I Prayed have prayed
Father, we pray that You would give our leaders, especially our Christian leaders, wisdom. Prevent Your name from being tarnished and misused by people who do not respect Your values, Lord.

Analysis. As many readers will know, my most recent book was titled The Political Seduction of the Church: How Millions of Americans Have Confused Politics with the Gospel. And while I did make passing reference to the errors of the Christian left, my focus was on the Christian right, in particular conservative evangelicals, part of the community with which I identify.

Pray for your fellow intercessor.


But as the 2022 elections continue to be decided with a major senatorial runoff in Georgia, it is a good time to focus on the overt and unashamed merging of politics with the gospel on the Christian left.

wrote in October that, “The left is also guilty of this very thing, to the point of celebrating the marriage of politics with the gospel.” And, I added, “it is just not the right that is guilty of blurring these lines [meaning, the lines between the gospel and politics or between Church and State]. The left most certainly is, and even more blatantly.”

That’s why it was no surprise when Bishop T. D. Jakes openly endorsed Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke or Pastor Creflo Dollar openly endorsed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Both of these candidates made appearances in these respective churches, where they were openly affirmed by these influential leaders. And although both Jakes and Dollar are conservative scripturally (meaning, believing that the Bible is the Word of God and that Jesus is the only Savior), they lean left politically.

In such circles, there is virtually no separation between Church and State.

The reason, though, for another article on this subject is that recent ministerial endorsements of Pastor (and Senator) Raphael Warnock have become even more pronounced and extreme.

But let me be blunt here before you read any further. Because of various political and ideological divides, the great majority of White evangelicals vote Republican while the great majority of Black evangelicals vote Democrat.

So, the major focus in my Political Seduction book was on White Christian leaders. The major focus of this article is on Black Christian leaders.

That means that skin color is not the issue. The issue is the merging of politics and the gospel as if they were one and the same, but with this notable (and major difference): the same left-leaning media that bashes White evangelical Christian involvement in politics completely ignores (or even celebrates) Black evangelical Christian involvement in politics.

The former is viewed as a dire threat, yet another attempt for nefarious Christian Nationalists to take over the country. The latter is viewed as a beautiful expression of spirituality, where justice, righteousness, politics, and Jesus form a beautiful and harmonious chord.

Having said that, let’s look at just a few examples.

On Twitter, Woke Preacher Clips has posted a number of pro-Warnock video clips in which he is plainly endorsed as God’s man for the job, called and appointed for such a time as this.

A Baptist pastor prayed over Senator Warnock, acknowledging how God had “given him this assignment,” paraphrasing Psalm 23 over him and likening him to biblical figures like Moses, David (standing against Goliath), and Nehemiah. Warnock, in turn, addressed the congregation, urging them to vote, since “faith without works is dead” (Jam 2:26).

In another clip, a pastor stands behind a podium with an entourage of other leaders behind him, shouting out, “Joshua had to ask the people: Which side are you on? Which god are you going to serve? Choose ye this day whom you will serve. Walker or Warnock. As for me and our house, we’re gonna serve the Lord. We’re gonna vote for Warnock…It’s our time because it’s God’s time.”

With great passion, this leader declares that they are sending a message to the nation (and to Donald Trump and Herschel Walker) that they have been on the battlefield too long and that they are not going back. They will not let their votes be denied.

Another pastor, speaking to a smaller congregation, disparagingly referenced “the 88% of the evangelicals, the right-wing evangelicals” who “voted for Herschel Walker.” Yet these 88% are “at somebody’s church this morning, talking about ‘Praise the Lord’.”

How, he wondered, could these Christians vote for a man like Walker with his (alleged) moral failures. As for Pastor Warnock, who defends abortion and LGBTQ+ activist causes, there’s apparently no problem voting for him.

Even more blatantly, after 35 minutes of worship, another pastor declares: “God would have us to mix worship + justice + politics…I’m decreeing + declaring that folk who had no intention on voting for Raphael Warnock…the Spirit Of God is gonna arrest them [meaning, arrest their attention].”

And there is this proclamation from a white-collared minister, again about Senator Warnock: “It’s time to put the Kingdom over the government…What God is doing by sending this man of God into the U.S. Senate, he’s putting a man there with a Kingdom identity, Kingdom mentality, and Kingdom authority to establish Kingdom territory.”

