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Lord, we pray for Godly wisdom for the leaders in America. We pray that the Holy Spirit would guide all governmental officials in decisions of all kinds.
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There is good news out of Florida and Wisconsin on forensic election audits–pray into these developments.

Gateway Pundit reports that now Florida – State Representative Anthony Sabatini calls for a forensic audit of the five largest counties in Florida.

More good news.  Now is the time to clean up the election process in America.  If this is not done, we will no longer have real bonafide elections in the US.

Today, representative Anthony Sabatini called for a forensic audit in Florida’s 5 largest counties.

We reported the same request a few weeks ago.  Now is the time to forensically audit the big cities across the nation.  Why cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles have not been audited in years is puzzling.  Now should be the time. . . .

Gateway Pundit also reported that Wisconsin is moving forward with an election audit.

Wisconsin State Representative Janel Brandtjen issued a press release today:

“Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee to Initiate More Intensive Investigation of Fraudulent Activity.”

Rep. Brandtjen is the Chair of the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections. She visited the Maricopa audit earlier this month. On Monday she called for an Arizona-style audit of Wisconsin’s November election.

In her statement, Rep. Brandtjen writes:

“Voters have made it clear that they want a thorough cyber-forensic examination of tabulators, ballot marking devices, and other election equipment, which I will be helping facilitate on behalf of the committee as chair… IP addresses, chain of custody on ballots, and audit trail logs must be thoroughly inspected by cyber-audit technicians… While WI is in the process of an election audit, I will be working to ensure that it is augmented with expertise and resources to ensure a comprehensive, forensic examination.” . . .

(Excerpt from Gateway Pundit. Article written by Joe and Jim Hoft. Photo by UnSplash)

How are you praying about the election audits? Please share in the comments!

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Kathy A
July 30, 2021

I just want to add that the Democrat Party was complicit with this election theft along with other nations, but so were some Republicans. We need to pray that justice will come to all who participated in this election theft.
Father God,
We honor Your authority as our Supreme Being and we ask that the gavel of justice come down on all who participated in this election theft. We praise Your Name and give You the honor for the unveiling of corruption in this hour. You are the creator; we are the created. May Your glory fill this earth as Your Kingdom followers actively participate with You in bringing restoration to this nation and earth and that those rightfully elected in the 2020 election take their places of authority in our government and in other nations where election theft occurred. Our God is an Awesome God! In Christ’s holy Name, amen.

Santos Garcia, Jr.
July 30, 2021

The Biden corrupt and illegitimate administration is unraveling as we speak. The Deep State is confounded as to why Americans are not submitting to their tyranny as docile sheep. The audits that are in place or proposed in now a good number of states will reveal patterns of voter fraud that will be irrefutable.

ABBA Father we continue to trust in You and Your imminent Divine Justice. We recognize that these are highly dangerous times since we have a mentally compromised shell of a man in control of the nuclear football. The saber-rattling that China is wielding in threatening Taiwan, Japan, and the the Asian Pacific islands MUST be dealt with- in the spiritual realm and this natural world. We ask for Your Wisdom, Protection, & Grace as we navigate through these tumultous times. We PRAISE You… in Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

Lula Bell
July 29, 2021

Dear God please reveal and expose all the election fraud the Left has participated in and discipline them mightily for interfering with the sacred vote and the will of the people. Please remove their titles gained fraudulently and strip them of all pride and honors. It is the right thing to do. I pray the man who won the Presidential election is inaugurated for all to see your power and authority is above man who plotted to steal the election. Please humble them greatly. In Yeshua name, Amen.

Mona Colwell
July 29, 2021

Dear Lord, please protect these brave warriors who are using their platform to fight evil and let us see justice restored in America. Thank You, Lord, for Your guidance for all the Patriots standing up for truth and integrity within our fragile democracy. We pray for Your mercy and forgiveness for all our sins in the nation. Thank You, Lord, for calling Your people together to fight and for Your continued blessings on the USA. Amen 🙏

July 29, 2021

Mike Lindell will live stream his analysis on vote switching for several states during his cyber symposium. This is a 3 day event and it can be accessed here: https://home.frankspeech.com/content/mike-lindells-cyber-symposium-2021
Furthermore he says that he can show that Trupm actually got 80,000,000 votes to Biden’s 60,000,000.

