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Father, we pray for the upcoming midterms. Guard the elections, God, and put Your candidates in office.

For months now, Republicans have been eagerly discussing a “red wave” in November. Will they actually be able to win back the Congress?

From PJ Media. Analysis. The late spring scenario of a massive GOP win — in historic proportions analogous to 1938, 1994, or 2010 — is said now to be “iffy.”

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The Left boasts that it now has a chance at keeping the House, with even better odds for maintaining control over the Senate….

Despite the propaganda, the Republicans seem confident nonetheless because of the dismal 40% approval ratings of Biden and his even less popular agenda.

Crime is out of control. The Left blew up the southern border. Biden has waged war on energy production and deliberately spiked gas costs.

Foreign policy is in shambles. Racial relations are scary. Historically, presidents are shellacked in their first midterms.

So, there should be a Republican tsunami.

But will there be?

So far, the Republicans have not nationalized congressional races with a uniform Contract with America, an agenda that they will seek to enact the moment they take Congress.

If all Republican candidates run on what the Left has done to America in less than two years and offer a systematic corrective, they will win. If they get bogged down in the 24-hour news cycle they will flounder….

Big Tech in November as in 2020 will again flood registrars with billions of dollars in dark money — while denying it.

They will censor and expunge anything unflattering to the Left on social media, and claim they do not.

The Left will systematically try to ensure that, as in 2020, only 30% of the electorate vote in person on election day, as they plead they are underfunded and disorganized.

Yet if the Republicans advance a coherent national plan of action to restore a pre-Biden America, if Trump will focus positively on national issues and not take the bait to obsess on the wrongs done to him, and if grass-roots conservatives this time around prepare to preempt massive left-wing vote harvesting, they will achieve their blowout.

But that is a lot of ifs. And meanwhile, time grows short.

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(Excerpt from PJ Media. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Martha Jayne
August 27, 2022

It will take an act of God Almighty to save the nation. Living in Kentucky most of my adult life I’ve watched mitch McConnell for several decades. I’ve seen him give in time and time again to the democratic shenanigans. It’s enough to be convinced that he has no interest in this nation. He could have been a great leader maybe made a difference for the good of the country but I don’t see much hope in that. There are dozens and dozens more that have take the path of the evil one. We must pray for the veil of hate and greed and deceit be lifted from their eyes. They feed Satan. Most unknowingly so but not all sadly. God will save us and he will save the nation. Things won’t be the same once He sets it right. Be in faith. Be strong. Do not let fear creep in. In Jesus name I pray for souls be saved. For lives be turned down the righteous path. And I pray that all the evil deeds Satan has people doing for him stop.

August 27, 2022

That’s exactly what I am praying Lollie…. Let’s agree that we will win big!!! In Jesus mighty name!!!

August 27, 2022

God’s got this! Don’t listen to Rino’s. We will win and wi big!!

August 27, 2022

Okay y’all here we go !! These elections will -I assure you- be a turning point of th century. But which way will it go??? If the left gets it’s way our America and our values will perish forever. America WILL become a socialist state. Without th power of th constitution we cannot be a constitutional republic..
I. DO believe America shall b saved- but in what form???
Do we allow killing babies or not?
Do we believe th body parts we are born wth determine our sexual identity or not.
Do we manage our country with secure borders or not.
Do we believe the creator of th universe had his hand n our constitution or not.
Do we ban fossil fuels or not Do we keep th strongest military on th planet or not.
I’m sure by now your getting my point…. It’s NOVEMBER or it’s nothing. If we don’t win , it’s a whole new direction for us to seek.
It would b better to keep our 50 states United. But I for one will never pledge allegiance to a country which promotes th list above!
Father God we seek your glorious power and wisdom this day.. May your merciful hand be upon our country that you formed fr us. We stand shoulder to shoulder in this huge gap against these powers of darkness . We deny th expansion of corruption and illegal voting. We deny this BAAL agenda of replacing you- the TRUE GOD! May your heavenly hosts accompany our petitions this day in JESUS all powerful name we stand!!

August 27, 2022

Remember 2020 and the massive cheating in all races? Probably over half of the democrats in government are there because of cheating! We have to legally beat cheating by encouraging every American that thinks like we do to get out and vote 🗳 so the lefties cheating will not matter! FATHER GOD we ask for YOU to fight this battle for us because we have no might against the devil and his hordes of demons! Please honor our prayers and help us to take our country back! In the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST I pray! Amen!

Jessica Renshaw
August 27, 2022

Praying for love, maturity, and unity among Christians in the few 10 weeks left until the election, that we will study the issues and candidates (or use websites of groups we trust who have done the research for us, especially about judges), pray for wisdom and VOTE–intelligently and Biblically.


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