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Lord, we pray for our divided Nation. Division is not from you, we pray against this spirit and pray for unity in America.
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Joe Biden will announce on Thursday a requirement that all federal employees and contractors be vaccinated against Covid-19, or be required to submit to regular testing and mitigation requirements.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts and prayers about this in the comments!

The announcement will come in remarks where Biden is also expected to lay out a series of new steps, including incentives, in an attempt to spur new vaccinations. It will also follow the decision by the Dept of Veterans Affairs to require its frontline health care workers to be vaccinated over the course of the next two months.

Biden alluded to the looming announcement on Tuesday.

“That’s under consideration right now,” Biden said, when asked if he would impose a vaccination mandate on federal workers.

While the specifics are still being finalized, the source said, federal workers would be required to attest to their vaccination status or submit to regular testing. The source said the proposal will be roughly similar to what is being implemented in New York City. Additional requirements for the unvaccinated could be added as agencies push to vaccinate their employees.

Biden will not impose the requirement on the US military, despite his authority to do so, for the time being. He is, however, likely to outline how the Department of Defense may seek to approach the issue going forward.

Asked if he thinks the new revised guidance on masks from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will lead to confusion for Americans, Biden cast blame on unvaccinated Americans, saying that if they had been vaccinated “we’d be in a very different world.”

“We have a pandemic because the unvaccinated and they’re sowing enormous confusion. And the more we learn about this virus and the Delta variation, the more we have to be worried and concerned. And there’s only one thing we know for sure, if those other hundred million people got vaccinated, we’d be in a very different world,” he said.

What are your thoughts on having all federal employees and contractors be vaccinated? Let us know your thoughts on this and prayers for America in the comments below!

(Excerpt from Citizen Free Press. Article written by Kane. Photo by IStock)

Click here for a video of Joe Biden on TUESDAY saying that his administration was considering federal vaccine mandates.

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August 29, 2021

I Pray that all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus look up the information that is out on these vaccines.

Both Dr. and Science prove it’s not good for us and warn us of the consequences. Head of the FDA Christine who

who approves of vaccines is Dr. Fauci wife. Does it surprise you that it passed? After all no long term proof

long term effects. And now mandates on students and employees to remain in school, work or out in public

places. God Help us.

August 4, 2021

I know someone who got the covid vaccinated about 4 months ago and got the sick. I won’t call it covid only by listening to frontline Drs. and scientist I believe its no more then the flu. Because my son was with this vaccinated person and got the same sickness that the person had and recovered.

August 4, 2021

I know someone who got the covid vaccinated about 4 months ago and got the sick. I won’t call it covid only by listening to frontline Drs. and scientist I believe its no more then the flu. Because my son was with this vaccinated person and got the same sickness that the person had and recovered.

Vickie Skelley
July 30, 2021

Anything that man says I do not believe. Perilous times sisters and brothers. But God! I pray Gods mercy on us and deliverance from the evil sins of Satan’s children. Transhumanism and the great reset is in play. Why would I who recovered from COVID-19 who has God given antibodies now take this gene therapy that will alter my dna.? Oh yes it will! Hours of research read and watched by top virologists banned say so. Science studies say there is no reason for recovered to get this mRNA. have the gold standard in immunity yet Biden is pushing it on all? This is all for evil. Transhumamism. The main stream media are liars. Part of it. . Pushing this mRNA that killed all the lab animals tested in the only trial done then released on the world. Get your head out of the sand Believer. Why was Noah different? Noah’s generations were pure. No Nephilium (demons mated with women) mixed in it. DNA ruined. If God did not destroy the world with a flood mankind would have been ruined and no virgin to bring Jesus except for righteous Noah. Satan knows this. Again his Satanic children Bill Gates etc are playing God and want to destroy mankind humanness and replace it with trans human people. Jesus died for mankind not trans humans. The trans humans will be the ones who are so dead to God they will take the Mark in the Great Trib . They will be so evil. These so called vaccines that are not vaccines but gene therapy will start you into the path of vaccine dependent. Vaccines Hates said is how they will depopulate the world and sterilize. We are at the end of the age. Get people saved. Never mind saving this world. As it is written so it will be done. It astounds me when so many in saved know not to get this mRNA but Believers do. SMH, stop! Repent! Do not get the boosters! Biden is a fork tongued liar who stole that seat. God is judging America but God knows how to protect His own.

    Vickie Skelley
    July 30, 2021

    I meant Gates for Bill Gates, not Hates. Don’t know how I can edit. I did this out in the bright sun.

