

December 10, 2022

Father God, may those in local law enforcement and the FBI care enough to quickly and thoroughly investigate these treasonous crimes. May they TODAY discover the criminals involved and everyone connected in any way to these crimes. May they be swiftly apprehended and swiftly brought to Justice! May journalists in ALL forms of media be reporting accurately and continuously about this criminal behavior in a manner that purges it instead of encouraging copy cats. May all news stories refrain from revealing any details that give other criminals ideas to cause harm. May truth and justice be swift – in order to deter any further actions of this sort. Send a legion of angels to prevent any similar attacks that are already planned. Expose and bring firm action against those who are planning attacks. Strengthen and encourage the workers who are repairing damage while protecting them from accidents or harm. Bless them and their families for the tireless and dangerous work they are doing. Let the citizens who lost power demand swift Justice and refunds for their days without power.
In the mighty name and under the blood of Jesus,

December 10, 2022

Do you want to be ready for what Satan is being allowed ever increasingly to do to the people of God in America?

Allena Jordan
December 10, 2022

Lord, deliver us from this evil. Help us to be the eyes and ears needed to protect facilities of our power plants around the nation. Cause us to be vigilant, aware of our surroundings and situations. Wake all of the people from their slumber. Amen.

Roger Collier
December 10, 2022

Heanely Father in the name of JESUS your Holy Son we pray thy will be done thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven! We know that it will wax worst and worst but You are still in control. We give you all the praise glory and honor. Help us to learn to lean and trust in you. Amen!

December 10, 2022

[email protected]

Lord we ask for protection over our electrical grids in the USA. Expose all weaknesses of security, plots and plans.
Thank you Lord. Amen

Robin Wonders
December 10, 2022

Thank You, Father, for our amazing power grid. Forgive us for taking it for granted. Grant wisdom on how to protect it from these attacks. Change the hearts and minds of those who want to bring this nation down. Draw them to Yourself. Wake them from the lies that drive them to do such terrible things. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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