Can you imagine the national outcry in major publications like The New York Times and The Washington Post and the Rolling Stone’s of this world if a White evangelical had made these comments about a Republican candidate?

The shouts of “Dominionism! White Supremacist Nationalism! Christian Insurrectionism!” would have been heard across the land.

More broadly, another reverend, a nationally-recognized leader who regularly appears on MSNBC, preaches fervently to an equally passionate congregation, calling for the largest voter turnout ever for the 2022 midterms. He culminates with this word of warning to “every politician that benefits from this massive turnout: Don’t play with us this time. If we put you in, you better make abortion rights a national law.”

Yes, this was an ordained minister, preaching in a church building, calling for the national codifying of the “right” to shed innocent blood. Talk about an abomination. The false prophets of old would be proud of this.

Do you need any more examples? (If you do, just scroll down this thread.)

By all means, let churches lead the way in standing for righteousness and justice and mercy and compassion. Let us lead by our deeds and not just by our words.

But let us be careful to be involved and make a positive influence on politics without merging politics with the gospel.

And let no one accuse the Christian right of blurring the lines between Church and State without acknowledging that this has been part and parcel of the Christian left for decades, and a celebrated one at that.

The hypocrisy and double standards are beyond glaring.

In the case of the Christian left, this has not simply been a political seduction. It has been an open affair.

What do you think of the Christian left? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Used with permission. By Dr. Michael L. Brown from AskDrBrown. Photo Credit: Canva)

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Laura Bee
December 13, 2022

Sadly, just one word: apostate.

JT King
December 12, 2022

– it’s exciting to see the Book of the Revelation coming true. We were told these events would happen in the “End Times”. Next will be the persecution of the true church, the Bride of Christ. Even so, come now Lord Jesus.
Lord, be with us all and forgive us for failing you in this time. Give us strength to do what you have asked us to do.

December 12, 2022

The “Christian left” is a bit of an oxymoron—meaning I question how one can be both a Christian and partner with leftist values such as abortion and LGBTQ agendas. Both abortion and homosexuality are abominations to God because they destroy the lives of people He created and loves. . It would seem that these folks claiming to be in both camps are sadly straddling the fence in their faith (which many of us have done —so no judgement here) I feel sad for them because their insecurity in God’s ability to provide for them, has driven them to support and vote for Godless politicians with satanic agendas. (Our battle is never against flesh and blood but against the principalities/powers that have lied to them). I pray for these “Christian leftists” to wholly trust in God to provide for and protect them, as well as to rescue them from the lies of the devil. Protect them from agreeing with leaders who may lead them astray. Please guard their hearts and minds from fears and insecurities in Jesus name. God is faithful and loving and kind to each one of us. Amen

December 11, 2022

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all….no comment.

Andrea LS
December 11, 2022

Church of the Living God: we need to remember that GOD DOES NOT HAVE AN OPINION. How could He have an opinion when everything He does is right and without any error in His thinking? How can we, whether left or right even think that God would approve of abortion when He consistently judged Israel for sacrificing their children to Baal?! No, He utterly destroyed them from the land time and time again, and also the heathen lands as well.

It is not a sin to be in politics and church but not base your church beliefs on your politics. If your church politics do not line up with your beliefs then something is dreadfully wrong with this line of thinking.

If we, left wing or right wing, DO NOT LINE UP WITH GOD’S HOLY WORD, then something is gone very wrong! Why would this apply but not to politics? Are we going to let the devil change our minds like this world’s thinking is going and changing? BEWARE of the judgement of God, not that we are not forgiven, but:
Hebrews 10:26-29 “For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, 27 But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries. 28 He that despised Moses’ law died without mercy under two or three witnesses: 29 Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace?”
When we vote for people who do as they please, but not as God has directed us, then it is as if we have done it ourselves because we approved of it and approved also those who do those things God has condemned in the Bible, for us to read of it.

    Ella Gbokede
    December 12, 2022

    Sans vouloir abuser de la miséricorde de Dieu, je fais confiance qu’Il sait faire la part des choses et en son temps. Il sait ce qu’il faut aux hommes en son temps. Rien n’est parfait dans l’œuvre humaine si ce n’est celle de Dieu. Nous avons connu l’esclavage et y avons échappé sans que personne n’eut pu imaginer que cette libération ne soit possible. Je crois fermement que Dieu nous accorde des victoires en son temps. Les lois anti-avortement et les lois contre les abominations de Dieu viendront lorsque le réveil sera à son plein potentiel. C’est mon avis et valable pour plusieurs pays.