      Gayla Hall
      August 29, 2021

      You speak Truth and I’m so glad I’m not the only one who sees this Evil Homicide on man kind. The Word of God says it all and it is exactly as he describes. Once everyone hears Truth Christ will be on his way. I pray it’s today so we don’t have to see what is at our front door. Our Children forced to take injections against parents will taught sexual immoral things. And read what the CDC has instore for the ones who don’t play like blind sheep. Evil is loose get your Heart and Soul prepared with the Armor of Christ.

        Vickie Skelley
        August 29, 2021

        The rapture is impenitent. Right now evils that have been going on for decades are. Being exposed. The medical. World and all our agencies are corrupt. People are waking up protesting all over the world. Phizer has to now report the ingredients because of FDA approval. They have to reveal the graphing oxide poison they put in and deaths and harms and lack of trials. This could be the crumbling of this Dominic plan. The avalanche is about to happen. I’m a grandmother. I cry a lot in prayer for she did not ask to come into this. But my trust is on Jesus. God is on the thrown. He wants us to share the gospel and get more folks saved. Was able today to lead two to Christ. Felt so good.

          Gayla Hall
          August 29, 2021

          I have Grand Children also and my Daughter is having a baby in just a few weeks.

          Its sad to see this yet my Dad told me when I was a young Child that he thought

          this would happen in my and my Children life time he thought. He was a man of

          God and once more he was correct. He told me when I was a young child about a

          devesting event was going to happen and he thought it was going to take place

          in N.Y. on his Birthday 9-11 twin towers and now this. He is Blessed to be

          Home and not see this. He also told me if Man could see what awaits them in

          Heaven they wouldn’t want to be here another day. As we both Love our Father

          in Heaven I know as all Christians this is Not our Home. My Heart Hurts for

          our Children and the Lost who haven’t excepted Christ yet that isn’t in our

          hands we can share his love yet God knows the Heart. I’m thankful for you

          leading two to Christ Jesus. As a survivor of a horrible crime I can tell you

          I’ve looked Evil right in the eye and I’ve witnessed the Love of Christ Jesus.

          No worries He is everything he says and so much more. He will lead us through

          this storm God Always Wins. May you always find Peace and Love in Christ. Love

          in Christ, Sis

        Vickie Skelley
        August 30, 2021

        Gayla I can’t reply it seems to your absolutely beautiful response below so I went back to the first that had a reply button. I just had to reply. I reread my post and it’s filled with typos. The Rapture is immenient I meant and I’m thinking you knew that…lol. And I meant it is a demonic plan that is going on right now. That was done on my cell phone. Guess its the auto correct. Your post brought me to tears. It touched my heart. Oh I wish I could go for a cup of coffee with you and hear more. Your father had a vision or a revelation of 911? And that was his birthday? Oh my..that reminds me..I saw that movie about the girl and Columbine and she drew a picture of a columbine plant and it had the exact amount of petals as those who died . She went home to Jesus that died. We are still on this side. I have loved ones there, but it’s very hard for me to think of my loved ones here not going with me. It hurts. Last week I had a dream. Or maybe the week before. My young son and I were in a mall and we were being held up by what appeared to be Taliban men who had guns. It was not just me and my son but others in the mall. We were all very afraid and then I woke up. Within a day or two Biden took out the military from Afganistan and the Taliban took over. Such a nightmare. I believe it may have been a warning from God. God has revealed things to me as well. Sometimes this world just scares me so much. But I give all my hurts, fears and disappointments to Jesus. I know very soon we are going to see the King. Lord help me to be ready. Things are so globally bad, I see no going back. And it’s bad for those who will be here. I live in NY. People are not so open to the gospel. But I have Christian friends and I’m grateful. You survived violence. I don’t know what it was…but I do know he binds up our wounds and heals our broken heart. You know Gayla, pretty name, we know God sees it all and knows whats going to happen and who will come to His Son and who won’t. Some things are just too big for us to carry and we have to give that to Him. I do believe this thou. God has judged America. Romans 1. See you in heaven perhaps.

          Gayla Hall
          August 30, 2021

          Hi Vickie, My Dear Sister I’m going to give you a brief break down only because

          You need to understand how the Lord has so carried me for the last 8 yrs. Well I

          was married to a Minister for 20 yrs. He held me and our children up at gun point.

