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Thank You, Father, for the ways You've assisted the residents of East Palestine so far. Keep blessing these people, and heal our land!
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The residents of East Palestine are still suffering, but some are taking divinely inspired steps to help them.

From CBN. Many Ohio families wonder if the worst is yet to come after the devastating train wreck in February that spilled toxic chemicals across East Palestine and beyond. …

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Cleanup crews remain on-site, digging up and removing contaminated soil — a process that fills the air with contaminants. …

As you can imagine, talk around town remains centered on February’s derailment: the safety of drinking water, air quality, and contaminated soil. The Environmental Protection Agency is monitoring the clean-up and contamination levels, updating the public in real-time while responding to the catastrophe. …

About half of the town’s 5,000 residents evacuated after the accident due to a catastrophic failure in a train car’s overheated wheel bearing. The fear of the unknown, however, could be the biggest worry here in East Palestine. …

Folks like Zachery Schultz are looking for long-term solutions for the people who live here. Schultz is working with a nearby church to use an anonymous donation from Texas to buy and install roughly 70 carbon water filtration systems for homes in the affected area.

“I just want my kid to be able to drink out of the hose one day,” Schultz said while installing a filtration system. …

Pastor Ken Sevacko with Rogers Assembly of God saw the open door for God to do something. He tells CBN the water filtration installation is a tangible way to love the people of East Palestine.

“We’ve been involved since day one – basically handing out water and baby formula, trying to meet immediate needs,” Pastor Sevacko said. “But bottled water is a band-aid fix, it’s a temporary fix. Some of our people need a little bit more of a sustained help. This is our community. We love our community. And we’re here to see it through the good times and the bad times.” …

For some, this has become a crisis of uncertainty due to the long-term impact of the derailment and spill. Pastor Sevacko, though, sees a resilient community leaning on their faith that God will heal their land. As East Palestine residents look toward the future, he seeks to reassure them that God is their refuge and strength — an ever-present help in times of trouble.

“Houses can be replaced, jobs can be replaced, but people/family relationships can’t,” said Sevacko. “And through all of this, there hasn’t been one loss of life. And so that’s just incredible in and of itself. So, I think that’s a focal point where people are readjusting their values.”

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(Excerpt from CBN. Photo Credit: Michael Swensen/Getty Images)

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June 9, 2023

Thank You, Jesus, for the help you are sending East Palestine. Thank you for your miracles!

I also pray that the REAL truth behind the derailment will come to light and those responsible will be held accountable.

Thank You, Jesus, for your mercy and justice!

Val Vanorden
June 8, 2023

Lord Jesus, we are but men and are limited in mind or resources, yet with YOU we are a majority! May the majority Rule! May your blessed Holy Spirit permeate and enfold the residents, the workers, and the intercessors of E. Palestine Ohio as well as all other places impacted by disaster, be it natural or man-made!!!amen!

Marsha Bashor
June 6, 2023

I pray for restoration for the people who have lived there, that Dear God you would provide new homes and good soil and clean waters, and healing for the residents of East Palestine. And I pray for their health, give them places where good air is to breathe in. Thank you Lord🙏❣️

June 6, 2023

Praise God! Such encouraging news! Thank you for this, IFA! Heavenly Father, I thank you SO MUCH for this great news and Your provision for the people of East Palestine! Please God bring forth and don’t let the enemy hinder any new ways to provide for and help heal the land. That you would cut through the red tape and Your answers which may be something new would not be hindered by man or the enemy. That the people, and anyone affected by the explosion, would be cared for and healed. Please also prevent the people of East Palestine from being taken advantage of or short changed when it comes to help or money for damages they have had to suffer. Please especially protect the elderly and families with children. Thank you so much. In Jesus name, Amen,

Daniel Muppidi
June 6, 2023

Pray for the people to find water, clean life giving water.

May some find the ‘living waters’ from The Savior.


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