Herb Johnston
December 10, 2022

This is a very confusing article .
We as Christians have every obligation to not only be involved in local civil governance- in any way that we can-(even for those who find that late in life their mental prowess is not what it once was, – like myself) to the best of our ability-, but also to stand in the Gap against evil in the same spheres of influence politically.. the reason that we are in the mess we are in now is that weak-minded Christians have abandoned the legacy of our forefathers-, who handed down to us the Glorious responsibility of our involvement in the seven mountains of culture of our nation.. which have been abandoned by Christianity.. that is why big business is corrupt.. that is why big Pharma is poisoning us.. that is why the teachers union is coercing teachers.. actually quite successfully.. to pervert and physically ruin children through unnecessary surgeries.. meaning the influence there of.. that is why entertainment, – that once beautifully shielded The public’s eyes from perversion.. even if Hollywood in those days was still inculcated with perversion.. has now abandoned that completely and promotes as much perversion as possible.. And So It Goes On to the medical establishment.. and the remainders of the cultural influences that we once dominated.. the doctor who wrote this article is tap dancing between both camps of thought- and obviously unsuccessfully.. which will result only in more confusion in believer’s Minds.. we cannot be in both camps.. one foot on both sides of the fence, – does not work

December 10, 2022

The thick red line is Abortion! Those that are pro death are not in fellowship with
any spirit of virtue.

Herb Johnston
December 10, 2022

Since Trump- the great majority of black evangelicals no longer vote Democrat.

Susan S.
December 10, 2022

While no candidate will have a perfect past, they should be repentant and stand for biblical values. The Bible is quite clear on marriage and the shedding of innocent blood. The people who support these “pastors” should repent. Their congregations have bibles that are readily available in this country. They will be held responsible along with their leaders.

Richard Jackson
December 10, 2022

Standing for RIGHTEOUSNESS before God in all areas of the world system, including politics. Romans 12: 1-2 Be ye NOT conformed to the world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind (with the Word of God and the moving of the HOLY SPIRIT). As there are 3 Persons in the TRINITY, we need all 3, the FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT to guide us into all TRUTH. We must seek HIM in prayer and turn from our worldly ways, then God will hear us and heal our land. 2 Chronicles 7:14.

December 10, 2022

Apparently you have not heard or looked in to TD Jake’s and C Dollar,
They are far from being scriptural.
They are so far from knowing true
Scripture/ Bible , The Word of God.
They are fault teachers leading people astray. They are out for power and money.

Anonomous in NJ
December 10, 2022

CoMMENTS: I replied earlier but I believe it was the Holy Spirit who just reminded me of this: To my knowledge, only two American Presidents have openly acknowledged support for the New World Order, and the first was. REPUBLICAN, George Bush, Sr. Do a YouTube search for his speech during the 1980s mentioning the NWO. Do you really think the Bushes were truly Jesus loving Politicians? …do you honestly think George Jr had no knowledge about the NWO? And do you think just because Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton never mentioned the NWO openly that they weren’t driving us there? Why do you think all the power has been in the hands of the same families and people (except Trump) the last 25+years? They had us duped, Democrat AND Republicans. Not all Republicans are true America loving Republicans…Remember Liz Cheny? And just because a Republican mentions God and Jesus, doesn’t mean they serve Him, as someone mentioned in the comments below, RINOS CINOS (=Republicans and Christians in name only)

Look for FRUIT…Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, they take alot of flack for their conservatism, and their constant reminders and support of our constitutional rights.

Don’t just hand your support over to someone based on their Party name. Mike Pence turned out to be a Democrat pleaser….he buckled to their pressure in the end. He should have used the position God put him in to do more to insure that there were recounts and serious investigations into fraud in the swing states. He is alot to blame for the mess we are in.

PRAYER: FATHER in the name of Jesus, we implore you, provide us Good, America loving, Constitution loving candidates, open our eyes and give us TRUE wisdom…your word says Nebuchadnezzar was an idol worshipper yet he was in his kingly position because YOU allowed him to be there, even PUT him there, He wound up worshipping you through Israel’s captivity and the complete surrender and consecration of Daniel and his two friends who were all thrown into Nebuchadnezzar’s firey furnace during his idolatrous hissy fit.

