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Lord, continue to give our president and other government officials wisdom and discernment.

A justice department official has confirmed to Sinclair Broadcast Group that the FBI opened up a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and his associates back in 2019, focused on allegations of money-laundering and that the probe remains active.

Sinclair investigative reporter James Rosen has also spoken with a central witness in these allegations, which suggests that former vice president Joe Biden knew more than he has acknowledged about his son’s overseas dealings.

Tony Bobulinksi was thrust into the national spotlight on the evening of the final presidential debate. . . .

Bobulinksi discussed why he feels if elected, Biden would be compromised by the Chinese government and much more in an exclusive interview with Rosen.

The compromise they have is that in documents that have been well provided to the Senate, to Congress, to the Department of Justice via the FBI that CEFC was effectively loaning money directly to the Biden family.
Bobulinksi said he was first introduced to the former vice president in May 2017 by Hunter and Jim Biden in Beverly Hills, California.

He claimed they talked about the Biden family business plans with China, despite the Democratic nominee on several occasions denying he had any involvement, including the final presidential debate when Biden said, “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life.”

During his remarks that same night, Bobulinksi displayed three phones he claimed contained evidence against the Bidens that would be turned over to the FBI.

Less than a week later, Bobulisnki was interviewed by members of the FBI for several hours, where he says they went over each piece of evidence found on the phones. . . .

A veteran of the United States Navy, Bobulinksi held a top-secret security clearance for several years.

When asked if China may be in possession of any potential evidence that could help shed light on these claims, Bobulisnki said the country might have information on the Biden’s business dealings across the entire globe. . . .

Bobulinksi said he decided to speak out publicly when he heard Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and other Democrats who suggested these allegations were part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Before that, Bobulinksi noted it was the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump that was the spark that made him want to gather his information and provide it to the authorities.

(Excerpt from ABC 3340 Network. Article by Sinclair Broadcast Group. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

Share your prayer for justice and truth in this investigation. . .

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February 15, 2021

This will fade away like the rest.Our government officials and their families are totally corrupt.

Ann Maran
November 4, 2020

May we be governed by people of integrity and may evil doers be exposed. The wicked in his pride persecutes the poor. Let them be caught in the traps they have devised.

Karen Hosier
November 4, 2020

Your Word says in Proverbs 29:4:
“The king gives stability to the land by justice, but a man who takes bribes overthrows it.” (NASB)

Now, more than ever this scripture describes our country. Lord Jesus, I ask that you expose all of the lies, manipulation and fraud that surround this investigation in such a stark way that those who are trying to keep in the dark will be confounded. Nothing is impossible for you! May truth prevail in this hour. Lord Jesus keep our country safe from foreign and domestic enemies.

And now Lord according to Psalms 45:4:
“In your majesty ride forth victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice; let your right hand achieve awesome deeds.” (NIV)

Thank you Lord that you care about truth and justice for they are the very foundations of your throne. For Your Name’s sake expose and reveal all of the illegal dealings the Biden family is involved with and deal with them according to your will and purpose in our nation.

In the name of Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


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