          I begged for my life and my Children ended up in one of their bed rooms

          holding hands and Praying for me. Needles to say God spoke through me things

          I didn’t feel and what he said saved our lives. Needless to say after going

          through that and what was to follow I rather of been taken home. I heard of

          my Children die for a year as I cried everyday for over a year. I lost myself

          broken hearted and crushed in spirit. Yet my mind was always on God. I worked full time.

          I cried all the time yet still had the strength to work care for my Children

          and care for my home and God paid the bills. We went to Church every Sunday

          was the high light of our week we all looked forward to it. God spoke to me every time we went.

          Went through a Divorce and worked and took care of my Dad and Disabled Step Mom.

          My Dad passed with cancer truth after what I had gone through as much as I love my Dad the Hurt I was in was so deep my pain couldn’t go up I was still

          in and out of court for the crimes and divorce all at the same time. I studied Gods word all the time and only listen to Christian music.

          Layed Dad down to rest and Divorced after. Years later remarried and two yrs. Later came home from work to find my Husband passed away in bed.

          Needless to say we had just finished remolding our home to sale and relocate before my Ex was released from Prison.

          Well I retired and relocated with my Children over 1200 miles away leaving my

          family and all my life friends. I kept my word to my belated husband. Got to my new location and then Covid-19.

          And in between that my Baby Brother was struck by a car walking on his way home from a grocery store.

          And needless to say I was the one who had to tell them to remove him from life
          support and let him go Home.

          How God talks he was a organ donor saved two peoples lives with his kidneys so they kept him on support until they were removed.

          I ask God how long before my Brother would be able to come home I looked at the clock it was 11:20a.m. the Lady of the donor program text me and let me

          know that my Brother went home the very moment I looked at the clock. I have no friends here yet I have one of my Children with me.

          God is Good and has Blessed me I can honestly say I don’t fear death it has no hold on me.

          I heard hurt people want to hurt people yet that is the last thing I ever want to do.

          When you go through a trial in life like I have you really know what a gift Joy is.

          The Lord saved me loves me and holds me every moment of everyday and for that I am Thankful.

          In the mist of the storm my Dad said ( Remember this is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.)

          I had totally for got that even though I spent every moment with my Father he spoke through my Dad.

          I read devotions to my Dad everyday. He was ready to go home. The song from Casting Crowns Scars in Heaven that is where my Heart is for all those who have gone home before me.

          If I do anything that gives God Glory then for that I am Blessed and Thankful.

          My Our Fathers Love Shine upon you my Dear Sister, Gayla

          grocery store wa

Herb s Johnston
July 29, 2021

Im really typing here more than Im praying,Ill see ya all later

Herb s Johnston
July 29, 2021

When Senator Cruz comments to congress that “when the CDC, before reversing itself, said that vaccinated people do not have to mask, and THAT WAS GOOD”.. all he’s concerned about is the reversal.. right there we know that we are on our own, the there is only The Lord God almighty on our side., but he may be punishing us.. How many doctors have we heard from, from all around the world-, that have TRUMPETED at the top of their voice, “DO NOT LET THEM VAX YOU”. And get this, talk about hypocrisy, and convoluted information..Dr Simone Gold was interviewed on The Eric Metaxas show, from her car, on a camera there, maybe her phone,, and she said, and I quote “I am not against the vaccine’, I’m ok with it.. I have gotten it, MY CHILDREN HAVE GOTTEN IT”… that is not the issue Im concerned with,, its the forcing of the vaccine”
Really, is that not child abuse? What about the substance just revealed, Graphene- that is the building block for the beginning of artificial intelligence, GROWING IN HUMANS,, that was somehow not revealed as an ingredient?.. what about metal objects sticking to those who have been jabbed? How is this all being ignored.. and – various spin from so many who were previously warning about it,, ESPECIALLY SIMONE GOLD,THE CHIEF DOCTOR OF THE FRONTLINE DOCTORS? What gives..? I will tell you.. Evil, that is what gives

    Lula Bell
    July 29, 2021

    Dear God help all to know the truth and research and find out they do not need experimental medicine with high risks and uncertainty. In Yeshua name, Amen

    Vickie Skelley
    July 30, 2021

    I can only surmize it’s the spirit of delusion. I don’t listen to any of them anymore. Except a few likeRon Johnson is reporting on the harms and deaths. No one else is!!! Are there any you know of? Even Rand Paul is exposing Fauci but he has not gone against the jab except mandating it is wrong and the recovered dont need it. I’m with you. I listen to those who have puttheir lives and careers on the line not politicians. Dr Sherri Tenpenny is tops to me. She’s a Christian as many are exposing this Crime against humanity. She and others believe saline’s are being given lest too many folks die at once. She says this fall and year to come millions will die. Newsweek did an article on some saline jabs found but put out as vaccines. A UK representative spoke at parliament saying that those who got the placebos will be considered vacinated. SMH. Satan is no fool. He’s the master deceiver and he uses even so called high ranking people and evangelists to serve him. Jesus is coming soon.