FATHER YOUR WORD says YOU set up kings and despose them…YOU, YOU alone are sovereign. YOUR WORD COUNSELS US to bring our requests to you, to pray for our leaders regularly that we can live in peace. WE are more guilty than the RINOs, the Democrats, and the CINOs because we know better but many don’t do better. FATHER attend to the ROOTS of our problems in America, convict, Purge, judge, and do whatever necessary to save our nation from socialism, communism and ungodly unfair capitalism. FATHER yes even capitalism in America has been in need of your intervention, the giants have taken so much land and control in this nation, over capitalism, entertertainment, sports, schools, hospitals, our news media, social media, pharmaceutical, even our churches. FATHER we desperately need your help to take down ungodly, unjust, unconstitutional giants in America that have had unfair advantage, unfair tax breaks, have not paid righteous wages, and who support politicians with evil goals and agendas. FATHER give us wisdom in our prayers, endurance in our prayers, help us speak your word in authority in our prayers, Father convict us of everything that has us blind, bound, and ineffective in our prayers and help us to repent before it is too late. IN Jesus name we thank you that you are always hearing us and willing to do all we ask. If our sins have held back your answers, tell each and every Christian and CINO exactly our part in all this chaos in America and Anerican Politics, judge us righteously and lead us into FULL TRUE repentance. Thank you.

    Anonomous in NJ
    December 10, 2022

    FATHER, I forgot to ask you to give the politicians you do ultimately send us, a back bone to do what they need to do to TRULY FOLLOW THROUGH, to not only fight but to finish the job and PROSECUTE corruption…Father no more christian wimps that buckle at the last minute in fear of the angry Lions…Father provide the proof necessary to prosecute each and every corrupt past president and national leader be it judicial, senate, congress, governors, and other local political leaders. FATHER help us pray to the end to FINISH what you started with Trump. GET the Jesws involved, Father we as Christians take responsibility, wake up your true Jews and your true Muslims as well, and all true patriotic Americans whether they be God fearing or not. FATHER your WISDOM AND DISCERNMENT (and protection) TO ALL WHO PRAY PLEASE, Open up secrets in your word to pray in, Father may Jesus and Your Holy Spirit be like military drill seargants who do whatever necessary to keep your army in line, in all obedience with skill with all spiritual weapons and readiness to follow through and fight to the end without weariness or discouragement. WE THANK YOU, WE PRAISE you for your mercy, for hearing prayer and answering it, for being SOVEREIGN and a very just and righteous judge in all the earth despite how things may look.

December 10, 2022

Real evidence of this is the movies these two pastors make. Look at the Lifetime movies TD has made that are filled with sex. And look at their collaborations with Orpha on her network.

December 10, 2022

What about the twelve republican senators who voted to punish ANYONE who is not a church pastor that disagrees with same sex marriage. This is the end of freedom of speech and the constitution which enshrines it. Wellcome to Democrat communism U.S.A.

Frank Hagan
December 10, 2022

They are wolfs in shepherds clothing mere gospel hucksters misleading their ignorant flock

Kent Wise
December 10, 2022

If you believe the evil Warnock is a Christian… you are gravely mistaken.

Emily Ching
December 10, 2022

I have been praying for revival for years, but without focus on this specific group of “Christians-in-name only.” Pray for a Biblically-sound African American pastor to lead a revival (or for revival in the heart of one of their pastors so he will not continue to lead them astray). I am not familiar with who they are – can someone post a list so we can pray for them by name?

Anonomous in NJ
December 10, 2022

COMMENTS: The reason many black Americans support the Democrats is similar to the reason poor white and Hispanic Americans do, the Democrats have been known over the years to give hand outs and set up programs to help those in need. Look at all they are doing for even ILLEGAL aliens crossing the border! They want to give them free everything (food, shelter, even cars! GOV. Murphy in NJ proposed giving them cars even if you can believe that!) and they want to give them citizenship because it’s more future voters. The ultimate goal of the Democrats is to bankrupt tge middle class and usher in socialism then eventually communism will take over. Through current day prophets God has called the Democrat Party the part of the Communists and begged his people to pray against their sinister plans for America. The caveat in all the Democrat giving is these freebies to the poor aren’t free, they are tax dollars coming from the middle class who are being overburdened to support these give aways as part of plan to eventually bankrupt the middle class. The uber rich elite use shrewd accounting and investment practices to hide most of their income to avoid paying their fair share so it’s always tge middle class who suffers under Democrat spending sprees.