Darlene Estlow
July 29, 2021

Thank you Jesus

July 29, 2021

God promises to us-

The lord is slow to anger but great in power
The lord will not leave the guilty unpunished


The Lord is good,a stronghold in a day of distress..He cares for those who take refuge in Him

Nahum 1:7

Like a rope onion He continues to peel away at the layers…

Bridget E.
July 29, 2021

I pray Luke 8:17 daily over the 2020 stolen election and ask that clean elections will be legislated and reinstated.

July 29, 2021

This is excellent news and a ray of encouragement. Those that know people (voters) that reside in those states listed should do the following (1) contact anyone you know and encourage them to get involved in full blown support of extensive audits. Tell them to be sure to contact fellow voters in their state (2) Encourage follow up with all local, state and federal officials in any capacity and using all means possible. Let them know that as taxpayers, you want / demand these audits in order to force election integrity. Be nice but be firm. Don’t accept standard political replies or form letters. Your officials need to be specific about what is going on.
NOTE – In addition, remember that those who cheated and deceived American voters are ALREADY working to do so again. The enemy Satan is working overtime in more fraud, deception and corruption with those who have sold out to “stay in power”. We are in an all out war with hell and the people hell continues to use.
As Christians, we cannot be ‘status quo’ when it comes to fighting for election integrity in our nation. Our present administration has many people that will not acknowledge God, don’t follow or believe in his commands and who think they know what is best for people based on their own misguided beliefs. They don’t care about freedom for us. They care about themselves and implementing their utopian ideas – which means they will sell America out (cheat in elections) to remain in power.

Karen Secrest
July 29, 2021

The Lord is saying today to focus on All the equipment supplied by Dominion.
The Lord God Almighty gave His children dominion over the earth and All that is in it. That the enemy thought he could usurp that authority is now coming to a Standstill.
Hear the voice of the Lord: He no longer laughs at man’s attempts to defeat. HE says, “enough.”

July 29, 2021

Father, I ask that you will –
Transform the conscience of America…=

Romans 12:2
—transformed means “ metamorphosis, change, transfigure, transform, change of moral character for the better.

Transformation , transformation, transformation

In Jesus’s Name

Bruni O
July 29, 2021

Luke 8:17 “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.”
Father I pray for your protection, discernment, wisdom and strength to ALL the people involved with these Audits’s! WE The People just want validation to our votes. The Truth will set us free! Put a thorny protection around them and let the liars tremble, confused them and let them turn against each other to save themselves! I pray this in Jesus precious name, Amen!

Lydia B. Miller
July 29, 2021

Thank-you Jesus for raising up courageous leaders who aren’t afraid to stand for what is right!
We pray in Jesus name, for complete victory, where there is evil done behind the scenes, your light would expose the work of the enemy!
Come Holy Spirit,we need you , deal with this enemy, bring confusion to the camp of the enemy!
Abba Father, pour out your spirit on all those who are evil and those who deceived us. Soften their hearts, call them to repentance.
We declare in Jesus name, this battle be won for your honor and glory!!

July 29, 2021

Father, you said “ the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church”. You said you give strength to those who take the battle to the gates.
I declare those verses over the Florida and Wisconin audits and all those who are mobilized by You to do this work—in Jesus’s Name!

July 29, 2021

Thank You, Lord, for continuing to provide opportunities for the truth to be revealed and verified. Thank You for motivating many to fight this fight! Protect them and guide their efforts through the power of Your Holy Spirit. Lord, May Your will be done! In Jesus Name! Amen

Laura K
July 29, 2021

Thank You Lord that more states are looking for the truth to be found for the election process. Let the truth come out and changes be made I pray.

July 29, 2021

I’m praying they will happen in Pennsylvania, especially Philadelphia.

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John H. Rapp
July 29, 2021

Audits are definitely needed, especially to show whether the Dominion voting machines are being manipulated over the internet. Many have remarked about observing blatant abnormalities in election procedures and tabulations. And I believe that the “Absolute Truth” presented by Mike Lyndell is on to something huge in this area. Thanking God that He thwarts the way of the wicked (Psalm 146:9); praying for Him to be doing just that through these election audits and follow-up prosecutions, giving much courage and wisdom to those who fear Him and who are in position to make this whole process happen.

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