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Father, we ask that You would put an end to violence and restore order to our cities. We pray for revival to spread throughout America. In Jesus' name. Amen.
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Videos from Portland showed a crowd of demonstrators violently shut down an event where Christians gathered to pray on the waterfront – before another clash Saturday afternoon involved Antifascists and alleged Proud Boys members throwing projectiles at each other on a city street.

Police officers did not intervene in either confrontation – besides a squad car sounding its siren just feet away.

The first instance of violence happened Saturday at an open-air event planned at Tom McCall Waterfront Park near the Battleship Oregon Memorial to be hosted by Artur Pawlowski…

Dozens of people carrying black umbrellas and shields are seen spraying red and yellow gas at the group of worshippers, as other Antifa members steal sound equipment, lawn chairs and wagons left across the lawn by families who had come to listen to the pastor speak…

A male worshipper said a pastor had walked up to ask the group of demonstrators to stop — but he was pepper sprayed…

The Portland Tribune reported that members of the far-right group, Proud Boys, later descended on the worship event and clashed with the Antifa members…


A squad car for the Portland Police Bureau pulls up and flashes its siren – but seemingly had no impact in stopping the confrontation. A man is heard yelling at the officer behind the wheel, “Do your job.”

Once the groups converged at the waterfront, a fight broke out but the confrontation there was “over prior to any police response,” Portland Police Bureau spokesman Derek Carmon told KOIN

(Excerpted from Fox News. Article by Danielle Wallace. Photo Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images).

This violent clash happened the night before Sean Feucht’s worship event at the same location–IFA intercessors prayed for Sean and his event Friday! Watch the First Friday Prayer Webcast HERE.

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August 12, 2021

This is the disgusting democrat driven city I live in. The police are in handcuffs. The victim is the bad person. Everything that is right and good , is wrong. And what is evil, is good. The streets are deserted, aside from the homeless tents that line them. The apple store downtown is now metal fenced around it’s entire front. Graffiti everywhere , you can’t read road signs. What WAS 5 yrs ago, a beautiful , flowered , busy commerce city ,tourist galore, is now a war zone. All so needless. There indeed are solutions , but the democrat/socialist entrenched city officials are not interested.
I attended the Sean Feucht concert the very next night , after this ugly attack on innocent ppl sat night. Sean is a Christian musician and evangelist. He always has security. plain clothes and many in uniform. The only thing these thugs understand is a baton or a gun pointed at them. Actually , they are cowards, acting out their violence because there are NO consequences . So very sad. This city needs revival and entirely new governing. It’d take a miracle.

August 11, 2021

Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that You would put an end to violence and restore order to our cities. We pray for revival to be spread throughout our nation. May the gates of hell NOT prevail! In Jesus Name, Amen.

CM Brown
August 11, 2021

My goodness, God, I know these occurrences do not take You by surprise, but its getting to the place that we – Your people – are getting persecuted more and more. Father, I ask You to build a hedge of protection around Your people, those of us who still believe You and Your Word. I also pray that those who terrorize and persecute Your people will have their eyes opened, and will have a major change of heart.

In Your name,


Brother Gene
August 11, 2021

Its time we Christians start to understand that this nation is not what it was, nor ever will be again.

We need to keep our minds on the things above and realize where all these poor lost souls will end up, while we who love Jesus will spend eternity in a state of unbelieveable joy.

The book of Revelation will come to pass no matter how much we cant seem to accept it. Pray for those who persecute you, love them for this is but a vapor in time and this world is all they get until hell, unless they get saved.

Be like the Stephen, forgive these poor souls, for they know not what they do.

August 10, 2021

I wonder if the public response would be different if it were reported that a peaceful group of American citizens was exercising their constitutional right to gather and pray in a public park when they were set upon by thugs dressed in Antifa or BLM garb? All of this was captured on video in front of police who chose not to act.

Branding ourselves, or that peaceful group of Americans, “Christians,” especially in the media serves little purpose other than to inflame rather than bring peace. Even the itinerant preacher mentioned in this article was not referenced as a Christian.

In scripture, the word Christian is used only three times and never by Jesus. He never said, come on, man, become a Christian. He simply said, “Follow me.” He spoke of a shepherd and his sheep. He didn’t speak about a brand name because He was here for everyone. In these days where everything we hear from the left is about inclusion, our branding makes us appear an exclusive club, “members only” so to speak.

Jesus didn’t come only for the Chosen People, the Jews, but for everyone. Too many sins have been committed against humanity in the name of Christianity. Sins committed by Christians whose behavior had little to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Obviously, Christ is a title, meaning anointed, it’s not a name. He walked in humility and acted from love. We, His followers, would do well to do the same. That said, it is criminal that the police failed to act. Even if it was only to call in back-up. The fact that there were three separate altercations, all recorded on video demonstrates that gangs can rule the streets in certain cities and until the people of those cities say, ENOUGH, thugs will be emboldened to harsher and more brazen acts. There need to be consequences for the thugs, the police, the city officials, and the governors. When those elected to protect and serve the citizens can no longer or will no longer do their job then the people must rise up and exert the efforts necessary to replace those who fail to perform their duty.

By removing consequences for the bad behavior of the thugs, elected officials are paving the road to remove consequences for their own bad acts. This is not acceptable and if the citizens do not respond it will become the law of the land.

August 10, 2021

WOW! This really happened? Hard to believe since everything else is being called “lies”.
“Then saith he unto his disciples, ‘The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest'”.

August 10, 2021

As Christians, our hope is that law and order can come about again peacefully. That should always be our hope and prayer. We should continue to pray for that.
But groups like ANTIFA, some BLM groups, etc. have a spirit and attitude of terrorism. Its a warring spirit and it has no intentions of civility.
Perhaps some of these gatherings should inquire for private and strategically armed security (paid or volunteer) to have a presence at these gatherings. (If police cannot do what they are paid to do)
Sadly, we have allowed ourselves and our nation to become a nation of weak, non- combative bystanders – which emboldens the spirit of violence. While I don’t want to see violence break out, I also understand there is a definite place and need for structured defense, with force, against chaos and those seeking to tear our society apart by the prodding of hell.

Betty B in WI
August 10, 2021

Father, We come to You in repentance for all the evil we have allowed into our nation and government by being complacent. We have allowed abortion to kill millions of children. We have allowed prayer and Your Word to be removed from our public schools. Many of our churches have become social clubs where we entertain each other and have big meals to feed ourselves.
Father, Your Word says to take up our cross and follow You. Show us how to do that Many of us do not even know how to to that. Your Word also says that if we humble ourselves,repent,and turn from our wicked ways, then You will hear from heaven and heal our land. Father, our land needs healing. We ask You to deliver us from the evil that has taken root in the USA.
Thank You for the strong men and women who have taken a stand in Congress to try to legislate laws that are according to Your Word and Your Ways. We ask for protection of their homes, families, and their own lives as they take these strong stands. We pray for TRUTH to be made known about the 2020 election. I pray for a hedge of protection over Mike Lindell and all who are involved in the symposium this week. May the Truth be brought out so clearly that our nation will know the Truth. Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, we need You to pour out Your Spirit upon us so that we will be bold.
For You are the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory forever and ever. AMEN

August 10, 2021

Father, we pray that you restore law and order to our nation. We pray that “the lawless one” not win this battle but that peace be restored to our country, especially in the areas where Satan has gained a foothold and intimidated people from being free to exercise their freedoms. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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