When Obama was in office and our economy tanked (wars and recession under his administration also) I nearly lost my house, there was a terrible period of unemployment that lasted a couple years. The company I worked for shut down an entire unit and we all lost our jobs during that harsh period. The government kept extending unemployment because there were no jobs! jobs were also offering less pay because they knew they could as people were desperate enough to take it, so many were unemployed and underemployed struggling to keep their houses, the Democrats came up with Home Keeper grant programs which helped people in arrears to get back on track. I had not fallen into arrears but I wasn’t making enough from unemployment to pay all my bills, buy food, and pay my mortgage so I was using credit cards more for necessities and had to take advantage of a Home keeper program before i got into a wose mess. The program paid my mortgage for the two years I was unemployed and underemployed (not making enough to cover it). Once the economy improved I got off the program and as long as I kept the house 10 years, I didn’t have to pay the money back. I sold during Covid to downsize because the economy was quickly going south in another mess under Biden and I did have to pay $8000 of that $25k grant back as I was at year 8, not 10. Had I held off two more tears I would have been free and clear but I just wanted out and to downsize to a place I could pay off because God seemed to be urging me to do it because things seemed to going downhill quickly. so glad I listened. I bought a smaller place and paid it off. The point is, the Democrats tank our economy to bring down the middle class then bail out the poorest with more tax dollar spending, so they wind up looking like heroes to the poorest that they help, while it’s the middle class that is hurt the most left paying for it all in the end.Poor blacks, whites and Hispanics who stayed on welfare for generations thought they had it made getting housing and food freebies not having to work for them but they didn’t realize the system was KEEPING them POOR deliberately. They fidnt have great housing and didn’t really get enough good food which in turn created crime, and caused the crime infested inner city slums with dilapidated houses and apartments owned by slumlords. It was a vicious cycle until overdue Welfare Reforms like Welfare to Work, but Disability has become the new Welfare and it’s sickening easy to get disability benefits even without a legitimate long term disability.

PRAYER: Father I do not even know how to pray except to ask you to fix all this. Expose all that needs to be exposed, Purge all and everything that needs to be purged, bring in new leadership who you have prepared, and provided wisdom and understanding to, to make the necessary changes our nation and our people need. Father your word clearly says if someone doesn’t work they shouldn’t eat. You always advocate helping the poor but your goal is to help everyone look to YOU to get on their feet and be productive, not just sit around in apathy and laziness taking handouts. FATHER raise up new leadership who will correct these problems with great financial and spiritual wisdom, to help tge poor have hope and the help they need to climb out of the cycle of poverty, to ease the burden of the middle class, and to make tge uber rich pay their fair share. Father do it for YOUR glory. may YOUR kingdom come, your kingdom principals, justice, and judgments. May they come on earth as they are in heaven…your word says when your judgments are in the earth the world will learn righteousness. Let it be so, in Jesus name we ask and thank you for hearing our prayers.

Kathie Jackson
December 10, 2022

As their are so called RINO ‘s ( Republican in name only , so their are CINO
( Christian in name only )
Jesus taught us to “judge a tree by its fruits , a bad tree cannot bear good fruit“ be of good cheer for God is the vine and we are his branches that shall bear good fruit in and by the power of HIS Holy Spirit in His time in His Will. .

Billie Jean
December 10, 2022

• Genuine Christian teachers/ministers ask, “Is there enough evidence to prove you are guilty of being a Christian?”
Those guilty of genuine Christianity pray and vote with the Holy Spiritual commitment to the coming Everlasting Theocracy/Heaven choosing The Will of The One True Living God of Heaven.
The Holy Spirit indwells and inspires revealing The Truth of God the Father, God the Son , and God the Holy Spirit.
This is a mortal choice of obedience.
This is good.
This is right.
This is Truth.
This is Everlasting.
Romans 8:11