July 29, 2021

The same people who are forcing this federal mandate, are the same people ALLOWING thousands and thousands of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, with COVID, to come right in to our cities!!! Doesn’t that tell everyone something is terribly questionable?? When ANYONE is FORCED to have a shot of any kind, it is simply WRONG! Why would, especially, Christians, “buy” into this?? Why would any sane person listen to the likes of Fauci, etc??
Just listen to Texas Rep., Chip Roy, tells it like it is!! Rep. Roy is a truthful, brave, man! (we need to pray for this man’s safety!)
We are intentionally being lied to! There are people who NEVER want this Covid to end! In my church, the people who have gotten Covid, are people who have had had both shots! This is not to say that unvaccinated people haven’t gotten Covid, but you simply can’t say it’s only the unvaccinated that are “spreading or getting Covid!” That is a lie! It is not the unvaccinated that are “sewing enormous confusion,” it is the LIARS!!
The Lord has not given us the spirit of fear or confusion, but of power, love and a sound mind!

    Vickie Skelley
    July 30, 2021

    Pauline? I ask the same question. I have only a few friends whose eyes are opened to what is going on. The rest, including Christians that i’ve known for decades and I know are totally trusting Fauci, the government and their lying no good globalist corporate controlled media. I try to talk to them, or I tried, I’ve given up now. They got the jab. My husband got the jab but he believes he got the varient a couple weeks ago as well. He was pretty sick. But we prayed for him and he is better. He is 65 and has diabetsis. I ordered some Ivervectim online thru a source for any family members or myself who need it. There is a cure for COVID19. Absolutely but its being hidden. I have it and even thou I’m COVID19 recovered praise Jesus, its a good vitamon program so I take the vitamons. I tend to catch colds easy. So this is a way to build my immune system with good diet. But good doctors who risk their lives and lose their careers are cancelled out and punished by the elites, the AMA, are still working to help people. Dr. Sherri Ten Penny, Dr. Lee Merrit, so many. It’s a worldwide biowarefare they say. I told my husband he should not have gotten that jab and sent him information. I warned him whatever you do do not get the booster. But its too late. He has that poison in him. I pray. My oldest son works for a pharmsceucitcal company and he got the jab and his wife. They are not Christians so i pray. I pray alot every day..The thing is…many Christians are deceived and scripture makes it clear, even the elect can be deceived. Franklin Graham goes out on the air and says Jesus would do it. Really? Well Franklin sir, are you going to take care of all the families that lost a loved one or those suffering so horribly now. I know of people who were hurt very bad and one woman died the next day. Dr. Sherri TenPenny says millions will die. Nuremberg 2 is in the works. But this is global. I believe Jesus is coming soon. God speaks to me seldom but when He does I hear His voice in my spirit and he told me clearily the masks were for evil and this would never end. That was in March of 2020 I believe around then. And here we are. Peace of Chris

Anna Maria Aniban
July 29, 2021

Mandatory vaccination is violating our constitutional freedom. I pray that IFA will agree to this position and convey it in signed petitions addressed to President Biden.

July 29, 2021

This ilegit Administration has no control over the south border and is blaming Americans for the pandemic, this is irrational!
I do not approve of mandating anyone to have the vaccination; not military, no federal workers, no one after the fiasco with immigration.

July 29, 2021

I notice the Biden administration STILL refuses to talk, in detail, about the side effects or dangers. A friend of mine recently had his friend die – who was perfectly healthy… until he took the “experimental vaccine”, ended up with a blood clot and passed away because of it. One of many that they refuse to mention. Isn’t it ironic that both the gov’t and SocMed platforms suppress that factual information. Or that numerous gov’t employees who have taken the vaccine have had serious side effects. Don’t misunderstand me – I’m all for vaccines that are effective. But unless this present administration can guarantee 100% that no side effects will take place and that they would be willing to compensate for life if/when a death or disability occurs as a result – then a lot of people will rightfully, under the Constitution of our land… respectfully decline to take it.

Darlene Estlow
July 29, 2021

Father, we pray that the lies about covid and the vaccine would be uncovered and truth prevail.

