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Lord God, thank You for culture changers like Danny Gokey. Thank You for his heart for truth and for prayer and praise. Stir us Lord to worship You in Spriit and Truth. May we become the worshippers You desire (Jn 4:23-26)

The Word of God tells us about the power of praise to defeat the enemy and advance the Kingdom of God. There is a revival, rooted in praise, that is sweeping the nation. Danny Gokey, American Idol runner-up, will be praying, and praising, with IFA on Thursday, September 16–Pray with America’s Leaders prayer call and webcast.

Why a musician? Without a doubt, culture influences government. Surely we have witnessed the morals of Hollywood become mandates from the Biden Administration. Singers, actors, directors, influence our culture and government is downstream of culture. Danny Gokey has used his platform to bring glory to God and to fight for for truth.

Gokey has clearly stood up for vaccine freedom. Here is what he tweeted, and if you click in you can see all his thoughts on vaccine mandates:

Gokey clearly sees a connection between what is swirling around us and what God prepares us for through His Word. On Instagram, he posted this:

“My thoughts on current events from a kingdom perspective. If you haven’t read the book of Revelation you probably should. Very eye opening to the times we are living in . . . reading it now gives me peace. It helps me understand my main mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus. Another thing: It helps recalibrate me to to not get caught in the snares the powers that be are eagerly trying to trap us in—Especially offense and hatred towards each other. These current issues that they are fear-mongering and gravely manipulating can be very grieving to watch.”

Don’t miss this special prayer time with Danny Gokey and IFA!

Has God been speaking to you about worship as warfare? Please share in the comments.

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September 16, 2021

Amen, Danny Gokey! We are certainly seeing God’s Word coming to pass, right in front of our eyes!
Lord, God, help us to see what You want each one of us to do and give us the courage to do it! Help our families to also see, through Your eyes, what’s going on. We need You, Father. Protect us, Father, and give us wisdom, common sense, good judgement and discernment. Let Your name be glorified. Help people to see their great need of You and turn their lives over to You. In Jesus name! We praise You and bless Your Holy name!

Teresa Rose
September 16, 2021

Yes yes Amen WARSHIP let’s Go! I have a strong Testimony of a life of overcoming from the WARSHIP!
Can’t wait to reveal in my book!
But my faith is here to agree with you all! Blessings

September 16, 2021

Worship is definitely a powerful weapon for the good in spiritual warfare. It changes the atmosphere around us. It focuses us on what we need to be focused upon in our lives as Christians. as followers of Christ, very few of us live up to our privilidge level. We are too busy being focused on what we see with our natural eyes. We get far too caught up in the temporary things of this world. These things are all subject to change, based upon man’s fickle wishes. Our God never changes. His Kingdom never changes. We can rest our future upon that. Lord Jesus, help us to gain a better revelation of what a powerful weapon that we have when we worship You. In you, we have the victory over sin and death. You have overcome the world, so, as your followers, we have the same privlige. Thank you Jesus.

September 16, 2021

Love Danny Gokey. Used to play his “Tell your heart to beat again” on my phone when visiting nursing home residents. Pre Covid that is.
Since the 1970s I have experienced the presence and the power of Almighty God in worship. Not singing songs but worship in spirit and in truth. Yahweh enthrones the praises of His people.
Lord, I praise You for giving Danny songs from Your heart that minister to our spirit

Carol Lenz
September 16, 2021

Dear Father God, thank you for raising up bold and powerful people on all seven mountains of influence who can be leaders of truth and model the love of Jesus during these challenging times we live in. God bless Danny Gokey and his family and his ministry. I ask for a hedge of protection for him and his family from spiritual attacks and pray that you would give him and his team wisdom and discernment for where he should perform and what he should share on social media. Thank you Father for raising Danny up for such a time as this. Thank you that he is a kingdom influencer and points people to Scripture and to unity.

Susan Kennedy
September 16, 2021

Heavenly Father Hear Our Prayers. I pray to get us through this difficult time. I pray that those not wanting the vaccine will be protected by ABBA. Keep us safe from those who wish to harm us. In Jesus Name I Pray


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