• Democrat/Socialist Party representatives and identifiers prove they are NOT guilty.
Those NOT guilty of genuine Christianity pray and vote with the human commitment to the coming everlasting anthropocracy/Hell choosing human opposition to The Will of The One True Living God of Heaven.
The human spirit indwells and inspires revealing the lies of those who choose evil/the world.
This is a mortal choice of opposition.
This is evil.
This is wrong.
This is lying.
This is everlasting.
Matthew 7:21-23

Always praying for the soon coming reign of Jesus Christ 🙏🏻

December 10, 2022

These “Pastors” and ordained “ministers” are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They’re “hirelings”. They are NOT of the one true God. If they do not repent, they will be dealt with harshly. God will not be mocked! (Galatians 6:7-8)

In addition, we need to stop depending on preachers as our sole source of Biblical teaching. We need to be in the Word of God ourselves, with THE HOLY SPIRIT’s leading! (1 Corinthians 2:10-15). Then, and only then, can we discern deceptive teaching.

If people would study the Word themselves, they would know their authority and identity in Jesus Christ. Therefore, taking action to hold these “Pastors” accountable for false teaching. And, either these “Pastors” repent or they’re run off.

We all need to get the stars out of our eyes. A platform (be it pulpit or stage) does not a man (or woman) of God make.

It’s up to us to make sure that these kind of men (and women) NEVER have a platform in the Church of Jesus Christ!

December 10, 2022

Father God there is nothing on this evil rotting Dying World that I want as a Christian I want you completely Lord because you do it right you have always done it right your children have went to the left and now are coming back to you thank you Jesus father God you’re the only one that matters you gave your son to die for us we need to Die For You Lord to show how much we love you Lord this world is fading in a new world is coming your kingdom come your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven One Nation Under you father God one nation under you

Susan Carol
December 10, 2022

Change not the Bible to fit the culture but change the culture to fit the Bible..

    December 10, 2022

    Great statement. History of the early church shows that the culture changed the church. Why? Because christians were content to exist in their church bubble and didnt try to influencethe culture although they brought converts in.

December 10, 2022

Would the Holy Spirit allow me to encourage the eradication of something the Father created simply for my conscience ?? Or would the Holy Spirit CONVICT my lust of physical contact with a young boy or girl ?? I think you get my point !!
If one believes and supports the platform of th Democratic Party the SPIRIT of the most high God and His Son Jesus Christ is NOT a part of them !!! They are no more than a puppet of the spirit of Baal himself!!
Father we unite together to remind this demonic entity that he has been defeated at the CROSS and that JESUS is LORD !!!

Patsy K Miller
December 10, 2022

Thank You for sharing the article written by Dr. Michael L. Brown… information that is enlightening with the exposing of what religious, influential leaders are doing with their voice of proclamation!

My heart is vexed & grieved in what I just read…the turning away from the true worship & teaching of Holy God of the Scriptures & of JESUS CHRIST & His Gospel, through becoming only a platform used to promote political persons which hold ideologies that are abominations unto Holy GOD!!

How far the [Church] has travelled away from What & Who is Holy & have exchanged the Holy for the profane!

Jesus makes a convicting & compelling statement in Luke 18:8b which is very sobering to the Christian for today:

“… However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”

REPENTANCE is GREATLY NEEDED IN THE CHURCH! A true & raw repentance that we witness in Scripture; something we have yet to embrace & demonstrate.

Dottie Kraemer
December 10, 2022

My concerns are “are they truly Christian’s? When they completely ignore what the Bible teaches about gender, sexuality, marriage and life?” The hypocrisy slaps me across the face as I contemplate the words coming from many of these “respected” pastors as they support things that I find appalling and what scripture calls sin…. It’s a mystery to me and breaks my heart – God clearly says that the leaders will be held to a higher standard and judgement – Lord help us

Karen Secrest
December 10, 2022

I was proud of the Christian college I attended. Now T.D. Jakes and his organization are affiliated? Add Abrams and my stomach is quesy. I feel my nest has been messed inbig time.
The Lord spoke and said clearly that ship of State called Warnock will break apart inn the coming storm and none will be saved. AMEN AND AMEN

Ann Parker
December 10, 2022

I have long believed that it’s impossible to be a Christian and also be a Democrat. God does not believe in abortion, which is their main concern. The ordained pastors who preach the sickening message of shedding innocent blood need heavy, serious prayer as they are in deception. I pray for God to open their eyes and hearts to His word, and to His truth.