Sheila Dunn
July 29, 2021

I really think that what is happening now concerning being vaccinated is wrong. It should be everybody’s choice. No-one is mandated to take the flu short, why this vaccine? I really pray for our president that he will understand that a lot of people don’t consider this vaccine safe. People that have been fully vaccinated are still getting Covid… why is this? If one has been fully vaccinated it shouldn’t matter if they are standing in the middle of Covid. Father, help us all in Jesus name. No one should be made to take this vaccine.

July 29, 2021

The Nuremberg Code, creates in response to the atrocities of experiments performed on people in the concentration camps, can be invoked.
This shot is in experimental stage and not approved because of lack of proof about its safety. Therefore, no one can be mandated to take it without “informed consent”.
If you have been given full information about its risks and still choose to take it, you are agreeing to be part of the experiment.
iCAN — Informed Consent Action Network

July 29, 2021

One thing that concerns and even angers me is that the Gov’t fails to mention that persons who have already had the virus and recovered, why do they need the shot if their systems have produced antibodies to help protect them?! People who have already had COVID would have antibodies already in their system to help them ward off getting it again. And it is my understanding that the antibodies in a person’s system can last a long time and is just as effective or maybe even better defense against the virus than the shot?! But that’s not even being voiced, but I still think that these so-called vaccinations should NOT be forced on anyone. It still should be a person’s choice based on the information they have about it.

Harriet Irene Cook
July 29, 2021

I must apologize… There are a couple of comments I accidentally “reported”… Because I was trying to click “comment” not realizing it was attached to “report”. Not my intent at all! Please forgive!

Belinda Whiddon
July 29, 2021

Lord protect our rights as citizens of this Nation.
Freedom of choice and our Liberty are at stake ! Send your War Angels to help us fight for that Freedom !
Pull down the strong holds of Satanic control ! Open the eyes of the blind who cannot see the injustice of this administration . Remove those who will not obey your word. In Jesus name I pray🙏🏻

Hillary Earle
July 29, 2021

We have many vaccinated people getting and spreading covid. the UK reported last week that 40% of their cases are double vaccinated. Israel has similar numbers. Massachussetts reported 4,000 double vaccinated patients with covid. So shouldn’t the vaccinated be tested as well since they are contracting and spreading the virus despite the vaccination?

Rose Marie Distefano
July 29, 2021

I am 81 yrs. old; I have always thought we had freedoms in this country, until this administration took over illegally. What happened to my “inalienable rights”? Who is fighting to preserve the constitution? Why do we not have more people who believe God is in charge and not the virus? I pray daily for answers to these questions. My church friends all seem to be swallowing the Kool-Aid. We need patriots who will stand up for our rights. May our Heavenly Father listen to my prayer and the prayers of thousands who feel the same way.

    July 29, 2021

    Bless you, Rose Marie! How wonderful you’re praying daily! And shame on your friends who “drank the Kool-Aid.” (Love that expression in your post!)

    Praying with you in agreement!

July 29, 2021

The red line will soon be drawn. My husband is a Federal employee. We will not comply. 🙏🏻🇺🇸✝️

S. Flan
July 29, 2021

I think all the HIPPA laws and medical privacy laws need to be applied.

Lavigne Kirkpatrick
July 29, 2021

Why is no one mentioning the “unvaccinated” COVID19 survivors? The new narrative is the “unvaccinated ” are causing the spread. Not true. The “vaccinated can get COVID19 and have no defense for variants. Therefore, they can spread it. WAIT a new vaccine is on its way. THE COVID19 survivors are the ONLY individuals that are safe to be around. Stop the Delta stress, by turning your eyes on the Alpha and Omega.

    Lois P Willis
    July 29, 2021

    Love the punch line!! Thanks for that!
    Am going to borrow it if okay with yo?

July 29, 2021

Lord God,

Your will be done! You are Truth! You will reveal and You will judge! The hypocrisy of this administration’s policies continues to increase the distrust of all they do. Only You know the hearts of man and their motives. We know it is the heart that is evil and unless it’s been given to Christ it remains selfish and blind! Lord, protect Your children. Please give us courage to stand against those who seek to harm and control. Remind us that the victory has been won and hold us with your perfect Hope that won’t let go! We are lovers of freedom, but freedom only comes from a personal relationship with You! Hear our cries. Forgive our sins. Lead us to repentance and keep us from all evil. In Jesus Name we pray!