December 10, 2022

You are coming back for a pure and spotless unified Bride.
Purify Your Bride. Expose every area of our hearts that have missed the mark. Bring a passion for holiness back into the Church. Lift the veil of deception! And prepare Your Church to steward Your glory!

December 10, 2022

I wept as i was glued to this false notion of or concept of a Christian Left. The merging of oppositional ideas is becoming more proliferate as the mixture or blending of differing foundations of thought such as Christian yoga, Christian Buddhist, Chrislam and Christian same sex marriage. The spirit of error has tried to replace the spirit of truth. In these endtimes, the hearts of many will and have waxed cold and have believed lies over the truth. Where are the Samuels who will anoint the Davids? I just read again the 19th and 20th chapter of Exodus reviewing the test of God to learn, know and obey His instructions of approaching His holiness in preparation for worship. Before the coming of Messiah, God was compassionately, lovingly making a way of approach to his fiery presence that would keep them safe. Ways and patterns of acceptable behavioral specific to making a difference between His family and their idolatrous neighbors were established in the main legal codes of the Ten Commandments. His earthly representatives of His parental authority, the newly freed children of Israel,
were to practice preservation of life, liberty, love, mercy, truth and provision by first honoring Creator God and then their parents. Let us pray that the truth and power of God’s Word will continue to prevail through righteous believers who will be of those who do not draw back into demonic-inspired confusion and the fear of man instead of the fear of God. Let’s pray that all would hunger and thirst for God’s holiness and righteousness that we all may be filled and refilled to the overflowing of fresh oil anointing to keep holy fire burning on our altars and in us His temples of the Holy Spirit. Let’s ask our Holy Father, Creator God, to forgive us as we repent and remove itchy ears from us in Jesus Name. Amen. (Mt. 5:6, Mt.25:1-13, 2Tim.2:15, 2Tim.4:3, Ex.19,20)

    Kelley Johns
    December 10, 2022

    Amen!!! I was just reading the same passages of scripture in Exodus & reminded of the sanctification & sacredness of being able to approach & come into the presence of Almighty God! Woe is me!! May we return to a reverence & fear of our Holy God!!!! I pray for these lost & deceived souls who grievously blaspheme our Lord while pretending to be His ambassadors- may they turn from such idolatry & wickedness, repent & truly serve & worship our Lord in Spirit & Truth!!

December 10, 2022

Thank you Lord for uncloaking the darkness. Now we ask that no one be deceived. May we all know the Truth and the Truth set us free. And may all bow a knee and repent Lord. We ask Lord that you forgive us and heal the United States of America. Amen

Robin Wonders
December 10, 2022

Father God, please cleanse Your church from liars, deceivers, and manipulators. Increase our discernment to rightly divide the Word to rightly understand Your meaning of justice.
Raise up anointed teachers and preachers who can teach Your people to recognize propaganda wherever it comes from and to stop being so gullible and quick to accept twisting and manipulative tactics.
Convict those in leadership who crossed the line and called good things evil and evil things good. Grant them grace to repent and humble themselves in order to no longer mislead their flock.
Strengthen Your people to stand up for Your Word even if we face consequences, remembering that people all over the world have suffered much more for their faith in Jesus. Help us to understand the difference between submitting to those in authority vs. blindly following questionable teaching. Show us what to do when faced with questionable or false teaching.
Help us to understand and accept that when we are passive and neglect the responsibilities You gave us in this country by not voting, not participating in schools, and other spheres of influence, we hand them over to people who don’t follow You, and this is how things got so bad.
We worship only You, and no man, but we appreciate and ask for godly men and women who will stand up and run for positions across the board, to protect the children and the people from criminal and destructive policies. We need Your help. May Your people be united in truth and no longer divided by fake news and especially the slander of good people. Help us to know truth in our inward parts, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    Sally Giammalva
    December 10, 2022

    Beautifully said, Amen!

    E Thorland
    December 10, 2022

    This is great and should be shared around the world, especially to Christian churches and on social media sites where more CINO (Christians in name only) will hear it or read it! I only in the last decade or 2 realized how to be bold in my faith and to speak out and vote biblically. Being silent I did more harm than good to my family, friends, church, state and country and obviously the world. I have taken responsibility for my apathy and prayed for forgiveness. I am following the narrower path.


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