July 29, 2021

I am a RN, have worked for 37 years. My workplace is mandating this shot (I cannot call it a vaccine as it does not fulfill the definition of a vaccine). I am fully prepared to be fired. I will not take it under any circumstances. This is a genocide being perpetrated upon the citizens.I put my full faith and trust in GOD ALMIGHTY. What we are seeing is pure evil on full display.

Mrs. F.
July 29, 2021

Blaming the unvaccinated, thus diverting attention from the vaccine’s lack of efficacy and side effects, while intentionally inserting unvaccinated illegal immigrants in communities around the country isn’t a mistake. It’s a plan. The real decision makers aren’t stupid. So far, they’ve been very successful.

But God…Lord, please intervene on behalf of your children and this country you created. You saved us at the brink of destruction several times in seen history and more times in unseen history. Please deliver us from the hands and influence of the wicked, and make us into One Nation Under God that you envisioned. In God We Trust.

    July 29, 2021

    You’re so right, Mrs. F., it’s definitely a deliberate plan. This current counterfeit administration is nothing if not relentlessly evil.

    Praying in agreement with you. God bless!

July 29, 2021

My understanding of the rules when it comes to vaccination is they cannot mandate a vaccine that only has an emergency use authorization. There’s also the 2010 Supreme Court decision said that vaccines are an unavoidably, unsafe product. I hope those who are being required to vaccinate will stand up to the tyranny. I am really grateful as I read the article and comments that there are a very large percent of people that understand that vaccines are not safe. I actually had a pastor who taught us that vaccines were sorcery and their source is not godly. I came to understand later that is not as common in church as it should be.

July 29, 2021

Maybe if the Biden Regime did what was right & closed the border, it would stop the flow of COVID infected illegal aliens! Just s thought…

    July 29, 2021

    Yes that definitely contributes to the problem. The delta variant but they are blaming on unvaccinated actually comes from the vaccine itself.

Anita Malaro
July 29, 2021

America is still the nation promoted to instill that Jesus is Lord & His rule & reign is our freedom! No weapon formed against America will prosper! We say no to mandates commanding any American to take this vaccine! We continue to believe every wicked liar to be exposed in this nation, who’s tried to instill fear or communism in this great country! Let the redeemed say so, “God is good! His justice will prevail! Jesus is Lord in America!!!

Rhonda Gregory
July 29, 2021

We know that Satan is the author of confusion. WhatI l love about America is that every citizen has the freedom to choose.
I saw this coming. I knew that those what made the choice to remain unvaccinated would be blamed and cast shame upon, but I never thought it would be our own president who would be causing the confusion and division. Satan seeks to divide.
I pray for divine intervention and for Americans to keep their freedom of choice. I revert back to, “my body, my choice.”
It appears when this virus was created, they never considered that it would cause so much devastation.
Save us Lord and bring this divided government together. Open their eyes Lord. Cover our nation in peace and forgive us for what we do to one another. Help us to walk in love rather than cast shame on others.

    July 29, 2021

    I believe they DID know how much confusion it would cause and is exactly why they did it. This Regime is truly illegitimate & evil. But God is Sovereign over all & is ready & able to overcome it all! Thank You, Lord!!

Darcel Vails
July 29, 2021

To get more clarity and more information regarding vaccines and the suppression of the information I’m posting this website… It’s through Daystar Network.. the largest Christian Network in the world.. they have interviewed more scientists and doctors and virologist and even retired CFOs of Pfizer who are speaking out and talking about lawsuits that is being lodged against the government regarding these vaccines and why they should not be given to the citizens… They have tried in the past share it through social media but all the major outlets have blocked and censored Daystar… This is the website that they created just for this information..covid.daystar.com

July 29, 2021

For those interested, there is a great discussion regarding the vaccine, legal rights at the following: https://worldprayernetwork.org/prayer/wpn-prayer-call-51/. May all of us remember that the fear and division is not from God. Pray for discernment but please do not let the fear mongers and cancel culture media make your decisions for you. Do not by in to or spread their propaganda. Father May we speak truth to lies, May we be as bold and humble as Daniel in our approach to others. May we be filled with your grace both for ourselves and others. Help us Lord to seek truth and act upon it in accordance with thy will.

July 29, 2021

Well…one only has to listen to this man speak for a few minutes to know where the confusion is coming from. The ‘science’ contradicts his quoted statements mentioned in this article. His lack of clarity, on many levels including the Truth, breeds the confusion.
1 Cor. 14:33 ‘For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.’

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